The REAL Reason Sasuke Left Konoha

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"I think I love you." Sakura stared at her dark haired teammate, silently wondering if he had finally snapped.

"Put the Oreos down , Sasuke, just put them down." The pinkette instructed, taking a step towards him. Sasuke growled at her and clutched the blue-and-black package closer to his chest.

Oh Kami, this is worse then Naruto and his ramen...

"YOU'LL NEVER TAKE MY OREO COOKIES! I CAN DUNK THEM IN MILK!" The youngest Uchiha laughed somewhat crazily. Behind him, a figure moved out of the bushes, and Sasuke whirled around, ready to kill to protect his precious Oreo's.

"Hey little boy, want some candy?" Orochimaru asked like a pedophile trying to get some.

Sasuke sighed in relief. "Oh, it's just you."

The snake-man frowned. "Don'cha wanna come into my white windowless van? I have lots of candy in there?"

The dark haired teen shook his head. "Oh please, can't you see me and the Oreo's have a date? No creeper copuld ever love me like these babies." He stated, hugging said Oreo's closer to his chest.

Orochimaru grinned again. "I have plenty of Oreo's back at my base."

At this, Sasuke's eyes widened considerably, and a bit of drool escaped his mouth. "You do?"

Mr. Snake Rape nodded. "Oh yes, tons."

"Let's go already!" And with that, Orochimaru and Sasuke skipped off into the sunset together, leaving a very confused Sakura in their midst.

"...The hell?"


"Kisame." Itachi stopped, placing a hand on his fishy friend's chest. "I have a feeling something very bad is happening to my brother."

Sharkman shrugged. "Who cares? Now you can hook up with his hot teammate."

Itachi smirked evilly. "Yes, Sakura is quiet the catch." And with that, he headed off in the direction of Konoha.

Kisame stared after him for a minute. "I was talkin' about that Kakashi, but hey, whatever floats your boat."


Back in the Leaf Village, Sakura sneezed. Someone must be talking about her.


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