Okay so we all know that firestar and scourge are half-brothers. *SPOILER* Jake from Bluestar's prophecy is their father*END OF SPOILER* I have always wondered how the first series would be different had they both known they were half-brothers and how the story would be different if they had entered the forest together. I had a soft spot for Mosskit and decided to add her into the story. Oh I know there are a few people who say don't put the allegiances from the books in the story because most people know them. I know them I just like to have it there as a reference and I'm adding characters who will appear either by name or description. Not every cat from each clan will be put in the allegiances. The cats with the *asterisk* around their name are warriors I came up with.

Disclaimer: I don't own warriors if I did I would have changed quite a few things in the series. I don't own any of the characters from the series.


Leader: Bluestar- blue-gray she-cat, tinged with silver around the muzzle

Deputy: Redtail- small tortoiseshell tom with a distinctive ginger tail

Apprentice, Dustpaw

Medicine Cat: Spottedleaf- beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat.

Warriors: Lionheart- magnificent golden tabby tom with thick fur like a lion's mane

Apprentice, Graypaw

Tigerclaw- big dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws

Apprentice, Ravenpaw

Whitestorm - big white tom

Apprentice, Sandpaw

Darkstripe - sleek black and gray tabby tom

Longtail- pale tabby tom with dark black stripes

Runningwind- swift light brown tabby tom

Willowpelt- very pale gray she-cat with unusual blue eyes

Mousefur- small dusky brown she-cat

Scourgeclaw- small black tom with one white paw, ice blue eyes

Mossflower - white she-cat with gray patches, bright blue eyes

*Goldenclaw*- golden brown tabby tom

Apprentices: Dustpaw - dark brown tabby tom

Graypaw- long-haired gray tom

Ravenpaw- small skinny black tom with a tiny white dash on his chest, and white-tipped tail

Sandpaw- pale ginger she-cat

Firepaw- handsome ginger tom

Queens: Frostfur- beautiful white coat and blue eyes

Brindleface - pretty tabby

Goldenflower - pale ginger coat

Speckletail - pale tabby, and the oldest nursery queen

Elders: Halftail - big dark brown tabby tom with part of his tail missing

Smallear- gray tom with very small ears. The oldest cat in ThunderClan

Patchpelt- small black-and-white tom

One-eye- pale gray she-cat, The oldest she-cat in ThunderClan. Virtually blind and deaf.

Dappletail- once-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with a lovely dappled coat


Leader: Brokenstar - long-haired dark brown tabby

Deputy: Blackfoot- large white tom with huge jet-black paws

Medicine cat: Runningnose- small gray and white tom

Warriors: Stumpytail- brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Brownpaw

Boulder- silver tabby tom

Apprentice, Wetpaw

Clawface- battle-scarred brown tom

Apprentice, Littlepaw

Nightpelt- black tom

*Stonetail*- light gray tom black tail

*Amberpelt*- ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Pinepaw

Apprentices: Pinepaw- gray and white she-cat

Queens: Dawncloud - small tabby

Brightflower- black and white she-cat

Elders: Ashfur- thin gray tom


Leader: Tallstar- a black and white tom with a very long tail


Leader: Crookedstar- a huge light-colored tabby tom with a twisted jaw

Deputy: Oakheart- a reddish brown tom

Warriors: Leopardfur- unusually spotted golden tabby she-cat

Blackclaw- smoky black tom

Stonefur- large, broad-shouldered gray tom with amber eyes and battle-scarred ears

*Icestream*- gray and white she-cat

Apprentice, Troutpaw

*Pebblestorm*- mottled dark gray tom

Apprentice, Shellpaw

Apprentices: *Troutpaw*- light gray tom with fluffy tail

*Shellpaw*- mottled light gray tom


Yellowfang- old dark gray she-cat with a broad flattened face.

Smudge- plump, friendly black and white kitten who lives in a house at the edge of the forest

Barley- black and white tom who lives on farm close to the forest.


A blue-gray she-cat moved steadily through the snow covered forest. A tiny bundle of gray and white fur hung limply from her jaws. The steady breathing from the bundle was the only sign of life. The young kit had been very quiet since they had begun their journey. 'just a little further' thought the she-cat. She picked up her pace feeling the temperature starting to drop a bit more. As she passed a tree with a hollow opening she heard a voice call out to her

"Hey in here" as gentle but firm voice called. The gray she-cat looked at the opening under the roots and crawled under. A pretty brown and cream marbled tabby she-cat sat in a nest made of moss and feathers. The gray she-cat quickly put her bundle into the nest right next to the pretty she-cat who wrapped her body around the tiny kit warming it up. The gray she-cat looked a little confused at the other she-cat.

"Your not planning to stay here are you?" she asked curiously.

"No I decided to wait in here since it was warm and wanted to give this little one some time to warm up before I take her home." The gray she-cat nodded in acceptance of the answer. it would be good to give the kit a rest.

"Thank you again, I didn't think she would survive the journey with her siblings but I know she has a fighting chance with you" The gray she-cat meowed showing her gratefulness in her gaze.

"You don't need to worry about her she will be a fighter not a soft weakling like the others, she'll defend what ever territory she is given." meowed the pretty she-cat.

"I should go, I must take her siblings to her father" the gray she-cat touched her nose to the soft fur of her daughter "Goodbye my darling" she murmured before pulling a way. She padded toward the opening stopping to look over her shoulder one last time.

"Goodbye Kana take care of her" meowed the gray she-cat before bounding off into the cold leaf-bare night.

"Goodbye Bluefur I promise I will make her a strong cat" called Kana from the opening. She looked down at the small bundle of fur snuggled against her belly and felt a surge of affection.

"Don't worry Mosskit you'll be at your new home soon and I will make sure you don't forget your heritage." she purred.

Two cats ran swiftly side by side through the maze of buildings and alleyways. Their hearts are beating rapidly. One of them was a ginger tom and the other was brown and white tabby she-cat. They hear the distinctive yowl of a tom in the distance.

"There they are let's get them before they get a way" yowled a large brown tabby tom. Behind him two other large toms came running.

"Quickly, find a safe place to hide" meowed the ginger tom.

"No I won't leave you" mewed the she-cat.

"I will not risk your life and our unborn kits, you need to leave this place, I will hold them off" meowed the tom.


"No, go now they are gaining on us" tom said

"I love you" whispered the she-cat as she took off leaving the tom standing in the alley waiting for the attackers.

"Get out of our way you ginger fool you know the law" yowled the tabby tom

"No, she has done nothing wrong, and I won't let you hurt our kits" hissed the ginger tom

"So it was you Tiger who defied our new leader and stole his mate" growled the tabby.

"So what if I did, she didn't want to be his mate." the ginger tom growled as he blocked a large white tom from passing him. A gray tabby tom came up on the left side of the white tom and took a swipe at Tiger. Tiger move out of the way of the swipe and tackled the white tom to the ground, delivering a fierce bite in the white tom's neck. The white tom went limp in his jaws. The brown tabby jumps him from behind and sinks his claws into his hind legs. Tiger hisses from the pain. The gray tom moves to deliver a bite to the back of Tiger's neck. Tiger slashes The gray tabby's nose open. Tiger spins around to slash the ear on the brown tabby open. He is bowled over by the gray tom that pinned him down and begins to rake his claws down Tiger's exposed belly. The brown tabby tom too begins to rake his claws down Tiger's belly.

"I think we have done enough, let's go back to the leader." meowed the brown tabby

"What about Frost and that other problem we are supposed to deal with?" asked the gray tabby.

"Frost is of no use to us now, and that she- cat is long gone by now. We'll just tell our leader that we dealt with her and this traitor." Hissed the brown tabby "I doubt we'll be seeing her again." The brown tabby took off back down the alley with the gray tabby on his heels. Tiger lay in the alley slowly dying his wounds were very deep. Moments later he hears a voice that he never expected to hear again.

"Tiger, oh Tiger I'm so sorry this is all my fault." yowled the tortoiseshell she- cat.

"R-Rose do not b-blame yourself, you are my closest friend and mate I am glad to have given my life for you and our kits." wheezed Tiger. "Rose you need to find a safe place for our kits, even if it means becoming a kittypet."

"Yes of course I will" mewled Rose

"I have a favor to ask you. If you see Quince tell her I love her. Tell her Jake loves her."

(AN: Okay if your confused I will try to unconfused you. Since it doesn't really explain what happen to Jake in "Rise of Scourge" and I haven't read all of "Bluestar's Prophecy." I decided it would be interesting if he became a rogue apart of a colony and took a rogue name. This little detail will be explained later. MUCH LATER. Sorry for those of you who believe that Firestar and Scourge's father was Pinestar but it was confirmed by the Erin's in a wands and world's chat that Jake is their father. Any way if you haven't guessed Rose is suppose to be Firestar's mother. Still no clue who Firestar's mother really is or could be. Kana may or may not appear in this story but she will be mentioned also if you want to see what she looks like type up 'Seal Mink Marble Bengal'

It was brought to my attention that Fireheart's mother is a brown and white tabby she-cat named Nutmeg, so I decided to revise that part of the prologue and part of the first chapter.

Chapter 1

A small black tom with a white paw walks down a alleyway. He was Scourge, a young and feared cat of the streets, despite his small size. He was slowly making a name for himself. He was on his way to one of his secret food sources. A few housefolk liked to put out fresh meat for rogue cats in the area to eat and since he was the only one in his group to know about the meat meant that he didn't have to share. As he approached the food dish on the ground, he didn't see a man coming up behind him with a cage until he was caught.

He arrived at a house, he wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. Though he didn't let it show, he was terrified and nervous. He was remembering how his siblings said that housefolk would drown him because he was a unwanted cat. He hid in the back of his cage watching the door of the cage as it was opened. The familiar sight of furniture and lush carpet relaxed him slightly, though he didn't move a muscle.

"Hi, what's your name?" a small voice meowed quietly.

"Careful Rusty we don't know this kittypet" a stronger voice mewled.

Scourge moved forward in the cage and looked out the opening. There stood a kitten about four moons old peeking into the cage. The kitten had a fiery ginger coat and bright green eyes, beside the kitten stood a she-cat with a white and gray pelt.

"My name is Rusty." mewed the kitten. "Are you going to be living with us now?" asked Rusty with a friendly flick of his ear.

Scourge narrowed his eyes and scrutinized Rusty. This was a harmless kit that was curious as to why there was another cat in its home. Scourge himself was wondering why those housefolk brought him here. The she-cat however looked as though she could give him a few bad blows if he crossed her. He decided to leave his cage since Rusty's housefolk hadn't done anything to harm him and Rusty and the she-cat didn't act like a threat to Scourge. He also decided to answer Rusty since he didn't think it was a good idea to harm the kitten.

"My name is Scourge, I am a rogue that lives on the streets. Not a kittypet." meowed Scourge in a cool voice. "I don't know why I am here."

"Scourge?" asked Rusty. "That's an interesting name."

"It is one I am fond of" answered Scourge. He glanced over at the she-cat beside Rusty. "May I ask what your name is?"

The she-cat looked curiously at Scourge.

"Moss is my name." meowed the she-cat. Scourge wondered whether or not Moss was a rogue cat since she didn't act like most kittypets.

"Do you have any siblings Scourge?" asked Rusty curiously. "I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers, their names are: Princess, Heather, Patch and Hazel. 'Why is this kitten asking me so many annoying questions?' Scourge wondered as he gazed at the young tom. 'I guess there is no harm in humoring this little fur ball till I find a way out of here.'

" I have two siblings, a brother and sister." grumbled Scourge as he thought of his horrid siblings. Rusty laid down in front of Scourge stretching out his long body. A thought suddenly came to Scourge that disturbed him slightly.

"Your siblings aren't here are they?" asked Scourge shivering slightly at the thought of having to deal with more kittens. Moss twitched her whiskers in amusement.

"No they have their own homes," meowed Rusty. "I left my mother's home two moons ago I miss her and my siblings, but I have Moss and my friend Smudge to keep me company."

"Smudge?" Scourge inwardly groaned in exasperation.

"Yeah he lives next door I always play with him when I want to play." Rusty mewled rolling playfully onto his back. Scourge nodded, feeling slightly better that this Smudge kitten wasn't living with Rusty. "Hey Scourge, do you ever miss your mother?"

"Rusty you shouldn't bother Scourge" meowed Moss giving Rusty a sharp stare. Scourge surprised himself by answering.

"Sometimes." mumbled Scourge. 'why am I telling him this? he doesn't need to know anything.' Scourge inwardly hissed at himself.

"What about your father did you know him?" asked Rusty

"No, the only thing I know about my father is that he was a big ginger tom." replied Scourge slightly annoyed by Rusty's persistent questioning.

"Really? I never met my father either but my mother told me he was a large ginger tom named who she called Tiger," Rusty mewed " But mother says his name wasn't always Tiger it use to be Jake."

"Fascinating" Scourge mewled sarcastically. Moss gave Scourge a hard stare. Not hearing Scourge's sarcasm Rusty continued.

"Yeah, my mother also said that I also have half siblings since my father had kits with a she-cat named Quince" meowed Rusty. Scourge's heart nearly stopped. He looked at the ginger kitten laying in front of him. 'Mother said that our father was a large ginger tom that liked to go into the forest. Could he be the same cat?' Scourge wonder. 'If this is true that would make this little fur ball my brother' Scourge blinked slowly.

It had been nearly a quarter of a moon since Scourge had been brought to Moss and Rusty's home and it seemed as though his housefolk were intent on keeping him around, only letting out Rusty and Moss, not himself. Scourge didn't mind the kittypet food that much but he missed the flesh of his prey. He still hadn't told Rusty about his belief of them being brothers and decided to keep it to himself for now. Scourge was currently perched on a windowsill ledge staring out into the yard watching young Rusty and his friend Smudge playing in the yard. Moss was sleeping peacefully in the basket they all shared. Scourge thought about his conversation with Rusty. Rusty always spoke good about his siblings and mother and Scourge couldn't help but wonder what his life would have been like had he been born in Rusty's litter rather than his own. 'Maybe they would have excepted me better' Scourge thought to himself. Moments later he was broken from his thoughts by a fiery ginger ball of fur barreling into his side.

"Hi Scourge what are you doing?" asked Rusty.

"I was deep in thought until you assaulted my side." growled Scourge. Unfazed by Scourge's temper Rusty settles down beside Scourge and begins to give himself a wash. Moss watched them from the basket having been awaken from her nap. When Rusty was finished with his wash he glanced at out of the corner of his eye at Scourge. Scourge was calmly gazing out the window looking into the garden.

"Scourge, how come you don't talk about your siblings or mother?" asked Rusty. Without turning from the window, Scourge icily mewed out his response.

"Because, I have nothing to say about them," Scourge growled.

"What do you mean, didn't you like your siblings?" Rusty asked. Scourge let out hiss laced in venom and whipped his head around to glare icily at Rusty, who flinched at the sharp stare.

"No I despised my siblings, all I wanted was to play with them and they never let me because I was too small." spat Scourge. Moss jumped to her feet quickly fixing her intense blue eyes at Scourge.

"Don't talk to Rusty like that he didn't know that you don't have a good relationship with your siblings, he's just a kit" she growled

"I'm sorry." mewled Rusty. His ears were lying flat against his skull. His body was in a low crouch and his tail twitched nervously as his fearful wide eyes gazed at Scourge. Scourge sniffed and turned his gaze back out the window. Rusty slowly turned around and prepared to jump off the ledge.

"My mother however wasn't mean to me; she tried to get my brother and sister to play with me." Scourge said softly. Rusty paused and looked at Scourge. Rusty looked at Scourge's reflection in the glass and saw that his expression had softened as he thought of his mother. "Rusty, tell me about your mother." Scourge said. 'I may as well humor this kitten, he won't stop pestering me until I do' thought Scourge. Moss jumped up onto the window sill to sit beside Rusty keeping a close eye on Scourge.

"Well she told me that she used to be a part of a large group of cats that live without the care of housefolk and fight and hunt for their own food to survive." meowed Rusty. Scourge's ears perked in interest. 'She was a rogue? Had she been a part of my group of cats without me knowing? Or was she a clan cat?' pondered Scourge.

"She wasn't born a housecat?" Scourge asked. Trying not to sound too interested.

"No she wasn't, she said she was the daughter of their second in command and that my father had been the leader of them." Rusty said as he puffed out his chest with pride. 'The leader of the group!' Scourge thought. 'Then she probably wasn't a part of my group of cats, does that mean there is another group of cats that I don't know about?'

"Why did she leave?" Scourge asked with a thoughtful expression.

"She told us that she didn't want us to grow up that way." mewed Rusty "She said it was hard living that way and she wanted us to be well fed and cared for. So she changed her name and lived as a kittypet." Scourge stared at Rusty for a moment 'I could train him, since he isn't fully a kittypet' thought Scourge. 'If I do he could be of great use to me.' He looked curiously at Moss she reminded him of someone but he couldn't figure out who.

"What about you Moss?" asked Scourge curiously. 'She seems pretty tough if she was a part of my group of cats she would probably be a guard.' Moss looked thoughtfully at him before answering.

"I was born in the forest… well at least that is what my foster mother told me." She meowed. Scourge's eyes widened in shock.

"You were born in the forest? how did you get here then?" asked Scourge more interested in Moss than he had ever been.

"My real mother gave me to my foster mother during a harsh leaf-bare because she was afraid that I wouldn't survive it." meowed Moss. "My foster mother Kana told me she was a Clan cat." This caught Scourge's attention

"You were a part of a Clan?" he asked suspiciously

"I was born to one, but my mother gave me up to save my life" she answered. "My foster mother told me a bit about her and clan life."

"Was Kana a Clan cat also?" asked Rusty curiously

"No she is a kittypet who feels that if a cat couldn't defend their territory they don't deserve to have one." 'Sounds like my kind of cat' thought Scourge

"How did she know about clan cats then?" Scourge meowed suspiciously.

"Her mate and the father of her son Talon use to be the leader of one. He said that his name was Pinestar but changed it to Pine after he left his Clan." Scourge's eyes grew wide in surprise.

"Her mate was a leader? What happen to him?" asked Rusty with his eyes as wide as Scourge.

"He died I'm sad to say, I never really got to know him but he knew my mother and that was enough for me." Moss meowed gently. Scourge was thinking of just how useful Moss would be to his group cats. While she had been talking, Scourge was taking in her firm muscles and sleek form. She wasn't fat and lazy like other kittypets he had seen, no she had been using her skills that her foster mother, Kana, must have taught her.

'I wonder how much was taught to her, they could both be useful, Rusty would rule beside me and Moss could be my most fateful guard, the one who could tell me Clan secrets and keep a close eye on my cats' Scourge licked his lips as if he had tasted the juiciest piece of prey. 'Getting my little brother to join shouldn't be hard, but Moss will need some work.' He looked at Rusty who was gazing thoughtfully out the window. 'probably daydreaming about the forest' Scourge thought. Suddenly an idea came to Scourge.

"Rusty, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as a wild cat?" Scourge asked thoughtfully.

"Yes, I have ever since my mother told my brothers, sisters and I those stories, I have thought about living without my housefolk." Rusty mewled softly. "I'm not sure I could."

"What if I taught you some moves?" Scourge meowed.

"Fighting moves or hunting moves?" Rusty asked excitingly

"Why not both? I'm sure you will do fine learning them, I think we'll start with fighting." Scourge said smoothly. "Moss your welcome to join as well" Moss look at Scourge unsure.

"Rusty shouldn't be learning how to fight and hunt until he's six moons old" meowed Moss. "That's when Clan kits start their training and when my foster mother trained me."

Scourge fixed his ice blue eyes on her.

"He isn't a Clan cat"

"He could get hurt; he isn't old enough to be fighting"

"I won't be fighting him merely training him"

"Then it should wait until he is older"

Rusty who had been watching the two of them argue finally spoke up.

"Moss what if you watch the training session? I'm sure Scourge wouldn't let me do anything too dangerous until I'm older and I promise not to strain myself" asked Rusty looking at her with his large emerald green orbs begging. Moss looked uneasy at first before submitting.

"Very well, I will supervise and I will be the one to decide when the sessions are over." Moss meowed giving Scourge hard stare that dared him to argue with her. Scourge merely shrugged and nodded. Rusty mewled happily and nuzzled Moss and Scourge who flinched a little.

"Can we start now?" asked Rusty looking at Scourge expectantly.

"We'll start tomorrow," meowed Scourge, "That way we can start just before dawn." Scourge leap down from the ledge, and padded over to a big basket with lots of pillows and blankets and lay down. Moss leaped after him and laid on the other side of the basket.

"Okay." Rusty purred. He jumped down from the ledge and hurried over to the basket and snuggled up in between the pair of them. His pelt brushed against Scourge, who flinched at the close contact. Scourge let his ice blue eyes fall on Rusty. 'If I train him properly we could rule together.' Scourge thought smugly.

"Goodnight Scourge, Moss." Rusty purred drowsily. Not waiting for a reply he closed his eyes and became flooded in dreams. Moss purred lovingly and meowed a soft goodnight to them both. 'Goodnight' Scourge thought as he too shut his eyes as he dreamt of their future.

(Okay, phew, first chapter is done I'm glad for that. Yes I do plan on having Scourge tell Rusty that they are brothers. Don't worry Rusty is still going to meet Graypaw in the forest they same way he did in the book he just isn't going to meet Bluestar and Lionheart the way he did in the book, at least not alone. I have been thinking of having Rusty seeing a few of his other siblings besides just Princess. As for the whole Rusty's mother thing that will be a side story that I'll work on. Oh and if you missed it in the story Rusty is supposed to be four moons old.)

(in case you were wondering Hazel is the name of one of Rusty's brothers, also in 'Fire and Ice' pg 116 fireheart tells princess that he dreams of her and their brothers and sister so I'm not completely making this up).