Blood Moon

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A/N 2- The Noble Order is my version of the Volturi. The original full name I was going to use was Noble Order of Volterra, but I decided to shorten it.

A/N 3- Each of the Volturi is a different type of monster as well.

1. Happy Birthday

Bella Swan sat in the midst of bright sunlight. Last time I remember, I went to bed. Is it morning already? She got up and walked around a bit. Where am I? Why do I have to return to school? Oh, what am I thinking? I must be dreaming.

"The Order, The Order," a faint whispery voice said. "They'll come."

"Another year," another voice whispered. "Another year."

"What do you want?" Bella shrieked. She jolted awake and looked at her clock. Damn. It's morning. I better get out of bed. She slipped one leg over the side of the bed, oblivious to the fact that her foot was still wrapped up in the sheet. Hey, what the…? She fell face-forward on the wooden floor. Oww. Why am I such a walking disaster area? She grasped the end of the bed and got up. Another day. She passed by the calendar. September 13, my 18th birthday. Oh well. She got dressed and drove to school, spotting a familiar Silver Volvo. A young man with copper-colored hair exited the car. He was always sensibly dressed with a devilish charm.

"Happy Birthday," he said, smiling. "We've planned a party for you after school."

I'm not against birthdays, but what presents would an incubus give me? Besides the obvious loss-of-virginity and of soul.

Bella strolled into school. "Oh, hi, Bella," Jessica chirruped, "How was vacation?"

"Okay?" Bella replied. "How are you and Mike doing?"

"Oh, we broke up, but it's okay," Jessica replied. "I'll find someone new."

"I have a special present for you," Edward told her as they walked to class.

Please don't ask me to sleep with you. I know what happens to anyone who even gets into bed with a Lust Demon. But what will he give me? A diamond bracelet, the entire discography of a random hair-metal band? She walked to her first class, Edward following close behind. He later left as she went to class.

It's my birthday, but what could he give me? She rested her chin on her palm, while using the other hand to scrawl down English notes. Yes, I can multitask.

Soon it was lunch. Bella grabbed her tray and walked to her table. Surprisingly, Alice and Edward were sitting with her friends.

Okay, weird. What's going on?

Edward leaned over and whispered something in her ear. "I've already informed your father. He gave permission for me to bring you straight over to Cullen Manor."

Okay, creepy. What does he want? This question hounded her for the rest of the day. She exited the school, only to find Edward waiting in the parking lot.

"Shall we then?" he said, still showing his demonic charm.

"All right," Bella sighed. "I'll go." She climbed into the Silver car and drove off. It's been awhile since I've been to the Cullen house. I wonder if anything changed. She looked out the window. Miles of forest passed by her eyes. Then an oddly familiar manor house came into view. Edward parked the car in the driveway. Bella opened the door and walked up to the front door with her demon boyfriend by her side. She pushed open the door and gasped.

"Happy Birthday, Bella," Alice cheered. Bella stared at the preparations.

What the hell? Bella thought. I expected a small party, but this is way overdoing it. The cake looks delicious; I wonder if it's chocolate.

"Let's see what we got you!" Alice said, leading her friend to a giant pile of presents. Bella picked up one present.

"I wonder what this is," she said before digging into the wrapping paper.

"It's from me and Jasper," Emmett said, smiling.

Bella took the final piece of paper off the gift. "A car radio? Thanks, I really needed that." She smiled.

"Mind if I install it?" Emmett asked.

"Okay, go ahead," she replied, handing him the radio.

"Next gift!" Alice chimed in. She handed Bella another box. "It's from Edward and I."

Here goes nothing. She slowly began to unwrap the package. The phone rang. "I'll get it," Jasper said. "Hello?"

"London Bridge is Falling Down…" a creepy little girl's voice said.

"Listen, we have no time for prank calls," Jasper growled.

"You defeated our emissaries, you dirty corpse-eater," she sneered.

"No, it was our human friend," Jasper said. He then covered his mouth with one hand.

"He said something he shouldn't have," Carlisle sighed.

Who's he talking to? Bella wondered.

And so begins Blood Moon, book 2 of the Moonlight Series.