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Obi-wan chuckled as he watched Satine curse after tripping over one of her suitcases. Satine was returning home today and because Obi-wan's day has been free of all work, he offered to escort her to her ship. However she has been stressing out over something Obi-wan was completely oblivious to.

Satine looked up at him red faced and mad.

"Sorry," he said putting his hands up as if to surrender. "It's just you need to relax and stop stressing out or you really will hurt yourself."

She looked down at the floor she was sitting on. Obi-wan walked over and threw out a hand. Satine looked up and took it.

"You're right, I'm sorry," Satine said. "It's just… I'm expecting someone before we leave."


"Well I called upon a favor the Prime Minister to help me find…an old friend."

"And who is this old friend?"

Suddenly the door to her room opened, Obi-wan's eyes widened. He pulled Satine close to whisper.

"Who is she?" Obi-wan gestured to the girl in the doorway.

She whispered the name into his ear. He smiled.

"I love you," he said in a low voice.

"I know."

A trip to the prison wasn't on Obi-wan's to do list, but he and Satine had a really good reason. As a young clone guided the platform up to Taren's cell, Obi-wan took a quick glance over his shoulder at the young woman behind him and Satine. The lift stopped in front of Taren's cell.

"Lower the shields," Obi-wan ordered the clone, Hook.

The ray shield dropped and Obi-wan and Satine entered. Taren, who had been sitting on his bunk, noticed his brother's entrance.

"Obi-wan!" Taren said happily. "How have you been?"

"Good and Taren, Chancellor Palpatine has shortened your sentence on my behalf," Obi-wan said.

Taren gasped. "Thanks brother." They hugged.

"But we have another surprise for you," Satine said.

Taren pulled away from Obi-wan and looked past Satine to see a beautiful brunet wearing a long silk dark blue dress, her hair pulled back into a bun. His jaw dropped as she entered the cell and walked up to him.

"Hello Taren," said the gorgeous woman.

"You know my…" he paused then realized who she was. "Halla? Halla Régime, is that you?"

She nodded. "Hi Tare." She was close to tears.

Taren embraced her in his arms as tears ran down his face.

"How did you…" he started to ask as they pulled away.

"I asked my prime Minister to find her, turns out she was living on Mandalore," said Satine.

Taren's smile grew. "Oh Hally, I've missed you."

"As have I," Halla said.

"I've never stopped loving you," Taren said. "But I want to know, why did you leave?"

"My father got a new job on Corellia. I told him I didn't want to go, but said I had to. He said that I was forbidden from seeing or speaking to you. But that doesn't mean I never stopped loving you."

Satine leaned her head on Obi-wan's shoulder. Obi-wan put an arm around her.

"Halla, I love you too. And I've always wanted to ask you something but I knew your father would never approve," said Taren.

"Don't worry about it," Halla said. "Daddy died five years ago."

Taren smiled but still said. 'I'm sorry for your loss."

"Oh don't worry, my mother and I have hated him since he got that stupid job," Halla giggled.

Taren's smile grew then he got a tap on his shoulder. He looked over it to see Satine holding a small silver object between two fingers. Taren took it and mouthed 'Thank you.' He took two deep breaths then took Halla's hand.

"Halla Regim, my dear, I have loved you since we were fifteen years old," Taren got down on one knee. "I want to live the rest of my life with you, once I get out of prison that is." Halla giggled. "Will you marry me?"

A hand flew to Halla's mouth in pure surprise. She kept looking from Obi-wan to Satine to Taren then back. Halla was speechless.

"I… I don't know what to say to this," she said nervously. "But I love you so much and can't stand to live another day without you. So…" She paused. "Yes. Yes, yes I will."

Taren jumped up and slid the ring onto her finger then the two embraced into a loving kiss. Satine hugged Obi-wan out of pure happiness. Obi-wan returned it by swinging her around.

Suddenly the clone broke the moment.

"I'm sorry Master Jedi, but times up," he said, he sounded as if he had been crying.

"Alright Hook, thank you," Obi-wan said.

Halla and Taren enjoyed one more minute before she kissed her fiancé good-bye.

Once his brother, the Duchess and his future wife were gone, Taren lied down on his bunk smiling.

"Lights off. Go to bed prisoners," said a voice over the intercom.

The lights turned off in the cell but that night Taren-wan Kenobi slept well.

The end

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