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Roxas' POV (Point of View)

"Vincent." I said harshly, walking over to my target and turning slightly, facing him.
"What?" he replied. I noticed slight annoyance in his voice, of course, Vincent was always angry.
"Where and what are we hunting?" I honestly didn't care about an answer to my question. I just wanted to talk to someone.
"Were splitting up tonight. Cloud will take Leon, Yuffie, Cid and Hayner to the mountains to feed on the mountain lions. While Reno, Rude, Olette, Tifa, Sora, Riku and I will go for the Grizzly bears. You." He stuttered the last word. "You can choose."

Lucky me. I always got to choose. The only reason was because I hated what we were suppose to love. But how can I love what I hated? I am a freak among freaks.

The taste of blood sent shivers down my cold, stone spine.

Half of the pack loved mountain lion blood. They were connected with them. They hunted and even acted like lions. The other half were like the grizzly bears. The same with them. Connected. But why me? Why was I left out? Im not connected… Why me?
I sighed and nodded my head to the leader of this ridiculous bloodsucking pack. "Ill go to the mountains." At least I had to try to catch my dinner.

Vincent nodded and walked off, to greet his mate, Tifa, leaving me to stare at the ground. Freak. I am a freak.
'Roxas.' Someone called in their mind. My head automatically snapped up as my name was thought. Hayner stood in front of me, his red eyes piercing up and down my body. He knew something was wrong. Funny. The newest member in our death group was the only creature who knew about me. At least he found his connection. But why him first?
'Are you alright?'
I nodded my head slowly, shoving my pale white hands into my pockets. Hayner knew I wouldn't answer, but he just wanted to show he cared.
Nice newborn.

The pack went two separate ways, one heading north, the other, east. My pace was twice as slow as it usually was but since I was the fastest vampire in the pack, I kept up with the rest quiet easily.
"Leon, Hayner and I will go to the left. Yuffie, Cid and Roxas." My head snapped up again. "Will go right." The next in command, Cloud said.
Of course, Hayner had to be with the strongest vampire here. He was a newborn, but Leon doesn't. Cloud and Leon have been spending a lot of time together lately. Vincent says they're just friends. But why would you covering something up with the lame excuse of 'just friends.' I wish I had something like that. Maybe they were just friends but at least they had something. They were connected.

The already split pack split again, half going to the left, the other going to the right around the cave, where the mountain lions roam. All the vampires became quiet focused, except me of course, and stalked their way into the cave silently. I merely walked in casually, my stone cold hands still in my pockets.
"Roxas, what the fuck are you doing!" Cloud whispered to me, it was more like a hiss but I ignored it anyway.

The rest of the pack snarled lowly at me but suddenly they all stopped. I cocked my head at Cloud, whose pale white face went more pale –and I thought that was impossible-. The alpha male of the lion pack growled at me from a distance, waking up all the other lions and lionesses.

'Fuck Roxas look what you've put us through!' Cloud hissed at me again. The worst thing about being the only vampire who could read everyone's thoughts is that everyone insults you at the exact moment, causing your brain to turn into mush. Usually, I wouldn't mind hearing other people's thoughts, -Vampire or human- they could never insult me without hearing it. So no one bothered. Of course, I was the most annoying vampire in the pack and everyone wishes they could beat me up but I was also the most useful. Being the fastest has it advantages. Firstly, no matter what you do, no matter who is picking a fight with you, you will always be able to dodge. It's funny really… No matter how hard they try, how much effort and energy they use, they fail. Pathetic. Secondly, having the ability to hear thoughts, you learn a lot of hidden secrets about living creatures, and of course, I blackmail people with it. Yeah sure, they'll hate me for it and yes, pathetic beings try to blackmail me back but I still laugh at the silly, pathetic, idiotic emotions people pull with their faces when tell them I know something they don't want other beings to know. The joy.

Cloud loved me when I join him with hunting the lions. Those animals are quick and only I distract them while the others go for the kill. Stupid creatures. If they were smart, they would use their stupid senses, they would know they are more stupid creatures behind them, about to attack their stupid body. Stupid creatures.

This is why I hate being a vampire. Everything is so boring. I can't go to sleep, I can't do anything without being stalked by a fellow bloodsucker, I can't even pee! Eh… That last one's not that bad.

Cloud gave me the signal for me to get moving and all I did was roll my eyes harshly. I hated this part, the part where they use me, stupid vampires. Stupid lions. Stupid me.

I sprinted for the Alpha male and hissed loudly at him, my coal black eyes piercing the animal. It roared, commanding its followers to attack the intruder. I laughed slightly and barrel rolled to the left as the Alpha dived for me. Stupid lion.

Two four legged animals –from two different directions- both charged towards me, only to be dodged easily by my speed. With the animal's back facing my fellow companions, they all sprinted towards their dinner, diving onto them and biting fiercely into their furry necks. Most of the lions were caught; the others ran for their pitiful lives. Like that'll help. At least we'll have dinner. Yay?

Cloud patted me on the back and smiled cheerfully, thanking me for my work. So used. Oh well. I did something good. I guess.

I glanced at the five vampires, sucking up the multiple lion's warm blood. They were all enjoying themselves, muttering, moaning, and thinking about the warm crystal red liquid, running down their stone cold pale throats. What's so good about blood? It's gross. It tastes like crap. Connection… my ass.

'Roxas, do you want to share this lion? I'm full and there's a lot left.' I knew it was Hayner who thought that. He's the only vampire –excuse me- living creature that would offer to share something. Even though, I did do most of the work in killing it. Oh well. It's the thought that counts.

I shook my head slowly but smiled to the blonde. He happily smiled back and leaped off the ground, to talk with another bloodsucker.
"You should drink up Roxy, you'll need it." My head automatically turned backwards to an impossible angle for a human but then again, I'm not human, am I? My body then slowly followed in suit. "C'mon. I know you hate it but you need it." It was obvious that Cloud was the one who asked, he always wants me in tip top shape, only to fight of course. What would the pack do without me? Whatever they do now, just have someone else being used instead of me. I shook my head, this time, no smile. I honestly couldn't care less about how I talked to Cloud. I heard him sigh softly in my trained eardrums; he wouldn't back down until I drank something.

I rolled my eyes when his rock face gave me a terrible, sarcastic look. "Fine! Jeez!"
He smiled and nodded to a dead lion lying on the ground, I never saw anyone go near it but why would anyone leave a full lion on the ground? Terrible waste. Oh god he's fatting me up!

I slowly walked –yes, even for my pace it was still very slow- over to the lion and stood in front of it, glaring at the sight. Horrible. If you're connected to an animal, why would you kill it? Indians love their cows but do they go around killing them? No. Chinese people pray for their pandas but do they go around killing them… kinda… okay… but didn't someone just marry a dolphin? You couldn't get more connected then that! Would she kill the dolphin? Not until the honeymoon.

I carefully and cautionly kicked the carcass softly, hoping it would suddenly wake up and run away. Sadly, it did not. Hesitating abit, I slowly lowered my head and opened my jaw, showing my large pearly whites and two large fangs, dangling from my steel-like mouth. I hated myself for this. This was going to suck… literally.

I lowered my head more and gulped softly. I closed my coal black eyes tightly and bit harshly into the animal's neck. The blood was cold. Revolting. Even to a vampire who liked blood. It's like drinking a warm beer, it tastes horrible. I forced myself to suck the red liquid down my throat hole. I could feel two pair of eyes, stabbing my stone back. Probably Cloud and Leon.

Finally, I was full. My jaw immediately pushed the carcass away, sighing with relief. At least the hard part was over. I could go a few days without that torture again. Yay! I wiped the remaining blood from my lips with my shirt sleeve, still happy about finishing my meal. I heard someone stepping closer to me and I twitched my neck to the left. Cloud popped up on my right side, a large grin on his face. Here it comes. "Well done."
I raised my blonde left eyebrow, "Thanks." I meant that. That was a hard job.
His smile downed to a frown, what did I do? "You heading back or coming out for patrol?" He was always a serious guy, just like Vincent. I wonder if they were connected too…
"Nah. I got a lot of homework to catch up on." Sadly...
Leon popped out of nowhere, behind the taller blonde, his hands around Cloud's waist. Connection. "Been seeing Pence too much? Aye?"
That's what I hated about Leon. He took everything so seriously. Just because you hang around someone, doesn't mean you like them. And I'm not even gay!

I shook my head and walked off, not bothering to talk to the other vampires. I really just wanted to be alone. I was about to take off when all of a sudden, a ringing appeared in my ears, 'Roxas! Wait!' I turned around out of reaction to see another blonde, Hayner running slowly towards me. Slow for me, not a vampire. I guess.
"Can we do it together?" Most people would find that comment gross, or at least a dirty mind would. I knew exactly what he was talking about but even I found a little humour in the words. Hayner has always been my friend, if anything my best friend. He's the only one who cares about me for me. Not what I can do. I smiled and nodded to his question, then followed him towards his house, at a slow pace. I wish vampires were faster, or me slower. You know what? I take that last bit back. They should just be faster.

We arrived to our destination slower than I thought. He stopped a few times, attempting to impress me with how much he's learnt about the vampire senses. Hayner has only been a vampire for a few months but in that time, he's learnt a lot. Although he doesn't know his power –All vampires have a 'special' power which only they can use, mine is mind reading. The joy- but I think he'll figure it out yet. I could see him with invisibility or something, like Vincent.

Hayner led me into his small dark room and grinned happily as he got out his school books. How could you be happy about homework? Even if you have a lot of spare time on your hands, you still find it boring. Was it me? Do I have something on my shoe?
"Shoot." I said, breaking the silence while he dropped his books on his single bed.
He looked up at me sharply, his black eyes still rock solid. Mine were back to normal now, aquatic sea blue. Made the ladies go bananas.
"What?" He asks the most stupidest questions. But I guess that's one reason I like him. He has humour. That was hard to find in a vampire… and humans.
"Forgot my books."
He mouthed an 'o' and rolled his eyes with a heavy sigh. I held up my left index finger, indicating for him to wait and then I shot out his window like a speeding bullet, only ten times as fast.

I raced to my house, got my book bag quickly and sprinted back to his room. I was there and back in eight seconds. Flat.
"Welcome back." He said. His books were already open and his head was down. Thanks for starting without me.
"Thanks." I replied, no hesitating from loss of breath. That was another good thing about being a vampire. You didn't need to breathe. Let's test that with a human and see how well they do without it.

I sat down quickly next to him and opened my Maths book. At least we'll get it done fast. Not like I have anything better to do though. I'm sure something will be on cable TV at two in the morning.

Time flew by quickly, even for me. We were done in less than an hour. Record breaking. Well… I have done all these questions a billion times before. But Hayner hasn't. Oh well.

I walked myself home at a human's walking pace. I had to past time so I stopped occasionally and looked at my black leather shoes, pretending there was gum on them or just plain sitting on a bench, looking at the stars. I got there in two hours, ten minutes and twenty eight seconds. Now what to do? I lived with my adopted brother, Sora, who hasn't come back from hunting Grizzly Bears yet. Wonder what's keeping them up, did someone die? Cool!

I decided to watch a movie, something to past the time until my brother by law got home. Sora and I were adopted together six hundred years ago by two strict parents whose other kids died from some rouge disease. When they died, Sora and I were both only sixteen, and we didn't know how we could live by ourselves. Sora fell ill with the disease too and there was no cure yet. I decided to take him into the thick forest nearby. He always asked to die in a peaceful place, and a large crowded village didn't seem to be the best place. While I searched desperately for a place for him to decay in peace, a large shadow knocked me off my feet and threw me into a tree hard. I fell unconscious and the next thing I know, poof! I was a vampire. It took me days before I finally realised what I was, and by then, I knew Sora had past away.

Years went past and I never found his body, his rotting, decaying, maggot infested body. I searched everywhere, the forest, the village, even a large empty field, twenty kilometres away from the village. I was desperate. I wanted to say goodbye. Then, I found Vincent. He told me everything, how I became a vampire. What a vampire was, how and what I should do. Everything. He even told me about Sora. He said he attacked me and turned me into a blood sucking soulless creature. He said he attacked Sora too. He showed me a Vampire Hideout. He showed me other vampires, other creatures. He showed me tricks and secrets about being a vampire. I was one of them. I joined their pack.

I met Sora there again, he was happy. He learnt the vampire way and he showed me it too. We all lived there, a happy family. All one. We were connected. I guess. But then… he found Riku.

My ears twitched when a loud groan came from my bedside window. I quickly leaped off my double bed and opened the window, Sora was there, obviously with Riku. They were connected. Lucky pricks.
"Hey, Roxy! Thanks." Riku said, his arm around his mate's waist. Sora couldn't stop laughing, like he was drunk. Drunk on blood? That's something new.
I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, Yeah. Just get in before someone sees you. Y'know you gotta keep this whole thing a secret." Stupid Riku. Stupid Sora. Stupid me.
Riku sighed and jumped through my window, carrying Sora behind him, who was still uncontrollably laughing. How can you get drunk on bear blood? The two walked out of my room and into Sora's. I could still hear him laughing through the thick wooden door.
"Don't make too much noise with your buttsex!" I yelled. Sometimes I wish I could really sleep…

Finally! Morning! School! I hate school! But school! Time wasting! School! I got dressed quickly and raced out my door, only to stop by Sora's. A sly grin appeared over my face. One word; trouble. I knocked loudly on his door and screamed; "Oi, faggots. Get up and go to school! Stop sucking on the grey hair Sora and get up!" I was gonna cop it later.

I took the advantage of waiting for my brother and abused it.
I waited outside his door for what seemed like hours, calling and yelling his name for ages. In the end, he groaned and said "I'm not going today, Roxas. Go on without me."
I sighed, "GET UP SORA!"
"I'm sick…" he made a few weak fake coughs which were so predictable. I hissed slowly. I had enough of this shit.
"Sora and Riku sitting in a bed~" I began to sing. This would get him up.
"Sora's horny and giving head.~
Starts with 's' and ends with 'x'~
Oh my god, it must be-"
The door suddenly opened, a flash of brown and claws aiming for my throat appeared. "I'LL KILL YOU!"
I screamed, eyes wide.

I drove off in my red Lamborghini a few minutes later by myself, it was fast, just like me, and got me to my daily prison in less than four minutes. The bell rang the second I turned off the engine. Good timing. I 'sprinted' for my class and got there the second my teacher read out my name on the roll. Good timing, I'm on a roll!
"Here miss," I called, entering the room.
The teacher nodded her head and went back to the roll.

Then something happened, something strange. My nostrils flared, my eyes watered as I strained them from not turning coal black. A scent ran through my body. A scent ive never smelled before. It was confusing and unstable. My head twisted and I gazed over at a new student. He was bulky, with muscles, red hair, two tattoos on his face. He glared at me with acid emerald eyes. I knew what he was. He knew what I was. I knew this day would happen.