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Chapter 24

Scourgeclaw was heading back to his camp in the Pine forest, beside him padded Silver, the she-cat seemed to carry an air of resolve in her, though he could also see a glimmer of happiness in her gaze. Scourgeclaw wondered what was going through the she-cat's mind. He thought back to the conversation that had been shared with Boulder earlier in the night.

"W-what? Y-you're my daughter?" Boulder looked confused. Silver nodded

"My mother is a kittypet named Sapphira, who lives in the twolegplace, she had me two moons after you left. I was the only kit in her litter to survive. My brother was still born, and my sister died a few days after our birth. My mother raised me telling me all about the twolegplace and you." Silver meowed, "She told me about some cats you use to hang around. Some cats named Jay, Pixie, Red and Marmalade" Boulder's eyes widened in shock realizing she was telling the truth.

"Sapphira was with kits?" he meowed with a sad shake of his head, "If I had known I would have waited to leave."

"She didn't know until a moon after you had left the twolegplace for good." She meowed softly.

"I don't know what to say," Boulder confessed sadly looking at her. "If you don't mind me asking what are you doing here?"

"I came originally to try and kill him," she flicked her tail over in Scourgeclaw's direction. Boulder looked between the two of them in alarm.

"But why? Why would you risk your life like that?" he questioned, his tone sounded slightly protective.

"I was told that you had been killed by Scourge," she explained "I was angry believing that, he was the reason for your disappearance…for why you were never there." Boulder looked away from her, Scourgeclaw could see pain in his gaze.

"I would have been had I known," Boulder told her gently. "I'm sorry for any pain I've caused you in my absence."

"There is no need, tell me…" she gazed into his eyes, "Why did you leave?"

"The twolegplace is a hard place to live in, there are lots of cats but little food for us." Boulder seemed to stare off into the distance. "I was struggling to survive there, when I met Sapphira, she was the most beautiful she-cat I'd ever met. She helped me and would catch some fat mice for me; that like to eat the berries and other food that grow in her twoleg's garden. We loved each other, but I felt that I was no good for her. She wanted me to live as a kittypet, but I couldn't do it and I just left. I never told her."

"She was devastated, she too thought you were dead." Silver murmured softly, looking up toward the moon, the light from it made her pelt look white as fresh snow. "She has moved on, but she still talks of you from time to time." A glimmer of sadness and slight regret flickered in Boulder's gaze as he looked upon Silver and listened to her words.

"While I hate to break this tender moment between the two of you,"Scourgeclaw interrupted before either could speak again. "The gathering is almost over and The Clans will be departing soon. Boulder needs to get back." Boulder nodded solemnly.

"He is right I must return," He meowed to her. "Perhaps you could join me in my Clan?" Silver looked at Scourgeclaw, than looked toward her father once more.

"I cannot," she spoke at last. "I have amends that I must make, before I can even think of such a thing." Boulder looked like he wanted to protest but a look from Scourgeclaw silenced him. Silver oblivious to the silent visual battle, padded up to her father and gently touched noses with him.

After the encounter Silver promised to see her father again. They were currently heading back to the spot where they had met. They slowly entered into the clearing and sat down. They both seemed to be lost in their own thoughts. Silver suddenly was on her paws and began to pace back and forth in front of Scourgeclaw who watched her with patience.

He looked closely at her and wondered what she was thinking about. 'Everything Dagger has told her was a lie, now what will she do with this information?' As if she had heard his thought, Silver suddenly stopped walking and stared forward at Scourgeclaw.

"Nothing he has told me was the truth was it?" she asked quietly. Scourgeclaw shook his head.

"Not everything was a lie. " Scourgeclaw meowed at last. "I have done things in my past I am not proud of, but I haven't killed without reason before." Silver seemed to accept this answer and it seemed to steel her resolve.

"I promise to help you bring down Dagger no matter what happens," she meowed with determination, "I won't quit until he's gone, whether by death or otherwise." Scourgeclaw nodded in understanding, he was pleased with her decision and a new plan was already forming in his mind.

"Tell Brick that you are to be accepted into my guard." He told her, "They won't like it, but they won't question me."

"But how will they know you sent me?" she asked curiously. Scourgeclaw made his way over to the old log, where he stashed is dog teeth. He stuck his paw into the old wooden log and pulled out a dog tooth, which was marked in his scent. He placed the tooth down before her paws than addressed her.

"Give them this and let them smell it they will know I gave it to you." He assured her calmly, sitting down and placing his tail over his paws. "You will still have to accept any punishment they give you." She nodded in agreement.

"As long as it doesn't kill me or maim me to the point I cannot complete my mission, then I will not fight my punishment." She meowed resolutely. She looked Scourgeclaw directly in the eye as she spoke. "It is only fair, I too have did things I'm not proud of." Scourgeclaw agreed quietly watching as she stood to her paws and headed for the tunnel with the dog tooth clamped in her jaws.

Scourgeclaw arrived back at camp to see that Bluestar was scolding Fireheart and Graystripe. 'What have they done now?' he thought in exasperation. From what he gathered of their conversation, Fireheart and Graystripe had snuck off to hunt for themselves. Scourgeclaw shook his head knowing there had to be more to it than that, but knew better than to voice those thoughts while in camp. He waited until Bluestar was finished talking to them and made his way over to them after Tigerclaw had sneered something at the pair of them.

"Do I want to know what you two have been up to?" he asked curiously, Fireheart looked at him a moment and shook his head. "I'll tell you another time." With that said, Fireheart and Graystripe headed for their nests. Scourgeclaw was going to do the same when a voice called out to him.

"A word Scourgeclaw?" Scourgeclaw sighed a little and made his way over to Bluestar. Bluestar's gaze was sharp as she took in Scourgeclaw's form. He eyes held a curiosity and slight uncertainty within them.

"Just where have you been?" she asked, Scourgeclaw sighed knowing he couldn't simply tell her what he was doing tonight. He looked into the deep blue eyes of Bluestar, blinking gently.

"Just taking a walk in the moonlight Bluestar," he told her finally, careful not to over think. "I felt stressed about the last battle and thought a walk would clear my head, but I lost track of time and when I came back everyone had headed back for camp." Bluestar narrowed her eyes taking in his scent and looking him over.

"Very well I believe you, but you forgot to let someone know where you were going, even Fireheart and Graystripe did that." She sighed as she looked at him. Scourgeclaw respectively dipped his head to her.

"I apologize Bluestar, it won't happen again," he told her.

"See that it doesn't," she gave him a curt nod and sent him off to his nest. Scourgeclaw entered the warriors den surprised to see that Sandstorm had made a nest directly next to Fireheart and Graystripe now occupied another side of Fireheart. Scourgeclaw could see that while his nest was still next to Fireheart's it wasn't as close as it had been previously. 'Hmm did I underestimate her feelings for Fireheart' He thought as he gazed down at Sandstorm.

Scourgeclaw woke to see Fireheart and Graystripe had left their nests already. It had been two days since the gathering, the day before last, Graystripe and Fireheart had spent hunting for the clan as punishment for apparently hunting for themselves. Fireheart still hadn't told him what he really had been doing that night, but he trusted Fireheart to tell him eventually. He stretched out of his nest and padded out of the warriors den he took a deep breath enjoying the fresh air. He looked over at the leader's den when he caught sight of some movement. Bluestar and Mousefur seemed to being having discussion outside of Bluestar's den. He noticed Bluestar seemed to be angered by whatever Mousefur was saying to her and was speaking heatedly with the dusky brown queen. Mousefur look sad, but determined as she spoke to Bluestar and whatever she had said to her was enough for Bluestar to finally relent and begrudgingly agree to whatever Mousefur had been saying to her. Bluetstar with a sharp flick of her tail dismissed Mousefur and headed into her den. Scourgeclaw watched in curiosity until Mousefur caught his eye.

Mousefur gave Scourgeclaw a sad, but determined look. Scourgeclaw sighed and beckoned her to follow him. She followed him resolutely out of the den. He led her out of the camp, further into the forest. They walked in silence, neither saying a word. Scourgeclaw heard the rustle of leaves signaling a mouse was scurriying under some undergrowth. Scourgeclaw couldn't bring himself to go after it. Something about this was wrong, Scourgeclaw could sense that something was about to happen to him and he wasn't certain if he was prepared to handle it yet. Shaking those thoughts from his mind he made his was over to a more secluded space. They settled down in a small clearing. No patrols had gone by and it was secluded; though not as secluded as the camp Scourgeclaw had found. Scourgeclaw sat down and waited patiently for Mousefur to speak to him. Mousefur sat down and for a moment she didn't look at Scourgeclaw and just stared up into the trees.

"I asked Bluestar to make me a mentor." Mousefur told Scourgeclaw at last still not looking at him directly, Scourgeclaw blinked slowly as he took in her words.

"To one of Frostfur's remaining kits?" he asked. She nodded. "And what about our kits?" Mousefur sighed once more before taking a deep breath and gazing into Scourgeclaw's eyes.

"Mossflower and Brindleface have agreed to watch them while I train my apprentice." She meowed finally. "I'll come and watch them in the evenings. Runningwind has agreed to take my apprentice out on border patrols while I'm in the nursery."

"May I ask why?" Mousefur turned her head away from him and once more there was silence.

"I never wanted any of this." She said at last, slowly turning to face Scourgeclaw. "I only ever wanted to be a warrior and nothing else. I love our kits, but I can't stay cooped up in the nursery like I've been."

"And me?"

"I can't do this to you Scourgeclaw, I can't keep dragging you along like this, when I don't love you." Scourgeclaw flinched a little. "I care for you greatly, but I don't love you, I thought I had, but I was wrong. I'm so sorry" she meowed with a slightly trembling voice, as if she was barely able to keep herself from breaking apart. "Please don't hate me." She murmured softly her eyes falling to the ground. Scourgeclaw stared at her for a moment, then spoke softly.

"I need some time to think about this." He meowed as last and headed back toward camp, leaving Mousefur alone to her own thoughts.

When Scourgeclaw arrived back at camp he saw Mossflower sitting outside the nursery. As he made his way over to her, she sprung to her paws. Her eyes filled with sorrow as she took in the confused and slightly hurt look on his face

"I'm sorry, Scourgeclaw are you alright?" she asked softly. Scourgeclaw looked at her

"I don't know." He meowed honestly. He looked at the nursery entrance. "How are they doing?"

"Well enough, Mousefur already told them that she will be out training with one of Frostfur's kits, they seem to be handling it okay, but I'm unsure. Brindleface is watching them." Mossflower explained, Scourgeclaw nodded and headed into the nursery. He saw his kits playing happily with Brindleface's kits and Mossflower's kits. Ashkit and Fernkit were wrestling with Bluekit. Cloudkit had Birdkit pinned and Morningkit was trying to best Smokekit in a tackling competition. He looked around for Nightkit and saw she was lying beside Thornkit, the two were talking quietly to each other. Scourgeclaw was surprised by this because he had never seen Nightkit spend time with any kits other than her littermates, Mossflower's or Brindleface's kits. Scourgeclaw was shaken from his thoughts by Brindleface who came to sit beside him.

"Thank you for watching my kits Brindleface," he meowed softly to her. She looked around the nursery making sure no one was listening to their conversation.

"It's no problem, it's the least I can do," she meowed quietly, "I don't how to thank you enough for saving Smokekit. He would have died if he stayed in the camp. Everyone could see that." Scourgeclaw nodded. Scourgeclaw remembered Brindleface helping him sneak the young tom out of camp. He gave the young tom to Princess who agreed to look after him until he was stronger. The only thing that Scourgeclaw didn't plan on was for Talonstrike to appear with the young tom. 'It was entirely unexpected' he thought to himself. A soft brush of fur on his flank made him peer down at his daughter Morningkit. The young she-kit was rubbing her face into his fur and giving him an inquisitive look.

"Scourgeclaw, Is Mousefur going to leave us?" she asked softly.

"She will be training a future warrior for the Clan. She'll still come stay with you at night and the days she doesn't need to train her apprentice." Scourgeclaw meowed softly. Morningkit purred and nuzzled his pelt. Scourgeclaw purred back and nuzzled her. She purred once more than raced back over to tackle Smokekit to the ground. Brindleface purred softly as she watched the two tumble around together.

"I think they'll be alright," meowed Brindleface softly, her face took on a more concerned look. "Will you be okay?" Scourgeclaw remained silent.

"Until he has earned his warrior name this apprentice will be known as Thornpaw." Bluestar turned her piercing blue gaze at the dusky brown queen as she made her way over to the young apprentice.

"Mousefur, you have told me that you are ready to take on an apprentice," she meowed sternly her eyes narrowing. "You have proven yourself to be a brave and intelligent warrior. May you pass on all that you have learned to this young apprentice," Mousefur nodded and touched her nose to Thornpaw's and the two moved off to the edge of the clearing. Some of the cats murmured in surprise by the choice of mentor. Scourgeclaw remained silent watching his former mate lead her apprentice to the edge of the clearing. He could see Fireheart watching him out of the corner of his eye, but refused to look his way. He kept a neutral look upon his face as he waited for the ceremony to finish.

Bluestar then turned her attention to the young ginger and white kitten that sat patiently awaiting her turn.

"From this moment on until she has earned her warrior name this apprentice will be known as Brightpaw. " Bluestar fixed her eyes on the large white form of Whitestorm. "Whitestorm now that Sandstorm has become a warrior you are free to take on another apprentice. You are a warrior of great skill and experience, may you pass on all you know to this apprentice." Whitestorm dipped his head to Bluestar than touched noses with Brightpaw before leading her off to sit beside her brother and Mousefur.

"Thornpaw, Brightpaw, Thornpaw, Brightpaw." The Clan cheered and then stood to congratulate the apprentices. Fireheart approached Scourgeclaw just as he was making his way over to congratulate the apprentices and their new mentors. The scent of fox-dug hit his nose suddenly and he almost recoiled when he discovered it was coming from his brother.

"What in the world have you been doing?" Scourgeclaw hissed under his breath "You smell like you're close to death!" Fireheart had the decency to look somewhat embarrassed.

"It's nothing really, it was an accident, I slipped and fell in a pile. " Fireheart grumbled under his breath.

"Fell? It smells like you rolled in it for hours. "Scourgeclaw sniffed in disgust. "On second thought I don't want to know what you've been doing."

"Do you know why Mousefur's becoming a mentor?" Fireheart asked curiously.

"It is because she wished to be a mentor that is all I know." He replied. "Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to congratulate her and the other apprentices." He moved of leaving his brother looking after him in curiosity.

Scourgeclaw came into the camp with a few small skinny mice in his jaws. Talonstrike was with him carrying a brambling. It was a meager catch but it would still feed some cats. As they entered the camp. Scourgeclaw caught sight of Fireheart leaving Bluestar's den looking forlorn as exited. Scourge was about to question his brother when something else caught his attention.

"Take that traitor," hissed a voice, Scorugeclaw looked and saw it was Cloudkit and he was attacking Brokentail along with Smokekit. He noticed that Darkstripe, who was on guard duty was doing anything to stop the kits and was actually watching them harass the blinded former ShadowClan leader in amusement. Scourgeclaw watched as Cloudkit started to gnaw at Brokentail's tail. Brokentail made to swat him away, when Darkstripe leaped to his feet hissing menacingly.

"Touch that kit, and I'll flay your skin into strips!" He growled. Scourgeclaw headed over to them and snatched up Cloudkit just as Fireheart bounded over and hissed at Smokekit to go back to his mother. Scourgeclaw growled angrily as he held Cloudkit by his scruff.

"Ow Stop, Scourgeclaw you hurting me!" Cloudkit wailed, and Scourgeclaw dropped him into the snow and glared angrily at him, before he could speak, Darkstripe padded up to stand beside Cloudkit.

"Leave the kit alone, he wasn't doing any harm,"

"Stay out of this Darkstripe," Scourgeclaw growled as he narrowed his eyes into icy slits. Darkstripe sniffed and shouldered past him to head back over to Brokentail hissing 'Kittypet' under his breath. It took all of Scourgeclaw's self-control not to rake his claws through his dark tabby fur. He stared back down at Cloudkit.

"I expected better of you Cloudkit," he looked him in his bright blue eyes. "You've disappointed me greatly, what would your mother think if she knew you had done something like this?" Cloudkit glared up at him defiantly.

"Mousefur doesn't care at all that's why she never spends time with us anymore." Cloudkit huffed, "Nightkit and Morningkit might not realize it but I do." Scourgeclaw closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He looked at Fireheart, who had been silently watching the exchange, he nodded to Scourgeclaw in answer to his unspoken question. Scourgeclaw looked down at Cloudkit and brushed his tail over his ears.

"Come with me, there is something I must tell you." Scourgeclaw meowed heading for the entrance. Cloudkit looked after him in shock and surprise.

"Your letting me leave camp with you?" he asked wide eyed and excited, he could barely keep his paws still "I won't get in trouble, will I?" Scourgeclaw shook his head.

"No you won't, As long as you stay with me" Scourgeclaw meowed, "Now are you coming or not?" Cloudkit bounded after him, making sure to stay close to Scourgeclaw.

The came to a small clearing not too far from the camp, Scourgeclaw sat down and looked at Cloudkit with a slightly nervous feeling overtaking him but he knew this conversation could no longer wait.

"Cloudkit did you hear what Darkstripe called me earlier?" he asked patiently, Cloudkit nodded looking confused.

"Yeah he called you a kittypet," Cloudkit meowed making a confused face. "What's a kittypet?" Scourgeclaw kept his face as neutral as possible. Trying to think of the best way to explain it to Cloudkit.

"It's a cat who lives with twolegs in their nest." He meowed at last, Cloudkit seemed even more confused.

"But you don't live with twolegs,"

"But I use to, and so did Fireheart and Mossflower," he explained to Cloudkit. Cloudkit's eyes widened in surprise, he seemed to be looking at Scourgeclaw with new eyes.

"So I'm half-kittypet?" Cloudkit asked thinking it over. Scourgeclaw sighed and closed his eyes and slowly shook his head.

"No you aren't half-kittypet you are a full kittypet, just like I am" Scourgeclaw told him as he reopened his eyes to look directly into Cloudkit's, Cloudkit looked at him in horror.

"You mean Nightkit, Morn-" Scourgeclaw interrupted him before he could finish.

"No Nightkit and Morningkit are only half-kittypet, you are the only one who is a full kittypet." Cloudkit stared up at him, looking confused and a little hurt.

"You mean I'm not their brother and you and Mousefur aren't my parents?" Scourgeclaw nodded solemnly.

"You are my nephew, your real mother is mine and Fireheart's sister Princess, and it was her desire that you become a warrior, just like us. She helped Mousefur give birth to Nightkit and Morningkit and before we left back for camp she gave you to us and asked myself and Mousefur to raise you into a loyal and proud warrior of ThunderClan." Scourgeclaw paused slightly to make sure Cloudkit had understood what he was telling him before he continued. "She loves you with all her heart, but she herself did not have it in her to be a warrior, this is why Mousefur had been caring for you up until this point."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" 'I just did' Scourgeclaw thought to himself.

"I had always planned to tell you, but the time was never right." Scourgeclaw confessed, "I had hoped that Mousefur would have told you, but I know now she didn't.

"Who else knows?"

"Only Fireheart and Mousefur, It was secret kept between us" Scourgeclaw told him with clear eyes." Cloudkit fluffed out his pelt looking forward with determination.

"I will become the best warrior ThunderClan has ever seen," he vowed strongly "No cat will ever question my loyalty or care what blood moves through my veins. I'll make my mother proud."Scourgeclaw felt the warm glow of pride as he listened to his nephew's vow.

"I'm sure she will be, when your older I'll take you to see her if you'd like?" Cloudkit looked at him a moment than nodded.

"I would like that." Scourgeclaw nodded stiffly, keeping his face carefully blank of emotion. For a moment there was silence between them.

Let's head back now, I'm sure Mossflower and Brindleface are worried sick." Scourgeclaw spoke suddenly. Cloudkit nodded and slowly rose to his feet and began to follow after Scourgeclaw.


"Yes Scourgeclaw?

"I just want to remind you that I am your kin, and I care for you as any father would, you will always be my son." Scourgeclaw meowed without facing him. Cloudkit bounded forward until he was walking side by side with Scourgeclaw.

"Thank You,"

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