"Jackass." when most people open the doors to their homes, THIS doesn't usually happen. But of course it does to him. Caz he's lucky like that.

"Who the hell are you?" he asks just as rudely.

"Does it matter? I just came to give you something anyway." the pale girl says anger lighting her dark eyes.

"Fine. Shoot."

"It's a physical thing idiot." well isn't she smiley.

"What?" he practically growls, this girl could leave now. In fact give him ten seconds and she would be.

"This." she snarls and throws the most important thing in the world at him.

What. The. Fuck. Where did she get this? Mouth agape he started at her.

"Ya I know. I'm awesome. Get over it and save your brother moron." and with that she flips her hair back and marches off.

Now being held reverently in his hands is the amulet. And Dean, for the first time in four months, cries.

A/N Any guesses on who the girl was?