Dlbn: Dlbn here with another Invader Zim fic! Since my other fic was an abomination of all that is good in Invader Zim, I have decided to post a different story that I feel will be better than the last.

Because it can't be summed up in 255 characters (It took me about twenty minutes to come up with a half assed one)

Full Summary: "Zim is an Irken Prince on the run from his home planet. Dib Membrane is a popular teenage human male who loves hanging out in gay clubs. Enter The Mask, a club where the attendees wear a mask and a chip that alters their voices. When Dib just happens upon the club one day, he joins the club scene as "Moth". There he meets an irresistibly adorable teenage boy who goes by "Iz". The two of them start a relationship in the club. Outside the club, Dib has fallen for his classmate, Zim. Zim, unbeknownst to him, is Iz. Neither know the other's secret. Will it forever stay that way? Or are their double lives about to come crashing down?"

A teenage-sized form slipped through the crowded streets of the Capital, keeping silent and to the shadows. His mother's guards had been following him for about an hour. He had been caught, yet again, sneaking out of his third story bedroom window to go and sell his illegal items to commoners who had ordered things from him. It was never the rich who looked to get his stuff, but rather the poor commoners. He wouldn't sell his stuff for too much, though he did make quite a profit off of it. He looked back to see if he had lost them, but he hadn't. They probably wouldn't have been sent after him if his mother hadn't caught him making an illegal weapon silencer in his bedroom a week ago. Since then, she had discovered tens of thousands of illegal transactions for illegal items he had created. Zim was determined to continue with what he was doing, no matter what, but he knew there was only so long he could go before getting into real deep shit. Being the youngest prince of the Irken Empire, even if it was through adoption and quite obvious that he could never be the Tallest, had its disadvantages. People thought that the sixteen year old was an easy target for any and all assassination attempts by other Empires, but by all means he wasn't. He'd practice with his illegal items in the corridors of the Palace basement, teaching himself how to fight. A couple people inched out of his way, barely avoiding getting run over by the boy.

"Sorry!" He called. He may have been on the run, but he was by no means rude.
He knew there was no place safe for him on the planet. His mother's guards would surely find him; they knew all his hiding spaces. And if there was one or two places they didn't know, his older brothers, Red and Purple, were sure to know. They weren't his brothers, but adopted like he was by Tallest Miyuki and her husband, Taller Spork. However, they did have the same DNA donors, since they were twins, a rare occurrence on Irk. And tall, to top that off. Most people didn't know who their DNA donors were, so it was no surprise to Zim that he and his brothers were all in the dark about their origins. Zim himself had been living on the streets when Tallest Miyuki had spotted him huddling for warmth by a burning trash can. The older people he was with had scattered, but he was only about three and didn't know that people finding him like that wasn't good. She had taken him in, though, and called him her son. Red and Purple were about 13 at the time, being ten years older than him. Though they weren't really related, they were as close as biological siblings.

"Prince Zim!" A guard called. "Come back! You're not in trouble!"

Zim didn't fall for that. He reached a ship docking bay about ten minutes from his home and ducked behind the old Voot Runner that he had bought himself a few years ago. The guards ran past him and out of the docking bay, presumably thinking he had darted through to the other side, where the City Limits were. Zim leaned against his ship and caught his breath. His PAK extended a spider leg with a washcloth to wipe his face with. He took it and the spider leg retracted inside. Zim wiped his face and pressed a spot on his PAK, before putting the washcloth back inside.

"Hello, beautiful." Zim said to the ship. His mother had allowed him to go to the docking bay when ships were for sale a few years ago, and he had fallen in love with the ship. It was old, but it worked. He could make parts to fix it, legal parts which his mom agreed he could make, so he didn't have to spend much. He didn't need to go too far from the planet, considering he didn't have a license yet, so a ship that couldn't go more than two or three planets out was reasonable. Zim walked to the front and took his keys from his PAK. He hit the unlock button and the ship opened with a 'woosh'. He put his foot up on the small step to get inside and pushed himself up. He started up the ship and shut the cockpit. He leaned back and closed his eyes. He didn't know where he would go, but the music coming from the ship's speakers calmed his nerves. Maybe he was wasting gas, but it wasn't hard to fill a ship up. He heard a knock on the cockpit and opened one eye. A guard with forest green eyes was standing on the outside of the ship. He sighed and shut the ship off before pressing the release button for the cockpit.

"Found you." The guard said. "We know your ship, Zim, turning it on isn't a smart move."

Zim jumped out of the cockpit and landed on all fours on the ground next to the guard. "I know." He said. "But I love my ship. Are you going to bring me to the Palace now?" He hit the lock button on his keys before putting them in his PAK.

The guard nodded. "Your mother wishes to speak with you."

Zim hung his head and sighed. Caught again.

Dlbn: Short, I know, but I hope not to make any other chapters this short. There is definitely more to come. Reviews appreciated.