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Starfire sighed to herself, waiting for Slade to come back. She would never admit it aloud, but she enjoyed his company. She did not have to be her usual happy self all the time; she could bring the act down just a little. Though she was missing her friends and - most of all - Robin, she was in no hurry to get out. Slade had not tried to hurt her or put her through any forms of torture, so why would it be so bad to stay a little longer? It wouldn't.

She repositioned herself so she was laying on her side and closed her eyes, trying to get some sleep before Slade arrived again. She had already decided she was going to share her story with him about the Citadel, mostly because she was sick of it being trapped inside of her and there was no way she could do it with her friends. She used her arm as a cushion as she slowly dosed off.

"Hello, Starfire." Starfire jumped slightly and opened her eyes, completely awake from her short-lived slumber. She sat up slowly, her legs still somewhat sideways, and looked at him.

"Hello Slade. What brings you to my holding area?" Slade simply walked over to her and sat down. He turned to her.

"I have told your friends that they only have so long before I kill you," Her eyes widened. "Please don't get the wrong idea; killing hostages isn't really my style." She nodded slowly, still not completely satisfied. Slade sighed.

"Have you been able to get any sleep while you were here?" He had no idea why he was being so nice. This was his enemy. Robin's girlfriend, none-the-less. Starfire shifted her gaze to him.

"I had a short period of slumber. Please, I wish to ask you something." He made a move telling her to continue, and Starfire swallowed a lump in her throat. How was she supposed to bring this up? Say, 'Slade, I would like to share my life story with you, even though none of my friends would even come close to knowing. I hope you approve of this'? She started to second guess herself, knowing what she was about to do was wrong. She felt as though she was betraying her friends. Betraying Robin. She then realized Slade was still staring at her expectantly, and she knew that there was no way out of this.

"Before..when you and I had conversed, you had told me you wished to know more about the Citadel," Slade nodded. "I-I wish to share my tale with you. If that is okay..I probably should not because my friends would be very angry at me; especially Robin! You most likely to not wish to know anyway, and do not want me to do the sharing and-" Slade held a hand up to Starfire's mouth.

"Please..continue on with your story. I will listen, if you wish." She nodded mutely and he took his hand away. She took in a deep breath and began her tale.

"I shall tell you this first: I am the princess of my planet. Therefor, I am to work for my people no matter how awful the task may be. When I was younger, about eleven or twelve earth years, my planet was in war with a race known at the Citadel. Also, I must tell you that Tamaran is a warrior planet, so the laws are much more..vulgar. Somehow, the Citadel knew all of our attack and defense patterns. This had led to our defeat rather quickly, and Tamaran had to make an alliance with the Citadel. They wished for a princess to be held as their captive in order to seal the treaty. My father had decided I would be the best choice for this position - since my sister, Komand'r, did not fit the physical requirements for such a task, and also she was not present for this exchange - and I was sent there almost immediately. I was, as you earthlings say, 'in the dark' about the whole situation.

Once I had arrived at the Citadel, I was immediately taken to my own quarters and chained in place. I soon found out, to my horror, that my sister was my master. I had been sold into slavery at the Citadel, so therefore she could make me do anything. If I did not do as she said, there was a great chance that my planet would pay for it. Komand'r had forced me into years of servitude in the most horrific manners, she had me brutally tortured," she shuddered, "and she had led other creatures in to sexually exploit me. I had tried to keep myself closed up mentally, but with what my sister was putting me through, my attempts had quickly failed. I was not allowed to leave the room at any point, no matter the reason. If I was to ever break free, the Citadel would promptly destroy my whole planet, and it would have been my fault entirely." At this point, Slade was captivated with the tale.

How could this completely happy girl have been through all of this. He doubted that any human had gone trough such things that this young girl had been through, yet there were so many depressed beings in the world. Seeing her everyday facade, he would have never expected more than a wonderful life she had come from; as if she had come to Earth for a vacation and decided she liked it so much, she would stay. This would have been the last thing for him to guess, if he could have thought it up at all. He never realized how impressive this girl really was until recently.

"In the later years of my slavery, one of my captors had attempted to rape me. He had succeeded in this task, and I was furious with this. I felt..violated and ashamed. I know-I know it was not my fault, but I cannot help but feel so. Hopefully this makes sense? After he had done this to me, I could not take anymore. I had..oh, I do not wish to tell. Though, I believe you will not completely frown upon it, it is still just so shameful." She took a deep breath. " I had..I had killed him. On my planet, this is not as frowned upon as it is here on Earth. But after my anger died down, I knew that I had to leave there at once. If any one of my captors had walked in then, there would have been immense repurcussions." She bit her lip as tears started to flow down her cheeks.

"I had fled the planet in an attempt to make all of the memories and my duties fade away. But, i knew that planet would pay dearly for what I had just done, and I could not help but feel guilty for putting myself first. My sister had soon found me after and planned to have me executed at punishment for what I had done. On the way back, the punishment was not what bothered me. It was the fact that my own sister," Starfire shook her head violently, letting a small sob escape. She was surprised to feel a hand on her back. "My own sister was the one to do this all to me. She had wanted me to be in pain, to die at her hands. She wanted to make sure it would be the slowest death anyone would have ever faced. Before we could attempt to make it back to the Citadel, a race of aliens had captured us." She took a deep breath and collected herself, sitting up straighter.

"I believe I have already told you my tale of the Psions. They had performed an experiment on both of us to see how much energy our Tamaranean bodies could hold before they would explode from the overload. Before these could have been completed, however, Komandr's armies had attacked the Psions in order to retrieve her. While the Psions were busy with this, I had escaped using my new-found powers - starbolts - and went to go save my sister, no matter the awful things she had done to me." Slade rose an eyebrow. Save her sister after all that? She had a bigger heart than he had realized, and he - along with everyone else - knew how big her heart was to begin with.

"But, as I should have expected, once we were safe from the Psions, my sister immediately had me taken by the Gordanian bounty hunters to take me back to the Citadel for my execution. While on this ship, I had escaped using one of the pods loaded below the main area, and directed it to the nearest planet. The planet had been Earth. Ever since then, this world has been my home." She concluded with a sigh, actually feeling better after getting it all off her chest. Who would have known she would take comfort from a known enemy?

Slade stared at her, completely at a loss for words. What could you say to a person after you know that they had been through all of that? He never was good at comforting people to begin with. He was afraid that he would say something that would only worsen the situation, it was just so delicate. He looked around him, now realizing how close he had gotten to the Tamaranean princess. He could almost feel her breath on his. He finally decided on taking off his mask, so he could show her the sympathy in his one eye. He was not worried about this removal, considering no one would have recognized him to begin with; he was just a face, no crazy past man in for any of the superheroes for revenge. Though, he most likely wouldn't have done it were it any other Titan in the place of this girl. She had no idea what she was doing to him. This just felt so..natural.

The mask clunked to the ground and Starfire stared up at him in utter surprise. Did he just take off his mask in front of her? Have they already gotten this close? Well, after her story, she had to admit that he now knew more about her than any of her friends did. This brought a wave of guilt over her, but not regret. No, she did not regret telling him her tale. This only made the guilt worse. She took in his features. He was quite handsome, with white hair (though he did not look too old, perhaps late thirties or early fourties?) and goatee, and an eye patch over his right eye socket. His eye was a chilling light blue, somewhat resembling ice.

"I'm sorry for all of that, Starfire. I am being truthful." She nodded slowly, still captivated by his features. She did not realize how close their faces were at this point, until his lips were upon hers.

He leaned against her, causing her to lay completely down on the floor. He wrapped his arms around her slim waist, pulling her closer. The kiss deepened and Slade ran his tongue against her lips, begging for access. She quickly obliged, battling his tongue with her own. She tried to wound her arms around him, but the restraints pulled her back. Slade pulled away from her and started to kiss down her jawline and neck, and then looked up at her.

"I will unlock your shackles if you promise me that you will not try and escape. You know what will happen if you do." She nodded quickly and then pulled at her restraints again, eager to get them off. Slade sighed and took out a pair of keys to unlock them. Secretly, he was worried she would try to escape and leave him. He could not allow that, so if he had to use force, he would. He slowly unlocked each chain. As soon as every one was off, she jumped on him, kissing him eagerly. He pulled her close as her arms were tightly wrapped around his neck, trying to taste as much of him as she could.

Slade started to reach his hand up her back and in the back of her midriff top, causing Starfire to sigh against him. As the kisses became more desperate, his hand had found its way to the side of the top, and finally to the front. As he carressed her breast, she intook a breath, breaking the kiss. She leaned into the crook of his neck, but was dissapointed to be leaning against metal. She pulled away from him, causing his hand to leave her shirt, and began to tug at his uniform. Nothing budged, and she looked at him for further instruction. Slade chuckled slightly and moved to sit up, undoing several pieces of his uniform until he was only clad in a white wifebeater and a pair of weatpants.

Starfire moved back on top of him, but he promptly pushed her off so he could get on top. His mouth found hers as his hand went back into her top. He took his hand out and straddled her, running his hand across the top part of her shirt. The metal was cool as he glided his fingers against it, trying to find something to unclasp it. Finally, he found a series of small indents and pressed into them, sliding them out of place. He ripped the plate off and threw it over to the side, making sure to keep track of where her clothing went. After all, they needed to quickly dress after this.

Starfire started to tug at Slade's wifebeater, but was stuck beneath Slade's body. He noticed her want and quickly pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it to the side. He leaned into her and took the hem of her shirt in his hands, gently tugging it upward. He pulled it off and was greated with a tan and black lacey gently cupped her and leaned back down to attack her mouth once again. She moaned softly against his mouth, reveling in his touch. Both felt so elated; so full of adrenaline. Neither cared of the feelings they would feel after this little escapade, knowing full well that one would feel regret and the other would be having mixed feelings.

Slade ran his hands to her back, arching her back into him, and he unclasped her bra. He threw it over by her other discarder clothing. He moved down her body and gently slid off her boots, exposing long golden legs. He intook a breath and ran his hand up her silky legs, reaching her thighs. He slowly drew his hand under her skirt, finding her panties. He slid them down her legs, pulling the black lacey pair to fall to the floor. He made his way back up her, leaning halfway against her as he drew a hand down and under her skirt. He gasped loudly as he thrusted a finger in her, wiggling around slightly. Her legs instinctively closed around his form, causing her to feel tighter around his finger. He put another finger in and pumped in and out, earning a loud moan from the alien.

"Slade..please.." He felt the fire rush full-force to his abdomen, making him shiver slightly. He took his fingers out of her and went to fully straddle her again. He removed her belt with ease, and inched down her skirt. Once it was competely off, he reveled at her completely exposed form. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen; her body a glistening gold, her ample curves perfectly porportioned. With her firey hair splaying around her and her relaxed features, she appeared to be an angel. Starfire felt his hardened member against her leg through the cloth of his pants, causing her to tug at the hem of them. Once he was brought out of his stupor from the tugging, he quickly wen to pull off his pants, moving to his knees to do so. He pulled down his boxers as well, more than eager to be inside of her.

He brought himself back on top of her, touching the tip of him to her opening, causing a throaty moan from the girl beneath him. She wriggled impatiently under him, silently asking him to hurry it up. He smirked and drew in a breath, just as excited as her. He gently thrusted himself inside of her, instantly feeling elated at the tightness. Starfire cried out and threw her head back, completely caught up in the pleasure. He started to thrust in and out of her, keeping a steady pace. Starfire's face contorted pleasantly with every thrust, and Slade grunted softly at the mere euphoria it brought. Starfire groaned.

"Please, harder.." He quickly obliged, even more turned on by her tone. He thrusted harder into her, bringing up the pace. Her throaty moans soon turned into screams as he went harder into her. He could tell she was close; he was too. He thrusted a few more times in her, and then felt her contract around him. Starfire had never felt so heavenly in that one moment, screaming and arching her back, her toes curled and body rigid. Slade soon came and let out a low moan, collapsing on top of her after. Both were breathing heavily, eyes closed, content.

Slade suddenly opened his eyes and got off of her, swiftly dressing. Starfire looked at him strangely, wondering about his sudden motives. He looked at her and pushed her over near the bonds, throwing her clothes in her lap.

"Dress." She stared at him in surprise, not quite sure what to do. One more look from him and she quickly threw on her clothes, rubbing her arms self-consciously. She was about to question him, when he took his keys out and roughly returned her bonds onto her. Starfire was confused and hurt, looking at him through curisous - and hurt - eyes. Once he was done bonding her, he looked at her and leaned in to give her a lingering kiss, before getting up and leaving the room. Her face relaxed, now understanding his attitude. He had to treat her like that; she was his captive. He could not afford to let down his guard. She sighed to herself, ready to take a small nap.

Once her eyes had closed, she heard a blow blast, blowing the door to her quarters straight off its hinges. Her eyes flew open and she sat up, looking for the cause of the explosion. She was met with four faces; her friends.

"Oh, my friends! You have come!" Robin ran up to her and took out the set of keys he took from Slade, and quickly undid her bonds. He pulled her up and into a hug.

"I'm so happy you're all right, Star." She pulled away and smiled, clasping her hands in front of her.

"Please, have you captured Slade?" Robin's face turned serious.

"No, he got away." He then turned soft. "But, I'm just happy you're okay." He pulled her into a sweet kiss, his arms loosely encircling her waist.

She knew she should be reveling in his passionate public action, she knew she shouldn't be thinking that Robin's kisses weren't nearly as fullfilling as Slade's, she knew she shouldn't be thinking about it being Slade instead of her boyfriend embracing her, she knew she should be feeling regret.

But, in all truth, she didn't.


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