Hello, this is BoredParanoia with a special announcement. Lately, I've been doing some thinking about this story and well… I really don't like the plot. For me, it's all just rewritten canon that has occurred over a million times. So I am also currently working on the first chapter of the new story, still called Quiet in the Storm, as well as the second chapter of These Shades of Light (which you should check out even though.) However, there will be a few noticeable differences.

Naruto will definitely have a bloodline, one that will severally limit his ability to talk. He won't exactly be 'mute', but with this bloodline, he might as well be.

Naruto will definitely rely on other forms of attack, but mostly on kenjutsu, thanks to a little gift by Kakashi.

He probably won't go back to Konoha. Keep in mind that he was four and it doesn't exactly make much sense to go back. He will keep in contact.

He will live in a very familiar place, familiar to any Naruto fanfic reader.

He and Fu will meet differently .

That's what I got so far but I also got a question. Everyone has been wondering about the last chapter, so give me your voice. Should I at least finish the wave arc before going on the rewrite?