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-Sanded Silk-

"Mr. Reynolds! Here for the usual? Of course. Hanna, I don't suppose you could introduce me to your friend? Benina! I love your name. I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzy. How are you? Oh, sorry, just a sec—let me take this man's orders, and I'll get right back to you."

Elizabeth Bennet prided herself in being able to easily converse with anyone she met, and her pride was very justified, for she truly was talented at making friends with pretty much anyone. At the restaurant she worked at, Glorya's Coffee Nook, everyone knew her as the cheerful young lady who endeavored fearlessly to learn everyone's name, and could always offer a smile and a word of advice.

While she was dutifully taking a stranger's order, her best friend, Charlotte, appeared at the kitchen doorway.

"Lizzy, there's a phone call for you."

"For me? At eight in the morning?"

"It's your sister, Jane."

"Oh." Elizabeth adjusted her dark green apron and started towards the nearest phone. "Did she say why she's calling?"

"No, but there's a lot of screaming in the background, so—"

"Screaming!" Elizabeth broke into a sprint, grabbed the phone, and slammed it to her ear.

"Hello—ow!—Hello? Jane? Jane?"

"Yes, Lizzy. It's me."

"Is something wrong? What's all that screaming in the background?"

"Nothing's wrong. The screaming is Kitty and Lydia, as usual. Good news! You've heard of Charles Bingley?"

"The really handsome, really rich business owner? Yes, of course. Doesn't mom talk about him every day?"

"Well, apparently, he's arriving in our town tomorrow to look at a house he wants to buy, and Dad's invited him to the Meryton dinner party next week."

"What—? Really?"

"Yes! So Kitty and Lydia are all excited, and Mom's blood pressure is through the roof—"

"I can't come home right now, you know."

"Oh, don't worry about getting home early. Just thought you'd like to know. Details later?"

"Of course."

Elizabeth hung up the phone, and as she ran back to the counter, she ran this piece of news through her head one more time. Charles Bingley! If he got together with one of Elizabeth's four sisters—or Elizabeth herself—their family wouldn't have to worry a pinch about financial issues anymore. And from what they'd heard, Charles Bingley was a pleasant young man, easy to joke and laugh, altogether very amiable. She hated to sound vulgar, but what a catch he'd be!

Charlotte appeared beside her. "So how is everything?"

Elizabeth shrugged. "You know Mr. Charles Bingley? Apparently he's coming to town, so of course the two younger ones are excited, and Mom—well."

Charlotte stared at Elizabeth "Bingley? Charles Bingley? The rich, famous, handsome, funny—"

"Yes, yes. Charles Bingley."

"Oh. Wow."


" ...Wow."

"Charlotte, are you going to help me with these customers?"

"Sorry, sorry."


Elizabeth raced home once her shift was over, and was greeted by her still-incensed younger sisters, Lydia and Kitty. Mary, the calmest of them all, stood in the doorway and watched with a slightly exasperated expression as her younger sisters barreled into Elizabeth, screaming the news.

"Guys, get back in! Look at how you're dressed—all this snow—yes, I know who's coming. I know. To the community charity party—yes, Lydia, I suppose he'll ask you to dance—Yes, before all the other girls—"

Jane came to the rescue, pushing past Mary. "Lydia! Kitty! Get inside, you're letting all the cold air in."

The party somehow made it inside, and as Elizabeth shucked her coat and snowboots and shook off her scarf and gloves, Lydia and Kitty—joined by their mother—continued the excited rant. Mary drifted in, and watched silently before cutting in.

"Maybe it would be more productive of you all to start choosing what you'll wear. The party is only two days away."

"Two days! Oh, I forgot—I keep saying 'next week', which sounds so much longer—" Lydia cried, horrified, and bustled off to her room, Kitty in tow. Mrs. Bennet didn't seem to hear Mary.

"I can't stop wondering how wonderful it'd be if Mr. Bingley found one of you girls attractive! The courting will be over soon enough—and then marriage—"

"Marriage will not come for a long time," Jane observed. "Courtship should be a thorough, steady process."

Mrs. Bennet waved her hand impatiently. "Oh, it will be over before you know. Where did Lydia and Kitty go?"

"They went to plan what to wear for the party."

"So soon?"

"Mom, it's in two days."

"...Why so it is." And Mrs. Bennet rushed off.

Elizabeth gave a resigned sigh as she moved towards the fireplace. "They all get so excited so easily. I don't understand why Mr. Bingley's coming is such a big deal. All those big-shot business men must never take relationships seriously. For us bumpkins in Hertfordshire, flirtation means courtship, and courtship means marriage, but for them..."

Mary shrugged. "I suppose for them, it's a welcome diversion. They don't exactly take this kind of thing seriously."

"Lydia and Kitty, or big-shot business men?"

"Both, I guess."

Elizabeth nudged Jane, smirking. "Once Mr. Bingley sees you, he won't be able to resist wanting to see you again. You don't have to worry about being played on by any man."

Jane laughed. "Nor do you."

Elizabeth put on her best imitation of Mrs. Bennet. "But Jane, dear, you are by far the most beautiful of your sisters, and the most mature, and the most amiable!" She dropped the imitation. "Seriously, Jane, you are. One look at you, and Bingley'll be hopeless."

"But you are by far the most intelligent of all women here. Besides Mary, of course." Mary nodded acknowledgement, and, seeming to remember something, drifted off in the direction of the library.

Jane continued. "And you have, by far, the most wit of anyone in town. No one can win an argument against you." Jane nudged Elizabeth. "And you're not unattractive. You're very pretty, Lizzy. Especially your eyes. Don't listen to Mom."

Elizabeth laughed, as she always did when she heard something ridiculous. "Thank you, Jane. And don't worry about Mom's putting me down. If I were her favorite, I think I'd die."

As their giggles subsided, Mr. Bennet walked in, tired but amused.

"Are the three crazies gone?"

"If you mean Mom, Lydia, and Kitty, then yes, they've gone. They're planning what to wear for the Meryton party."

"Figures." Mr. Bennet sighed. "Well, at least I'll have a few moments of quiet to myself. Mary's in the library, no doubt."

"I think so."

"She's handling all this Bingley business quite well, as expected. I'll be in the office if you need me." With that, he fairly ran.

Jane looked thoughtful. "Lizzy, do you know what you're wearing for the party?"

"Oh, Jane, not you too."

"I'm serious, Lizzy. It's probably for the best if we decide what to wear now, instead of fussing all over it the afternoon before."

"All right. I don't have much to do right now, anyway."

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-Sanded Silk-