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"Ted," Mary said, "Let me talk with Davy. I think I can help"

"Really," Ted replied, "that would be wonderful"

"Davy," Mary said, "let's go get some lunch"

"Sure," Davy said, "how about at the museum"

It was only a few blocks away. Five minutes later they were sitting in the café at the museum.

"You know," Mary said, "that there is a definition for genius"

"Duh," said Davy, "I am a genius so I know that"

"But there's more to being a genius then showing off," Mary said, "and getting what you want all the time"

Davy looked at her.

"You see Davy, being a genius means being smart enough to know that there are times other people have to come first. Your mom promised that she would take your baby sister over to see your grandmother so she didn't have the time to take you to the museum today."

"But going to grandma's is so boring," Davy whined, "she lives in an old age home and there's nothing to do"

"How do you think she feels," Mary asked, "seeing you and your sister cheers her up so much"

"I… I guess I never thought of it like that," Davy admitted, "I've been thinking of what I want."

"That's normal," Mary said, "You're only a kid. But sometimes not getting what you want can actually be better then getting what you want"

"Really? How?"

"Well, when I was about your age, maybe a little older I wanted to go to this party. Billy Wyoming had asked me, he was this guy I REALLY liked a lot. But my father said ABSOLUTELY not. The party was unsupervised. He refused to let me go.

"I was soooooooooooooooooooo mad. I had a fit thinking he would change his mind. I was thinking he would realize how unfair he was being. It didn't work. He just calmly repeated that the answer was no and no amount of whining and complaining was going to make him change his mind.

"Well I was really mad but they day of the party someone came in and hurt a lot of people very badly. I lost three friends that day including Billy Wyoming. I was alive and safe though. I was so relieved that my dad didn't let me go even though I was mad at him at first."

Suddenly Davy saw what Mary was telling him.

"I want to be a real genius," he said softly