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Integra lay on the bed, staring out the window at the stormy sky. She, Walter, Alucard, and the various daily servants were at the 'summer' house in the countryside. She had come here for two weeks every summer since she was a child, and Walter refused to let her break the tradition although she was fully nineteen and leader of the organization. He claimed that it had restorative properties. She thought that he was full of it. She reached for her silver cigar case on the bedside table and it shivered away from her fingertips. She glared at the tendril of shadow slipping under her bed.

She briefly wished that it was truly the 'boogey monster'.

"Alucard." She said, her voice a quick and sharp reprimand.

"Those are hardly the restoration that Walter spoke of." The dark voice came from beneath the bed. She quickly reached for the case, glad to have it back in her hands. She opened it and pulled out a cigar, cutting the end and lighting it before taking a deep draw on the cylinder.

"No doubt you are aware of what Freud said about cigars…" he spoke again, his deep voice coming smoothly through the thick mattress. She rolled her eyes and took another draw, realizing that the windows were still closed tightly. She stood fluidly, the suit's pant legs falling down to conceal her bare ankles as she walked to the windows and opened one a quarter of the way. The smell of the coming rain poured in, seeming to soak into everything. She knelt at the window to feel the cool, damp breeze on her face. It was remarkably soothing. A wisp of her cigar smoke came back to her and she sighed, snuffing it out in the glass ash tray. Alucard smiled, pouring his shadows out from under the bed to materialize in the chair beside her. she ignored him, opening the window fully and leaning on the sill. She inhaled slowly, eyelids veiling her blue eyes behind the thick lenses of her glasses. Alucard studied her. It was still easy to see what a nice figure she had beneath the oversized suit. It hung loosely at her lower back and hugged her backside beautifully. The way her knees bent let the material flow over her calves. He couldn't hide the smirk that stretched across his face. She was his master, but what a pretty master she was. Now that she was fully a woman, he could appreciate her as one, rather than watching over her like the child she had been when she saved him. She was hardly that porcelain doll with the iron spine any longer. Now she was all iron, not just her spine. The Iron Maiden, one of the men had called her. Alucard's grin softened into a fond smile as the first drop of rain landed right on her nose, then back into the grin as she was caught off guard and jumped, hitting her head on the window above her. She cursed loudly and slammed the window closed, yanking her cigar from the ashtray and lighting it angrily.

Alucard just laughed.