What I thought would happen

Okay, this is what I thought when Garet asked "Hey, should we stop him?" when Ivan was reading your mind in Vault (after fighting the thieves). And a little more, y'know, to make it cute~

This can be a cute fluffy one-shot, or a very fluffy multi-chapter thing, but I really don't know, depends on what Ivan and Garet say while I play Golden Sun over (for the 8th time, might I say~)

Disclaimer: HAH I wish I owned Golden Sun; and I also wish I could buy the game, but no, we no GS2, not one, but two. Lame. Seriously. So yeah, I don't own.

Ivan closed his eyes and put his hand out between him and Isaac. Garet raised an eyebrow, and tapped his childhood friend's shoulder, gesturing him to lean towards him.

"Hey, should we stop him?" he asked, pointing to Ivan.

"Hm… I'll try…" Isaac said, thinking of ways to get the smaller boy's attention.

Isaac inhaled and put his hands on Ivan's shoulders. The wind adept opened his eyes in confusion, "What is it, I—"

He was interrupted by lips being pressed to his.

"That's not what I meant, Isaac!" Garet said, face-palming and grabbing Isaac's scarf.

"Oh, sorry, it was the first thing I thought of," Isaac said, turning back to face his fiery-haired friend. "Well, I stopped him from reading my mind."

"Augh…" Garet exhaled exaggeratedly.

"I-I…" Ivan started, his face flustered.

"Ah, anyway, we could just tell you about our quest; it's easier, wouldn't you say?" Isaac said, smiling.

"Y-yeah… sorry…" Ivan's head went down and he fiddled with his tunic.

"God, you're so cute!" the older blonde said, hugging the smaller boy. Garet flung his hands in the air and walked out of the room, almost falling down the crack in the floor.

"I-Isaac, please!" Ivan squirmed in the older boy's arms.

"What was that, Ivan?" Isaac asked, looking at him. "Is this uncomfortable?"

"W-well, n-not exceptionally, it is just… a tad awkward." He said, looking at his shoes, which seemed to be interesting to him at the moment.

"Ah, s-sorry," Isaac said, putting his hands up, chuckling. "Don't want to make you feel awkward."

"Issokay, anyway, I have to go now, I need to return to Master Hammet." Ivan said, smiling, walking over to the last red chest in the room. He opened it and pulled out the stolen Shaman's Rod. Ivan nodded to Isaac, a blush on his face, and left. Isaac nodded and left as well.

Garet was leaning against the wall adjacent to the ladder, and waited for his childhood friend. Never knew he was gay, but okay. Garet thought. Well, Ivan is kinda cute, definitely Isaac's type, if I didn't know any better. Ah, if only I could be match-maker. That's Jenna's job; she's a girl.

"You know, having such sexist thoughts isn't very nice; especially when they're about one of your close friends." Ivan said, giggling. He walked off out of Vault and didn't turn back to look at the fiery-headed male.

"The hell..?" Garet watched as his figure disappeared around the corner and pouted. "I hate it when my mind is being read…"

"I find the feeling tingly." Isaac said, making his friend turn to face him. "It's like his power tickles your brain or something. Anyway, we have to keep moving on."

"Right, right," Garet looked away. He smirked and began walking towards the exit of the village. "So... When were you going to tell me you played for the other team, Isaac~?"

"W-what?" the Venus adept's mouth dropped as he processed the question. "W-what do you—I—are you saying—"

"Relax, Isaac, not like I'm against homosexuals, just wondering."


Garet ruffled Isaac's hair and laughed. "Let's go, we might bump into the little 'cutie' again." He nudged his friend and laughed again at the blush forming on his face.

Isaac muttered under his breath, but Garet heard each word already.

"I hope we do…"