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I pushed Axel backward so the back of his legs hit the bed and he fell down onto it and I fell on top of him, so our chests were touching. I took his lips in a heated kiss, moaning as I rubbed our groins together. His taste was getting to me, and quickly. I wanted nothing more than to pound my painfully hard cock into him. He broke the kiss and whispered to me, "S- Sai…"

I ran a hand over his chest and he shuddered under my touch. It made my lips twitch into a smirk, "Do you need me as much as I need you, Lea?"

"Yes! Yes, Saix, please!"

I moaned slightly at the needy tone his voice took.

I quickly skimmed my hands over his body, ridding him of the clothes he still had on. He moaned as his warm flesh hit the cold air in my room. I licked my lips, eyeing my prize. Axel was lean, not skinny as many of the members in our Organization seem to think he was. He was thin, but fairly muscular, and had this devilish glint in his eyes as my own gold orbs met his green ones.

"Saix…" He turned his head to the side, a blush spreading over the bridge of his nose and on his cheeks.

He whined my name quietly again, almost like a puppy whining for a treat…

Now that's irony, huh? Me, of all people, comparing Axel to a dog? Hah.

He dragged me out of my thoughts when he arched his back and ground his hips up into mine. My breath hitched, catching in my throat and I had to press my face into the crook of my neck to let the blissful feeling run through my body.

Absentmindedly, I licked at his neck, breathing in his scent. I pulled back after a few of those delicious moans that fell from Axel's lips and stared down at my prize. Did I mention how fucking hot he looked (pun intended)? He stared at me with smoldering eyes, blush just a few shades lighter than his hair.

He whispered again, "Saix… Please…"

"Please what?" I ask him, a smirk curving my lips.

"Fuck me, Saix!" It was nearly a scream of desperation.

"You will have to strip me, Axel."

He moved like lightning, flipping us both so he was on top of me. He quickly stripped me of my clothes and sat on my lap so our arousals rubbed against each other, we moaned in unison, my back arching to rub my chest against his.

His breathing was heavy, "C- Can… Can I ride you, Saix..?"

My eyes widened and I nodded, "Do you need any prep..?"

He shook his head wordlessly and aligned himself so the tip of my length was pressed to that tight ring of muscle. He suddenly just dropped down on me, sliding down so I was all the way inside him. He let out a deep moan of pleasure laced pain.

I tossed my head back, eyes closing and moaning wildly like a man possessed, the foreign tightness and heat around my arousal was almost too much. Like Axel had said… I haven't done this in quite a while, and last time it happened I was the one getting fucked.

His hands press against my chest as he started to move, he pulled almost completely off of me then fell back down, both of us groaning deeply. Axel kept moving on me, ignoring the fact that I was digging my claws into his hips.

He angled himself and slammed down on my length, tossing his head back and letting out a loud cry. "SAIX!"

I moaned, "Axel…"

As he started to go faster, one of his hands left my chest, most likely to stroke himself. I couldn't tell; my head was leaned back on the pillows, eyes closed, breathing hard with panting moans. I thrust with his movements, moving my hips up when he moved down. He started getting out of the rhythm we built up, and moved as fast as he could, going up and down and up and down again.

Suddenly everything slowed down, Axel stopped moving and he cried out my name. I felt a sticky, warm wetness hit my stomach and chest. I thrust one last time as he clenched down around me before releasing myself inside of Axel with a soft moan of his name.

He collapsed onto my chest, and sighed happily, "Fuck, Sai… That was… Wow…" A breathy chuckle escaped his lips.

I smiled through my exhaustion, "I agree…"

"Can I sleep here… too tired to move…"

I ran my hand through his sweat slicked hair, noticing that in the heat of our activities, it had lost some of its spiky form. "Of course you can stay here… Lea…"

I felt his lips curl into a smile, "Thank you… Isa…"

This one time… This one time I couldn't be 'mad' at him for calling me that. Because right now, in our euphoria, I felt like I was in heaven instead of Oblivion…

A/N from A.C.: Cheesy ending, oh my Gaia… But it was cute~