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"Awesome song, Gustavo!" Kendall Knight says as they walk out of the recording booth.

"I wrote it!" Gustavo says loudly. He is totally convinced that he is a musical genius. They can't really argue with that because he does write really great songs.

"Anyways, I have some important news for you." He says as he stands up. The boys look at him with anticipation. James starts combing his hair with his lucky comb but Logan snatches it away and slaps him behind his head. James turns to face Logan and the boys begin slapping each other.

Kendall rolls his eyes at his friends immaturity. James gets too defensive when it comes to anything related to his appearance. Seriously, who is that obsessed with their appearance?

"My niece is coming to visit." Gustavo says calmly.

"Great." Kelly says sarcastically. She takes a deep breathe before smiling. "Yeah, Brianen is coming to Rocque Records."

"Brianne?" Carlos asks. "Brianne Rocque?"
"The singer?'

"Yes!" Gustavo says with annoyance.

"I want to show you guys something." Kelly says as she walks to the door. She turns around to look at the boys. "Come on!"

The boys quickly follow her out of the room. A few minutes later, they arrive at Gustavo's office. They walk over to the computer. Kelly sits in the chair and goes into the internet.

"Why are you going to Youtube?" Logan asks her.

"Just watch the video." Kelly says sternly. The boys jump at her harsh tone before turning their attention.

The music video shows a large bedroom. A blonde girl is laying on the bed. She is wearing pink sweatpants and white tank top.

As she starts singing, she sits up and stares at a picture of her ex boyfriend. She grabs the picture and throws it to the floor, watching as it shatters to pieces.

She walks towards her closet and begins looking through her clothes.

"She is so hot." Carlos says quietly. He smiles nervously as Gustavo sends a threatening glare in his direction. Brianne's ego is already big enough. She doesn't need more teenage boys falling all over her.

Kelly pauses the video but the guys interrupt her.

"Don't pause it!" James says frantically. Kelly rolls her eyes as she turns the video back on.

Brianne is walking into another nightclub with her friends. Guys are looking at them but the girls ignore them and walk to the dance floor. They look over at the guys and laugh. They begin dancing to the music.

"Okay, that's enough." Kelly says when she notices the boys dreamy expressions.

"Come on!" The boys beg.

"That was Brianne's music video." Kelly says. "Now look at this."

She clicks on another video that would shock anyone. Brianne is seen stumbling out of a nightclub with her friends from the music video. Her hair is a mess and her friends are dragging her out of the building. A crowd of paparazzi are snapping pictures and Brianne looks really annoyed with them.

"Guys, back off!" Her brunette friend says as she leads Brianne through the crowd.

"Get out of my way!" Brianne screams at them.

"Brie, calm down!" The red head tells her.

"I will not calm down!" Brianne shrieks. "Unless they get out of here!"

Kelly smirks as she turns the video off. She has to laughs at the boys shocked expressions. They obviously weren't expecting Gustavo's niece to be so crazy. Honestly, she wasn't expecting it either. Until she met the girl. Brianne was a total jerk when Kelly met her. She got so temperamental when things didn't go her way and she would throw a huge tantrum.

"She's insane." Kelly tells them.

"She's still hot." Carlos mutters. He looks at James who nods in agreement.

"You dogs are done for the day." Gustavo tells them.

"Bye!" Logan says before following his friends out of the room. They rush down the hallway until they reach the exit. As they walk out the door, someone pulls up in a shiny black motorcycle.

"Who is that?" Kendall asks quietly. The person begins taking the helmet off and the boys are shocked at what they see.

"Is that who I think it is?" Logan mutters.

"BIranne!" A crowd of fans shout in excitement. Brianne smiles as someone hands a pen to her. She begins signing autographs and taking pictures with them. She laughs as she hugs one of the fans. The boys are surprised because she doesn't seem crazy like she did in the video that Kelly showed then. They haven't actually met her but she doesn't seem that bad.

They watch as Brianne signs a few more autographs. She hugs some of the fans before turning around and walking away. She ignores the boys as she walks into Rocque Records.

They look at each other before rushing back into the building.

"Hey, Freight Train." Brianne says. "Where is Gustavo?"

"In his office."

Brianne smiles before walking down the hallway. The boys start to follow her but Freight Train grabs them.

"We can't meet her?" Carlos whines.

"You can't talk to her." Freight Train says sternly.

"Come on, buddy." James says with a smile. "She's cute."

Brianne must have heard the conversation because she turns around to face them. She is wearing a sparkly silver tank top, shredded black jeans, and a black leather jacket. Her blonde hair is wavy.

"Put them down." She tells Freight Train.

Freight Train sighs as he puts the boys down. Brianne giggles at the dreamy expressions on their faces.

"You guys look really familiar." She says with a smile. She knows that she has seen these guys somewhere. She just can't remember.

She struggles to remember when she finally comes to a realization. Her eyes widen in surprise and excitement.

"Big Time Rush!" She squeals as she pulls the guys into a group hug. The guys smile as Brianne hugs them. She isn't like the girl that they saw in the video. She seems a lot sweeter.

"I saw your City Is Ours music video!" She says as she pulls away from them. Her eyes are filled with excitement. Wow, she must be a really big fan. Which is really cool since Brianne is a huge star herself

"It was so amazing!" She tells them. "My record company has chosen my next single and I want Marcos to direct my video!"


"Hold on." She whispers before picking up her cell phone. "Hello? Hey, Lindsey! How is filming working out? Fabulous! I am at Rcoque Records right now. I want Marcos to direct my next video. Yeah, he directed the Big TIme Rush music video. I am actually with the guys right now. Yeah, they are totally cute. Okay! I'll talk to you later. Bye!"

She puts the phone in her black leather handbag before turning to face the guys.

"Lindsey is filming a new action movie in Vancouver" She tells them. "It's going to be really cool."


Brianne rolls her eyes at Gustavo's constant yelling. She really doesn't understand why he talks so loud. It gets annoying after a while.

"I've gotta go before my uncle freaks out again." She says. She begins shaking the guys hands. Her handshake with James last a little longer than the others guys. She definately felt sparks during this handshake. She just wants to hold and never let go.

The teens finally let go, smiling nervously. Brianne clears her throat before smiling at the guys.

"I'll see you guys later." She says before walking away. The boys look at James with knowing expressions, earning a glare from James.

"What?" He snaps.

"We don't know." Kendall says with a smile.

"Shut up." James says before walking out of the building. The boys laugh quietly as they follow him. The boys are best friends and they know each other very well. They could tell that James and Brianne were having a moment. Anyone could tell that Brianne liked James because she kept looking him with a bright smile on her face.

"She is so pretty." Carlos says dreamily.

Logan shakes his head before slapping Carlos behind the head. Carlos slaps him back and the boys start another slap fight.

"She's will be mine!" Carlos shouts before rushing to the limo.

"In your dreams!" James shouts before climbing into the limo. After all four boys are in the limo, the drivers begins driving down the highway.

"Could you turn the radio up?" Kendall requests. The driver nods before turning the radio up. It is playing another Brianne Rocque song. The boys stop fighting over Brianne when they hear the song blasting through the speakers.

"She talks about bad boyfriends in her songs a lot." James mutters.

"They was the amazing Brianne Rocque, Hollywood's favorite paparazzi princess! She is the niece of famed record producer Gustavo Rocque!" The DJ says on the radio.

"What record company is Brianne signed with?" Kendall asks.

"Starstruck Records." Carlos tells him. Suddenly, the limo stops and the boys step out of the limo. They walk into the familiar Palm Woods lobby where Camille and Jo approach them.

"You will not believe who we met today." Kendall says as he puts his arm around Jo's shoulders.

"Brianne Rocque!" Carlos says excitedly.

"I remember her." Camille says. "Is she the new Lindsay Lohan or something?"

"She isn't that bad." Carlos argues.

"Yet." Logan says with a laugh. Carlos glares at Logan, slapping the boys shoulder.

"She's in love with James." Kendall blurts out. James looks at him with a horrified expression. He can't believe that Kendall said that out loud!

"How do you know?" He whispers angrily.

"Because you two kept looking at each other." Logan tells him.

"Stay out of this." James snaps.

"Kelly showed us her music video for Goodbye." Kendall tells them. "She was so amazing!"

"Hello! Girlfriend in the room!" Jo says, glaring at him.

"I love you." Kendall says sweetly.

"That's what I thought." Jo says with a smirk.

They look over at the front desk where Mr. Bitters is talking to a blonde woman.

"Miss Rocque, your apartment is on the second floor." Mr. Bitters says as he hands a room key to her.

The six teens look at each other with curious expressions.

After the woman has left, they rush over to the front desk.

"Who was that woman?" Carlos asks him.

"That was Allison Rocque." Mr. Bitters says calmly. "She just moved in."

"Does she have a daughter?" James asks him.

"Yeah." Mr. Bitters says nervously. "Brianne Rocque."

Carlos lets out a squeal of excitement, causing Mr, Bitters and the teens to look at him weirdly.

"Brianne Rocque is moving to the Palm Woods?" Kendall asks him.

"Yeah." Mr. Bitters says with a nod. "That is going to be interesting."

"Yeah" Jo says slowly The other teens nod in agreement.

"Me and Camille are going to the pool." She tells them. "Do you guys want to come?"

"We're kind of tired." Kendall tells her. "But we'll see you later."

"Okay." Jo says. She kisses him before walking to the pool area with Camille.

The boys walk into the elevators. They wait for the elevator to arrive at their floor.

Finally, the elevator opens and they step onto the second floor.

They collapse onto the couch in exhaustion.

James grabs the remote and turns it to Hollywood Insider. A movie premiere is being played on the screen. Several stars are seen posing for the cameras and talking to other celebrities.

"Some of our favorite stars were at the premiere of Hilary Carson's new drama film Believe In You last night. Teen pop sensation Brianne Rocque was one of them. The starlet went to the premiere to support her longtime BFF Hilary. Brianne wore a black leather minidress with diamond encrusted sandals." The reporter says. "Brianne is famous for being a party animal but she seemed totally relaxed at the premiere."

They show a video of Brianne posing for the cameras at the premiere. The audience is screaming with excitement.

"Can you believe that she is Gustavo's niece?" Logan asks while staring at the screen.

"Wow." James says with a dreamy smile on his face.

"Here we go again." Kendall says.

"Shut up." James says in a sing song voice.

"Here is an interview with Brianne at the premiere." The reporter says. A video begins playing on the screen. Brianne is standing next to a female reporter. They are both smiling at the camera.

"Brianne, you've been friends with Hilary for a while, right?"

"Totally! We are so close and I am so grateful to have her as a friend! I actually visited her move set a few times and she was so amazing! I am really proud of her." Brianne says sweetly.

"Some pictures of you and Hilary partying at Club Hollywood surfaced on the internet recently. What can you say about that?"

"We were just hanging out with some other friends." Brianne tells her.

"Brianne Rocque?" Katie asks as she sits on the couch.

"That girl is a train wreck waiting to happen." Mrs. Knight says, shaking her head.

"We met her today." Kendall says.

"You met Brianne Rocque?" Katie asks. She motions to the TV."This Brianne Rocque?"

"Yeah." The guys say in unison.

"She's Gustavo's niece." Logan says.

"She was really pretty." Carlos says with a smile.

Kendall, James, and Logan roll their eyes at the starstruck teenager.

Carlos is official obsessed with Gustavo's niece.

That is just great.

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