True the SAT did return, flames extinguished it all seemed like a bad dream to both of them. While Raizo was getting patched up Mika was questioned about her stay with the Yakuza, any main players, locations or anything they wanted to know. Of course she supplied them with as much information she kept, Takeo's death and Kaori's disappearance.

It seemed the two had nothing to worry about for awhile as soon as Mika told them she thought Kaori got away, she was led in bleeding, dirty and pissed off into the station. Her dark eyes caught sight of Mika and she began to scream. "Bitch! You messed everything up! I will find you, I will find him! I'll kill you! I swear it!"

The police lead her away, one feeling the need to tell Mika she would never see the light of day again as she looked on with a raised eyebrow. One woman wasn't so much to worry about to some, but a creeping thought came to her that Raizo would make sure should Kaori find her freedom she'd sleep the everlasting coma of death.

They let her be examined as well, patching up any cuts or bruises they found to the best of their abilities. No need to try a dead man for rape and assault, she was sent away with the ninja drove to a very posh hotel in Tokyo ready for a plane ride out of Japan the next morning.

It was awkward if anything to be thrust together like so and pretend that everything that happened was nothing more than a bad episode of what happens when couples break up. Mika took a long time showering, figuring it was safe now to use soap she lathered her body in the Dove and scrubbed away at her epidermis with her fingernails. The black pain on her fingers wouldn't come off, and it was all the more reminder of what happened before. Any pins in her hair she had thrown in the trash, letting the steaming water flow over her skin and into her scalp. Of course it felt good but something pricked her…Takeo's words to think kindly on him. Mika couldn't help herself when she thought that maybe he didn't have to die, no he would have surely killed her or put her through hell had he killed Raizo.

Still why did she find herself sliding down the slick shower wall curled up in a ball, head in her arms she took a deep breath and let the long sobs wrack her body. She stayed like that for 15 minutes, crying giving herself a massive headache and stuffy nose as she let her emotions run free. It was Raizo's gentle knock on the door that propelled her back into reality and she wiped her nose answering him.

"I'll be out in a minute." She stood up turning around letting the water fall over her skin before she switched off the faucet.

"Take your time." He was simply wondering if she was alright, he heard her crying and once he heard the faucet turn off he returned to his position on the bed waiting for her.

Drying her hair Mika, took a breath looking at herself the water erased evidence of her crying from her face. Clothing had been provided and she changed into a cotton shirt and night pants. New bra, panties and shoes. It felt good wearing clothes provided by the police department, good clean money that wasn't blood earned. Another sob choked in her chest and she, fought it back brushing her teeth before opening the door.


Raizo knew it would be cold when she walked into the room, and he heard turned on the heat accordingly so there would not be a drastic difference. They had six hours of sleep then it was off to Berlin and possibly to America. He took a deep breath when she opened the door, ahh that was how he liked her to smell this was so much better. The acid scent of him still lingered in her system but it was faint enough that he could ignore it. She looked beautiful and it almost hurt him in a certain place as he watched her ignore his gaze and walk over to her bed. She didn't lay down, simply sat there looking at the ceiling.

"Are you hungry, Mika?" He kept his voice gentle but that didn't help that she winced.

"No, I think I'm just tired is all." She still didn't lay her now curly hair on the pillow and Raizo was dying to sit behind her and drag his fingers through it. He needed to be close to her now, to renew their relationship of course he thought that they were together once again after all that, but would Mika assume such a thing?

The bed creaked as he got up and she turned slightly to see where he would go, her arms clenching into her sides. She was on edge around him and he didn't like it one bit. He wasn't going near her no simply into the bathroom to wash himself. There was no way he was going to sleep dirty like this, though he could but he wasn't going to go with the option. His shower unlike hers was quick, he did watch the sweat and blood fall from his muscled stomach and smiled. He extinguished another enemy and won back the woman he was afraid to tell he loved so dearly. Finger combing his hair he rubbed free the grime and dirt, cleaning himself for Mika letting her know that just as dirt washed off; anything that was wrong between them could be washed off as well.

She still wasn't sleep when he came from the bathroom, she was in a different position reading the English part of a Japanese magazine. She couldn't hid those brown eyes though as she watched him stand near the foot of her bed. He said nothing, in boxer shorts now he simply watched her for any sign of movement.

He let five minutes pass before he sat on the edge of the bed and Mika scrunched her feet up towards him; well if that wasn't irritating he didn't know what was. Grabbing a foot he yanked her down towards him and began to rub a thumb into her heel.

"Don't, Raizo." Don't what? Touch her? He wasn't going to ask and simply kept pressing the joint of his thumb into the sensitive place where her foot arched.

She groaned, arching her back and that made her breasts come into view oh how he ached to take her body into his once more. Ignoring what he should and what he shouldn't do Raizo climbed on top of his Mika; easing his arm around her waist oh how good it felt for his skin to finally touch hers once more. It had been so long, and he was yearning to place a kiss upon soft lips.

"Raizo, please." Too late. His lips were already scanning the flesh of her neck nipping and sucking where they could, she wouldn't resist him they'd find their rhythm once more and all would be well in his mind.

Fuck what anyone did, what anyone said Mika was his and his alone and the fact that Takeo thought otherwise secured his death in the ninja's mind. His hands found themselves under her shirt and he wasn't ashamed to let her feel his growing erection right in the place where he longed to slam it. Mika moved beneath him, the heat of her skin growing as he lightly scanned fingertips over her nipples. Yeah, she loved that, begged him for it sometimes, pink lips on her collarbone, he bit down gingerly on skin and almost dared himself to break it. Alas, no bleeding, not tonight and not for Mika ever again.

"Raizo." He voice went up in pitch and it was now that she pushed against his arms, slipping a hand into her pants his fingers caught the edge of her sex and rubbed against a very wet Mika.

"Raizo!" Kicking him from his reverie he sat up looking down at her, skin flushed she breathed deeply pushing him up and away as she pulled her knees towards herself. "I don't want to…I cant."

Raising an eyebrow he wanted to tell her he didn't understand but maybe she was right, for them to come together right now? Was it so right? Just as he was going to go to his own bed something took over him, perhaps it was this feral side of him that was longing to be released but Mika found herself slammed into the bed as he leaned his face in close to hers and whispered.


"You want me, you just want me to work for it." Mika couldn't believe what she was hearing what had come over him? Did he really not understand her?

"Don't take me against my will I've had enough of that!" Mika found herself screaming at him and though yes she was hot and she longed to have Raizo's face buried between her legs she couldn't do this right now.

"He raped you?" He was serious now though his hands kept rubbing over her waist.

"What do you think Raizo? I just…I cant give myself to you knowing what he did. He was rough and forceful and I cant…I don't want you to touch me." Moving away from him Mika walked over to the window and pulled the curtains back, Tokyo was beautiful this time of night. Lit up like a Christmas tree and people still moved around as heavily as during the day.

For a minute she was sure that he would give up and perhaps go into the bathroom to masturbate. She was wrong though, his arms came up behind her and rubbed from her chest down to her waist and stayed there. Moving her hair he rubbed his lips against the back of her neck causing goose bumps to form there and Mika practically melted when he touched her earlobe. Oh what a hypocrite she was.

"You want me to touch you, you want me to show you that I still want you." He hugged himself into her backside and a sensual dance erupted from his hips that she never felt before.

True she wanted this, she wanted to know that he still wanted and cherished her like he did before. Wait, what she talking about the man came for her, he risked death to make sure she would live if that wasn't love well damn she should give up now. Why was she pushing him so hard anyway?

"He was right about some thing though." Oh was she a bitch a right now. "You never told me you love me." That made him back away and when Mika turned around the Raizo she saw was not a very happy one.

"So you would base our relationship off of what a Yakuza says?" His eyes formed slits and he backed away from her, almost as if he didn't he was speaking to a hostile stranger.

"I listen to what a murdering ninja tell me!" She shot back at him feeling cold that his body heat left her.

A smirk played over his lips as he brought his hand to his lips. "Take that back Mika…you know what I am and you accepted me for it. After all I've done for you…take that back."

He wouldn't demand her around like Takeo did and Mika promptly flipped him the bird daring him to do something.


It was like she had slapped him in the face with that last statement and he had to keep himself from slamming something into the ground. He would never put his hands on her in a violent way and it was evident that Takeo did. As he waited for her to apologize the last straw was her giving him the bird and he crossed the room in a blur grabbing Mika's arm forcing her to the wall.

"Say it." His mouth inches from hers the musky scent of fear creeping up between them and he was going to savor it.

"Get off me Raizo…you wont hurt me." She was daring him speaking against his mouth and it was hurting Raizo in a good place. She knew what she could do and purposefully she pressed her hips into his.

"Like Takeo did? Is that what you like Mika? Is that what turns you on?" Her countenance showed surprise then pain as she frowned her mouth looking like a mime. "That was a low blow."

Her body went lax on him and he pushed her to the bed face first holding Mika down as she reached behind her struggling to keep him away. Yanking down her sleep pants the heady scent of arousal washed over Raizo like a tsunami and he had to swallow hard to keep his wits about him. He leaned forward keeping her pinned to the bed as his tongue whipped up her slit through her panties. The material instantly became wet and the moan that came from her mouth told him what he needed to know.

She was his.

Repeated licks to her core and he could taste her through the pink panties that complimented her skin to well. He allowed her to lay down and climbed over her back, holding her wrists down to the bed. Deftly he pushed his hips into hers hard enough to make her cry out, he loved seeing her like this. Thick curls in his face, plump lips searching for purchase on his own, her rump pressed into his crotch. He'd have her crying soon.

"Don't do this." Mika's voice heavy with need. He had only done it once before and this was going to be a sweeter time than the first, he'd rushed in before her having teased himself with the prospect of taking her.

"Don't do what?" Letting her go he pulled her shirt over her body, releasing her bra from around her body, now he was able to kiss his way down her spine.

She said nothing allowing him to flip her body over, hands coming up her chest passing by breasts he placed them on her throat, thumbs rubbing skin like it was the finest silk. She watched him through hooded eyes as his head skipped over her skin, face bouncing along the curves of her hips. He knew where we he was going, and soon his mouth found a nipple, licking his way around an areola taking the ripe seed in his mouth for a tongue induced ride.

He let his mouth be the leader trailing kisses up to her now open mouth, delving his tongue inside and over teeth, ah yes she tasted sweet and she was entirely his. Claiming those same lips in a kiss Raizo allowed himself to drop onto her body, bringing lengthy legs on either side of his body, he'd work her up. A dry hump moving his genitals along her slit teasing her, making Mika's hand clench around him as she leaned her head back in rapture.

Capturing the bud of her earlobe in his mouth he, licked with his tongue tested with his teeth and all the while those hips worked up and down bringing her closer to the orgasm she sought.

It was only when Raizo had her arms above her head tied with her own shirt that he leaned back and admired the body that belonged to his Mika.

"My Mika…" The very tips of his fingers easing over skin on her tummy, he came to a bruise and scowled feeling Takeo's flesh rip in his hand once more.

With one quick tear in the right place he could rip the panties from her body and leave her naked before him, that would send him over the edge too quickly and instead he moved them to the side, placing two fingers on her clitoris rubbing slowly.

"Take it back Mika." Her eyes flew open and she tried in vain to close her legs, shaking her head no.

"You said.." She moaned out now he had his thumb there instead, fingers playing around her entrance. "You said…something…mean." Crying out her legs kicked out and he caught one foot, licking his tongue carefully up her big toe.

Gently her foot was placed back on the bed and instead of fingers Raizo replaced them with his own body; boxers gone he held himself over the woman under him and rubbed his manhood on her stomach. Looking down Mika bit her bottom lip anxious for him to stop playing with her.

"Tell me you're sorry, tell me you want me." Her gaze went from one of lust to anger and now she wasn't playing anymore.

"Get off me Raizo." Moving her arms around as she attempted to get free but this was all funny to Raizo and he flipped her over so her rump was in the air facing him.

Still trying to move around it was difficult now as her arms were crossed over each other and he had her hips secured in his palms. Moving those cheeks around in his hands Raizo found himself contemplating something, well everything he could do but the first thing was simple. Sticking his tongue out he licked, painstakingly slow from her clitoris all the way up. He felt her tremble and relax in his hands and after she had quieted down those moans he leaned over her back. Wet lips nibbling up her spine as he pushed in slowly.

Mika felt his head first then her body stretch to accommodate him it was this feeling that her body as turned onto, somehow it had hardwired itself to only activate willingly to his touch. Not that there was anything wrong with that. Raizo watched as she tossed her head back and he was covered in a shower of curls, one arm propped on her hip for leverage he slid himself home, listening to her purr for him.

He pulled all the way out and the sound of her sucking in her breath through clenched teeth excited him, but there were other matters to attend to at the time. "Say it."

She pushed back on him and he pulled away from her, forcing her to speak the words he wanted to hear. "No, now don't tease me."

Moving back and forth slowly he simply allowed the head of his manhood to penetrate her and for Mika that wasn't enough. Digging his fingers into her hips she would have a new bruise there tomorrow. She was tough that much he could admit and when he didn't get the answer he was seeking, Raizo let her arms go and flipped her over. Same position he covered her body in his own and pushed again.

"Mika." Singing her voice quietly she raised her body and begged him with her eyes.

It wasn't until Raizo brought his lips from hers to her neck and bit down while slamming into her, their bodies meeting with a thud that Mika spoke. "I'm sorry!"

Again, this time a harder and perhaps walking straight was going to be difficult. "I need you!"

He smiled rocking his body with hers in a sensual dance that could only be described as their own salsa. "I'm sorry, I need you, I missed you, I love you!" Sweat broke out over their bodies and now that he had what he wanted he continued his assault.


Mika knew she was going to be sore, tired and grumpy from him making her say things like that but completely satisfied tomorrow. Perhaps sex was Raizo's way of forgiving her, in their relationship she didn't think he would be so interested in it and yet, she found out that he was fiend for her body. Whenever he could take her and she allowed it he would and make her moan with passion each time. This was no exception.

He pushed his face into the area between her neck and shoulder and let his hips fire away, he wasn't gentle. Holding her down, forcing her to take all of him and Mika swore that if he could get his sack inside her he probably would right now. His grip was hard on her forearms close to cutting off blood supply but she wanted this to feel numb, needed and brought to orgasm only by him.

He lifted himself off of her and placed her legs on his shoulders, lifting her backwards her butt raised off the bed and he drove into her like a nail in wood. Grabbing the sheets wasn't going to be enough and Mika closed her eyes only to have him speak roughly to her.

"Open them." Just in time to see a bead of sweat fall in slow motion from his forehead to her chest with a splash.

The feeling was building in her womb and starting down her legs now, she could see it in Raizo's face as he glanced up at her from his work. Letting her legs down he covered her mouth in a series of quick, but sensual kisses. He would work slower now, just like she liked, working his body against hers to put pressure on her clitoris and make her body explode.

"I love you, don't ever doubt that, I want you more than ever, you're my heart Mika." She wasn't looking at him when he started but now she was and he had slowed down, reassuring her that his words were true, it was then that Mika's body let loose the fire it had been holding only to have a waterfall of tears follow.


Of course Raizo knew what he said and he meant every word, he hadn't been tending his fire with his fire palms, he let it roam free and it caused nothing but a terror and destruction. No more would he be lax in his attention, he'd give her everything she needed and yes that meant the 'I Love You' she was seeking.

Her body clenched around him and he stared into chocolate eyes mouth agape slightly as her body milked him for everything he had stored inside. Shudders and spasms broke over his form as he pulled Mika into a tight embrace kissing her lips. She was panting but smiling, trails of wetness going over her cheeks. That was something he would never understand, tears of happiness yet if they were coming from Mika and for him it was worthwhile.

It was almost morning the pink light of day creeping over the skyline as Raizo turned over his front to Mika's back, slowly he moved her hair from her neck and nuzzled his nose there. He would do anything for Mika, no matter what it was and now she knew that. She awoke slowly a good five minutes before their alarm and smiled at him.

"Watching me again?" She covered her mouth as she yawned.

"Always." Leaning over he switched off the alarm before it went off and ran his fingers through their hair.

It didn't take long for them to be on their way to the airport a private jet fueled and ready to take them back to Europe, a stewardess made her way over to the couple bringing a platter carrying a letter.

"A man just delivered this for you sir." Mika raised an eyebrow in question as he opened the letter slowly.

Fancy font stood out on the peach colored paper and he stared at the hard black words.

You will pay Raizo Ozunu for the murder of my brother…tell her the same as well

Mika looked around them as the plane started its take off and grabbed Raizo's hand, he reassured her by squeezing her fingers with a smile.

"Let her try." That same smile he gave her when she came back for him with the Ozunu closing in came over his face and with that he balled up the paper, leaning back in his chair to fall asleep.

And this is the stunning conclusion to Find Your Love, I hope that you all enjoyed it and are happy with the ending! I can say that I think I am, Raizo kind of ending it with that whole yea Im a bad boy so what of it kind of look. I want to thank all my readers and everyone that waited anxiously for the conclusion to this story. Thank you all so much!