Summary: Despite Harry's obvious advances, Severus is still twenty years his senior. Can they get away with a relationship? SS/HP

Warnings: Rated M for graphic male/male sex and sex with a minor. Mentions of self-mutilation and past Harry/Ron (neither are described in any detail).

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Always and Forever Part 3.4

Severus stood at his stove, cooking some stir-fry for Harry and himself.

Tonight was one of their "lessons," and Harry had run in ten minutes late in his muddy Quidditch gear. He apologized at least a dozen times while Severus stood there and glared (although he was laughing on the inside), and then snuck into his bathroom to clean up. He had decided he would cook for dinner while Harry was in the shower.

It amused him how much that boy made himself at home in his rooms—it wasn't uncommon for Harry to creep out to the kitchen after a post-coitus nap and help himself to whatever was in the fridge.

It also scared him a bit when he thought about how much Harry was changing him. Never before had he been so familiar with any of his previous lovers. He was constantly preoccupied with thoughts of him, so much so that even his grading was becoming a bit more lenient. Harry was the only person who held so much control over him, and it didn't scare him as much as it should. That boy could ask anything of him and he would do it, but at the same time he never asked anything from him.

It surprised him how… domestic their relationship had become as well, in such a short amount of time. Despite their brief amount of time together, he felt like one-half of a married couple, happy to just relax in front of a fire or share a meal. Not that the sex had lost any of the passion—never before had he ever been so attracted to someone, and it hadn't faded a bit. If anything, they now knew each other so well that sex was fantastic.

Severus's train of thought was interrupted as Harry walked into the room, still rubbing his wet hair with a towel. Of course he was clad only in his underclothes, a grey tank top and black boxer-briefs. His golden skin was still a bit moist and the bit of clothing he had was clinging to him sinfully. Severus had to pull himself away and focus on preparing the food.

Harry stepped up beside him and looked curiously at the pan.

"Whatcha making?"

"Japanese-inspired stir-fry."

"Oh." It was clear that that didn't have any implications to him.

"Well… do you need my help with anything?"

"Hm… If you like you can make a side dish." Severus offered.

"I guess I could… I only know how to make breakfast food though."

Severus stopped and looked at him incredulously.

"Why, may I ask?"

"Well, I always had to cook breakfast at the Dursleys', but they always ate out or had TV dinners for dinner, so I've never learned how to make anything else." Harry explained sheepishly. "I make really killer scrambled eggs. I could make those, if that's okay with you…"

"Well, I wouldn't say scrambled eggs typically go with stir-fry, but sure. We'll eat some of your 'killer' scrambled eggs." Severus said, his tone a bit berating.

"Okay," Harry said brightly.

My scathing remarks are always lost on him…

Severus went back to cooking the stir-fry. It was almost finished—maybe another five minutes or so. Perhaps scrambled eggs were a good choice since they cook so quickly.

He was pulled out of his reverie by a bit of egg shell that flew into his pan. The man looked over at Harry to scold him, but was shocked to see bits of egg shells and small splatters of raw egg all over the stove and counter. There was even some in the boy's hair.

"Um… Harry…"

"Yeah?" He looked over at Severus only to send some scrambled eggs flying onto the floor. "Oh, shit… sorry." The boy bent over to pick up the mess he made, and Severus immediately forgot as that cute ass came into view once again.

Just ignore him Severus… It will still be there after dinner… He really shouldn't wear such tight pants though…

Before he could stop himself, he ran his hand over black cotton-clad cheek, making Harry gasp in surprise. The boy straightened up slowly, but before he could turn around Severus slipped his hand down the front of his briefs.

"Oh! Sir…"

Severus tugged gently at the quickly hardening flesh in his hand, and could feel the soft cotton rubbing against his skin. Harry was panting softly, his hand gripping the counter to brace himself.

Suddenly Harry turned around and smashed his lips on to Severus's, rutting and moaning against him. Severus pulled away.

"Bed?" he suggested.

"Yeah." Harry grabbed his hand and pulled him towards his room.

"Oh, wait—" Severus went back to the kitchen and turned off the burners before darting back to his room as Harry walked through the door before him.

As soon as he entered he was slammed against the shut door. Harry crashed his lips against his Professor's, pressing into him the entire length of his body.

Severus groaned as he felt the lithe body rocking against him, pushing him against the hard, flat surface of the door. He roughly combed his hands into the soft, short hair and pulled him closer, consuming more and more. Taking. Devouring.

Harry ran his hands over his shoulders and the back of his neck, tugging on the short hair and pulling himself up higher, rolling his hips against the man's thigh.

He could feel the boy's erection pressing into him and lifted him up.

Harry wrapped his legs around him and continued to rock against him, moaning and whining into the kiss.

Severus got a better grip on supporting him before carrying him the short distance to the bed, throwing him onto it and following him down. He covered the young body with his own, biting harshly at that spot on Harry's neck that always got a reaction.

It didn't fail; Harry cried out in pleasure, raking his fingers down Severus's back.

Soon they were both completely naked, and Severus reveled in the glorious skin-to-skin contact. Heat burned into him everywhere Harry touched him as he trailed wet, teasing kisses down the boy's chest.

Harry arched his back sharply and cried out as Severus inserted a finger.

He added a second finger, and then a third. With the way Harry was writhing and moaning beneath him, he really thought he was going to lose it. And then, when he entered him, the expression on the boy's face alone was almost enough to push him over the edge. He pumped into him, one hand tightly grasping his hip and the other fisted in his soft hair. He could feel Harry's hot mouth on his neck and his hands dragging along his skin.

"Oh Gods yesyesyes! Right… right there!

Severus felt Harry slip his hand between them to pull on his aching erection. The body beneath him flexed for a moment, but then he came, letting go of everything, his body limp and his expression one of bliss.

Severus pulled out and clambered off of him, leaning back against his headboard.

"Come here."

They were far from finished.

Harry blinked his eyes open out of his daze and straddled the man's stomach.

Severus bent his knees and grabbed the boy's waist, lifting him into position above his cock. He pushed it up so it was vertical and, without warning, slammed Harry down, impaling him harshly.

Harry cried out in pleasure and moved himself up and down on his teacher's erection, breathing heavily with his face flushed.

It was an ideal position—angled so Severus's tip ran along the boy's prostate every time and he had a full view of Harry's young, sexy body. His dark hair was tousled and much more messy than usual, his face was flushed and scrunched with pleasure, his chest shone with a thin layer of sweat, his hands clutched at the man's stomach below him, and his cock, already hard again (Ah, to be young again…), bounced a bit as he slid up and down on the man's erection.

"Uhn… Uhn… God this feels so good don't you dare stop…"

Severus had always thought having a noisy lover would be irritating, but he loved the sounds Harry made. If anything, they excited him more.

As he thrust up into that tight heat, the pleasure consumed him. He wouldn't last much longer. Harry's nonsensical mumblings were getting louder and louder and his grip on Severus's stomach grew tighter.

Suddenly Harry smashed his plush lips against Severus's, who was quick to open his mouth and accept the delving tongue. The added stimulation was wonderful, and he could feel his climax fast approaching.

Harry's movements were soon erratic and uncontrolled. They broke the kiss, focusing on moving in sync with each other.

Severus could feel the boy's hot breath on his neck as he panted.

"Severus… I'm-I'm coming…"

Suddenly Harry stilled above him and gripped his hair tightly, and he could feel the come slowly spurting onto his stomach. A wave of ecstasy washed over him as he felt the boy's inner muscles clench around him. He arched his back sharply as his come shot into the boy, before he collapsed along with Harry in a post-orgasmic stupor.

The fireplace flickered a romantic glow across the room. The table was set nicely, and a pile of pans was sitting in the sink. It would have been nice, if his kitchen wasn't covered with scrambled egg bits.

Severus looked apprehensively at the serving of eggs on his plate as he nudged them with his fork.

They look done enough at least, so they can't be poisonous… Not exactly appetizing though… I suppose he'll be upset if I don't try them…

He took a deep breath before scooping them into his mouth.

Harry looked at him expectantly.

"Oh wow… These are actually really good…"

Harry smiled happily.

"I told you so!"

Severus walked down the cool corridors of the castle. He hated this time of year—when it felt as though it should be getting warmer, but spring was actually still a long way off. He tried to stay closer to the heart of the castle where it was warmer and further away from the cold night air.

He spotted a hallway that no longer lead anywhere and walked a bit down it.

Perfect. Out of sight but easy for Harry to find.

He leaned against the wall and waited for Harry to join him for another of their typical late-night trysts.

It couldn't have been five minutes before Harry's form appeared in front of him, the invisibility cloak falling to the floor.

Severus stepped forward and captured the boy's lips soundly, happy to be with him again. He had thought that it was more typical for relationships to become less physical the longer they went on, but he and Harry had recently been meeting up almost every night.

The kiss became more aggressive and Harry pushed the man up against the wall, pressing his body into him.

Severus could feel the boy's erection pushing into his leg as he got a rare moment to dominate.

That moment didn't last long, however. Severus's desire became overwhelming and he grabbed Harry and lifted him up before turning and pressing him against the wall.

Harry moaned in surprise and kissed with more fervor, his hands woven into Severus's hair, pulling him closer and deeper into his mouth.

Severus reveled in the wonderful feeling of their erections grinding against each other, and despite the layers of clothing, the stimulation was fantastic.

Harry broke the kiss and latched onto Severus's neck, nipping and licking in that spot he liked so much, not caring if he left a mark. Isn't that what glamours are for anyway? He stopped after a moment and closed his eyes, soaking in the amazing feel of Harry's sharp hips thrusting against his own.

He looked so beautiful like that. The torchlight from the adjacent hallway cast small flickers of gold across his expression of ecstasy, his hair was tousled in that oh so sexy way and his lips were red and swollen from the harsh kiss.

I don't deserve someone so amazing.

Severus pulled him in for a kiss once more and the boy moaned softly.

Suddenly there was a soft gasp from the hallway.

Severus's stomach dropped and his blood ran cold. He moved away from Harry, who fell softly to his feet.

Albus Dumbledore stood at the end of the hallway.

"Mister Potter, Professor Snape—I think you'd better come with me."

It had been an agonizing walk to the Headmaster's office. The man hadn't said a word, and while he could feel Harry's terror almost as well as his own, he didn't dare reach out to comfort him.

They now sat in front of the Headmaster's desk, stern blue eyes looking at them over crystal spectacles as he paced the room.

"I noticed that you both had been acting strangely and meeting up after hours, but I didn't dare to expect what I saw tonight. Harry, you are fourteen years old!"

Severus had never heard the man raise his voice before.

"How could you, Severus? This boy is not only underage, but also your student. This relationship is not only against the rules here at Hogwarts, but against both wizard and muggle law. You're in a position of authority! In legal terms, this is rape, Severus. For Merlin's sake, you're the same age as his father!"

Severus stole a glance at Harry. He was crying.

Dumbledore sighed loudly.

"Harry, do you know what the tabloids would say about this if they found out? What the world would think of you? Severus? Do you know how you would be treated? That is, if you managed to escape a life sentence in Azkaban?"

He stopped at his desk. He leaned forward, supported by his arms, his head bent in disappointment.

"You both are too important for this to happen." He rubbed his eyes, exasperated. "I will not report you, but you two are never to be alone with each other until Harry is no longer your student. Severus, you are still bound by contract, you cannot quit." He walked around his desk and leaned down to their terrified faces.

"If I find out you two have broken this rule, I will be forced to report you. Severus," He looked at Harry. "will go to Azkaban. Harry," He shifted his gaze to Severus. "will be looked down upon for the rest of his life." He stood and returned to his place behind his desk.

"I will be watching the both of you very, very closely. I assume the Occlumency lessons are no longer necessary. If I'm mistaken, I will find Harry a new tutor." He raised his eyebrows expectantly.

"I don't need them, Sir," Harry said softly.

The Headmaster sighed.

"I am so disappointed in you both, but Severus especially. You're both lucky I'm a kind man."

"Thank you, Headmaster," Severus said softly.


They took that as a dismissal and left the Headmaster's office. Severus had never been more embarrassed and guilt-ridden. He felt sick to his stomach and his chest ached. He and Harry could never be alone again. He couldn't stop the tear that dripped down his face. Surely, after Dumbledore explained the laws for what they were, Harry hated him now. He never should have taken advantage of him. Then he wouldn't be hurting so much right now, now that he was losing him forever. And he was losing him forever—Harry would move on and fall in love with someone his own age, Severus just a shameful secret from his past that he would never admit.

I never thought it was possible to hurt this much. At least it was wonderful while it lasted…

If he was truly honest with himself, he would never give up those amazing months with the boy he loved.

They reached the bottom of the winding stairs where they would be forced to go their separate ways, and Severus turned to get one last look at Harry.

Tears were streaming down his face and his eyes were very red. He sniffled and looked up at Severus.

"Can we kiss one last time?" he said through his sobbing.

Severus smiled softly.

"I suppose the Headmaster would allow us that."

Harry smiled and stood on his toes to press a soft kiss to his professor's lips. The boy's lips were so soft, and Severus tried to solidify every sensation into memory, desperate for it never to end.

Reluctantly, Harry pulled away. He looked sadly up into Severus's eyes for a moment before breaking down into tears again and hugging him tightly. Severus could keep the tears from falling now as he held Harry to him and comforted him, the sobs breaking his heart even more.

"Will you wait for me?" Harry said softly.


"Will you wait until I graduate so we can be together again? Will you wait, and not move on? Will you please, please wait, and ignore the loneliness, until I'm not a student?" he sobbed. "I can't imagine my life without you. Please don't leave me behind. Please, please wait for me!"

Severus lifted the boy's chin up so he could see his pretty green eyes.

"Of course I'll wait for you. I'll wait always and forever."

How could I do anything but?

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