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Maybe it was because he didn't talk enough? Perhaps she wanted to be like more normal couples and go out and dance, karaoke, and ice skating. More sex? Raizo wasn't sure but he now knew that he was alone. Without a girlfriend… so utterly single.

Sitting down on his small bed Raizo now propped his head under his chin, staring out the window watching fat raindrops splat against the glass. He took a deep breath in through his nose and wondered briefly what Mika was doing. He could watch her not stalking simply watching for danger. Yea, right. Coming to a stand he looked around his small apartment with boxes in one corner and, decided when to unpack. He had been here for two weeks already and slept on his tatami mat only.

It was a strange thing to be without someone for so long. It was long to Raizo anyway, he had been with Mika since the whole clan fiasco had started and now that there was nothing else to fear they settled in together. An apartment, Mika went back to work and Raizo got himself a job with the Europol as well. He had to travel to different parts or Europe and Asia but, it was helped it stay close to Mika. No one announced that they were officially a couple however, there was a company ball and when Mika introduced him as her boyfriend to some of her superiors he didn't question it.

He enjoyed the title actually, reveled in it holding her hand, getting her drinks and that night they consummated their relationship. Raizo had been quite proud of himself because he had initiated the whole thing. Mika went into the bathroom to remove her dress and, he slipped in behind her she didn't even notice until she looked up at herself gasping. Raizo walked over to the window now, he pressed his forehead against the cool glass trying to erase that memory. They had fought and that was it, no more Raizo and Mika. No more calling her his Mika, because now she wasn't.

Why couldn't he be normal? Why couldn't he just have done what any normal boyfriend would do? He simply let her go when she asked him to. Wasn't that bad? Didn't women want you to chase them? This was one time that Raizo hated his life growing up, he hated what Lord Ozunu did to him, hated his clan and hated everything about being a ninja. His Mika, the only thing in his life worth fighting and living for simply walked out of his life.

"Raizo, listen I don't know what exactly to say but maybe this…" She pointed from him to her. "Isnt going to work."

Raizo beat his fist against the windowsill remembering her words, how he stood there and said nothing.

"Say something Raizo don't just stand there and look at me!" She was raising her voice and that vein that popped from her neck caught his attention.

He could have told her no, to be quiet and just take her into his arms. Hold her. Kiss her. That's what she wanted wasn't it?

"I don't think we should be together anymore, maybe we're good as friends or partners but I cant do this anymore Raizo." Coming over to him, his face was turned from hers and as soon as those gentle fingers hit his cheek he pressed himself into them.

"Whatever you want I'll do Mika." Her face lit up before becoming a storm of clouds. She yelled and stormed away from him, threw a plate which he dodged and ran into her room.

He heard her crying in his head and pushed away from the glass, now he made his way to the bathroom and closed the door rather harshly behind him. She wanted him to forget her, she wanted to be just friends. Perhaps it should be that way?


Mika laid on the living room floor arms and legs spread eagle as she stared at the ceiling. She tried not to think of her harsh words and was trying very, very hard not to think of a face that continually floated to the front of her mind. Rolling over onto her side Mika brought her arms up to her face and tried to fight back the tears. She wanted to be with Raizo she so badly wanted him to hold her, and show her some sort of affection. Even if was his simple kisses, or his great massages Mika wanted them right now.

Perhaps she had taken it too far, she really did needed to take it easy on him and just let him be. Let Raizo do things the Raizo way. Mika knew what she was getting into and the fact that, she willingly jumped in and now wasn't happy was no ones fault but her own. Or was she just not happy with some things? There was always something in a relationship that wasn't right, some arguments and that was a healthy relationship.

The phone rang startling Mika as she sat up blowing her hair from her mouth. It wasn't like Raizo to call, but she wasn't about to ignore it. She practically ran over to the phone only to see Ryan's number on the caller I.D. She let it ring, waiting to listen to the voice mail.

"Hey Mika it's Ryan. Listen…I know you guys broke up but maybe it's for the best you know?" There was silence and she heard Ryan cursing under his breath.

"Mika, your feelings are hurt and I hate to say I told you so but; he isn't normal he's not the type of guy to be in a relationship. Now listen I wanna take you out tonight, just call me back alright?" He hung up the phone and it was now that Mika felt empty inside.

Maybe Ryan was right, Raizo wasn't normal and the fact that he sometimes acted queer was just proof. No. Maslow had been against their relationship from the beginning and despised Raizo for having her, Raizo had a reason to be like he was. Yet, and still Mika couldn't help but think that perhaps he should have tried for her. He just left when she asked him to and gave no fight, he didn't tell her no that he loved her or even that he wanted to work it out.

Licking her lips Mika pushed her dark hair from her face and, picked up the phone. It was time to forget Raizo…time for something different.


Friday nights held no interest for Raizo now and after his shower he ate a simple dinner and settled himself down to read the newspaper. His tea kettle was on the stove and he read over the headlines, but nothing was interesting to him. Usually he and Mika would have some tea and settle down to watch a movie, after he would rub her shoulders and they'd snuggle before bed.

He wished he could figure out something to do. A book of Sudoku puzzles sat before him but, other things were on Raizo's mind at the minute. Perhaps this was why sexual pleasures were forbidden. One taste and that's all you thought of and craved. No. He needed Mika for more than that, she was his foundation and his reason not to slip into the beyond. She came after him before right? She might come for him again.

Tossing his paper to the side, Raizo rose to pour his tea dipping the bag in and out he looked out the kitchen window. So many things a ninja could do on a night as dark as this one. No moon to give away his form, taking a sip he found himself staring out the square window. His peripheral vision watching the curls of steam rise from the cup. He knew what he could do, and a sinister smile curled over Raizo's lips. This was one of the times he did love being a ninja.


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