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Chapter 25

Scourgeclaw was padding through the forest, he was lost deep in his thoughts about the twolegplace and his plans for his cats. He had made many changes to his plans before and once more had to change another. The previous day he had let Cloudkit join him in the forest and told him the truth of his birth. As they made their way back to ThunderClan it was the very first time he had wondered what would become of his kits if he executed his plan and he didn't like the answer that came to him.

"What are you doing out here all alone?" asked a voice. Scourgeclaw looked around felt a bit of snow land upon his head. He shook it off and looked upward. Talonstrike was lounging on the branch of an oak tree watching him with amusement.

"What are you doing up there?" Scourgeclaw countered. Talonstrike cocked his head to the side.

"I asked you first." Talonstrike retorted with a coy look on his face. Scourgeclaw briefly wondered if he could leap high enough to knock the dark brown tabby off of the branch.

Suddenly he was shaken from his thoughts by the wailing of a kit. Both Talonstrike and Scourgeclaw froze listening thoughtfully. Scourgeclaw listened carefully and realized he knew that voice. 'Cloudkit' he thought as he took off in the direction of the sound. He heard the sound of snow crunching as Talonstrike leaped from his branch and followed after him. As they closed in on the direction of the voice, Scourgeclaw heard it call out once more.

"Fireheart Help me," wailed Cloudkit. Scourgeclaw put on a burst of speed knowing his brother was also close by. When they reached the hollow. They saw Fireheart, Sandstorm and Brackenpaw fighting with a badger. Scourgeclaw raced down the slope and leaped forward catching its forepaw in his jaws before it could land a blow on Sandstorm. Talonstrike caught the badger's ear in his jaws and raked his hind legs along the back of the burly creature keeping it from biting Scourgeclaw. Sandstorm sank her teeth into the hind leg of the badger.

The badger growled and twisted dislodging them from its body. Drops of Scarlet blood stained the snow on the ground as the beast began to back away. Fireheart, Sandstorm, Scourgeclaw and Talonstrike advanced on the creature until it turned and lumbered away. Scourgeclaw looked around for Cloudkit and spotted him wedged between to rocks.

"Are you alright?" he asked him with a sharp eye. Cloudkit nodded shakily, "What were you doing out here by yourself?"

"I was with Brindleface and Mossflower they had taken all of us out of camp. I had been playing for a little while when I lost track of them so I decided to look for you or Fireheart…but then I ran into the badger." he mewled he was shaking a little. Fireheart moved to comfort him when Sandstorm told him to take a look at Brackenpaw's hind leg. Scourgeclaw stepped forward and wrapped his tail around his nephew.

"We should head back to camp," meowed Fireheart, as he helped Brackenpaw stand. Scourgeclaw meowed an agreement and nudged Cloudkit to his paws. The group warily made their way towards the camp listening closely for any sign of badgers.

"You were pretty brave Talonstrike, "Sandstorm meowed nudging the dark tabby warrior. Talonstrike licked his chest fur briskly.

"It was nothing," Talonstrike purred, "I've tangled with dogs bigger than that thing," He gently brushed his fur against the pale ginger she-cat. Scourgeclaw noticed Fireheart's claws flex a little when he saw the interaction, and had to force his face to stay neutral. He walked up next to Talonstrike keeping his eye on Cloudkit.

"Thanks for saving me from a nasty bite," murmured Scourgeclaw, "Wish I could save you from yours," He meowed glancing at Fireheart again. Talonstrike gave him a devious look and murmured softly "Oh you won't have to I promise."

As they reach the ravine, Brindleface and Mossflower came racing out of the camp entrance headed straight for Cloudkit. They smothered him with anxious licks and questions wondering where he had gone. Firestar and Sandstorm helped Brackenpaw through the tunnel so that he could get his wounds treated in the Medicine cat den. Tigerstar made his way over to the group looking very irate.

"Causing trouble again? I thought you were warned about wandering off?" He growled angrily glaring at Cloudkit. Scourgeclaw's own glare was icy and it matched his voice as he growled back at Tigerclaw.

"He was attacked by a badger and we rescued him." Hissed Scourgeclaw, his tail angrily lashing from side to side. "And he didn't wander off."

"Oh? Then how is it that he was the only one missing?" Tigerclaw meowed darkly at Scourgeclaw giving him a harsh stare. "I find that very convenient considering this the third time the Clan has had to search for him do to his reckless behavior." Scourgeclaw narrowed his eyes.

"What do you mean the third time?" Tigerclaw gave him an amused glance,

"Did no one tell you? I would have thought Mousefur would have told you how Cloudkit rounded up several of the kits and had them chasing after our patrol so they could join us when we went to stop RiverClan and ShadowClan from driving out WindClan." Tigerclaw sneered. Scourge flattened his ears in anger and annoyance. He glared heatedly at the dark tabby warrior. 'Why had I not heard anything of this? Is he lying?' But Scourgeclaw could see from slightly guilty look Mossflower wore on her face, as he glanced over at her, that it was true.

"He needs to start taking some responsibility obviously the queens aren't doing a good job of disciplining him, If wants to act like an apprentice so bad then I'll treat him like one." Tigerclaw growled lowly, turning his gaze onto Cloudkit. "You are to take care of the elders; clean their bedding, get them fresh-kill and pick off their ticks."

"He's only a kit," spoke Talonstrike lowly, letting his own amber stare reach Tigerclaw's. Tigerclaw glared heavily at the tom.

"I don't care, he needs to learn responsibility and to think before he runs off on an adventure." Tigerclaw responded with a slight sneer, "This doesn't concern you kittypet," Talonstrike seemed to fight down a growl and began to flex his claws as the fur along his spine slowly began to rise. Mossflower touched Talonstrikes flank with her tail, giving him a look that said 'It's not worth it.'Talonstrike begrudgingly stood down his claws sheathing themselves. He glared venomously at Tigerclaw but the other dark tabby had returned to gaze over Cloudkit.

"We'll are you going to just sit there or get moving?" Tigerclaw hissed at Cloudkit. Cloudkit glared back at the dark tabby deputy for a moment longer, before charging toward the tunnel with an angry huff. Brindleface chased after him looking distressed. Tigerclaw turned his stare on Scourgeclaw.

"I suggest you keep your kits in order," Tigerstar growled heavily as he glared at Scourgeclaw. Scourgeclaw kept his face neutral as his cold stare grew icier the longer he stared at Tigerclaw. Mossflower stepped forward and nudge Scourgeclaw gently on his shoulder.

"Come on Scourgeclaw, let's go check on Brackenpaw and your kits," she murmured softly in his ear. Scourgeclaw gave her a discrete nod to show he had heard her and followed her as she lead the way back into camp. Once they made their way through the tunnel, Scourgeclaw headed for the nursery, more than likely to check on Morningkit and Nightkit. Talonstrike followed quickly behind him. Mossflower started to follow him the paused deciding instead to go check on Brackenpaw, and Fireheart. She knew they had both been fighting the badger as well she wanted to check on their health. When she entered Yellowfang's den, she found Fireheart in there looking a little irate.

"What happened?" Asked Mossflower quietly. Fireheart glanced at her a moment than sighed

"Darkstripe and I got in an argument is all, nothing to worry about," he told her gently. "Cloudkit was in here not too long ago. He said something about needing to treat the elders' ticks?" Mossflower hissed in anger at the thought of CLoudkit's punishment.

"Tigerclaw has decided to punish Cloudkit by making him care for the elders," she wanted to claw the dark tabby's eyes clear out of his skull.

"I figured he had something to do with it," Fireheart hissed quietly, "Where's Scourgeclaw?"

"The nursery checking on Nightkit and Morningkit," she murmured softyly.

"I'm sure he wasn't thrilled with Tigerclaw's punishment either?" Mossflower snorted,

"What do you think?" Fireheart gave a tired shake of his head. "I think I'll go and check on Cloudkit for him." Mossflower purred softly in agreement.

"Yes do that, I'm sure Cloudkit wouldn't mind your help." Fireheart nodded and charged out of the medicine den. Mossflower turned her attention to Brackenpaw.

"Are you okay Brackenpaw?" Mossflower asked softly looking over his wounds. Brackenpaw nodded gently from his spot in his nest.

"Yes I'm fine, it wasn't too bad," Yellowfang snorted

"If he and struck any harder you'd be sharing the den with Cinderpaw." Yellowfang retorted. Mossflower rolled her eyes in response.

"But he's okay right?"

"Of course he is, does he look like he's dying of anything other than boredom?" Yellowfang retorted with a flick of her tail. Mossflower held her paw and lowered her head as a sign of surrender before turning her attention back to Brackenpaw.

"I'll let Frostfur know you're alright," she purred softly. Brackenpaw thanked her and lied down getting comfortable in his nest.

Mossflower started to head back to the nursery, but decided that since Scourgeclaw, Talonstrike and Brindleface were more than likely in there that she could use a quick stretch of her legs. She headed out the tunnel and briskly went for a quick hunt.

She had caught a two mice and was on her way back to camp when she spotted the fiery pelt of Fireheart. She briefly wondered what he was doing away from camp. She headed over in his direction.

"Hey Fireheart," she hissed around her prey, Fireheart stiffened for a fraction of a second before he relaxed. HE whipped around to face her.

"What are you doing out here?" he hissed quietly, quickly glancing back behind him.

"I could as you the same thing I thought you were helping Cloudkit?" she asked his suspiciously. Fireheart nodded slowly

"I was but I-I" Fireheart hesitated for a moment before speaking again.

"I was following Tigerclaw," Mossflower blinked slowly,

"You were following Tigerclaw?" she echoed.

"Yes I'm glad I caught that mouse, or he would have caught me for sure." Mossflower looked at him in alarm.

"What do you mean?" she asked at first her eyes widening in disbelief. "Why were you following him?"

"Yes he was acting suspicious," Fireheart murmured softly. "I wanted to see where he was going." Mossflower fought not to roll her eyes.

"Okay well did you find out anything?"

"Well he head for the twolegplace and I don't know exactly what happened, because I stopped to hunt, but when I caught up with him I actually ran into him." Fireheart meowed with a swish of his tail.

"He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was hunting so he wouldn't think I was following him." 'You were following him,' Mossflower thought to herself, " He didn't believe me at first, until I showed him the mouse I had caught. " Mossflower looked around

"Where is your mouse?"

"Tigerclaw took it back to camp, anyway I continued following Tigerclaw's scent and I caught the scent of some rogues." Mossflower stiffened.

"How many?"

"I'm not sure, really" Fireheart admitted but I definitely scented Tigerclaw with their scent."

"What exactly do you think he's been doing?" Fireheart shrugged.

"I don't know really." Mossflower sighed a little in exasperation.

"Did Tigerclaw mention the rogues at all when he ran into you?" she asked patiently.

"No he didn't say anything, that's why I was surprised to catch his scent among theirs. Mossflower sighed gently.

"I swear the two of you and Tigerclaw will probably be the death of me one day." Mossflower grumbled a little. Fireheart's ears pricked up in surprise.

"What do you mean by that? I'm the only one looking in on Tigerclaw, Graystripe hasn't been helping me."

"I meant you and Scourgeclaw," Fireheart still seemed confused.

"I don't understand though, Scourgeclaw hasn't been doing anything either…wait has Scourgeclaw been spying on Tigerclaw?" Fireheart asked suspiciously.

"No…at least not recently…I would hope not." Mossflower sighed, as she thought back to several of their conversations with Scorugeclaw regarding Tigerclaw.

"But why? What reason does Scourgeclaw have to be suspicious?" asked Fireheart, quietly looking around a little. "Why did he believe me when I told him about Ravenpaw? Why did Bluestar accuse Scourgeclaw of putting me up to finding the truth about Tigerclaw?" Mossflower looked at him in surprise after that.

"What do you mean?" she asked nonchalantly

"Why did he readily believe me about Ravenpaw?" Fireheart asked confused by her question. Mossflower shook her head quickly.

"No, I mean what did you mean about Bluestar?" Fireheart shifted on his paws nervously but spoke up quietly.

"I told Bluestar about Ravenpaw, the night of the gathering when Bluestar announced that WindClan should be found, she seemed to accept that he was gone. But when I tried to explain why he left, she accused Scourgeclaw of putting me up to speaking ill about Tigerclaw. She refused to even consider what I had told her and dismissed it as Ravenpaw being confused." Fireheart paused and seemed to gather his thoughts almost as if he was trying to judge whether to tell Mossflower all that he had discovered recently. " I didn't think Ravenpaw was confused but I had to confirm his story, so that night at the gathering when we snuck away, We went to see Ravenpaw, we confirmed his story and retold it the exact way I remember overhearing it."

"So that's what happened," Mossflower meowed shaking her head and giving a disapproving look.

"Yes, I admit we shouldn't have eaten those mice that Ravenpaw and Barley offered us, but at the time…" Fireheart looked sheepish, and a little guilty. "I did feel bad though, and felt that spending the day hunting was a fitting punishment."

"Well as long as you feel some remorse." Mossflower meowed softly.

"Anyway, I knew it wasn't enough since Ravenpaw's story hadn't been enough to convince Bluestar the first time. There was also something strange about the story." Mossflower's blinked quickly in surprise.

"Strange how?"

"Ravenpaw mentioned that during the battle Redtail had tried to attack a RiverClan warrior named Stornefur, but Oakheart had stopped him and had declared that no ThunderClan cat was to harm him." 'Stonefur? That Stonerfur?' Mossflower thought about the RiverClan tom she had met. 'Why would he say that?'

"Why would he say something like that?" she asked curiously. Fireheart started to look even more nervous, and seemed to question whether he should speak or not. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"I'll tell you but you can't tell anyone else about this."Fireheart meowed with a serious stare. "It is that important no one is allowed to know.

"I promise to keep it a secret, but tell me what's wrong?" she meowed anxiously, she was a little too shocked about what Fireheart had been up to recently but she was determined to find out what was going on.

"Graystripe and I snuck into RiverClan territory to speak to a RiverClan warrior." Mossflower's jaw dropped in shock

"Are you out of your mind?" she hissed furiously at him. "What would possess you to do something so foolish?"

"Graystripe has being seeing the RiverClan warrior Silverstream." Fireheart murmured. Mossflower's eyes widened in surprise.

"What do you mean…" she trailed off her eyes widening. "You mean they're mates?" Fireheart nodded in confirmation.

"Yeah he's been sneaking off to see her all the time, that's why we were fighting a while ago." Fireheart explained briefly. "But anyway Silverstream agreed to help us and brought her friend Mistyfoot to talk to us."

"This just gets better and better." Mossflower grumbled sarcastically. "Let me guess she's been covering for Silverstream?"

"Maybe not as much as she would need to be, since Mistyfoot is a queen with kits of her own that she's caring for." Mossflower nodded her head in understanding. "Mistyfoot as it turns out is Stonefur's sister and both of them were present for that battle. Mistyfoot had no idea why Oakheart said he did about Stonefur to Redtail, but she was able to confirm that Oakheart died from a rock fall and not Tigerclaw."

"Wait so Oakheart was killed by a rock slide?" she asked surprised, Fireheart nodded in response. 'That can only mean that Tigerclaw killed Redtail' she thought grimly.

"Yes, and it gets stranger from there, Mistyfoot told me that there was one other cat who might know why Oakheart had said what he did." Fireheart spoke carefully, "She told me the cat was her mother Graypool, and we set a way for us to meet. I met with her and she told me that Mistyfoot and Stonefur were ThunderClan kits that Oakheart had found and had brought to RiverClan." Mossflower stiffened and once again was suffering from a bout of shock, and confusion.

"He found them?" she asked with wistful stare. Fireheart nodded,

"Yes she said that it had be a cold leaf-bare and Oakheart had said that he had found them. She said that she could recognize the ThunderClan scent on their fur…Mossflower what's wrong?" Fireheart asked with a worried expression. Mossflower was trembling and staring ahead blankly. Fireheart began to nudge her repeatedly and meowed anxiously in her ears, until her eyes once more looked lucid. "Are you okay?" he asked again.

"I-I'm not sure," Mossflower whispered softly. "Did you tell Bluestar this?"

"Yes, Bluestar wasn't happy at all, she was furious when I told her what Graypool had said, though I didn't tell her Mistyfoot and Stonefur's names."

"That's because she already knows their names." Fireheart looked up in surprise.

"How do you know that?"

"Because they're my littermates."

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