"Jaden, stop that."

"Yes master." Jaden spoke and turned around to her master, Kyle Katarn. The Storm Trooper behind her relaxed slightly, after have been force lightninged for half an hour.

"I understand that you want to get information from the trooper, but that is not the right way to go." He spoke. "I also know that it was hard forgiving Rosh, and that you still are, but torturing an enemy soldier is not the right way to get over it."

Jaden's head lowered slightly and she sighed.

"I understand master."

"Now go see him. He's out in the courtyard." Kyle said and pointed to the door.

Jaden nodded and walked out of the door, not intending to see Rosh first.

She walked to her room, quickly had a shower and got changed. She attached her lightsaber to her hilt and sighed, still slightly missing her old one.

Knowing that Rosh most likely wasn't at the courtyard any more (he could hardly stay in one place for so long) she force sensed his presence and followed along a trail in the force to him. She found him in the cafeteria, eating with a group of friends.

Rosh had seemed to make friends quickly in the academy, much faster than Jaden at least. And even when he did betray his friends and turn to the dark side, when he came back it was almost as if nothing had ever happened.

Jaden went over to the front of the cafeteria, grabbed a tray, got her food and sat at a table at the back of the room. She was alone, but she normally was.

She once had some people that came to sit with her, but that was only as admirers it seemed. Two months after she had defeated Tavion in the Tomb of Ragnos, stopping her from resurrecting him and ending all Jedi, people had started to forget. They had their own 'stopping the end of the galaxy' quests. Just because Jaden had stopped two giant threats by herself didn't mean anything to anybody anymore.

She sighed as she looked down at her peas and carrot, stabbing one. She brought the fork up to her eyes and looked at the orange thing on her fork. She wasn't fond of carrots.

Her eyes wandered to the table near the centre of the giant room and could see Rosh and his friends laughing.

She sighed again, dropped her fork and left the room, feeling sorry for herself.

Every corner she turned, someone was talking or laughing with someone else. It was as if the whole academy was trying to prove a point to her. A little voice in the back of her head spoke.

You're alone.

"I know that." She murmured sadly to herself as she wondered to her room. She closed and locked door behind her. Not bothering to change her clothes, she hopped into the bed she was assigned to, letting the memory of the day wonder in her head.

"Why should he get all the glory?" Jaden whispered in the room. "I did all of the work. Yet I still have nothing." She looked out to the window to see the moon shining brightly at her.

"Well, almost." Her own voice replied to her. She rolled to the side and let a tear roll down her cheek.