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Axel's POV (Point of View)

I stared at him as he suddenly grinned widely at my comment, as if... as if he wanted it. Has he given up on Riku already? How can someone do that so quickly! I know we're dating now... but my heart still belongs to Roxas! I couldn't just get over him that quickly.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly dumped you, you're going to still have feelings for them, right? You don't just instantly recover and get over them the second they say 'it's over', right? Well unless you really didn't love them, but... I did love Roxas... Do love him. Did? Do? No, I dolove him... He just... doesn't love me back.

"So you want to become a werewolf now, Sora?" I asked my question again, just to see if he was positive.
"Yep!" He grinned, wrapping his arms around my neck. "I love you Axel."
"Do you?" I questioned bluntly, frowning. How... I have to admit, I'm not inlove with him yet, but he is similar to Roxas, so maybe I could...

"I..." He frowned, thinking about it. Please do Sora... I don't want to change your life forever if you're going to regret it.

"I do..." He whispered after a while, but then his eyes suddenly brightened up and he grinned. "Oh Axel I do!" He giggled and nuzzled into my neck cutely, making me gasp.
Oh. Proposal.
Yeah... Sora we're not getting married... if changing you makes us marry, when then I'm leaving you at the altar.
I'm not like Roxas.
I'd only marry the one I love.

I saw Sora's face suddenly turn blank and I whimpered, nuzzling into him. "Are you sure about this? One hundred percent? Because once you're a fluffy being like me, you can't go back…"

I saw his facial expression change once again, and after a long pause, he blinked and then grinned. "I'm sure! Change me! Pleeeeeease~?"

"Alrighty then," I replied back, beaming. "I'll change you! So go into the bathroom, undress and relax." Sora giggled, kissed my lips lustfully before he sprinted into our bedroom bathroom, probably stripping off his clothes.

I… hope I'm not doing the wrong thing.

My little… boyfriend galloped out of the bathroom naked after a few minutes and jumped onto the bed, wiggling his butt at me. I exhaled slowly, closing my eyes and letting my mind go blank.

He wanted this… He wanted to become a werewolf… He wanted a new start… No Riku… No Roxas… Just me… and Sora.

I crawled above Sora's naked body and slowly stroked his thigh, nuzzling into him. "Once more, are you sure about this?"
He nodded in response, wrapping his arms around my neck. "Yeppo!"

I knew vampires could become werewolves, even once they've been bitten… but werewolves can't become vampires… so… this was… the end of his supernatural flight. He was about to become a four-legged freak for the rest of his immortal life.

I pulled Sora in for one more kiss, remembering how cold his body felt, where all his small muscles were, what shade of blue his eyes were. That'll all change now… Forever.

I leaned down and kissed the palm of his hand, where I would bite. The neck was too fragile, and I considered that more of a vampire stereotypical place, so I'd just go with the hand.
"Ready, my love?" I purred, Sora's back arching upwards slightly.

My teeth grew slightly and I opened up my jowls, piercing into his skin. I let out my poisonous spit as I sank my jaw into his flesh, letting out my liquid which would change him forever.

Sora groaned form under me, his eyes widened as his back arched again. He screamed from all the pain and his leg twitched, all of his muscles starting to change.

I could smell the fear covering his body, my nose inhaling the odour, making my body quiver. My little vampire screamed in agony, his body flailing around violently. Oh Sora... all this pain will go away soon.

I placed my hand on his chest to keep him down while his body tried to reject the poison, my weight putting pressure on his legs. He screamed more in agony and flailed around again, my teeth still in his flesh. "AXEL! NO!"

When I pulled away, he was crying from all the intense pain, his legs becoming wider and thicker from the muscles, his torso stretching and even his arms became stronger.
"No no no no NO!" He cried.

I laid my body down next to him and stroked his hair to try and calm him down as he thrashed about, knowing I couldn't do anything to help. He was going through two things. One, werewolf transformation and two, his body getting rid of the vampire venom.

Suddenly, his being stopped and his eyes seemed to turn grey. His mouth was slightly open and his heart stopped beating. I whimpered and pulled my face closer to his, breathing into his mouth. "Sora? You okay?"

As a response to my question, Sora's arm struck me in the face, and he instantly turned into a smaller brown wolf than me, his screams registering in my mind.
'!'he roared, his eyes wide with surprise.

I transformed too and growled, tackling him off the bed and licking all over his face. 'Sora! It's me! Axel! You're ALIVE! You're a werewolf!'
'I-I-I-I am?'He questioned weakly, opening up his eyes.

Sora's eyes were a bit darker than before now… but… they were still his cute little ocean-blue eyes. Well… maybe with a hint of sadism somewhere hidden inside them, but mmmm… he looked hot.

His hair was shaggier and a bit thicker to match his fur, and of course, he had the muscles of a well built model. I pinched a special spot in his neck and automatically, he transformed back into a human, my eyes gazing over the more obvious biceps he had. Mmmmm... dayum Riku had a hot boyfriend. Well, he's mine now!

I phased back myself and pulled the weak little wolf into my arm, stroking his hair softly. Sora's shoulders were jumping slightly as he sobbed from the pain, hiding his innocent face into my collarbone. "O-O-Ow..." He whimpered, wiping the tears from his eyes onto my skin.

"Oh Sora..." I cooed softly into his ear, stroking his thick brunette hair. We stayed curled up together for what seemed like hours, and once the sun went down, I knew we would have to move.

"Love," I purred, slowly pulling his clingy naked body off mine, his face still red from all that crying. "I should teach you the basics of being a werewolf."

Sora was probably one of the fastest learners I have ever taught. Maybe it was the fact he knew about supernatural powers from being a vampire... but we're not really the same. I guess both werewolves and vampires have the fast speed... but wolves run on four legs, not two, but even then Sora picked that up pretty quickly.

Attacking was much harder now too. He had to do everything low to the ground. Snouts get in the way, man. Our jaws are pretty narrow... and our claws are harder to attack with, that was one thing Sora sorta struggled with, but he made it through a battle against an Angel. Obviously they weren't playing too hard, but he still got a few scratches in.

When night fell Sora started to complain about his legs hurting, which I was worried about. Living as a vampire all these years, he was used to unlimited stamina, but now his body would start to ache. "Love," I sighed, pulling his brown furry body to mine, clasping him into my chest. "You get to do something very special tonight." I purred, checking his hairy forehead. Another thing we werewolves got to do that vampires didn't was—
'We get to have sex?'
"No." I snorted, rolling my eyes playfully. Aaah... such a Sora thing. "You get to dream."

Sometimes I wonder if those bloodsuckers miss sleeping the night away. Dreaming was one of my favourite things about life. I have the best thoughts at night. Ones of Roxas and I just cuddling in a romantic setting, ones of us just laughing, even ones of us having sex, (well I AM a guy... leave me alone. I'm allowed to have dreams like that).

Sora has been a vampire for so long, so I wonder if he has missed out on having night thoughts. I would. "Love," I cooed, picking him up in my arms once he transformed back and slowly heading towards our room in Heaven. "Do you wish to sleep?"

My brunette now-officially werewolf whimpered, nodding his head as he curled up instantly on our bed sheets, just as I placed him comfortably on them. I heard a few of his bones crack as he moved around, his jowls opening up as he yawned, a cute little tired coo emitting from his throat. "Tiiiiiired~" He yawned, tossing onto a pillow.

I curled up into a ball next to him, closing my eyes and letting myself drift off into Dreamy-land, and when I woke up the end day, I heard a hiss from downstairs.

"He's coming!" Someone yelled, a scream piercing my ear drums just after. I quickly dressed myself up and raced down the hallways, into the main chamber, where my eyes caught sight of someone who... who instantly made my heart shatter.

He ran up to me. He hugged me... he even... even said he wanted to break—
"I know. Sora told me." I scowled, emptiness filling up my body... but that makes no sense. How can emptiness fillup my body?... but he made me feel so... hollow...

How can Roxas just betray me like what? "You're a fucking slut. That's all you are." I snarled to him.
Oh, but my mind kept saying otherwise. 'No Roxas. I still love you... but you've hurt me so much. I can't be with you... No! I love you! I LOVE-'

Suddenly, before Roxas could even read my mind, Sora tackled him to the ground, punching all over his face to get revenge.
No... no... NO SORA! Sora you can't control yourself!

Everything was a blur to me after that. The brothers were fighting against each other, I kept trying to pull Sora away so he wouldn't hurt himself or even phase, and my whole heart was just aching...
I loved Roxas... I did so dearly... but I can't... He's not mine anymore...
Look at that massive wedding ring! He... He actually left me... for Riku...

Roxas fainted from shock after figuring out Sora and I were dating, tears in all of our eyes. Sora was crying because he lost his brother and boyfriend... Roxas was crying because he lost everything so dear to him... and I... I lost my love...
We were all so emotional... and this... this... I couldn't even blame Roxas for all of this!

Of course, I had to take Roxas back to Helldra. Somehow I managed to get inside, but Sora couldn't. He was left at the gates, but I heard him whimper, realizing Riku was on the prowl.
"Ugh..." Sora muttered, turning and hiding in a bush as the Prince... (is he still a Prince or did he become King when he married Roxy?) walked by.
"Good mornin'" One of the ogre guards smiled as he marched past.
All Riku did was wave his ringed finger towards the monster, heading inside without a care in the world.
Poor Sora... he must be so devastated.

I managed to place Roxy on his bed without getting caught by another bloodsucker, but suddenly, gazing over my... ex... boyfriend on his bed sheets made me hot for him. My lowers ached in pain as his small, vulnerable body showed itself to me.
"Gosh I miss you..." I sighed, stroking Roxas' blonde locks softly as he slept. "Why did you have to leave me?"

After what seemed like forever, I finally pulled myself out of the bedroom, but before that, I slowly pressed my lips onto Roxas', sighing afterwards. "Why do you hurt me so much?"
Should I be thankful that I'm not with him?
Should I hate myself?
Should I blame myself that he left me for someone else?
Whose fault wasthis anyway!

I snuck myself out of the Vampire Hell and met up with Sora (who was still hiding behind the bush) afterwards, frowning as he was curled up in a tight ball.
"There's a war." He plainly stated, not even meeting my eyes.
"Huh?" I replied back, tilting my head to the side.
"War." He stated again, monotone in his voice. "Against the wolves and vampires. I overheard people talking."

So... the vampires were going to fight against wolves? Does that mean I have to fight against Roxas-
"OH!" Sora yelled, jumping up onto his feet, his eyes glowing with anticipation. "I can go kill Riku!"
I scoffed to myself lightly at Sora's statement, my eyes rolling. "Isn't that a bit extreme?"
"No!" He snarled back, turning away from me. "As revenge! I'll kill the Prince of Helldra!"

Huh... my boyfriend is now insane.
Go figure.

Three days have passed. That's all I can tell you, why? Because in those three days, all I have been doing is watch Sora. No... not even in a perverted way. All he has been doing in training. TRAINING in a gym... to kill... no, slaughterRiku and Roxas.

Sora's fucking INSANE now! I barely see him, and when I do, he's just always covered in sweat and tears. ...which should be sexy... but body odour isn't cool... and smelling your mate covered in it twenty-four hours a day is disgusting.

He says it's for revenge... but... why? They don't deserve to die! I don't want my love dead! Sure, he's hurtme, but that doesn't mean I want him off this planet!

"Sora..." I sighed, watching as my 'love' punched roughly into a punching bag, the heavy weight being thrown across the corner in the room, luckily the chain keeping it in place. He grunted roughly every time his knuckled met contact with the bag, sweat dripping down his half naked body. I would find that hot... but for some reason... it was quiet disturbing. "Don't you think you should calm down?" He's going to over exercise. All he's been doing these past few days is train. Train. Train.

"No!" He growled, kicking the bag now. "They. Must. SUFFER!"
Oh god... I've created a monster... Please Sora... for the love of god DON'T do this...

Another week passed, and everyone was preparing for the war. Yeah... it was actually happening, and you know why?
Because of Roxas.
Satan apparently found out he was working for both teams and the wolves have had enough. They want all the Angels dead. That's what we get for helping out a vampire, right? All Roxy wanted to do was save his sister... but war? War over onekid? That's too much...

Every person who lived in Heaven dragged themselves to a large open space where I guess the battle field would take place. There was a large dense river on our side, mountains on theirs, desert in between and thick forest land everywhere else. So either way everyone had their own advantages and disadvantages. You just needed tactics.

Mum said that she wanted to be the one who killed Roxas, but apparently, all the other vampires wanted it too...
But if the vampires want him dead... then where is he?
Which fucking side is he on? The 'I-Like-To-Date-Everyone-And-Ruin-People's-Lives' Team?
...Hurr Hurr Hurr... Xemnas should be on that one.
Hey! Speaking of my old gang... where the FUCK are they! Shouldn't they be in this war?

The werewolf King (I guess that's God), Stefanie, Sora and I all marched over to the middle of the ring, Satan, Riku, Vincent and Sephiroth meeting us there so we could exchange our last few words. I shuddered at the Second Brother. Ugh. I remember fighting him. Shit.

Sora suddenly snarled as his eyes locked onto Riku's. "Bitch." He mumbled, which made the sliverette raise an eyebrow.
"Why... are you on their side?" He asked in a soft, quiet voice. Riku didn't know... did he?
Sora suddenly scoffed, his voice sounding so rough and harsh nowadays. He wasn't who I knew before... He was mean now. "Didn't you realize? I was KICKED OUT!"

"Huh?" Riku asked, raising another eyebrow. Suddenly, realization kicked in and he gasped, sniffing the air. "Axel turned you!"
My boyfriend stiffly nodded his head, growling. "Damn right he did!"

My eyes met with Riku's and then I felt grief appear in my stomach. "Sora..." The Prince sighed, looking down at the ground. "W-Why...?"
"Because you don't love me anymore!" He hissed back, spraying spit onto the man.
Everyone else just left after God and Satan spoke, getting their armies ready.

Sora, Riku and I remained, Roxas still nowhere to be seen...
"I still love you Sora..." He murmured.
"Whatever." The brunette scowled, scoffing. "You dumped me. You didn't even have the balls to tell me you left me for Roxas!"
Riku's eyes suddenly locked with Sora's and he tried to grab his arm but Sora just pushed him away. Quiet easily too. "No! You don't understand! It was forced-"
"I don't care Riku." Sora frowned, turning his back against the vampire. "You've hurt me... so prepare to die."

"Sora..." The man whimpered, but the werewolf was already walking away, his nose up in the air stiffly, just like one of those PMSing women.
"I'm sorry..." I sighed, walking away too. I meant that. I was sorry... but Riku did that to himself.
"Wait! Axel-!" Someone called after me, and when I turned around, Riku suddenly clinged onto my skin.

"What the HELL-!" I gasped, forcibly removing him from my body. "Are you fucking mental-!"
"Roxas is gone." He said, eyes wide with sudden tears.
"He left a note... a-a-bout a week ago. He's gone to commit suicide!"
My eyes widened. No...
"He said you and Sora called him a whore! He thinks we'd be better off without him!"
I... this... this is my fault...

So here we are... Two races... Two supernatural races, which loathe each other, about to rip each other to shreds.
My boyfriend is insane, his ex is making me regret everything, and my ex is no where to be seen. Probably dead now anyway...
Just... plain lovely.

Someone suddenly yelled 'charge!' and the two races began to run towards each other, leaving Riku and I in the middle of the field, our eyes on the ground.

KH © Square-Enix, and Disney.

KH © Square-Enix, and Disney.