I'm watching the fourth season now, I like Donna she is very load though. Anyway, this is the start of a chapter fic (winks at Genevieve Evelyn) it is a slight slight slight crack!fic only because it is a road trip with 10, Rose, and Jack. There is no reunion type thing between the three of them. It is based on Jessa L'rynn's August challenge II basically a vacation of my past (edited) and later I will have something sticky and lemonade, the sticky thing might end up being the lemonade. Later I will also have the meaning of life.

"If we have a time machine why are we in a car?" Rose asked the Doctor. "It's even in the name. Time and Relative DIMENSIONS in SPACE. We can travel wherever we want, why are we in a car in the middle of the country in the nineteen seventies?"

"It's part of the ADVENTURE Rose. The TARDIS landed here, she must have had a reason to be here, and she just doesn't set us down anywhere. There's nothing going on here and the nearest town is around 30 kilometers away. Do you really want to walk there?"

"Ok, so where did we get a car? Did it just magically pop up? Did you steal it!" Her face changed from confused to generally alarmed, "Some poor farmer guy left his car on the side of the road and you think just cos your some magical alien you can just take it?"

She could have probably have gone on a little bit longer then if the Doctor hadn't stopped her, "No Rose I got it from the TARDIS," he rolled his eyes.

Now her face changed from alarm and anger to confusion. "We have a car in the TARDIS?" she asked

The Doctor shook his head and said, "We have over fifty cars in the TARDIS for whatever time period we are in and what roles we are currently playing."

Now her face morphed into confusion and anger, which is no easy feat, and her voice now had a sarcastic tone. "So there was never a time where you thought 'hey we're being chased by some dangerous aliens, maybe we should stop running from then and maybe DRIVE away'"

He looked a little sheepish now and replied with the only thing he could think of, "Well, I forgot about the garage."

You could tell Rose was getting a little annoyed with the Doctor , and he really didn't want to antagonize her, maybe she had the same slap that her mother had. He REALLY didn't want to push his boundaries here; he just wanted to stop this conversation. Of course Rose didn't have the same idea. "You forgot about the garage? You forgot about an INTIRE GARAGE? How do you forget about a garage?"

The Doctor realized something, her voice had changed, it now wasn't angry. Was it? IT WAS! She was teasing him now!

He was about to reply with something witty, he was sure, when he found something he could change the subject with. "Hey look at that," he pointed out the window so Rose could see the man walking along the side of the road.

She couldn't stop teasing him now, she was on a role. "Hmm… I wonder why he's walking. Maybe he misplaced his garage too," She would have kept going except that she realized something, "Oh my god, Doctor stop it's Jack!"

This fic probably only be around 3 chapter and like 3,000 words at most but oh well.