...Transmission re-established.

Three days after the final battle with Mandy, a massive ceremony was held on board a massive KND airship. All of the non-KND children who had helped were on stage, receiving medals of honor from Numbah 362 herself. "You have all proved yourselves to be kids of great courage and valor. Your ingenuity under fire serves as a shinning example to all children, made even more impressive by your lack of any formal training." the Soopreme Leader praised while placing medals on everyone. Once everyone had received their decorations, Numbah 1 stepped up.

"It has been both an honor and a privilage to work with all of you. I hope you will grant me that honor again, and accept a heartfelt invitation from us all to join the Kids Next Door and become operatives!" he said with pride leaking from his voice.

"Are you out of your BLEEP-ing mind! We're not gonna join you!" Stan replied simply.

"GREAT! All we need to do is assign you numbahs, and... did you just say no?" Numbah 1 began before his brain processed what he had said.

"We only came with you in the first place because Cartman blew up my house! Enough weird BLEEP happens to us already, so count us out!" Kyle answered as he and Stan walked off the stage.

Everyone was quiet. This had never happened before. "Uh... OK. What about you, Dexter?" he asked.

Dexter snorted at this. "Me, join you? Why would I lower myself to working with your inferior technology which you have to scrap together out of tin cans and soda bottles, when I have the world's most advanced la-bor-a-tory below my home!" Dexter replied. Then, his tone softened. "Still, it was excellent working with all of you."

"Yeah, same here. Going on missions wouldn't leave me with enough time to invent. Gotta blast!" added Jimmy Neutron as he flew away on his jet-pack.

"It sounds like fun, but I'm a little to close to the decommissioning age for comfort." Johnny Test cut in. "Can I stay for the party though?"

"I'm with flame head here. I've got my own problems with age-related mind wipes." Timmy Turner spoke up. "I will stay and celebrate though.

"Sorry KND, you're a good bunch of kids, but we'd like to keep our heroics a family business." Blossom said. "Still, if you're ever in Townsville, drop on by." she called back as she and her sisters flew off.

That just left Mac. "Listen, uh, that's really generous of you, but if I don't visit Foster's every day, Bloo will get adopted. I just don't see how it would work with all the traveling an operative does. It was nice of you to offer though."

The KND operative were stunned. Every last one had turned them down. This had never happened before, and no one knew what to do.

Numbah 1 looked over to Numbah 362. "Soooo, what happens now?" he asked. For once, the Soopreme Leader had no idea.

"We party?" Johnny suggested. Everyone cheered at this, and pretty soon, the celebration was in full swing.

(KND symbol)

Elsewhere, three operative had the un-enviable task of escorting the captured villains to the Arctic Prison. The 44 twins and Numbah 60 had just finished loading Mushi, Sandy, Jimmy, Ana, Heinrich, Cartman, (who is looking even more unhealthy then usual) Bling Bling Boy, Brainfreezer, Kyle, Princess Morebucks and Mandark into an extra-large prison transport.

"Ah man, I can't believe we have to transport prisoners to the Arctic Base while everyone else gets to party!" 44a complained.

"Hey, it was your idea to put those gummy worms in Numbah 65.3's soda!" 44b yelled back.

"No, it was your idea!"

"No, it was yours!"

"Will you two maggots BE QUIET!" Numbah 60 yelled at both of them. "The sooner these inmates are dropped off at the Arctic Prison, the sooner we can get to the par... what the hey is..."

Any further words from the drill Sergent were cut off by a laser blast that rocked the ship. "Boogie at 12 o'clock... wait now it's at 3 o'clock..." 44b reported.

"Wait, it's heading back towards 1 o'clock, we should have him in site at any second now!" 44a added.

"Who is that!" Numbah 60 asked. Their attacker appeared to be two people riding a flying mechanical dog. Before the operative could get a closer look, the attackers fired again, driving the vessel into the ground. A few minutes after the crash, a cutting laser sliced a hole in the door, and two people stepped through.

One was a short boy wearing a red shirt with an atom on it. His brown hair swirled upwards in a way that was popular in the 50's. His face was curved into a subtle scowl. His partner was equally short, and was wearing an orange hoodie that concealed his face and hair.

"Hey! I know you!" Mushi exclaimed from inside the jail cell. "You're that boy my sister likes but wouldn't admit her feelings to!"

"That's a big NEGATIVE Ihsum!" he shouted, while pulling the hood back to show that his face was identical to Numbah 4's, except for a small goatee growing on his chin. "Or is your name Mushi in this universe?" he said while stroking his chin in a thoughtful manner. "Me and my partner in crime here have jumped through so many dimensions, I just don't know who's who anymore!"

"No, you're right Negative 4. We've finally made it back to the Positive universe!" Evil Jimmy replied while pulling out a pocket laser. "That idiot Jimmy tried to banish me from reality, toss me into the cracks between worlds, but I survived! I then had the good fortune to meet Negative Numbah 4 here. He had just lost control of his world. After I freed him from the broccoli mines, we've been jumping from world to world, causing trouble wherever we land." The laser finished burning through the lock. "But we've agreed it's time to expand our organization. You in?"

All the (now escaped) prisonars looked at each other with evil grins.

(KND symbol)

The celebration had moved inside, and everyone was eating chips, drinking soda, and generally enjoying themselves. Numbah 86 (despite doctor's orders) had even climbed onto a make-shift stage and began singing karaoke.

Timmy Turner was off in a corner, looking down at his pink watch, which weirdly enough had a face for some reason. "Better find a place to 'poof' home from." he muttered to himself while cutting across the room. He passed Lee and Sonya, (who were waltzing) Numbah 2, (who was doing a terrible disco while Numbah 5 shook her head) and Dexter (who was talking tech with Numbah 65.3).

He eventually reached a broom closet, but when he opened the door to slip inside, he found out it was already... in use.

"Ay, would ye close that door already yeh twit! I'm kinda busy in here!" Numbah 4 shouted.

"Yeah! We never did get to finish what we started on the Moon Base during the Senior Citi-zombie attack!" Numbah 3 added.

"No proble-mo dude. I'll just use a bathroom." Timmy said back while hurridly closing the door.

At the other side of the room, Numbah 1 was looking a little down in the dumps when Rachel walked up to him. "Hey Numbah 1. Something bugging you?" she asked with concern.

"Oh, uh, no Numbah 362 ma'm!" he replied with a salute, making Rachel grin a small smile.

"At ease solider. We are at a party you know." she replied jokingly.

"Right, right, I'm sorry. I'm just a little down that none of those kids wanted to join." Nigel said.

"Well, most of them had pretty good reasons not to join. It isn't easy to be a KND operative. Besides, some kids just work better on their own. I mean, look at The Kid." Rachel re-assured him.

"What happened to him anyway?" Nigel asked.

"One of the patrols we sent out to clean up any loose ends." she answered. "They found him trying to fix his crashed ship. After a quick interview, we found out he was under Tie induced mind control. They gave him a lift back to his house. After all, he was just another of Mandy's victims."

"I also want to know: what's going to happen to that capsule Mandy sealed herself in?" Nigel asked in concern.

"We're burying it in the farthest levels of the KND Arctic Prison. You'd have to level the entire base to reach it." Rachel answered. "Even then, our scientists say it can't be opened, ever..."

Both of them sat in uncomfortable silence for the moment, un-nerved by the thought of such as horrible fate. Mandy may very well be the only person in existence to deserve such a thing.

"But enough work talk, this is a party!" Rachel spoke up. "Care to dance, Nigel?"

The bald boy thought for a second, then said "Sure, why not?"

And so everyone danced, dined and drank, and everything was right with the world.

For now.

...End Transmission.