Okay, dearest people, as I have been playing around with Time a bit too much in this story, some points are to be cleared up:

I did have to change the timeframe for both fandoms. I am aware that the 'real" Alice (Liddel) would be old enough to be Mina Murray's mother, not her pupil, but for the plot's sake and from my usual impertinence I just changed that

As the story takes place about 20 years after Dracula (which was released in 1897), I made Mina a forty year-old (presuming that she was about twenty in Stoker's novel). As for Stayne's age and how long he had been in exile before Mina fell down through the bombshell and landed in the Outlands (by divine Providence, of course!)- don't ask me, for I don't know it myself It is just evident he was older than Mina from the beginning, as he was about forty when sentenced, and some Time did pass between the end of the film and my story.

According to my plot, in the beginning of WW1 Mina's husband and son go to the war, and so eventually does she (as a nurse). However, I made her a widow at the time she appears in Underland (and thus "killed" Jonathan Harker), because I abhor the very idea of adultery, or any other "unlawful seduction" . Even more than I do sad, angsty endings

Her son Quincy, however, survives and after the victory gets back to his normal life(studies, then career and marriage). As those who have read "The Stuart Family Values" must have guessed, his daughter's name is Lucy

I virtually stopped the course of Time in Underland when Mina has to leave it (fortunately, not for good!). So, for Stayne it is just One Long Tedious Everlasting Day…. When Mina receives a word from Mirana about the end of Stayne's banishment, she goes back through the looking-glass, and during the passage her appearance is changed back to what it had been before she left. So she doesn't look like Maggie Smith in the role of Minerva, don't be afraid! ))))

If you wonder how on Earth Mina was able to live through the war, return to London, give birth to triplets (Militsa, Rostislav and Dragomir), raise them without husband, get back to her school job and later even become Headmistress (not counting her other activities, both religious and social), don't ask me either! I wouldn't be able to lead such a life by any means! But then, Mina is a SuperHeroine, and your humble servant is evidently not! (LOL)