Beyond the Pale Contest

Title: For the Love of My Obsession

Pen Name: rmcrms5

Characters: Edward/Bella/Emmett (AH/AU/OOC)

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and all its characters.

I just like to do evil things with them.

Image that Inspired You: Four

I placed my single red rose on the polished wood of the coffin in front of me. I could barely see it for my tears. It wasn't supposed to be this way. We were supposed to grow old together surrounded by grandchildren. Now that dream would never be. My knees trembled and began to buckle beneath me.

I felt a strong pair of arms gather me into their embrace keeping me from falling. The same arms that held me as he broke the news to me and held me all through that long night while I screamed and sobbed until there was nothing left, through the flight we boarded to bring his body home to his family. I knew Emmett was hurting also; Edward was his best friend, but he was my life. I had nothing in me to spare, to offer comfort in return, so I was just grateful that he let me take from him.

"Bella, lean on me. I've got you baby; you're going to be alright," he whispered gently against my ear.

My head rocked side to side in anguish as I leaned back into his chest. "It'll never be alright, Emmett. Edward was everything. I don't know who I am without him."

"Bella," the tiny voice of my best friend spoke up. "I loved my brother with all my heart and he wouldn't want you to give up. We'll get through this together."

"Alice," my voice broke. "How could this happen? He was an expert skier. He would never be that careless."

"I don't know. I wish I did. I told Mom I had a bad feeling that morning, but I thought I was just being silly. Maybe if I'd called, he wouldn't have gone on that mountain. He would have stayed at the lodge with you." She started sobbing and hugged me close. "I'm so sorry Bella. If I'd only called, my brother would still be alive."


I heard the door open and turned to see my best friend.

"Bella, you look beautiful!" Alice squealed.

I smiled and turned back to stare at my reflection in the mirror again. I barely recognized myself. I wasn't the same girl I was two short years ago. I'd changed, but I guess that was to be expected. I was a college graduate living in a new city. I had a new life now.

"I'm afraid to move, Alice," I laughed. "What if I mess it up? This dress costs more than I made all last year."

She stood in front of me and straightened my skirts. "Well that's what happens when you marry into money, Bella. God, who knew Emmett's family was so loaded? I mean, we went to France for our fittings!"

"Yeah, makes you wonder why on Earth he wants me," I said softly.

Alice stilled her movements and straightened to look at me in the mirror. "Bella, Emmett loves you. He's been your rock since-" She stopped and took a deep breath. She turned and hugged me careful of my dress. "It's okay to love him, Bella. Edward would want you to be happy."

I sniffed and blinked back the sudden tears. I nodded my head. "I do love him. He's been great to me. It's just-"

"I know, he's not Edward," she finished gently. "You should be standing here getting ready to marry my brother, becoming my sister for real. But that's not what fate decreed. Fate decreed that Edward's time on this Earth was over. Fate decreed that you would find a new love. You can still have your dreams; just now you'll have those dreams with Emmett." She placed her hand over mine where it rested on my slightly protruding stomach.

"Let's get this on you and then you'll be perfect for Emmett," Rose said briskly, reminding us we weren't alone.

I felt Alice stiffen beside me as Rose came up to us with my veil in her hand. Alice had never warmed up to her. She didn't understand how I could be friends with Emmett's ex-girlfriend, much less ask her to be my bridesmaid, but she was the only person besides Emmett I knew when I moved to Chicago after college. Besides, their breakup had been mutual and they stayed friends, so it was easy for me.

She was there for me when Alice transferred to finish school in Seattle to be closer to her parents after Edward's death. She encouraged me to get up each morning and put one foot in front of the other until I could do it on my own. She even held me when I became a sobbing, blubbering mess after the first time I let Emmett make love to me. Without her friendship I probably would have moved back home right after Alice from loneliness and homesickness.

I tilted my head slightly while she placed the tiara carefully over my hair, securing it in place with pins. She squeezed my shoulders affectionately before turning to Alice.

"Do you really think it's right to bring up your brother to Bella today of all days? I know you miss him, but he's Bella's past. Emmett is her future," she said heatedly.

I grabbed both their hands in mine and squeezed. "Rose, it's okay. Alice was helping me. I was feeling a little melancholy is all." I turned to Alice and smiled at the fierce expression on her face. "Alice, please, you know I love you. You're always going to be my sister even if we can't make it legal. Rose is just being protective of Emmett's feelings."

I sighed as they continued to face off and decided to change the subject. "Did I tell you he's taking me to Italy for our honeymoon? We're staying at a villa that belongs to a friend of his family."

"Italy?" Alice gasped. "As in ocean, beach and hot Italian men as far as the eye can see?"

"Yep, except for the hot Italians. It'll just be the two of us for a whole month. Then his family is going to be flying over to join us for some big family gathering they're having."

"Hey girls, there's a man at the front of the church who asked me to tell the most beautiful woman in the world that he's waiting for you."

I turned to see my mother standing in the doorway. She dabbed her tissue to the corner of her eye and smiled at us. She would be walking me down the aisle since my father died a year ago.

I took an extra minute after Alice and Rose left the room and took one last look in the mirror as I picked up my bouquet from the table. "I love you Edward. I promise to be happy."


I shrugged on my tuxedo jacket and straightened my tie. It stretched across my broad shoulders. I looked damn good, if I do say so myself. A knock sounded on the door and I turned to see my right hand man and best friend, Royce, and James, my bodyguard, come in.

"Her friend is fucking hot today. I think I'm in love," James exclaimed, clasping his hands over his heart dramatically. "What did you say her name is again?"

"Alice and forget it. You want a quick fuck, fine, but I want her on a plane back to the west coast within the week. I've put up with her meddling for too fucking long," I ordered.

"Hey, you ready to do this?" Royce asked.

"Royce, I've been ready for two fucking years," I smirked. I stood still while he pinned the white rose on my lapel.


The congregation was a Who's Who of Chicago's elite. White roses and greenery adorned nearly every surface. I loved white roses; they were very Marlon Brando'ish. A six piece orchestra was set up in the corner playing some kind of classical music that grated on my nerves, but my girl loves it.

I stood at the front of the church and smiled to my parents as a cousin ushered them to their seat in the front row. My gaze shifted to the back of the church as I watched Rosalie walking up the aisle. Damn, she looked good in her tight black and white strapless bridesmaid dress. I may have to rethink that vow of monogamy. Her long blonde hair was piled high on her head with just a couple of locks dangling, itching for my large fingers to wrap around. Royce was fucking her now, with my blessing, but they both knew if I decide I want back in her bed later then she'll happily comply and he'll step off. I winked at her as she made it to the front of the church and turned to face me and raised my eyebrow at her in warning as she licked her lips in response.

I turned back to see the annoying little pixie James was panting over. Alice Cullen has been a thorn in my side from the very beginning. She's the reason it took my girl so damn long to give me a chance. I knew without her constant crying on her shoulder she would have gotten over everything sooner. I saw her smile and bat her eyes coyly at James and heard his answering growl. I rolled my eyes in disgust at the two of them and turned back to James.

"Knock it the fuck off already," I mumbled.

"Yeah, like you weren't eye fucking Rose just now?" he smirked.

I shrugged my shoulders in response. I was guilty as charged.

I heard the orchestra pause and held my breath, waiting. The double doors were closed causing my anticipation to build as everyone rose and turned to await her entrance. The wedding march began and the doors opened to reveal the girl of my dreams. Bella stood holding her mother's arm to begin her slow walk towards me. Her father was killed in the line of duty shortly after we began dating. What can I say? It's a dangerous line of work and things happen. They never caught his killer.

Bella was so beautiful; she literally took my breath away. Her long rich mahogany hair was curled and pinned into an intricate design on her head with a wispy white veil tucked into the crown held in place by the diamond tiara. The designer dress she wore was from France and was strapless and covered in lace and crystals making it sparkle as she walked.

I smiled as my gaze dropped briefly to the large bouquet of white roses she carried that hid her tiny waist and felt my chest swell with male pride and satisfaction. My girl was hiding a baby bump. It was what finally convinced her to take that final step and accept my proposal otherwise I'd still be chasing her. Condoms just aren't as reliable as they used to be.

I moved to stand in the center of the aisle as she and her mother approached me. I leaned down so her mother could kiss my cheek.

"Take care of my baby," she cried softly as she hugged me.

"I swear I'll never let anything happen to her," I promised.

I couldn't stand her flighty mother, but she didn't have a lot of contact with Bella so we probably wouldn't be seeing her much after today. However, I was sincere in my promise. I worked too hard to get the girl to ever let anything go wrong. I turned to face my Bella and raked my eyes over the beauty that was now mine. I saw the hint of sadness she tried to hide as she smiled at me. I fought the instinct to glare at the one standing nearby that I knew would be responsible for that sadness. Damn pixie. Well, there was nothing she could do now.

"I love you, Isabella and I would do anything for you." I swore.

Truer words were never spoken. I placed Bella's hand in the crook of my arm and led her to the altar. As I listened to the priest drone on about the sanctity of marriage and the vows we would be speaking, I let my mind wander back to the beginning.


I met Edward Cullen move-in day in college. We were both freshmen and had been partnered as roommates in the football player's dorms. He was quarterback and I was center. It was my job to keep his ass from getting creamed each week. You couldn't have put two more different people together if you tried. I was from Chicago and only doing my time in college at my father and godfather's insistence. I knew where my future lay and it wasn't in some white collar job pushing papers. No, I would be taking over as head of the family just as soon as my father chose to step down. Our family controlled the drugs, guns and prostitution in our windy city, as well as the majority of the politicians and law enforcement. I earned my stripes working as a runner during my early years until I hit puberty and was blessed with a growth spurt that quickly earned me the feared title of an enforcer.

Edward on the other hand, was as straight and narrow as they came. He was from a small town in Washington named after an eating utensil. He was pre-med and planned to go back to that same piss ant town to work in the clinic his father ran after medical school. He was there on an academic and football scholarship. He had a killer throwing arm which was the only redeeming quality I could find in him.

He was still dating his high school sweetheart who he left behind in Spoons or Forks, whatever the hell his town was, since she was only a junior in high school. She would be joining him in two years along with his younger sister, Alice, who was her best friend. I smiled and nodded politely when he showed me her picture. It was evidently taken after a football game. She was wearing a baggy jersey with his high school number on the front, over what appeared to be a cheerleading uniform. Her face was painted with his number on one cheek and their mascot on the other. I honestly didn't see the attraction. I saw a small town girl with brown hair, brown eyes and braces, but hey, to each their own.

I listened to him go on and on about the love of his life and his big dreams to marry her and make beautiful babies together. Bella wanted a large family since she was an only child from a broken home. She lived with her dad, who was the chief of police in their small town. Edward was a good looking guy and had the college sluts panting after him. He took my ribbing in stride when I'd point out all the hot college pussy coming in and out of our room, telling him what Bella didn't know wouldn't hurt her. I even tried to hook him up at an after-game party with one of my girls, Rosalie, who was a real knockout. If anybody could get into his pants, it would be her. I nearly choked on my beer when he politely turned her down. I had to give the guy respect for sticking to his guns even if I didn't understand it and we became friends.

For two years we hung out, played pool and had a good time until the day Isabella Swan walked onto campus and into my heart. I was sitting in the coffee shop waiting for Edward to show up. Our junior year had just started and he was excited that Bella would finally be joining him. I sat in the booth staring at my watch impatiently. I was not looking forward to making nice with my buddy's girlfriend and hoped we could ditch her to meet the rest of the guys at Shooters to play pool.

I glanced up at the sound of the door opening and saw Edward come in with an arm slung over the shoulder of one girl and the other around the waist of another. The girl with his arm on her shoulder I surmised was his sister. She was shorter than him by at least a foot and had short black hair that stuck up everywhere. She seemed to be having trouble with gravity as she bounced when she walked and I could hear her chattering a mile a minute to Edward and the other girl with them, her hands flying through the air as fast as her mouth.

Bella was walking on his other side so I couldn't make her out at all. When they turned to the counter to order I was able to check her out from behind. I had to admit, from behind, she looked pretty damn good. She was taller than his sister, but still only came up to Edward's shoulder. Her hair hung in waves to her small waist. I smiled in appreciation as I stared at her firm round ass and her long creamy legs in her tight denim shorts and wedge heeled shoes.

When they turned and walked toward me I finally understood. Bella was a goddess sent here from the heavens to torture mortal men. Her figure from the front was enough to make a certain part of my anatomy stand up and pay attention with her perfect, full breasts peaking out of the top of her tank top. Her hips swayed like a cobra's dance to a snake charmer's flute and what I had thought of as plain brown eyes were actually the color of rich dark chocolate. Her pink, pouty lips just ached to be bruised in passionate kisses. I was mesmerized and knew in that moment, nothing could stop me from making her mine.

"Hi, I'm Bella. You must be Emmett. Edward has told me so much about you."

It took me a moment to realize the angel's voice I was hearing was being directed at me. I blinked to clear my head and quickly stood, taking the hand she offered me. I felt the softness of her skin and knew a handshake would never do. I picked her up and swung her around in a bear hug, savoring the feel of her breasts pressed against my chest and the feel of my arms wrapped around her narrow waist as she squealed.

"And you must be the Itty Bitty Bella Edward compares all the girls to," I chuckled.

I was starting my campaign to win the girl immediately. She had to be feeling some insecurity about their relationship since they'd only seen each other at holidays and summer breaks for two years. I would just feed that insecurity. I was rewarded with the tinkling sound of her laughter at my words as I reluctantly set her back down.

"Oh really?" she laughed.

She stepped away from me and leaned her back into his chest, seeming to know where he was standing without turning her head. His hands slipped around her waist and he kissed her cheek. Her eyes sparkled mischievously at me as she turned her head to face him.

"And how well did I stand up against the competition?"

"Bella, you know you're the only girl I see. No one could ever compare to you. You're my heart and my soul," he assured her, brushing her lips in sweet kiss.

"Ah, isn't it sweet? I hope one day I find someone who loves me half as much," his sister sighed as she dropped into a chair.

I had forgotten she was even here. I only had eyes for Bella. She stared at her friend and brother with stars in her eyes. I knew there would be no help from her corner. She was onboard the Edward/Bella train. I slid back into my seat and raised my cup to my mouth to hide my sneer of disgust.


Bella was everything Edward had ever said she was. She was elegance and grace. She was pure and kind and never had a bad thing to say about anyone. She made friends wherever she went. I tried unsuccessfully to break them up for almost two years, but Edward wouldn't stray and Bella wouldn't believe innuendos or rumors that Edward fucked around on her. She never doubted, never got angry, and was never jealous. She knew she owned Edward's heart and soul, just like he owned hers. Of course, his meddling sister was always around snarling and snapping like an annoying poodle at any girl who came within five feet of her brother, preventing any girl from actually getting their claws into him.

I constantly dreamed of having Bella by my side. I would pamper her with riches Edward would never be able to give her as a small town doctor. I dreamed of giving Bella all the babies she wanted; little girls with her deep brown eyes and sons with my strength. I spent more nights jacking off in the shower or in my bed to visions of Bella, clothed or unclothed, it didn't matter. You could put the girl in a sack and she'd still make me cum.

I was at my wits end and had just decided to drug the son of a bitch to get him in bed with anyone, girl or guy, I didn't care which at this point. My plans changed when he invited me and Rose to go skiing with them over spring break. He was going to be leaving soon to start medical school and wanted to do something special for Bella before they were parted again and his schedule became more hectic.

I was pretending to date Rose so that Bella could see my sensitive, caring side while also working Rose into Bella's close circle of friends. I needed her to sing my praises to help gain Bella's notice and to feed me information I could use. Rose was from my world and understood her place. She would never be more than arm candy. I got her off the streets in high school and she became my property. I paid for her condo and the sporty BMW she drove. I owned the bitch.

The first day we were at the lodge Bella slipped on a patch of ice coming in from skiing and sprained her ankle. It was a minor sprain, but Edward didn't want her skiing the next day so that it could heal. They had plans to go to dinner and dancing the next night. I didn't like the feeling of excitement I sensed coming from him all day. I knew something was up.

We left Bella and Rose watching a chick flick in our cabin while Edward and I went to the main lodge to pick up dinner for everyone. While we were there Edward went to the front desk and asked the manager to get an item he had stored in the hotel safe. I looked at him curiously.

"They let you put something in their safe? Isn't that against hotel policy or something? You do know there's a safe in your bedroom closet, don't you?" I asked.

He turned to me and grinned, leaning against the counter while we waited.

"Yeah, but Bella shares that safe and this is a secret. Besides, the manager is a friend of my father's so it's okay. Hey, you don't mind if tomorrow night it's just Bella and I, do you? You and Rose will be okay on your own?"

I rolled my eyes at him. "Don't worry about me and Rose. We'll be just fine."

I stared at him a moment taking in the building excitement emanating from him as the manager came back with a small but bulky manila envelope. My suspicions were aroused as he took it from him.

"Here you go Edward. Don't worry, everything is arranged like you asked. I'm sure Bella will love it," the manager told him.

"Thanks, Mr. Stanley. I owe you one."

"So what's the big secret?" I asked.

He looked around the lobby like he was expecting Bella sneak up on him even though we both knew she was on the sofa where he left her with ice on her ankle. He pulled a small black velvet box from the envelope and opened it, showing me the decent sized diamond ring nestled within. I felt my fists clench in my coat pockets and my jaw tighten in anger. No fucking way in hell! I heard his words through the pulsing sounds of blood rushing in my ears.

"I'm proposing to Bella tomorrow night. I don't want to leave her behind again when I go to medical school. I already checked into it and we can get a small apartment on campus for married couples. Bella can transfer there to finish her studies without losing any credits she's earned so far. I figured we can have a small wedding back home this summer before we start in the fall. Bella always wanted a small garden wedding anyway and my mom's roses should be in full bloom by then."

I vaguely felt his hand grasp my shoulder as I tore my eyes from the ring in his hand to stare at him. I knew he would take my silence as shock and not the rage I was fighting.

"You're my best friend, Emmett. What do you say? Will you be my best man and stand up with me?" he grinned.

I swallowed the bile in my throat and choked out the words that burned like acid in my mouth.

"I would be honored to stand up with you. I know you and Bella will be very happy."

That night after Edward carried Bella back to their room, I took Rose into our room. She stripped nervously, recognizing the signs of my anger in my jerky movements. She knew it would only take one wrong move on her part and she would feel my wrath. She had felt it enough times as every attempt to win Bella failed.

"Why don't you just kill him?" she suggested nervously.

I swung around to stare at her and watched her flinch in response. I grabbed her hair in my fist and yanked her head back to stare at her.

"What did you say?" I growled.

She swallowed and licked her lips nervously; her eyes darting back and forth searching my eyes to try and discern how to answer.

"If you can't break them up and you really want her, then why don't you eliminate the problem? It's what you would do if you were back home."

I stared at her a moment while her words sank in. She continued to stare at me fearfully, waiting to see how I would react to her words. I felt her shudder as the grin spread across my face. I chuckled darkly as I released the grip on her hair and stroked it, soothing the pain I knew she felt in her scalp. I kissed her forehead and pulled my shirt and coat back on.

"Get in bed. I'll be back later," I told her as I grabbed my phone and opened the door. "Oh and Rose, when we get home feel free to make a trip to the dealership for a new car. You earned it."

The next morning Edward and I left to hit the slopes while Rose stayed behind to keep Bella company. They were going to spend the day being pampered at the spa. I convinced Edward we should take the more difficult slopes since the girls weren't with us and he agreed.

"Hey Emmett, last one down buys the beer," he yelled as he dug his poles in the ground, taking off.

I smiled and calmly adjusted my goggles on my face before pushing off as well.

"Champagne is more like it and I'll be the one drinking," I mumbled.

I stayed behind Edward as we picked up speed the steeper the slope became. I knew there was a rise coming up ahead that should do the trick. I watched as he hit the rise and took off in the air, his body perfectly angled to land upright on impact. I watched with relish as his left ski tipped back. I knew Edward sensed he was in trouble and probably trying to work out a solution before he hit the ground. Unfortunately for him there was no solution as his ski dropped from his boot before his other ski came back in contact with the ground.

I watched him roll head over heel, twisting and turning as the other ski stayed attached jerking his body, for several yards before finally landing in a twisted heap on the ground. I took the incline and landed perfectly, slowing to come up beside him. I scanned the area around us, ensuring there weren't any witnesses. I nudged his still body with the tip of my pole.

"How you doing there, buddy?" I sneered. "Shaking hands with the devil?"

My mouth dropped as I heard him groan in pain. The fucker should have broken his damn neck in that fall. I dropped to the ground at his head to check him out. His left arm was obviously broken and his right leg looked like it was broken in a couple of places. I pushed on his shoulders and ribs and enjoyed his scream of pain. Add a collarbone and a few ribs to that checklist.

"Fuck, Emmett! That hurts!" he yelled. He reached with his good arm to pull his goggles off his face.

"No, no. None of that. You need to leave them in place," I said pulling his arm back down.

"Emmett, I may be fucked up, but my neck's not broken. I can take off the goggles."

I knew he was trying to make light of his pain. He got hit enough on the field that he had a high pain tolerance.

"No Eddie-boy, you can't take them off. You see, you broke your neck in the fall. They'd still be twisted on your head."

"I told you, my neck is fine. It's my collarbone that's broken," he hissed through his teeth.

"No Edward. You died in the fall," I stated calmly. I knew I had his undivided attention as his body went still. I scanned the area again to be sure no one was around. I figured I had only a few minutes before the ski patrol came upon us.

"Emmett, what the hell are you talking about? You're my best friend. Anything you want, it's yours. I don't understand," his voice rose in panic.

He tried unsuccessfully to move, to get away. I laughed. Where did he think he would run on one good leg?

"All you had to do was leave Bella and you could have gone on to live a full life in your little hometown. You could have realized all your dreams. But no, you had to stay faithful. You had to bring a fucking ring on this trip. You thought you would marry my girl!" I leaned down next to his ear. "Bella. Is. Mine," I growled.

I grasped his head in my hands firmly as he screamed for help.

"See you in hell, motherfucker!"

I heard the snap as I wrenched his head around. I let it fall lifelessly back into the snow. I checked his position to be sure he hadn't moved too much. It had to look like he died in the fall. I looked up and saw the ski patrol coming down the mountain. I stood and waved frantically to them and yelled for help, humming a tune while I waited.


Alice's loud sniff brought me back to the present. Too bad I couldn't eliminate her as well, but two accidents in one family would be suspicious and it's not like she could cause any problems from two thousand miles away. After today she would have no further contact with Bella anyway, I'd make sure of it.

I held Bella's trembling hands in mine as I listened to the vows she was promising to me; sickness and health, richer or poorer. Yeah, yeah. Just get to the part I wanted to hear come from her lips.

"I promise to love, honor and obey you, my husband, until death parts us." Her voice was full of emotion at her words. Her eyes were streaming with tears. They better be fucking tears of joy and not for memories of that bastard.

I repeated the vows the priest recited to me as I stared intently into Bella's eyes letting her see just how fucking serious I was.

"I promise to love, honor and cherish you, my wife, until death parts us," I stated firmly.

I held her gaze as the priest finished his job and we exchanged rings. She squeezed my hands and smiled at me when the priest made the comment about family and I let my gaze drop to rest on her stomach momentarily before capturing her gaze again. She'd sworn before God and my family in church to honor and obey me for eternity and she carried my child.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

I pulled Bella into my arms and held her as I ravaged her mouth to the loud cheers and thunderous applaud of my family and friends. I grinned wickedly and winked at her flushed face when I pulled away. I knew she was embarrassed, expecting only a quick peck.

We turned to the congregation and I wrapped my arm firmly around her waist as we made our descent from the altar and down the aisle. I was fucking soaring. Bella was mine.

A/N: Thanks always to Lillie Cullen for her amazing beta skills. I plan to continue this story after the contest if it's well received.