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Warnings: No exact warnings. No spoilers, nothing important. Only Ivan and Isaac fluff.

I've decided to make this a three-shot. Only three chapters. Including the first chapter. One chapter for each game. So yeah. I don't want to leave this fic unfinished, nor do I wish to continue writing for it!

So, onward with second installment! Now in the setting of GS2! This is at the Jupiter tower. Because that's probably the only part that I remember right now. I'm also going to dramatize it. Because they were way too calm about the situation. To me, at least.

"Isaac! Oh, gods, please…" Ivan cradled his leader's head. Isaac's eye lids were clenched in pain and he was gripping the now empty star pouch. "Hey, just look at me, Isaac. They'll come get us, don't worry."

Shit… when did Ivan get so blurry? Isaac licked his dry lips. He could taste blood from a gash in his lower lip. "I… Ivan, hey…"

"Oh, please don't talk, Isaac. You're in pain right now. Mia will get here soon, I promise!" Ivan spoke in a hushed tone. He was choking back tears. Of course he knew his friends would arrive soon to help, but seeing Isaac incredibly bloody like this still scared him. Ivan stroked the side of Isaac's sweaty and grimy face. It was a gentle act Isaac used with him whenever he had fainted during battle (which was a little too often) and they found a small secluded area to rest.

Isaac reached up to meet Ivan's gentle touch. He brought the small hand to his lips and kissed his palm. The salty sweat stung the open flesh on his cheek and lip, but he really didn't give a damn right now. He just needed to feel Ivan's skin.

"Hey, before I black out, will you kiss me?" Isaac smiled faintly, looking up at the young adept.

"W-what? Isaac, what are you saying?" Ivan blushed madly. "This isn't time to talk nonsense!"

"Well, you…" a groan of pain interrupted Isaac, "ah… you never initiate a kiss with me, not until you think I'm asleep…"

Ivan pulled his hand away, covering his blushing face. "I—you weren't asleep?"

"Pshhhh…" Isaac chuckled lazily, his vision getting blurrier by the minute. "Of course I wasn't… Having you next to me... I can't sleep lightly… Always have to make sure... You're there…"

Ivan bit his lip. He hesitantly leaned forward, brushing his lips across Isaac's. He started to pull back, but he pressed forward again, fully kissing his leader. Ivan took Isaac's hand and laced their fingers together. He licked at Isaac's bloody lip, affectionately, not expecting Isaac to open his mouth and capture his tongue. He mewled in surprise, but didn't pull away.

Their kiss escalated and heated up, tongues wrestling and teeth clacking, until Ivan pulled away for a fraction of a second. Isaac smiled and passed out, the pain too strong for him.

Ivan resumed cradling his leader's head. Tears pricked the edges of his eyes. He gasped as he heard hurried footsteps, and grabbed for his rapier. Oh, please be Mia, please be Garet!

Fortunately, it was and Ivan wanted to jump up and hug Mia and Garet both for coming to their rescue. But, of course, there was the ragged blonde on his lap he had to take into consideration.

"We're here!" Mia gasped. "Oh my!"

"Yikes, how long has he been out?" Garet asked.

"Just a few minutes. I tried to keep him awake as long as possible…" Ivan gently put Isaac's limp head into the healing hands of Mia, who immediately went to using her Psynergy.

"Thank god we arrived when we did. Karst and Agatio sure pulled a number on you guys." Garet said, helping Ivan up onto his feet. "How are you holding up, by the way?"

"Fine. I'm doing fine. Compared to Isaac, that is. He was defending me for a majority of the fight… Gods, if only I was stronger. He wouldn't have been this beat up if only I could hold my own in a fight…"

"Hey, don't beat yourself up about this. You did all you could, you're much more useful in other ways in a battle, you know." Garet pat his ally on the back. He continued the small gesture until he noticed a large stain of blood on Ivan's tunic. "Whoa, hombre, that's a lot of blood on your side. Are you sure you're not hurt?"

"What are you talking about? I'm just fine. This must be Isaac's blood." Ivan pulled at his tunic to look at the deep red, almost black, stain. It looked too wet to be someone else's blood and it was on his side, not his front, where Isaac had been resting.

"Oh, Gods! That's your blood, Ivan!" Garet lifted the adept's tunic to examine the wound. There was a large, gaping hole in Ivan's side; a flap of skin was barely hanging on. His skin was all discoloured and there were a large amount of contusions around the broken flesh. "How are you not passed out, Ivan?! You're losing too much blood!"

"What? I—I wasn't injured during the battle!" Ivan went to touch his wound, but Garet grabbed his hand and shoved it away.

"No, man, you are not touching that hole. Not until Mia looks at this." Garet turned to the Mercury adept. "How much longer is that going to take? Ivan needs some attention over here."

"I'm… just about done…" Mia said, trying not to break her concentration. "Ah…" she set her hands down at her sides. "Alright, he should wake up in a few minutes. Let me take a look at you, Ivan—Holy great mother of Gaia! What happened to you?!"

"I'm fine! I can't feel it, it's nothing!" Ivan protested. Mia's long fingers felt around his abdomen, around the surrounding area of the wound.

She ripped off a part of her long sleeve and cleaned up the massive amount of blood. Ivan did not wince at all. He was too busy looking over at Isaac's limp body.

Isaac moaned in pain, his muscles were sore. He rubbed his head and turned towards his friends. "H-hey, is Ivan okay? What's happened?"

Garet walked over and knelt down to Isaac's level. He's got a huge hole in his side and he keeps saying he can't feel it. Mia's working on him right now."

"W-what? Ivan was injured?!" Isaac shot up and jumped towards Mia and Ivan. Mia huffed and told him to stand back.

"I-Isaac! You're okay!" Ivan smiled. His eyes grew wide as he felt a rush of pain shoot up from his side. "Augh! Gods!"

"That was the slowest reaction I've ever seen." Garet said.

"I'm sorry if I'm hurting you, sweetie!" Mia said.

"Augh! It wasn't you…"Ivan said, curling forward but was forced to sit back up by Garet. "Ah… I was so worried about you, Isaac… I guess I didn't notice I was in pain until I saw you were fine…"

"Gods, Ivan…" He reached out to take his trembling hand. He kissed his palm and gave a reassuring squeeze. "It's alright now, I'm here with you."

"Stay like that, Ivan, stay calm. When you're stressed out, it makes it harder for me to heal you because you're resisting it." Mia said. Her hands were trembling from the overuse. Her Psynergy was slowly draining.

Ivan slowly shut his eyes and breathed in and out deeply. Maybe a little too deeply. His brain felt dizzy and like it was jumping down at the same time as turning left. He blacked out.

Waking up, Ivan found that he was in Isaac's arms in an Inn. On instinct, he shot up and jumped out of the bed. "The lighthouse! Oh Gods! Felix!" Isaac reached out for his arm and pulled him back onto the shared bed.

"Hey, hey, calm yourself, Ivan. We're just resting up at an inn. The whole situation has been taken care of. I don't think you remember, but you woke up after fainting on us and we confronted Felix and his group. We agreed to meet here." Isaac shushed the smaller boy. He stroked the back of his head, attempting (and succeeding) to calm him down.

Ivan relaxed and curled into Isaac's touch. We're safe now. Everything will be fine for now. We'll be fine. I'll be fine…

So… How'd you like it? I added a little more than I intended. Almost made a gosh-darned story out of it.

Alright, so a heads-up for the third and final chapter: It's going to get a little angsty up here. And angst is not my thing. Actually, when I read fanfiction, I look for fics that do not have the "Angst" or "Hurt/Comfort" tags on it. Ugh. I just hate feeling sad and sympathetic for fictional beings. I believe that fictional characters should get happy endings and endings that we, people in real-life, rarely receive. That's my feel-good drug: happy fanfiction! I'm looking for a resolution I know I'll never have for myself!

But anyway, this next chapter will have angst in it. Because we all know that Isaac and Ivan are put into a situation where none of us fan girls can ship them anymore without feeling bad about the third party. Unless you fan girls always right about pre-Dark Dawn Isaac and Ivan. I actually LOVE how Dark Dawn Isaac loves. I love his manly chin-strap beard. It's so cool and his trench coat is the 'cherry on top' for me!