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"Bold represents speaking English."

Bold represents alter ago thoughts

Normal represents speaking Japanese.

Italic represents thoughts.

I hope you guys enjoy. This is my first story on this site.


February 4 Thursday 2010

Walking home from a boring day at school, I was starting to really look forward to some vanilla bean ice coffee and a side of my favorite sugar cookies. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water, and my stomach grumble. I don't normally walk home, today I forgot to grab my phone so I wasn't able to call for a ride.

I was approaching the huge gates, as I came close to a black speaker box. I pressed the button.

"Open the gates."

"Who's speaking?" A Guard asked.


"Me who?"

"Your mum."


"Idiot, it's me, Erin."

"Well how do I know you're really Erin and not some girl pretending to be Erin?"

"Shit hole! Open the damn gates before I have my father fire your dumbass!"

"Eh, no, no there is no need to bring your father into this, my apologies Miss Erin," the gates slowly started to open.


Like I seriously have to go through that everyday, I'm still surprise I haven't tried to get him fired.

I walked through our way-to-big-of-a-front-yard. Smelling the roses and other flowers I couldn't identify as I passed by. Smelt like the body spray I was wearing. As I approached the front of the mansion and I rang the door bell. I waited for a maid to open up. Took about 5 minutes for someone to make it down here, sometimes I really wish I had a smaller house.

Or maybe next time don't forget your keys.

That too.

"Good afternoon Miss Erin, would you like me to take your bag up to your bedroom?" The maid who I don't know the name of asked. Too many to keep track of ...

"Nah, I've got it," I waved my hand at her sending her off, but then remembered my coffee and cookies I was craving for.

"Oh, but I would like you to bring up a cup of vanilla bean ice coffee with a side of sugar cookies." I ordered her to do as I walked up the stairs to my bedroom.

"Yes as you wish miss Erin." She stalked off, I assume to the kitchen.

I opened the door to my room and I clicked the door shut. I threw my bag on the bed, and made my way to the computer.

I logged on, while everything was popping up. I began to change into a pair of gray sweats and a black tank top. I walked back over to my computer deck. I ex out all the unwanted pages and logged on to aim. Not even a minute on my friend Page hits me up.

We talked for a while until I heard a knock at the door.

I logged off and made my way towards the door to retrieve my heavenly cookies.

Was I wrong.

What waited foe me on the other side of that door was something that was going to change my life for the worse.

It's Saturday morning and I was on our family private jet to Japan. Why do you ask? Well I'll tell you why, my freaking parents said so that's why!

Now I'm forced to transfer in the middle of the-freaking-year to Ouran-effing-Academy.


Fuck. My. Life