A/N from A.C.: Gift-fic for kickcows because she sent me Advent Children Complete! High Def Reno, Yazoo, and Vinny Valentine? YUM.

Note: This WILL be a two-shot.

"H- Hey, Sai, c- calm down!"

I snarled, pushing the obnoxious redhead harder against the wall, "'Calm down'? How in Kingdom Hearts' name do you expect me to 'calm down'!"

"I- I don't know! Just d- don't eat me! I don't wanna die!"

Smirking, I moved one hand from tightly gripping his shoulder and moved it to dig sharp claws into his chin. I forced him to look into my angry, flashing golden eyes and he audibly whimpered. "Weakness like this will get you killed."

"I- I know! You're gunna be the one that kills me!"

My claws dug a bit deeper before I released his chin. I leaned down and licked up the precious blood that dripped down that beautiful skin. Licking up, to his lips, I covered them with my own. He released a muffled gasp of shock into my mouth and I used the opportunity to plunge into his mouth with my tongue. Oh, he tasted so… divine

He struggled, eventually giving into me. He let his eyelids drop as he melted into the kiss.

I abruptly pulled away from him, watching those emerald eyes open again, and let a smirk sneak across my face. "Now tell me, Axel… Why did you take my medicine?"

"D- Demyx… Demyx dared me!"

"Dare? You stole my medicine because of a dare?"

"I- I'm sorry!"

"'Sorry' does not replace my medicine, Axel!"

"D- Demyx took it!" He was nearly shouting. Gaia, his voice was hurting my sensitive ears.

I quickly covered his mouth with my hand and stared into his gorgeous eyes. "Do you know why I have that medicine, Axel?"

He shook his head and let out a muffled, "No…"

"I have that medicine so I do not fucking kill you, understand? So I do not snap and go crazy, and you took my medicine from me yesterday. Do you know what that means, Axel?"

Another shake of his head.

"It means I did not take my medicine today… and that means I am angry."

I moved my hand away from his mouth and kissed him roughly, dominating the kiss easily. He was putty in my hands, and I was relishing in all the power I had over him. Damn, did I mention how good he tasted? Like… cinnamon and apples and something… that just tasted like Axel.

His tongue did a dirty dance with mine that coaxed a groan from my throat; I pulled back and nipped at his bottom lip, drawing a bit of blood. Eagerly, I licked it up and moaned heatedly at the taste.

I heard him groan and I looked up into his eyes. He rolled his hips into mine and moaned, "Saix…"

I smirked, leaning forward to taste the flesh of his throat, "What, Axel…? Mn… What do you want…?" I unzipped and pushed that bothersome cloak off of his shoulders and let it pool around our feet. Running a hand down his chest, I stopped to play with his nipples.

"Fuck, Saix… More…"

I let out a throaty chuckle and pulled away from him. "What makes you think I will give you what you want? You took my pills, Axel."

"I- I'm sorry! Please, Saix! Isa! Please!" He chanted, rolling and bucking his hips.

I took a step away from him. "If you are calling my Somebody's name, you must mean it." I narrowed my eyes, "You know how I detest being called by that name."

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry for everything, Saix! Please… I need it!"

I arched a brow, feigning curiosity, "What will you do for me in return?"

"I- I'll please you, Saix. I'll give your meds back… Just… please…"

My lips curved upward into a smirk as he started to palm himself through the standard Organization jeans. His back arched – so deliciously – as his hips thrust upward into his hand. Damn, he was just begging for it. I bit back a moan as I watched him move almost sinfully against the wall. He kept moaning my name… He knew I was about to snap and it was like he just poured gasoline all over a burning fire.

Those emerald eyes zeroed in, locking with my golden ones and he whispered, "Saix… I know… I know you want this…" He motioned to himself and I couldn't help but lick my lips. He looked so… tasty…

I nodded dumbly, unable to get any words out.

"Come an' get it, Sai…"

I darted forward, losing my cloak somewhere in the frenzy as my mind raced a hundred miles per hour. I pressed myself up against him, our bare chests rubbing together and I groaned as I took his mouth in a heated kiss.

Cinnamon… Apples… Axel

One of his hands moved and buried into my hair, pulling me away from his mouth. I let out a very needy, unmanly whimper at the loss. "A- Axel…"

"Y'know…" He managed to get out around panting breaths, "Ya really need to… learn to control… yourself…"

"I can control myself just fine!" Fuck. I want to taste him again, "Let go of my hair!"

"Not if you're gunna eat my face off again."

"Axel…" I felt my ears fold back – not of my own will. "I need it… Axel…"

"Ya really reduce yourself to simpering uke quickly." He let go of my hair.

Ignoring that statement, I launched myself at him, latching my mouth onto his neck. Licking, sucking and biting at the pale – delicious – flesh. He lets out this long moan and I almost lose myself right there.

It's really been too long for me in this certain activity.

He feels me shudder against him and his hands find their way to my hips. "Saix… Ya haven't done this in a while, huh..?"

"What do you mean..?"

He cupped my length through my pants and I shuddered hard, moaning as I bucked into his hand. A blush made its way across the bridge of my nose and onto my cheeks as he massaged me through my pants. I rolled my hips forward, moaning wildly as Axel kept making me melt into a puddle of goop with his wonderful hand.

My claws dug into his shoulders, "Axel…."

"What? Ya gunna cum already?"

I whined loudly, rubbing our chests together, "Y- Yes… Axel…"

"How 'bout we take this ta the bedroom, then?"

I put my hand on the wall that Axel's back was against and opened a portal to my room that we both fell through. Ugh, I need more of that intoxicating taste…