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Senior Changes

TC Williams High School had went through a lot of changes the year when the school district of Alexandria, Virginia decided to integrate the

schools. Suddenly the blacks were mixed in with the whites. None of them were happy about it, especially the T.C William's Titans. The whites,

who had always been in charge of their school were angered by the very idea of a black man taking the head coaching job and moving in with his

negro players to take their team. In the beginning, things were awful, fights breaking out and harsh words flying. All types of racial slurs being

flung around. That is, until Herman Boone took his team to football camp.

No one knows what exactly happened at that camp that inverted all those racially challenged boys. When they left Alexandria for camp,

squashed into seats with someone of the opposite race, they hated each other. Though the public may not know what exactly happened, it's an

easy assumption, and probably a correct one, that they hated each other. But when they came back, all of them peacefully packed into their

respected busses, Alexandria was drawing at straws.

The boys were getting along, no fights, no yelling, they were friends. Alexandria was against it and nearly tore them apart. They did, for a short

amount of time. But like every relationship, even a football team, there are ups and downs. And it was mere fate that got them through the

tortures of Alexandria's racial issues. By the end of the season, not only had the Titan's won all the games they played but somehow they'd

managed to break through the barriers of Alexandria's world. The black's and whites were together.

Everything was peaceful … for awhile. For the rest of the school year, the junior year for the boys, was calm of course they had their

disagreements and arguments. But they always remembered the Titans. And it pulled them through it all. It got them through the summer. That

is … until another problem came up.

They'd spent so much time on what color your skin was. They worried over whether you had white or black skin. They attacked you if you were

darker or lighter. Anything different made them go on the offense. And when they made it through that problem. They were so relieved that they

ignored any other problem they may have in that small Alexandria town.

Until a girl came to football try outs. Then the problem came out.


Yes another girl on the football team. This is going to be original, I hope. My own little twist to the idea of a girl on the team I haven't decided who I want my OC to be with. So review and tell me what you think of the prologue and if I should continue. And if you do think I should continue, tell me who you would like to see with my OC. By the way her name is going to be Sully, short for Sullivan.