Codename Kids Next Door

Operation: J.U.S.T.I.C.E.








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Inside the Sector V tree house, former Class President for Life, KND Arctic Prison and now fugitive of the Kids Next Door Jimmy Nixon stands in front of the tree house Sooper Computer, which is in the process of downloading unknown files into a floppy disk. By his side stands his former secretary and current girlfriend, Anna. The pair is flanked by a small team of Hall Monitors.

"Riddle me this my dear. What do you do when nothing in the Computer Lab is fast enough to hack into the KND database?" Jimmy asked.

Anna paused in mock thought for a few seconds, then answered. "I don't Jimmy. Would you... break into the nearest KND tree house and use theirs?"

"Correct as always my dear!" Jimmy replied jovily, while wrapping one arm around Anna. He opened his mouth to say more, but a blip on the computer screen caught his attention. "Now what do we have here?" he asked quietly.

Anna examined the screen closely, the glare from the monitor reflecting off her glasses and hiding her eyes. "Hoagie Gilligan A.K.A. Numbah 2 is headed this way." she reported.

Jimmy proccessed this information for several seconds. The download was almost complete. "Boys, prepare yourselves for Mister Gilligan's arrival." he spoke, causing the black suited Hall Monitors to head for the door. A few seconds after that, the disk popped out.

In the hallway leading to the computer room, a sleepy looking Numbah 2 is trudging down the path in search of the nearest bathroom. "That's it, no more chili dogs before bed." he muttered to himself. Suddenly, the doors to the computer room slid open.

Standing in the of the doorway was Jimmy, holding a ruler in a two handed grip in front of him, while the various Hall Monitors flanked him with weapons of there own. "Good evening Mister Gilligan. I hope y'all are prepared for the an after school special." he said menacingly.

"Jimmy! What the heck are you doing here?" Numbah 2 asked back.

"Just enforcing 9/10'ths of the ownership. GET HIM!" Jimmy replied, and the Hall Monitors charged forward. Now, Numbah 2 isn't the greatest fighter at the best of times, and considering he was half asleep when he came across this little caper, it is little surprise that he was quickly beaten to the floor.

To his surprise however, he was not beaten into a bloody pulp, as the entire group just ran right past him as soon as he had been knocked over. "HA! That's right, run away!" He then sprang into pursuit, but quickly became tired and sweaty. "I'm... just given you a...a head start." he sputtered before collapsing.

Meanwhile, a School Bus parked outside the tree house was blaring its horn over and over. In the driver's seat was Joe Balooka. "C'mon already, I don't have all night you know!"

Jimmy, Anna, and the Hall Monitors climbed in a few seconds later. "It's about time! I was gonna leave without you." the crooked Hall Monitor said while putting the bus in gear. "Do ya have it?" he asked as the yellow vehicle began rolling down the road.

"You betcha! Everything went just as planned." Jimmy replied in his slow Texas accent. Suddenly, what looked like a dune buggy made out of 2x4 tech smashed through the side of the tree house. Numbah 2 at the wheel.

"Just as planned huh?" Joe asked while raising an eyebrow. "Good thing we came prepared." he commented as two hall monitors began sliding boxes out from beneath the seats.

Meanwhile, Numbah 2 was doing his best to catch up with the bus. He had the faster vehicle, but Jimmy had a head start. Finally, he reached the rear of the vehicle and rammed it. "How do you like that Jimmy?" he asked cockily.

A few seconds after, the rear door opened to reveal a tripod mounter machine gun made out of vaccums being belt feed water balloons. Anna was operating it. "Uh-oh." Hoagie gulped as the makshift weapon opened fire. It took all of Numbah 2's piloting skills to avoid being hit. Finally, the First Lady got a lucky shot that blew one of the 2x4 buggy's front wheels off. One wheel short, Numbah 2 spun out, then smashed into the front of the school bus. Both vehicles flipped over, and finally came to a stop at the gates of the stuffed animal cemetery.

Hoagie was a little dazed, but caught a glimpse of three figures heading into the graveyard. After quickly noting that the Hall Monitor's were all unconscious, he pulled out a soda bottle pistol and heads into the cemetery.

Transmission interupted...