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The hallway was dim and crowded... the crowd in the hallway was also dim. My judgment was wholly based on my ability, of course, since the minds of the rambunctious teenagers crowded my thoughts. They worried about a math test on square roots that was coming up in the next few days. Square roots. They have to be in the same difficulty league as addition and subtraction. The capacity of their small minds was sickening.

As I walked down the hall they kept a safe distance from me. Good for them, I thought. At least they had the sense to stay away. If they got any closer, I probably would snap their heads off to prevent more stupidity from flowing through their brains.

Their ongoing chatter was hard to block out, even though I was mentally repeating pi as a distraction.3....

I brushed by Stanley who wasn't paying attention to where her feet led her. Her breasts, apparently, were very fascinating to her. They held the interest of Mike Newton as well, who was also walking carelessly, sidetracked by the pressure that grew in his crotch and the flesh pushing out of Jessica's blouse.

I noticed that Angela trailed behind the two like a lost puppy. Her thoughts were kind like always, something that I could allow myself to focus on. Bella's a nice person, I just hope that Lauren doesn't get to her.

Bella. The new girl's name consumed the thought of the student's along with the test. She was a shiny new toy, just waiting for someone to play with her. The male children wanted to play with her in more physical ways than the girls, though. It disgusted me. The male's minds were always on sex... like I didn't deal with that subject enough with Emmett at home.

Angela thought too soon because Lauren came to walk beside Angela with her nose in the air. "Can you believe that Isabella girl? She's not even pretty! And talk about pale; I bet she's never seen a tanning bed a day in her life!" She flipped her hair out of her face; her scent, surprisingly not too appealing, blew my way.

"Bella," Angela corrected and Lauren gave her a classic bitchface.

"Don't tell me you're befriending her," she sneered.

"I- She seems... nice."

"Hmph," Lauren grunted and turned left into her classroom.

My class was next to hers on the right and Angela shared the same class with me. Her face was getting redder with each step she took towards the door;she was mentally repeating Lauren's words . I unknowingly came up behind her as she walked into the room and spoke her name. "You really shouldn't be friends with her."

My intent was not to spook her, but to reassure her that it was okay to be around normal people (present company excluded). She let out a dragged breath and turned to me, "Edward." she said, surprised. I raised my eyebrow, welcoming the comment I knew was coming. "Thanks for your, um, concern, but I want to handle myself. Lauren's been going through some... things." Images of Lauren's parents' divorce and infidelity flashed before me.

"Be careful, then. People like her..." I shook my head. "They can be cruel."

Funny, those words coming out of my mouth. If I, a monster, could call a human cruel, then you know that that human is unbearable. Angela nodded and walked to her desk, ready to take the pre-test on square roots.

I finished the work in less than a minute. To throw off the suspicious math teacher, I acted like I was still taking it. I stared at the pulp that made up the sheet of paper, wondering how exactly they got it to be that stark white. It wasn't spotted with pixel-like dots of beige, but a pure, simple white. Simplicity. Not my norm, but I'd take it any day.