I grabbed her hand and we ran through the woods her long white hair looked beautiful in the wind I grinned a little bit thinking about how our life can be when things are settled between me and Sasuke things will be calmed down and Ai can live with us.

She looked so innocent and graceful I always felt so self conscious about being with her but she approached me surprisingly I was even in my cloak. But even so she came to me.

"Hey your Itachi Right?" She asked her head bowing slowly. I looked at her confused.

I replied, "Yes I'm Itachi why?" She looked up at me.

Her face quickly lit up, "Your the one!" She yelled causing people to turn heads.

I quickly grabbed her up and took her to a quiet ally away from the crowd. I looked at her with no emotion.

Her legs quickly buckled to my face. She began to stutter, "I-I-I was told that you were from the same village as me and were to be married."

She can't be even close to the Uchiha clan I mean her hair is white her eyes not even dark but a light green. It didn't really make sense to me. I mean there were a few people with white hair but not those eyes.

"I don't remember you sorry." I said quickly turning to walk away but I couldn't help but think how interesting she was. I mean she like 14 and i'm 19 and how the hell did she even find me.

"I'm not 14." She said aloud. 'Ok...' I thought 'That was super weird' She yelled again, "No it's not" she started to blush.

I couldn't even think to myself without her saying something obviously she can read minds or something.

"Did you just read my mind?" I asked her slowly. She looked to me grinning.

Replying she said, "no but I feel you mood." I looked at her turning my head a bit.

"So let me get this straight, you are a mind reader that has been searching for me because we are to be married?" I asked her vaguely.

She kinda hung her head down , "Well I kinda don't have to marry you but I was told that I should from my and your parents."

The chances of her even talking to my parents are unlikely and the chances of her marrying me I don't know I really don't care. But she interested me. And with that I had to make some kind of connection with her if not then I really don't have a reason to be hanging out with her let alone talking to her.

"So what exactly do you want from me to be precise?" I asked out of curiosity.

She looked at me with wide eyes. I blushed a bit but it was hidden by my hair and cloak.

"I want to be by your side I want to fall in love with me I want you to see that I am the perfect one for you." She bowed deeply.

Looking all around I realized it looked really suspicious she was this young girl close to me in an ally dress in black . I really just looked horrible. But I wasn't like that Jashin praising freak and I hope that if I bring her back to the Akatsuki she will be attacked and harassed by that man.