...Transmission re-established.

The strike team moved slowly and carefully through the bowels of the space station, but found not a single thing (living or otherwise) to be stirring. Every now and then the structure would shake from a stray laser blast or misguided rocket, but all was peaceful and still so far.

Finally, the elite team reached a meeting room dominated by a large U-shaped table. In its center stood a large podium, and six seats flanked it on both sides. A massive video monitor hanging over a set of teleporters at the other end of the room suddenly crackled to life. The sinister face of Mandy appeared. She looked... not happy, because this is Mandy, but smug with victory.

"Well, well, well. It seems you've finally arrived." she mocked in the closest thing to a nice voice the tyrannical child could make.

"Where's Kuki you witch!" Numbah 4 shouted.

"You will find your friend right through here." Mandy spoke as a nearby door slid open. "I should warn you though, if you all gang up on me, I'll detonate the nuclear bombs I have hidden in each city housing millions of children."

"You're bluffing!" Numbah 4 shouted.

"If your so sure, go into that hallway with everyone you have. If you don't, however, want millions of kids to be turned to ash in nuclear fire, send only Numbahs 1 and 4. Choose wisely." she replied before the screen shut down

"I'm afraid she isn't Numbah 4." spoke Dexter, who had hacked into a nearby computer. "It would seem as though Mandy's group had enough geniuses in it to construct one nuclear warhead per city, and they can be detonated at any moment. They need to be disarmed in person" Then he faced the computer screen. "I did however, change the destination for those teleporters from the vacuum of space to the cities. I recommend we split into teams."

"Agreed." said Numbah 1. "Dexter, find out which villains are in which cities, and then Numbah 5 will assemble the teams. Me and Numbah 4 are going after Mandy."

Numbah 5 and Dexter saluted as Numbah 1 and 4 ran down the hallway. "You heard the man everybody! BATTLE-STATIONS!"

(KND symbol)

After a short run, Numbahs 1 and 4 arrived in a dark, circular chamber. The only light came a nearby window, which let the glow of the still raging space battle illuminate the chamber. A black throne faced the window, on which sat Mandy.

"It took you long enough to get here." Mandy said snidely. Wally looked ready to beat her to a pulp, even if she was a girl.

"I'm only gonna ask once you witch." he said, a dark look in his eyes. "Where. Is. KUKI!"

"Right in front of you." Mandy said while pressing a button on her throne, causing the floor to open in a circle. A dark red sphere rose from the depths. "Open." she commanded, and several clamps unlocked with a hiss. Once the smoke cleared, the two operatives were stunned by what they saw.

"K...Kuki? Is that you?" Wally asked, and it was indeed her standing there. With an emotionless expression. And a black cloak.

And the Grim Reaper's Scythe.

(KND symbol)

Back in the meeting room, Dexter and Numbah 5 had organized strike teams for each city. Dexter made some last minute adjustments, then set the teleporter on a timer before hurrying onto his platform. The machine hummed to life, and all the children disappeared in a flash of light.

Numbah 83, Numbah 84, Johnny Test and Kyle appeared in a massive city of sky-scrappers. Shining lights stretched as far as the eye could see, and brightly glowing billboards declared the supremacy of the city's inhabitants at every turn. The four kids were awe-struck.

They were snapped from their daze by the sound of a harsh mechanical voice ordering, "HALT! RESPECT KING C.'S AUTHORITAH!" The speaker was a mechanical Cop Bot armed with a can of Bear Mace.

"Not cool." muttered Lee while everyone assumed fighting stances.

(KND symbol)

In a different city, Stan, Kenny, Numbah 13 and Timmy Turner found themselves surrounded by sky scrappers as well. The one difference being, these were made out of cardboard. Fliers covered almost every surface, advertising services such as pet grooming, five star restaurants, an aquarium, a sauna and even a cruise liner.

"OK guys, none of us are really good fighters, so we need to keep our eyes open and stay quiet." Stan said.

"You got it Stan! Quiet as a mouse!" Numbah 13 exclaimed quite loudly. This of course drew the attention of the city's mechanical law enforcement. Instead of robotic police officers, this city's mechanical guardians were robot copies of everyone favorite mono-browed moron, Ed.

"Goddammit, look what you did now!" Stan shouted at Numbah 13, who was backing away from several Ed-bots.

"Oh boy, this is not good. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" the unlucky operative cried in fear. His sudden panic attack also caused him to trip over his shoelace, and the resulting trip caused him to crash into the side of a cardboard building.

Meanwhile, in the top floor of the largest sky-scrapper in the city, the Eds were hosting a swanky party for all the Rich Kids who had chosen to live there, being the only ones capable of affording the Eds scams on a daily basis.

Eddy had just been rejected by Princess Morebucks when Double D tapped him on the shoulder. "Uh, Eddy. I think you should see this." the sock headed boy said while pointing to the nearest window.

"What is it now?" Eddy asked in a grumpy tone. His eyes went wide when he saw the line of collapsing buildings headed his way.

"Double D?"

"Yes Eddy?"

"Why can't we ever win?"

"It's just not in our genes I suppose."

Several minutes later the entire city was flattened, destroyed by a massive domino effect. Slowly, the various inhabitants stuck their heads out of the layer of wreckage that coated the ground. Finally, Numbah 13, his helmet missing and his glasses cracked, rose from the rubble. He was joined by Timmy and Stan.

"Hey, where's that parka kid?" Timmy asked.

"I don't know." Stan said as he began to dig through the wreckage for his friend. All he found was an bloody orange parka stuck to the bottom of a cardboard panel. "Oh my god, Numbah 13 killed Kenny!"

"You basterd!" added Timmy.

Numbah 13 adjusted his glasses, took a good long look at everything, then spoke a quiet "oops."

(KND symbol)

Back in Mandy's inner sanctum, Numbahs 1 and 4 stood in shock at what happened to Kuki. "What... what did you do to her?" Numbah 4 asked, too shocked to even be angry.

"I needed a new Grim Reaper, one with absolute loyalty to me. So I kidnapped the only other person who has ever officially held the Scythe, drained her of all her positive emotions, stuck a mutated mind control Tie on her, then stuck her in my 'Eternal Safety Capsule' over there." Mandy explained in a simple tone. "The capsule is completely impenetrable, keeping the person inside eternally safe from everything, even Death. It is also equipped with a Chrono Accelerator and the Decommissioning tech we stole from the Moon Base. I've been using the Chrono Accelerator to force Kuki to experience years and years of absolute loneliness, while in reality only seconds have passed. I've also selectively erased some of her memories. There is absolutely nothing left of the Kuki you know."

Numbah 4 was shaking with anger, ready to explode at any time. When he spoke, it was in a slow, barely restrained voice. "You know, me mum always told me ta never hit girls. And I never have. But you!" he said, while pointing a finger at Mandy, who was as cold and calm as ever. "You aren't a girl! Your not even human! Your a monster!"

"Be that as it may, I think I'll let your precious Kuki destroy you." Mandy replied while swiveling her chair to face Numbah 1. "I want to destroy you personally." As soon as she finish speaking, her chair rose from the ground, along with a circular platform that it locked into. Twin gatling lasers deployed from both sides, and took aim at the bald Brit.

"I've got nothing to say to you Mandy, except for this," Numbah 1 said while adjusting his shades. "You're going down!"

(KND symbol)

Across the void of space, three youths shine into existence as the teleporters successfully deposit three more heroes into another city. One of them, a boy with a square head and a backpack, looks at a small beeping device shaped like a Game Boy.

"According to the scanner that that blocky kid gave us, the Friends should be somewhere around here." said Mac. A few days ago, all the Imaginary Friends from the Foster home he frequented had been abducted. He had followed the trail to a group calling themselves the KND, and according to their scientists (who claimed they could track the "imaginary energy" the creatures put off) they were here, in this massive floating city.

"Oh oh OH! You brought a Game Boy! Let me play, LET ME PLAY!" shouted the square heads imaginary friend, a blob like creature named Blooregard Q. Kazoo. He desperatly scrambled for the device.

"HEY, CUT IT OUT! We are on a serious mission here, and it is vital that we all take this SERIOUSLY!" shouted the final member of the team, a short kid with freckles and buck teeth. He is one of the most hated operatives in the Kids Next Door, Numbah 363.

"Oh put a lid on it buck tooth! We waltz in, grab the others, and waltz out. How hard could it be?" Bloo replied. Then he looked around. "Hey cool we're at the beach!"

Indeed, sand, sun and water seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. Everywhere you looked, swimwear clad children were frolicking in the water. In the distance, a huge castle made out of sand could be seen. "Well, we better get moving." declared Mac, and the three began the long trek to the castle.

(KND symbol)

Back out in space, the battle raged on. The KND forces were fighting valiantly, but Mandark had moved his flagship to the center of the engagement, giving its massive guns no end of targets. Numbah 2 had worked out a way to destroy it though.

Due to the heavy use of computer calculations during its construction, the design of the ship was heavily mechanical and relied heavily on math and calculations to position the cannons. Although the design allowed for maximum firing arcs above the ship, it meant that the heavy guns couldn't hit anything skimming the surface. This was because the construction robots Mandark used to mass produce the fleet calculated that no human pilot could posses the skill and reflexes to get that close to the ship without being vaporized.

Those robots had never met Hoagie Gilligan.

"Alright team, let's do this!" Numbah 2 exclaimed into the comm while he and his two wing-man accelerated through the laser screen with ace precision, and just barely penetrated the ship's defenses. They brought their fighters in low and hugged the surface. "Alright boys, we skim over the hull, fly right under the noses of the heavy firepower, then bomb the bridge into dust!"

"You got it captain. We'll, wait what is th... ARRGHH!" one of the wing-men replied before noticing something come up on his radar. It was Ace, and he had just blasted the unnamed pilot on the wing and sent him spiraling towards the Earth. "Tell my mom I lover her..."

The Ace fired again, heavily damaging the other fighter. "I gotta pull out Numbah 2. If I stay I'm gonna be blasted to pieces, and I just had the fighter waxed!"

"Baby." Numbah 2 muttered while his cohort flew away. "Still, I can't break to attack without getting chewed up by those cannons, and if a stay here I'll get fried!"

Inside Ace's ship, the pilot clicked on the radio. "Let him go. Stay on the leader." he ordered in a dull, nearly accent-less voice. Then he opened fire on Numbah 2, coming closer and closer to finishing him with each shot. Then, his targeting computer beeped as his cross-hairs lite up.

Before he could pull the trigger though, the robot fighter next to him blew up in a dazzling explosin. Ace looked up out of his cockpit and saw a decked out red and white rocket heading his way.

"YYYAAAHHHOOOO! And so The Tommy preformed another daring rescue!" Tommy exclaimed while firing again, this time at Ace's remaining wing-man. He only grazed the mechanical ship's wing however, causing it to spin out and slam into Ace's ship, sending him spinning into deep space.

"Way to go Tommy! Now, let's blow this thing and go home!" Numbah 2 exclaimed while firing a cluster of rockets at the bridge. The control center for the mighty warship burst into dazzling flames, and explosions began to erupt all over the ship.

Inside the vessel, Mandark was panicking while frantically pressing all kinds of buttons. "How could this happen? All they did was blow up the bridge! Why are there explosions all over the place?"

"Hey Mandark, come look at the pretty lights!" exclaimed DeDe, who was prancing away from a small fire. When Mandark had arrived in Dexter's Lab with Cartman, he had asked DeDe to accompany him into space to watch him defeat the KND, hoping to win her over in the process. DeDe thought they were at a fireworks display.

"No matter. Come my love, I have an escape pod prepared for both of us." Mandark called while opening the hatch to the just-mentioned pod.

"Awwww, is it time to go already?" DeDe asked while stepping into the escape unit.

As the space age lifeboat rocketed away from the burning flagship and back towards the Earth, Mandark lifted his fist and yelled towards the fleet. "I'll get you next time Dexter. NEXT TIMEEEE!"

"What does this button do?"

Transmission interrupted...

Author's Notes: We are getting close to the end people! I want to inform you right now that not every city will appear on screen. There are around twelve to thirteen cities, and it would be impossible for me to come up with a theme, plot, and hero/villain teams for each one.

Anyone who has ever seen just one episode of Dexter's Lab can probably guess what DeDe end up doing.

And yes, even though they have not had anything remotely resembling something to do with this story until now, I just had to had Mac and Bloo. Mainly just to write Bloo fighting with Numbah 363.

The next chapter (if you couldn't guess) is gonna be seriously dark. No one is gonna die (not even Mandy, I have something special planned for her) but it will be dark none the less.

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