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A/N: This is becoming a very interesting story to write, as I haven't really come up with much along the lines of a plot quite yet. It's coming though, and I have a couple hints as to what it may turn out as in this chapter. Hints as in I basically hit you over the head with them. Yeah, on with my story.

They finally reached Rivendell, after much complaining, three days later. The rest of the Rangers had caught up long ago, the morning after Aragorn and the girls had set out, and slowed so that those stuck walking could keep up. The girls were just happy to have been able to ride their horses while they walked.

Liz had begun to pick up odd habits along the way. At night, she would wander into the forest and come out an hour or so before everyone had woken up. The girl her friends knew to be acrophobic began climbing trees to see the view and scout, though she needed glasses to see the overhead for notes. Her steps became more graceful and she could hear things before anyone else could. Also, her allergies to practically everything had taken a leave of absence.

Elrond was surprised to say the least to see that Aragorn had arrived with more than just a few from his court disguised as Rangers. The girls were of interest to all of those in Rivendell, the elves having never seen such strange people before. News of the strangers in their midst spread quickly and, by the time they were getting settled in the last house, not a soul within a mile did not know of them.

Liz stayed oddly apart when elves came to run errands for them or just to witness those who were so strange. They were all clearly of the race of man, but taller than any they had seen before, matching their own fair height. They changed into elven clothing, though most insisted on still wearing pants to dresses, in hopes that they might attract a bit less attention. It worked to an extent, but hey could not hide their speech or their behavior which was so clearly not of this world.

Liz was summoned to the council the afternoon after their arrival and the rest of her friends were left to wander the land of the elves on their own. The council was just as they had displayed it in the movie and she looked around in amazement at the resemblance. Even the pedestal was there, though what it would have been used for other than the ring, she did not know. There were very few people there to occupy the space, only Elrond, Aragorn, Faramir and a handful of elves.

There were a few formalities to be observed before they finally began to start with the reason they were gathered. "Liz, I bid you to tell us the tale of what brings you here," Elrond finally said, bringing Liz back from where her attention had so easily wandered.

*Huh?* she asked, perplexed from snapping out of her daydream so suddenly. *Oh yeah. Well, basically I started speaking in elvish at some point between Desktop and Lunch three days ago and I still am. Nicole found a wormhole in the construction area of the school and we went through and found Aragorn and his, um… people and they showed us here.*

"You tell tales strangely," Faramir commented after having the entire tale translated to him. "Not at all like we tell them. I understood most of the words, but some of these perplex us all."

*Well, you talk funny,* Liz retorted under her breath, getting a small chuckle out of the elves who could hear her still. Louder, she said, *If you wanted a good story, you could have asked me to write one. That I'm decent at.*

"Do not trouble yourself," Aragorn said. "We may be still able to figure out just what happened. Did you do anything unusual that day?"

*Nothing unusual,* Liz replied. *At least, nothing unusual for me to do. I just memorized that first bit of the movie where Galadriel is talking.*

"You know Galadriel?" an elf asked.

*Yeah, she plays a major part in the books and the mo…vies… Oh crap, I really shouldn't go into this.* The entirety of the council began giving her odd looks, as though she had begun divulging secrets they so desperately wanted to know, but in another language.

"What did she say?" a hushed voice asked from the bushes behind the council. They all managed to hear it and the council went very quiet, trying to hear more.

"I think they've heard us," a more carefree voice said, still quiet.

*Pippin? Merry? Am I hearing this right?* Liz asked, recognizing the voices from the movie. A moment later, not two but four heads popped up, looking exceptionally innocent and bewildered. The hobbits scrambled up out of the bushed and tried to straighten themselves out.

"I had not expected to see you four for another three days," Elrond said at their appearance. "What has brought you hither in such haste?"

"We did not run into Tom Bombadil," Frodo explained. "We weren't trying to listen in. We were just passing by-"

"On our way to the kitchens," Pippin finished quickly for him.

Aragorn and Elrond exchanged glances and looked back to the hobbits with amusement. "I suppose you have heard all that has happened already," Aragorn stated. "No use ever trying to keep a hobbit out of a council they are not supposed to attend, it seems. Stay if you wish, or leave for the kitchens as your stomachs must surely bid you."

None of them left, not even Pippin, which surprised Liz greatly. They each took a spare seat with some help up and restarted the discussions immediately.

"Where do you come from?" Frodo asked. "Even though you speak in the fair tongues, you speak strangely."

*I come from a place where we know of your adventures with the ring,* Liz replied, becoming much more relaxed at the arrival of the hobbits. *It's a whole world renowned series and they're making a movie out of it.* She looked more closely at Frodo, making hi shift a little uncomfortably. *You know, you really do bear a remarkable resemblance to Elijah Wood.*

"What are desktop and school?" Merry asked with interest.

*Desktop is a school subject and school is a glorified prison that our parents send us to so that people called teachers can stuff our head full of useless facts.*

"What's the food like there?"

*Do you ever think of anything besides food, Pippin? Well, it's wonderfully junky and terrible for you. You'd probably like it. But I don't want to think about it right now, I'm starving.*

"A hobbit at heart!" Sam proclaimed.

*What brings you four here?* Liz asked.

"Well, we've come for a secret-ow!" Pippin said before Merry hit him upside the head.

*Meridoc Brandybuck, do not hit your cousin,* Liz said sternly. She could not hold the austere face for long and soon burst into laughter. *Sorry, always wanted to do that to someone. Now, a secret what?*

"There was to be a meeting tomorrow about a new threat and the rise of a new Dark Lord from the ashes of Isenguard," Elrond said with a bit of an annoyed sigh. He would think that these hobbits knew how to keep their mouths shut. "It is said to be almost as terrible as Sauron. We shall, however, not speak of that now. We must figure out what has caused your current ailment."

They sat a moment in a studied silence, pondering over what should be said to provoke some idea. Sam shifted uncomfortably and broke the silence. "Begging your pardon, Miss, but what are you?" he asked, stumbling over his words. Blushing slightly at the attention he had drawn he continued a bit awkwardly. "You see, you're tall as them elves, but you do not hold yourself the same. And I ain't never seen ears like yours before."

*Oh no you don't,* Liz said defensively, clapping her hands over her ears. *I've dealt with Ruth with this far too long to have to put up with it from you guys. I'm not anything but what you see, human through and through. Not an elf or whatever you think I am. Just a normal girl. Normal.*

The entirety on the council exchanged wary looks and turned back to the girl with her hands cupped defensively over her ears, allowing sound to still pass through her hands. Aragorn looked at her especially hard, forcing her eyes to meet his scornful ones that clearly told her that she was acting immature. There was nothing to fear here.

With a sigh of resignation she lowered her hands and pushed her hair behind her ears. *NOT pointed,* she said strictly, as though her words would either make them so or to convince the council that it was so. She knew, however that it was not. Her fingers had brushed the tips of her ears and they had grown a bit and now both had a slight point at the tip of them, enough so to be an elf of Shannara but not here.

They all looked on in amazement at the odd, yet still distinctly elven, ears. Most were able to cover up their fascination and awe of them within a second or two, but some still gawked at them long after Elrond had begun his diagnosis.

"I am sorry, but you are indeed an elf of sorts. Perhaps where you come from elves come in a slightly different form, but to my observation you seem to be only half elven. You do not have quite all of the traits to be fully so and no true magic within you as elves should."

*Half elf, am I?* Liz asked defiantly. *Don't you get it? I can't be an elf! There are no elves in my world. Period. End of story. That means, no way for me to pick up the elf gene and become one in any way, shape or form. I am NOT an elf!*

Some of them looked on her in pity and others began to develop an odd look in their eye when they looked at her. "I am afraid that you may not fare well here," Elrond said sadly. "We are accepting of all people that come in peace, but we are still wary of those we are not familiar with. There are those who would seek to drive you out for claiming to be elven, yet appear so different from us."

*So you're kicking me out?* Liz asked with a tone in her voice that said that she would heed his warning and leave whether or not he denied this. *Great, I'll tell the others. We can go back home and I can just speak funny for the rest of my life. I don't want to do that,* she admitted with a large sigh. *They can go back, but I'm going to stay here and get fixed somehow. Maybe Tom Bombadil can figure it out. Or I could just follow that stupid voice in my head and hope I get somewhere eventually.*

"You have a voice in your head?" Merry asked with a careful glance. "Is that normal of people in your world?"

*Not that I know of,* Liz replied. *I don't think they'd want one anyway. It started and kept me up all night before all this happened. I was having a bad enough day and then I start speaking in elvish and now this whole elven prejudice thingy. If this doesn't stop, I may start to take this personally.*

"Now we're getting somewhere," Aragorn muttered under his breath. "Can you still hear that voice now?"


"When did you stop hearing it?"

*It shut up during Socials, just before I told Ann that first part of Lord of the Rings movie script. It said something weird just before it went to, what was it?* Now driven to try and figure out this mystery, her hands began to move, waving between each other and not touching as her head stayed bowed in thought.

*Got it!* she cried triumphantly after a few moments of this humorous routine. *It was, 'Peredhel, you're mine,' or something like that. Kind of weird, but it's a voice in my head. What do you expect?*

Elrond took a moment to consider this. "Liz, I think you best return to the council tomorrow with your friends. There is nothing we can do for you currently, but we may yet be able to solve this problem."

Liz smiled wryly, trying to second guess this fanfic world and figure out just what they were about to throw at her as she departed. She knew quite a bit about the author already, or at least a bit about how their Lord of the Rings mind worked. Perhaps one of the other girls had been able to figure out more. She would have to get it out of them before they left for home.