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Living Life

Sokka felt the sun beat down on him from the window waking him. He groaned as he sat up in his empty bed. The water tribe man smiled, his wife was already up, nothing unusual.

He stood up and walked over to his closet, pulling green Earth Kingdom clothes to wear. He chose a simple tunic and pants, like he usually did, and also grabbed his leather boots.

As he dressed, he thought about the past few years. A little over two years ago, the war had ended. Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai, and Zuko took his place. He'd heard that Zuko and Mai married shortly afterward, he hadn't been to their wedding. In fact he hadn't seen any of his friends since before the end of the war, before he had been captured by the Fire Nation.

He had been imprisoned, for several months he had been locked up, then he and his wife had escaped. They had fled to the Earth Kingdom, and they had built a life together.

They currently ran a modest vineyard and winery, willed to them by the previous owner when he had died a year ago, and whom they had worked diligently for for the two and a half previous years. In the year they had run the vineyard, they had expanded it although it would still be a few years till they saw any significant increase in revenue.

They had a small fortune already, and it would only get bigger as long as they spent their money wisely, which is why his wife made sure all decisions came through her first.

Sokka strapped his space sword, which they had managed to rescue from the prisons armory, onto his back and made his way towards his and his wife's private training room, which was located in the basement of their stone home. And he was surprised that his wife wasn't present, as normally they would practice together, keeping their skills sharp just in case.

As Sokka drew his blade and began a series of complex movements, he thought about his friends more.

At times, he felt bad for not contacting them, telling them he was alive, especially Katara. But he knew what would happen if they found him, if they found his wife. Besides, he reasoned that his sister was happy, she had a chance for a life now that the war was over.

An hour later, Sokka re-sheathed his blade and made his way upstairs. As he climbed the steps, he was able to smell the scent of Jasmine tea, his wife's favorite. He found her in the kitchen, looking out the window as she held her cup of tea.

The Water Tribesman smiled. His wife was beautiful, especially in the light of the morning. Sokka made his way forward and hugged his wife from behind, planting a light kiss on her neck. "Good morning beautiful," he softly spoke into her ear. "I missed you this morning."

His wife lightly laughed, a sound he loved. "Good morning to you too handsome," she said as she turned around to face him. "And I have a very good reason for missing our sparring session, I paid a visit to the healer."

Sokka was instantly worried. "You're okay aren't you? You didn't say anything about being ill."

His wife smiled, her eyes filled with love. "I'm better than okay, Sokka," she said. She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. "Or perhaps I should say that we're okay."

Sokka's eyes widened, "You mean..."

His wife nodded. "I'm three weeks pregnant. We're going to be parents."

Sokka picked his wife up and kissed her passionately as he spun her around, not caring about the tea she dropped.

He set her down and she leaned her head against his. "You'll make a wonderful father Sokka," she said happily.

Sokka smiled. "And you'll make a perfect mother Azula."


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