The smell of smoke and ash made poor Cayden choke but that wasn't the worst part. He passed out without any memory of what has happened in the last few hours. All he could remember was arriving to the outer rim to protect the governor of some neutral system.

Cayden's whole body felt stiff and broken as if he was just hit by a bantha. He struggled to open his eyes but when he finally got them open all he saw was that the present room he was in was on fire. Still on fire from what he could remember. Oh yes, now everything was coming back, he was at the governor's private country home when a mysterious mercenary set the house on fire and he got beat up by the fire starter, who by the way, was not that bad in a fight.

He tried to sit up when he discovered that was an issue. He looked down his left side to see a pretty good sized wound and stang, did it hurt. The second time, he succeed in getting up and got a better look of the room and realized he was in the living room. Then he heard a commotion coming from down the hall. Cayden started limping towards the hall which leads to a door that would lead him outside.

When he stepped out, the fresh evening breeze brushed against him, making him shiver. He walked away from the burning home and towards the tree line just in front of him. But he stopped when he heard a scream, Cayden turned to see the mercenary lying on the patch of grass and his master standing over him to what looked to be the governor's daughter on his shoulder and the governor himself standing next to him.

Cayden limped his way back to his master but stopped when the house gave off one last explosion sending not only himself but also his master, the governor and his daughter in different directions. Cayden lay on the grass gasping for air. When his stomach spasmed he turned on his side to see the house in ruins, his master helping the governor up and no sight of the mercenary, anywhere. That's odd, thought Cayden.

Cayden sat up and saw the governor's glorious daughter, who by the way looked to be wounded and covered with ash. Suddenly his master saw him sitting in pain on the grass. He ran over to Cayden.

"Cayden, are you alright?" asked his master, placing a hand on his right shoulder.

"Sort of," said Cayden wincing from how much it hurt just to talk. "I'll be fine, Master Jac."

Master Jac didn't think so. He aided his padawan to the grassy surface and laid my flat on his back. Once he did that he noticed Cayden's wound and immediately started to keep it pressurized. Cayden screamed in agony and his master gave him a reassuring smile.

"Is he alright?" asked a croaked voice. It was the governor who was covered in ash and dirt.

"No, he is losing blood. Fast," said Master Jac.

"I'll call for help," said the governor as he stood and pulled a comm link from his shirt pocket. As the governor did that Cayden felt himself descending into darkness.

When the governor returned to his side all he heard was," Hang in there, son. Help is on the way." Then all went black.

Cayden felt a bright light behind his closed eyes that made him wince. He also noticed he was lying on a soft cot of some sort and smelled something pleasant. Cayden got his eyes to open and realized, once his vision came into focus, that he was in a med center and he was not alone. Across the room lay the beautiful daughter of the governor, Lia, and in a chair asleep next to her was the governor himself. Bourne was his name, thought Cayden. Then he noticed his own master talking to the med droid about something Cayden didn't really care about.

When his Master was finished he noticed Cayden looking at him. Jac smiled a small smile as he came to his padawan's side.

"How you feeling?" he asked in a soft tone.

"Alright. A little sore but alright," Cayden said not believing what his own voice sounded like right now.

"Good, now rest up we'll be leaving in a few days."

"We're going back to Corseuant?" he asked sounding excited.

"Yep," he said as he ruffled his padawan's hair. Then Cayden fell asleep.

Three days later…

Cayden was breathing in the fresh air of the planet one last time before they had to return to the Temple. It was a nice day, cool weather, slight breeze, and the distant smell of fresh flowers. It felt like heaven but turned to hell when he felt a sudden dangerous pulse through the force. He looked around trying to see what the termer could be. But all he caught sight of were the troops loading the ship and a bunch of boxes.

Suddenly he caught sight of a pair of electro binoculars sitting on a nearby crate. He forced them to his hand and brought them up to his eyes to scan the area. That's when he noticed a dark shape with reed writing on it and figure wearing all black with a pale white face. He continued to watch the man order around a pair of servant droids as they loaded the ship. The figure must have felt his gaze on him because he turned and was starring straight into Cayden's brown eyes.

Cayden dropped the binoculars and let them hit the wet grass. He stood there stunned silent then noticed three speeder bikes parked near a clone and an astromech droid. He ran and climbed onto one and zipped off in the direction of the man.

"Hey, come back!" shouted the clone.

Master Jac walked over to the clone and asked him," Have you seen Cayden anywhere?"

All the clone did was point in the direction in which Cayden taken off in. Jac found the wet binoculars and looked through them. That's when he say Cayden riding straight for a black ship that had a dark figure climb up the ramp. It was the mercenary from before! Master Jac gasped as his padawan climbed the ramp up into the ascending ship. The Jedi master dropped the binoculars and tried to contact Cayden through his comm.


"Master, I am truly sorry but…"he started to say when a door whooshed open in the back ground.

"How the heck did you get onto my ship punk?" asked a deep voice.

Then he heard the sound of a blaster and a ligthsaber, then a thud as if someone fell to the floor.

"I'm sorry…Master J…" was the last set of words his padawan said.

Then the line went dead. No one spoke, not even the clone. Only the droid let out a sad weep.