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Lily Evans:

I actually...kinda...always...likedJamesPotter...


That was difficult.

I mean, not romantically, of course. But I didn't think he was the prat I always told him he was.

I won't ever tell him, though. He's just stopped asking me out, and now we're becoming friends. Weird, right? Can you believe it? Me and James Potter, friends. Really good friends, too. Like, we have quite a few things in common. I'm starting to consider him one of my best friends.

But he can never be anything more than my best friend. I'd hate to loose him in a bad break up.

James (Prongs) Potter :

Lily Evans is now my best friend (second to Padfoot, of course). And having a girl-best-friend is amazing. Why? Because she's finally falling for me like I fell for her over the years.

But I'll let her figure that out for herself.

For now, I'm content being the one that breaks the faces of the guys that break her heart.

Better to be the knight in shinning armor than the arrogant prat any day.

Tom Riddle [age seventeen]:

Emotions are purposeless. I see these idiots throw themselves at each other for a few minutes of carnal pleasure and for what? Unwanted children? Diseases?


These fools are one "break up" away from mental deterioration and they don't even know it. Thank Merlin I am above all of that disgusting worthlessness.

It's pitiful, really. I mean, there are much more important things in this world than love.


They say it's unattainable.


I will prove them wrong.

Molly Weasley:

I knew Harry would see sense and fall for Ginny when he saved her from that...terrible Chamber. It was destined.

A mother knows these things.

And, if I'm being honest, I knew Hermione would become a Weasley, as well.

Two amazing people I can now call my children.

Perfect. My family is perfect.

Sirius Black:

I secretly think Ginny and Harry shouldn't ever be together. Well, Remus knows, so I guess that not very secret... But still.

With Molly's prodding, I know, eventually, they'll at least date. But I pray, Oh Merlin, I'm praying that they break up.

It's not that I don't like Ginny. I do! But, she's not right for Harry. She only sees 'the Harry Potter'. Not Harry.

I'll let him choose for himself, though. "Make your own mistakes"and all that.

Petunia Dursley:

Oh, Lily. Despite your...abnormality... I miss you, baby sister.

Remus Lupin:

I love you, Nymphadora.

And for that, I am so, so sorry.

I'm sorry for not always being the man you deserve.

I'm sorry that you love me, too.

I'm sorry that you'll be condemned for what I am.

I'm sorry for what I am.

I'm sorry for considering leaving you.

But most of all, I'm sorry for getting you pregnant. Don't worry, I'll love my child.

But I'm sorry for what ever they may become as a result of my condition.

I am so sorry Nymphadora. I love you.

Love? Hate?

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