All right, Captain Deadpool gave me the wonderful idea of creating a prequel, describing how Slade and Starfire started to begin with! I found it to be a fantastic idea, so here we go!

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"Oh Robin, the idea of an outing at the park was wondrous!" Starfire spun in place and beamed at Robin. He smiled back and blushed.

The Titans had decided to venture to the local park for some quality time, or as Beast Boy put it 'Robin and Starfire makeout time'. Their giant blanket was already splayed out across the grass, and Cyborg was currently grilling up hamburgers and, begrudingly, a tofu burger. Beast Boy was off to the side next to Raven, disturbing her reading. Needless to say, just a normal say with the Titans.

"It's nothing Star. I know how much you love it here." She nodded and plopped down on the blanket, grabbing his hand to pull him down next to her. She entwined her fingers with his and leaned against Robin, causing yet another blush overcome the boy wonder. He gently kissed the top of her head, reveling in the feeling of having her all to himself. He knew that he would never have to worry about her being unfaithful; he doubted the word was even in her dictionary. She giggled slightly and looked up at Robin.

"Robin, why do you seem to get flustered at our affections? We are what you earthlings call 'a couple'." He scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly.

"Heh, you know I'm not exactly good at feelings.." She smiled again, knowind all-too-well. She took the opportunity to give him a small kiss.

"Dude, ewww! Get a room, guys!" Beast Boy making a disgusted face at the couple and Raven rolled her eyes.

"Beast Boy, leave them be. Don't get mad just because you don't have anyone to do that with." She turned back to her book and Beast Boy gawked at her.

"Hey! I'm sure there are a bunch of girls that would want me! Uhm, hellooo, pointy ears?" Cyborg shook his head and grinned at the changeling.

"You keep tellin' yourself that, man." Robin sighed at his team mates antics and looked down at Starfire.

"Hey Star, wanna take a walk?" She sat up and nodded.

"That would be quite enjoyable." Both got up and started to walk away from their friends, whom were still in their own little arguments. Robin grabbed hold of Starfire's hand and swung it slightly, glancing at her every now and agian.

"So, how are you?" She looked over and him, giving his hand a squeeze.

"I am very well, Robin. I also see you are becoming more of the 'affectionate' now that we are alone." She giggled and he smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah, I guess. You know how Cyborg and Beast Boy can be, though.." She nodded and leaned into him.

"Yes, of course." She gave him a soft peck on the cheek and then instead of moving away, moved close to his lips, wanting him to initiate it. He didn't dissapoint as his lips covered over hers in a sweet kiss. He gently pulled her closer, when all of the sudden his pants vibrated. There was an awkward pause, but then Robin remembered it was his communicator. He smiled and shook his head and opened the device.

"Cyborg, report." Cyborg appeared on the tiny screen. Starfire looked over Robin's shoulder to look at her friend as well, to see what the trouble was. Cyborg's face was grim.

"It's Slade." Starfire looked over at Robin, silently fearing his reaction. His lips were set in a straight line and there was a crease at his brow. He dropped Starfire's hand.

"We're on our way. Send the coordinates of the location." He shut the communicator and started to follow the directions.

"C'mon Starfire, no time to waste." She sighed and followed closely behind him, knowing the day was ruined.

Slade paced around his hideout, knowing fully well that the Titans should come sprinting in at any time. He counted on it. He had recently been working on a certain 'project' of his, one last project to make an impression on Jump City, and he needed Robin to do it. No, he didn't want an apprentice, more so someone with certain detective skills. Just as he had suspected, Robin bursted through the doors.

"Titan's go!" The other four went into different positions, ready to attack. Slade simply held up a hand.

"I don't wish to fight, boy. I just wish to converse about an important matter." Robin growled.

"What are you planning?" Slade made his way to stand in front of the boy wonder, his height causing him to tower over him. Slade had always loved tormenting Robin; his reactions did not dissapoint.

"It's not a matter of what I'm planning, but who I need to help me plan." He stared down at Robin, who again growled.

"I'll never help you!" Slade smiled from behind his mask, starting to pace in front of the vigilante.

"This time you are correct in assuming I am planning to use you. All you need to do is cooperate and all will be well." Robin lunged at the man, whom stepped quickly out of the way.

"Now, now, Robin; do not get in over your head." Robin started breathing heavily, mostly out of anger.

"And how exactly do you expect to make me help you?" His hands were clenched at his sides, his nostrils flaring. Slade smirked behind his mask.

"I was hoping you'd ask that." He pulled out a detonator and activated it. At once, a mysterious gas filled the room, causing the Titans to cough and, seconds later, faint. Slade, whose mask had kept him from being affected, went over to one specific Titan and picked her up, making his way out of the room.

Robin awoke with a start, searching his surroundings. He took in all of the gears and the hard floor and the recent events came fresh in his memory. He quickly sat up and looked around at the other Titans, who were also slowly getting up. Cyborg groaned and rubbed his human eye, Beast Boy turned into a cat and stretched, and Raven rubbed her head. Robin's wild eyes quickly scanned them and then looked to the door.

"Slade got away! We need to get a lead!" He about jumped up when Cyborg grabbed his shouler.

"Uh, dude..? Notice anything?" Robin calmed momentarily and looked around. He didn't notice anything at first, but then wondered why Starfire wasn't the one comforting him. His eyes widened as he searched the room, to no avail. She was gone.

"Shit. All right, let's go back and track her and Slade down! Pronto!"

Starfire groaned and sat up, feeling a throbbing pain in her right arm. She blinked a few times and then looked around at the foreign environment.

"Well, look who's awake." Starfire's eyes widened, then slowly turned into a glare. Slade walked up in front of her. Starfire tried to get up to fight him, but she found that her arms and legs were shackled up to the floor. She tried to summon a starbolt, but to her misfortune, none came. She stared at her hands, confused.

"Ah, that. I simply used an anti-energetic agent to cancel out your powers. Your attempts will be futile. I have already sent a nice video message to the Titans of you being in my company." Starfire kept the glare on her face, but the apparent fear was creeping its way up. Slade walked up to her, noticing this.

"Don't worry dear girl, I'm not going to hurt you unless it's completely necessary. Just relax, you won't be going anywhere for sometime. I will keep you company." She growled.

"I do not wish for your company!" Slade said nothing and just sat down next to her, if only to agrivate her more.

Starfire had no idea what was to come.

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