Summary: A collection of oneshots/drabbles involving Judas and Sonia and their complicated lives…

Pairing: Judas/Sonia (the character that sings "Turn Back, O Man")

Rating: Will vary among the chapters, but mostly will be between K+ and T, maybe something higher if inspiration takes me…

-:#1: Fedora:-

Rating: T-ish

She had always been on the outside edge, always more concerned with the pleasures of today rather than the promises of a heaven tomorrow. She believed in the Master and his teachings, certainly; but she found it was easier to beg pardon for the sins she committed than to forgo them entirely.

He, on the other hand, was the Master's devoted servant, and the most intense, passionate man she had encountered. He put his everything into all he did, and even though she was almost always the prodigal of their merry band, he kept her involved, reeling her in when she started to stray from where the Master led them.

And her instincts told her that if she wanted to get anywhere with him, she had to create an opportunity for him to strike.

She found one at last, one not-so-unusual day. The sweet, eager boy that she was encouraging wasn't her target; not today, anyway. No, her real target was the man whose eyes were scorching her skin from behind, setting her nerves on fire and making her blood rush.

"Hey there, cutie," she said to the boy, beckoning to him as he crawled toward her on all fours, wearing the gray fedora she used to mark her prey, "Come on, baby," she cooed, backing away slowly, "You want? Come and get it, sugar."

She never expected the boy who was supposed to be a pawn to then throw her over his shoulder and try to walk away with her. She tried to keep her composure, waving a cheerful goodbye as she pointedly ignored the set of intense brown eyes that had yet to leave her be.

As always, the Master came to her rescue, turning her predicament into a lesson; one that she utterly ignored, but ultimately succeeded in freeing her from the boy's overeager hands.

She picked up her beloved fedora from the ground, holding it lovingly in her hands as she dusted it off. Apparently, today was not the opportunity she was looking for, she thought dejectedly. Before she could place her hat back upon her head, before she could even curl her lips into that pout that turned most men into jelly, she heard a voice from behind her, the voice she held as dear as her hat.

"Master," He said, coming up behind her and placing his scalding hot hands on her hips, her back pressed right up against his chest, "Why don't you let me...chastise the vixen?" he asked, accentuating his words with the barest of caresses. The others whistled at them, laughing and cheering loudly, but she merely smiled, turning in his arms and gently placing the fedora on his head, letting her hands linger for just a moment on his face while her eyes locked with his.

But Master merely cleared his throat, giving them The Look; The Look that told all of his followers that the two of them had gone a step too far, "Why don't you just-" Master began.

"Get back?" he finished, with what she thought (hoped) was a note of disappointment in his voice. He reluctantly let her go, returning to his place within the group while the Master finished the lesson.

It wasn't until later that she realized that he still had her beloved fedora, and once or twice, while she watched him, she saw his hands reach up and stroke the rim of it ever-so-slightly, a small smile ghosting across his face as he did.

Sometimes, opportunities take advantage of themselves…

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