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Ichigo Diary- Entry 12

There are two days left until we return to soul society. We've visited everyone's shrine and left offerings at all of their altars. Tomorrow Toshirou and I are going to go see the rest of the vaizards. The next day we return home. I'm not really looking forward to this. I can already feel Hiyori's sandal on my head. Not to mention Shinji and Kensei's hands on my ass. Soo not looking forward to the teasing that is going over me being in a female body either, those two were pervs in my male form, let alone looking the way I am now. Oh and let's not forget Lisa, yeah hellooo boob gropage. I can just hear her now, "Are you a C or a D cup now? Hmmm just soft enough, but still firm enough to support..." Egad, this is going to suck. Not to mention telling them that I am dating Toshirou. I wonder what their reaction will be? Never mind, doesn't matter. It's not like they have any say in our relationship at all... I just hope they accept it. Most shinigami do, I mean when you are around for that long things are put in perspective for you. Love is love, no matter what form it comes in. All of this coupled with the unpredictable reaction to my suicide has me on edge.

I guess I'll just find out what happens when it happens, but that doesn't help tonight. I just can't sleep. Toshirou is already out like a light, he's gorgeous when he's relaxed and sleeping. Even that stubborn little frown between his brows goes away. I always love watching him sleep. I wonder if he ever returns the favor? Never mind, I'm going to try to sleep now. There is no doubt in my mind that I'm going to need it tomorrow. Ugh!

Next Day- Third party.

The vaizards were waiting. They knew that Ichigo was going to come today and they had planned accordingly. Urahara had told them that they would be surprised when they saw him, but the man was more than a little crazy so they disregarded that warning. When they felt Hachi's barrier being breached they took up their usual places in the warehouse, knowing that Ichigo would be confused. And when they were ready they would launch the attack. Though many of them doubted that Hiyori would wait that long.

"When the hell are they getting here?" Hiyori shouted.

"Whenever they get here! Jeez calm down. We have everything ready for the prank, so just calm down you little terror!" In an instant Hiyori pounced on Shinji,

"Little terror? Little terror? I'LL SHOW YOU LITTLE TERROR YOU BASTARD!"

As she started slamming his head into the floor. The rest of the vaizard group just continued what they were doing, having long since gotten used to the outbursts and violence between the two.

"Hey guys, you might want to knock it off, Ichigo and the frosty just crossed the barrier." Kensei's voice interrupts the shouts and everyone immediately gets into position.

"Knock knock!" The familiar voice of Hitsugaya rang through the building.

"Yo Frosty come on in!" Shinji shouted back. None of them expected what they saw next...

Behind the small ice captain was an extremely cute girl. She was petite, standing five inches shorter than Captain Hitsugaya, and curvy as hell. Kensei and Shinji both jolted upright. Upon seeing the other move the race was on, they both rushed to be the first to meet the cutie, unfortunately for them they forgot about the trap they had set for Ichigo. They stepped on the trigger at the same time. With an audible click the trap triggered. Their feet were snapped into cuffs, and they couldn't avoid the oncoming mayhem.

An instant later both men were drenched in white glue and covered with pink feathers, glitter, and tiny plush strawberries. For a second all anyone could do was stare, and then the laughter started. First the new girl, then Hiyori, then everyone else. Then Lisa walked over and (literally) put the star on the crazy tree by whipping a pack of sticker from seemingly nowhere and sticking a gold star on each forehead. She then walked over to where she had been sitting and resumed reading her hentai, all the while muttering something about plans lacking aesthetic appeal. This caused everyone to laugh even harder.

"Oh man you should -gasp, laugh- see yourselves! You look -laugh- ridiculous. Was the trap meant for me? Or were you just being stupid?" The unknown girl gasped between giggles.

"We don't even know you, so why would you be the one we set the trap for? We set it for Ichigo, the little bastard. Hey! Where is he? He was supposed to be with you Icy!" Shinji shouted, spitting pink feathers and glitter out of his mouth.

It was then that Kensei stopped trying to brush himself off and noticed the color of the girls hair. "Hey Shinji..."


"I think that is Ichigo." Everyone stopped and looked at the girl.


"Hi guys!" Ichigo greeted, still laughing. "Hat'n'Clogs made this so I wouldn't be recognized while I was here. It works, despite the unwanted side effects..." The last part was mumbled so that only Toshirou could hear, but the rest was explanation enough for the others.


Hiyori's sandal greeted the back of her head.

"OUCH! Shit, be careful this body is a lot more delicate than my real one was!"

"I don't care how fragile you are now you dumb ass! You deserve it for pulling that bullshit stunt of yours! Moron!" Hiyori replied. "Next time you do some shit like this I'll use a metal boot, got that?"

"Got it, sorry for upsetting you guys." That surprisingly was that, the rest simply forgave him, and they all started talking and catching up.

About an hour later they had all finished catching up and were simply relaxing together when a yelp broke the silence.

"LISA?" Ichigo shouted, but the woman in question just kept groping her ass and chest.

"This is truly excellent construction. The proportion are so very pleasing and the feel is very realistic. The softness of the bust is most life like and the resilience of the muscle is perfect..." Lisa stated, still fondling a now brick red Ichigo whilst the rest of the room laughed. Then everyone paused in shock.

"Stop groping MY Ichigo!" Toshirou growled as he pulled Ichigo out of Lisa's clutches.

"Did he just say 'MY Ichigo'?" Shinji asked the room in general, after gaping at the now entwined couple.

"Yes, I do believe he did." Hachi answered.

The rest of the vaizards looked at each other not quite sure what to make of this new development.

"W-w-wait, you're dating?" Stammered Love.




"Really really?"

"Yes." Ichigo answered, not noticing that Lisa had once again come closer to her.

"Can I watch you?" She asked, deadpan.

"NO!" They both yelled. "Why the hell would you even ask that question Lisa?" Ichigo yelled at the other woman, grabbing her hands to keep them off her chest.

"Because it would be interesting of course. You are now in a female body, so the mechanics must have changed. This would be an interesting study." At this point all of the men in the room had spontaneous nosebleeds at the imagined images of Ichigo's female form naked, and Hiyori was in much the same condition. She had a flash of the two males together (she's a closet yaoi fan, the others don't know so ssshhh!)

"No, you can't watch, and we're going home tomorrow so I'll be back to normal any way!" Ichigo shouted (she didn't tell them that she was bringing with her a pill that would make her female anytime she wished, courtesy of Urahara.) Hiyori passed out due to blood loss.

"Well then I guess that there is nothing else to say, but good luck and may your relationship prosper." Shinji said solemnly, for once not smiling.

The couple across the room looked at each other, "It will." We'll make sure of it.

The End