Heey guys. Two reviews...that's so...depressing! So, I've got the next chapter in Edward's POV. I decided that Edward wouldn't be that heir to a massive fortune. I decided that he's successful in a realistic view, because Rich Heir Edward is such a cliche in Fanfiction. Enjoy!

(Edward's POV)

Oh...wow. I left the building depressed. Not because I did horrible in the interview, but because I acted like a total idiot in front of this...this...extremely hot girl.

Because girl is the only way to describe her.

I had done some research on Isabella Swan. She was only 25, and this movie corporation she had started was already one of the leading corporations in the movie industry. SwanCo.

How creative, right?

But the name sold, and I really wanted to meet this Isabella in person.

When I walked in, the back of this high, leather, rotating office chair was facing me. She turned around slowly.

Seemed to me she had a flair for drama.

Anyway, when she turned around, I was shocked by how young she was.

How business-like, how beautiful.

I smacked myself in the head as I hailed a taxi and directed him to my apartment building.

I walked into the building and went up the elevator.

Sighing, I thought about the last three months. I had been unemployed because of a lay-off at my last company. Because of that, interviewers were reluctant to hire me. I was still able to pay rent, but I didn't know how much longer I would be able to live off savings and sold stocks. The rent at my apartment building was steep, and I didn't want to get evicted on top of everything.

I sighed and pulled a soda out of the refrigerator and plopped down on the couch, loosening my tie. I didn't turn on the lights or television. The electricity bill was only adding to the cost and I didn't want to pay excess.

I sighed and turned on my laptop, and scrolled through spam after spam, rejection after rejection. If Isabella didn't hire me, I would kill myself.

I shut it off and took a nap.

Sometime the next morning I woke up. It was 3:00 AM and my "nap" had lasted approximately eleven hours. I was not pleased. Sighing, I got up and made myself some coffee. I looked around and debated getting a smaller apartment.

Big space, no one to share it with.

At 5:00 AM, I went for a jog.

At 6:00 AM, I was relaxing in my living room when the phone rang.

Hoping it was SwanCo., I jumped up and ran to the phone, picking up on the third ring.


"Yo! Eddie, dude!" It was Anthony, my ever-annoying little brother.

"What, Anthony? I'm expecting a phone call."

"What? At six in the morning? I think not, big bro."

"What do you want?"

"Can you come home, please? Mom's freaking out about your unemployed status."

"Then I shouldn't come home."

I heard him sigh over the phone. "I hope that the call you're waiting for is a job offer."

I nodded, but realized he couldn't hear my nod so I replied with a simple, "Yes."

"You sound excited. Hot boss?"

"Er...kinda. There's a lot of women working there."

"No way. Where?"




"I heard the girls there are either feminist or lesbian."

"They're not 'girls.' They're women. And they're entitled to their own opinion of this world, whether we agree with them or not."

"Geez, Ed. You sound like Dad when he was explaining menopause."

"I'm NOT that uptight."

"Sure. Hey, I have to go. Practice starts in ten minutes."

"Fine. Bye. Say hi to mom for me."

"No prob. Bye!"

I hung up. Anthony had just brought some sunshine to my day. I smiled and grabbed my cell phone and wallet. I was going shopping today.

Twenty minutes later I was at the local grocery, trying to decide between frozen pizza or frozen dinner. I put both in my cart, knowing I would regret it later. I had been out of college for six years, but I still lived like I was a college student.

I checked out and took the groceries back to the apartment. It was only 7:00. I didn't even bother with checking the answering machine. I was going to the one place that had been my haven these last few months.

The library.

I took a cab there and walked in. Ah...there's that creepy desk lady again. She's staring at me like I'm some sort of disease.

I went to the business section. I browsed through.


I noticed the children's section. I smiled and went in.

There weren't any people inside, so I went to the picture book section and sat on the floor, rereading some of the stories I knew as a child.

I heard giggling a couple aisles away.

I ignored it, assuming it was a little girl reading a story.

She laughed again.

It was bothering me.

I got up and looked through the aisles.

She laughed and said something along the lines of, "Junie B. Jones? Haven't read that in a while."

I knew that voice.

I couldn't ever forget it.

It was Isabella Swan.

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