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(Bella's POV)

I surveyed my kingdom, the paradise that I had built and nurtured from the ground up. This company. My baby.

"Ms. Swan?"

I turned. My assistant, Jessica, was looking quite disgusted.

"There's a man here to see you. A Mr. Cullen." Jessica always had a problem with men. That's how she came to work for this company.

My company. The company that I built. The company that wouldn't let me hire ONLY women. I had to hire men, too. I made a face.

I sat in my chair and turned away from the door.

"Send him in," I said, smiling.

I heard the door close, some muffled talking, the door opening, and some heavy footsteps. They stopped at the edge of my desk. I was still turned away, smiling. This part of an interview was always fun. I turned my chair slowly around. I always had a flair for drama.

I was surprised.

I was expecting to see a nervous, twitchy, little man, and instead I find this sexy beast.

He was beautiful, but I was trained to keep my smiling poker face in check, and keep it I did.

He was still standing. I gestured to the chairs in front of me. "Why don't you sit down?"

He sat.

It was then that I noticed he was smirking. The kind of smirk that made you feel like he thought he was better than you. It infuriated me.

On the inside, of course.

"So," I said, gesturing to his application in front of me, "Why did you apply for mailboy, Mr. Cullen?"

"Edward," he said.

I smiled. "I'm fully aware of your first name, Mr. Cullen, but I'd appreciate if you answered my question."

He fidgeted.

Good. I was getting to him.

"Well, at first I was going to apply for Systems Director, but I heard that you don't get anywhere in this company without starting at the bottom."

Ah, he was aware of my "Bitch" status.

"Yes, that is partially true. But how do you expect to become the Systems Manager by starting as mailboy? The highest level in that section is Office manager."

A flicker of something passed over his beautiful face. Fear? Anger?

I was determined to find out what it was.

I looked at his resume. It was quite impressive, actually.

No wonder Alice directed him to me. And a Systems Director position was open...

"Let's say you HAD applied for Systems Director. What is your experience in that area?"

He gave me a look of disbelief. So THAT'S what that was...

He regained his composure almost immediately. It was quite disappointing, really.

"Well, I, uh, have been working computers and systems almost my entire life. My first job was with a computer repair shop, so I have some experience with that. My record speed for putting together an entire computer is one hour, fifteen minutes. I earned a master's degree in computer programming and a bachelor's in computer science."

Now it was I who turned to disbelief. This guy was a genius.

And he looked barely two years older than me.

But I was a genius, too. I was the one who graduated at age fifteen. Who emancipated herself at sixteen. Who started a small movie company that same year. Who watched it grow. Who nurtured it. Who was head of this corporation at age eighteen. I was the genius mastermind. He was just a genius. They come and go.

I smoothed his papers on my neatly organized mahogany desk. The sun was beginning to shine through my floor-to-ceiling windows. He started squinting slightly.

Ah, the glare. How you help me pick who shall enter my kingdom.

One hour later, right after he left, I had made my decision. He would not be Systems Director. Not yet. He, as a man, should feel the burden and wrath of working under a woman, just as women feel the same wrath under men. All men should. Men should suffer for the cruel things they do to us as women. Treating us as things. As possessions, instead of people.

No. He would not be Systems Director just yet. But I wanted to keep him where I could see him. He would be one of the techies running around on my floor. And since the tech room was in the basement, and my floor is the top, Edward Cullen would have to do some serious running.

I grinned.

This would be fun.

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