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This new kid was fascinating. Upon his introduction to Zim and Dib's math class, he'd become popular in a manner of minutes. Even Dib's friends seemed more interested in him then anything else. Not that they really paid much attention in class anyway. Keef had taken an instant liking to him and was flirting with him when Mr. C wasn't looking. The teacher was currently lost in a rant of why graphing calculators ruined the magical wonders of joyous math. Zim wasn't giving him much attention, instead doodling while Dib slept on the desk next to him. Keyvine. Zim had overheard the boy correct their homeroom teacher for spelling his name wrong. It sure was an interesting way to spell a simple name. It seemed Irken, in a way. The bell rang and Mr. C's rant was cut short. He wished everyone a good weekend and let them leave. Dib's friends left with Keyvine, Keef hot on their trail. Zim nudged his boyfriend.

"Come on, Sleeping Beauty." He whispered. "Wake up time."

Dib moaned until Zim kissed his forehead.

"Wake up." Zim whispered again.

Dib groggily sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Sorry. Is class over?"

"Yeah." Zim nodded. "Not much sleep last night?"

"Yeah, that's your fault." Dib responded, standing.

"How is it my fault?"

"You wanted to sleep in my room."

"Well excuse me for wanting to be close to you." Zim rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. I'll get back at you tonight."

"I'm sure."

They linked hands and walked out into the hall. It had been major news for a week or so that they were together now that Dib was out of the closet, but the gossiping and looks had died down.

"What do you think of the new guy?" Zim asked, noticing that he and the others were at the end of the hall, talking.

"He's okay." Dib shrugged. "Keef has a crush on him. Not that that's saying much. Keef has a crush on a lot of guys."

"I noticed." Zim said. "But this is different. He doesn't even bat an eye at other people. He was swooning over Keyvine earlier, remember?"

"True." Dib nodded.

It wasn't that Keyvine wasn't good looking. He had dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. A silver stud graced his left earlobe. He was thin, but not sickly, and obviously had some muscles under his shirt. Not that Zim had eyes for anyone else, mind you. He loved Dib and Dib only. It was just that, well, you couldn't help but look.

Keyvine flipped his hair over his shoulder as Keef laughed. Zim could see a romance blooming as he and Dib walked up to them.

"Hey, there you two are!" Keef greeted. "Keyvine, this is Dib and Zim."

Keyvine looked surprised at Zim's name, but it was fleeting. He smiled. "Nice to meet you." He shrugged his shoulder to move his backpack up it and extended his hand. Dib shook it first, then Zim.

"Hey." Zim greeted with a smile. "Welcome to the Skool."

"Thanks." He smiled back.

"I was just telling him all about GLASS." Keef said with a sigh of content. "He's going to come to the next meeting! Cool, huh?"

"Yeah, cool." Dib smiled. "And before you ask, yes Zim and I are together."

"People were asking us nonstop for a week." Zim laughed.

Keyvine's smile turned into more of a grimace, but he schooled his features quickly. "That must have been annoying."

"Beyond belief." Dib laughed.

One of the teachers walked up to them. "You might want to get headed off to class." He looked away from Dib and Zim, not making eye contact.

Zim raised an eyebrow, noticing Keyvine do the same.

"He's right!" Torque said, looking at his watch. "Let's go, guys!"

The teacher nodded at them and left. The others all ran off to class. Keef stayed with Zim and Dib as Keyvine jogged after the others. He stared straight at Keyvine's rear end, not bothering to hide it.

"You want him." Zim informed.

"I do not." Keef responded.

"Sure." Dib rolled his eyes. "You're staring at his ass like a giggly skool girl." To prove his point, he pointed at one of the girls in the hall who was staring at a guy's ass as he passed her.

"He's cute, okay?" Keef sighed dreamily. "I think I'm in love!" He practically skipped down the hall, telling anyone and everyone that he was in love. He mostly earned looks or the occasional shove.

"So what do you think?" Dib wondered.

"I think Keef needs medication."

"Well, yeah." Dib laughed. "I mean about Keyvine. He seems friendly enough."

"Yeah, he does." Zim shrugged. "Until he proves otherwise, I have no reason to dislike him. He's going to be a part of the group anyway."

"Probably as Keef's boyfriend." Dib said. "I give him a week before they get together."

"I give um less then that, sorry." Zim shook his head. "We should get off to class, too. Unless we're skipping again."

Skipping classes had become a weekly thing for them. Once a week they'd pick a class and skip it.

"We haven't skipped this week, but its only Tuesday." Dib held his chin as he thought. "I guess we could skip. I'm kind of in the mood to…" He trailed and gave Zim a suggestive look.

Zim flushed. "Let's skip, then."

They walked off down the hall together.

"So have you gotten any more readings about that activity?"

"Yeah, it looks like it was nothing more than an asteroid." Zim nodded. "I'll give it another look on my Voot though, when we get home."

"It was definitely something." Dib nodded. "It's not on the news anymore. Dad called some people and had it scrapped because the Swollen Eyeballs was getting frisky."


"Dad's words. I don't understand him half of the time."

Zim couldn't help but laugh. There had to be a logical reason for Zim's scanners to go haywire. The Voot was old, sure, but it didn't malfunction. Zim upgraded and updated it quite a lot himself, and he had one hundred percent assurance that his stuff worked well. So what was it? A small asteroid was nothing to be concerned of, if it was that. Knowing that the rest of the universe was capable of space travel, Zim wouldn't be surprised if it was refugees from a conquered planet. It's not like an Invader was sent out this far. That was impossible…right…?