The day was a beautiful, crisp autumn morning in a time long ago. The few trees on the mountains that were not evergreen were changing from green to the familiar reds, yellow, and oranges of the season. On the cliff of one mountain stood a woman, but she was no ordinary woman. Neith was an angel, a demon slayer to be more precise. She was one of many tasked with hunting down the creatures that had escaped their underground prison. With all the armor she was wearing, Neith looked like the Mythical Valkyrie. Her blond hair fell in soft ringlets around her face that held Aquamarine eyes. On her back were wings of the purest white and shimmered silver in the morning light. Between Neith's wings was a single black sheathed sword with a single symbol that told her rank among the demon slayers.

On that mountain cliff Neith was not alone. Her prey, a powerful demon, watched her. His forest green drank in the sight of the beautiful woman. He had seen the slayer many times from a distance. In his mind, the demon knew he would possess this warrior angel. She would be only his!