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Chapter Ten – A Stretch in Time


The Ed boys are now approaching their ship, with the clock striking noon in Traverse Town, and they can see the body of Dexter emerging from the hull of the ship. As they got closer to their ship, they can see that the boy genius is stopping to talk to another boy in the area. The Eds can see that the boy knows Dexter quite a bit and this is making the boys interested into knowing what they are talking about. They approach the two talking boys to listen in, only for Dexter to catch a glimpse of them approaching.

"Oh, it's you three," he said.

"Greetings Dexter," replied Double D. "Are you finished with installing that Gummi block?"

"Indeed. I just finished placing it a minute ago and I am heading back to my lab to continue my project," Dexter said, taking his glasses off to clean them. "There's one thing that you should know about the block that I put it. That should get you to the next set of worlds that is in this sector of the universe. I would have given you a longer range block, but that is going to take me some time to get my hands on that."

"That's all right," the smart Ed said. "As long as we're not visiting the same old worlds again, we're happy with what we got."

"And what about the map?" asked Eddy. "We've been traveling to three worlds already without the help of a map and now you want to travel into unknown territory without one?"

"Look, I'm a very busy genius here," the redhead said, placing his glasses back on. "I have other projects that I need to get done here, you know?"

The boy standing next to Dexter lets out a stern cough, reminding him that the boy is standing there, and Dexter lets a sigh in return. "Eds, this here is Otto," he said. "He's an acquaintance of mine and a bit of a genius when it comes to everything in history."

The boy that is Otto is about the size of Dexter, with him wearing a pair of thick-rimmed glasses like the boy genius', but round in design. The boy is wearing a blue shirt over a pair of brown shorts, long white socks, and black shorts. Otto has a mat of brown hair on top of his round hair, and he is giving off a warm smile similar to Ed's, but is not showing off his teeth.

"Please to meet you all," said Otto, extending his hand to be shaken.

"Well, it is great to meet you," said Double D, reaching out to shake Otto's hand.

"Say, aren't you the one that wields the Keyblade?"

The smart Ed gives the boy a curious stare as he returns his hand back to his body. "Why yes. Yes I am," he replied. "What makes you say that?"

"Well, we're in need of your help in this one assignment," begins Otto, "and with you here, that makes our job a lot easier than chasing you across the universe!"

"But why do you need my help?"

"It has to do with getting TOM's ship back from Father and his army of Ice Cream Men," answered Otto. "We figure that since we're going to need some help in getting back what TOM needed, we need you and your friends to help us out."

"And what's in it for us?" asked Eddy.

"Did someone say ice cream?" Ed pitched.

"The Ice Cream Men are a group of men dressed very similar to how Stormtoopers are, and they aren't the kind of ice cream men that you see giving out your normal ice cream bars to us kids," explained Dexter. "They service more to adults, but more to Father and his side, meaning that whenever they are in town, we kids luck out."

"My, that doesn't sound like a bunch of friendly folks," said Double D.

"But if we do succeed in this mission, at least we can tell TOM on how to reclaim his ship and have him go after Father," Otto said, adding in on the conversation.

"Wait... wouldn't it be easier if we go in and take them down ourselves?" asked Eddy.

"I'll explain it on the way back to our base," said Otto, motioning for the Eds to follow him.

The three Eds look at each other, wondering if they should follow him, and they all agree to follow the boy to know what exactly is going on. As they are walking away, Dexter takes his toolbox and heads back to where he is staying, all to get back to work on whatever he is busy with, leaving the door to the Midnight Hummer open for people to waltz in. The Eds notice that they are heading towards a new section of Traverse Town, to where there are more residential buildings and few businesses, save for a few wandering merchants pushing carts full of goods to sell.

As the four boys are walking, Otto begins to explain that he is part of a group called Time Squad that specializes in traveling to different eras of time to fix any sort of anomaly that goes awry. Double D points out that in doing so will cause some alteration in the time-space continuum, but Otto replies to this saying that the anomaly will be from someone choosing a different career and in result will lose a certain product in the present time. Eddy find this somewhat interesting as he is not much for history, but without some of the things he lives with, he could be living a different life today.

Ed is... well, Ed.

The four finally approach the facility that the Time Squad Otto is on is located. The building itself is nothing special in design as there are rooms above the main level to show signs of residential living conditions and a large glass window with "Time Squad" painted onto. All four enter through the door and once inside, they can see that the main room is vastly empty, all to save for a desk, a chair and a man reading the newspaper.

The Eds are left to wander the empty space to wonder why there is no other furnishing in this room as Otto approaches the desk to place his hands on the counter. "Hey Larry, I got the Keyblader with me," he said.

The man removes the newspaper from his face, revealing himself to be a robot, bronze in armor, thin in design in compare to the robots of TOM's team, blue eyes and a permanent frown on the robot's face. He is looking at the boy with an unease look, but this is due to the robot being built like so. "So... you found the boy, did you?" the robot asked, setting aside the paper.

"Yep. There's the Keyblader right there," said Otto, pointing to Double D.

The smart Ed hears his name being called and he pivots to face the robot. "Please to meet you," he answered. "I say, you are quite a fine specimen."

"Why thank you," the robot responded, getting up from his seat. "My name is Larry 3000, but you can call me Larry for short."

"Well, it is a pleasure meeting you," the Ed said, offering his hand to shake. "So tell us, what exactly is our role in this mission of yours?"

"Well you see..."

Before Larry can start his explaining, the door leading to the back room of this building slams open and out bursts a large muscular man. He is a very tall man, barely squeezing right through the door without cracking the edges, and yet his muscular body got right through. The man is wearing a gray suit in design of a uniform, with some areas of his suit black as his gloves, boots and pants, and he has a mask covering most of his head. What is exposed is a pair of yellow goggles covering his eyes and a stubble beard on his massive chin.

And the man is wearing a pink apron while holding a hot tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Eddy and Double D look dumbfound at the large man standing before them, confused by the situation given to them, as the man lowers the tray down to their level. "Want some?" he asked.

"Don't mind if I do," said Ed, taking at least half of the cookies.

Eddy decides to take a sample for himself, lifting one hot cookie from the tray and taking a bite down on the sweet delight. As he is chewing, Larry 3000 lets out an irritated moan and he shifts back over to Double D to continue with his conversation.

"As I was trying to say, we got the job from TOM asking for our service to go back in time and learn a bit about what Father is planning and hope to relay this data to you and TOM."

"So you want us to come with you to learn what Father is up to?" questioned Double D. "Then why can't you just go by yourselves and get it that way?"

"There's a problem with that plan," the muscle man said. "You see, we're not that much onto defending ourselves."

"Well Tuddrussel here has a very itchy trigger finger and willing to blast everything on sight," Larry pointed out. "However, that isn't enough against Father and his Ice Cream soldiers. Not to mention those three beings Father has at his beck and call..."

"You mean Prankster and Zip-fly?" said Normadomus. "We took care of Blitzer now and... oh, I forgot."

"Yes, as we are heading back into the past," Otto stated. "This is before you guys came here and some time after the war."

"And like I said, we are up against a man with fire for powers, a maniacal Heartless, a cold-killing Nobody, a shark-like wolf, and an army of men dressed in ice-cream armor," the robot said. "How can a muscle man with a trigger finger, a robot that wasn't programmed to fight and a kid compete with that?"

"You can take kung-fu classes," Ed randomly pitched.

"Yeah, but we got a deadline to meet," said the man Tuddrussel. "We need to get into the past, steal whatever TOM asked us to steal, get some information about what Father is trying to do and get out."

"Wait, steal?" parroted Double D. "Are you going back into the past to steal something?"

"According to TOM, it is a valuable tool that he needs to complete his security here in Traverse Town," answered Larry. "I have no idea what it is, but we're going to find out eventually."

"So why are we standing around here?" Eddy whines. "Can't we just leave and get this over with?"

"Once I set the time period to seven months ago, we should be all set to go," said Otto, adjusting the watch that is on his arm to get everything set. "There we go. Now huddle up and get ready to face off against some Ice Cream Men."

The Eds got up close to the robot and Tuddrussel as Otto jumps up onto the large man's shoulder and pushes down on his watch. In an instant, the room flashes up in a bright light as all six of them disappear into thin air and causing the doors to flap open from the force. People outside did not even defend themselves from the blow and once it is over, they continue on with their daily lives as if it never happen.


Somewhere out in space, a large spaceship is slowly cruising along at a leisurely pace, as the ship itself is very long in design. The ship, known as the Absolution, is sailing through a certain part of the main section of the universe, exploring the possibilities of what these worlds have to store as the residents inside this ship want to raid these worlds all for one common goal. Those the ship seems peaceful, Father made sure to add more weaponry to the Absolution's current stock, making it a much larger threat.

This is Time Squad's target, and they got inside of the hull to be safe from the hazards of space. They enter the same way they left Traverse Town, with only luck on their side as there are no guards visible to notice them coming. Once the light dims, the Eds stumble around for a bit before finally collecting themselves and turning to focus on the squad.

"OK first off, why are we here?" asked Eddy, pointing to the sign reading "Weapon's Closet."

Otto squints to read the lettering on the sign, seeing that it is hard to read in little light and finally notices what the greedy Ed is saying. "Oh right..." he said, looking down on his watch. "Yeah, this thing is only good on traveling through time. It's not very accurate when it comes to landing in certain spots."

"And another thing is since you want to come out here, why not use your ship?" Double D asked, throwing in a good question.

"Well our ship was totaled a while back and it's in the shop for the time being," Tuddrussel answered.

"But you could have asked us to give you a lift."

"But for what reason?"

"We do have a new upgrade to our ship that can allow us to travel farther into the universe," the smart Ed answered, responding to Larry's question.

"Again, for what reason?" the robot replied. "In case you don't know, the ship does move and you won't know exactly where it is. This is the exact location where the Absolution is according to TOM, so if we have that, then we can travel to it."

"But I thought the kid said you guys aren't good on locations," the small Ed pointed out.

"I mean on a precise location, not a region," Otto answered. "If that were the case, we'll be outside in space, struggling for air."

The greedy Ed begins to ponder this over and realizes what the boy is saying. If that was the case, the group will be struggling (minus Larry 3000) for air and will be compressed into small balls of matter thanks to the thing known as the vacuum of space. With a disturbing thought in his head, the small Ed shakes it out of him as he remembers recalling the little incident from earlier with Tuddrussel and him wearing that pink apron.

"Oh that..." he started. "Well... it's just a one time deal. Every guy goes through one of those moments."

"And I was wondering the same thing," Larry said n a deadpan tone. "Now I need to go wash that thing once we get back."

Truddrussel decides to get back to the mission by pulling out a gun and blasting the door from its hinges. The few shots needed got the door to rocket across the hallway and make a large amount of noise, but nothing is coming down the hallway or sirens going off. After making sure that no one is coming, the group carefully strolls out from the closet to get more room to stretch. They give one final look around the area to make sure that they are not being followed or noticed, so they begin to formulate a plan.

"All right, so what we have in mind is to go find that one artifact that TOM asked us to get," said Otto in a whisper tone, "while you three go learn what find Father and learn what he is up to."

"And why can't you guys go follow Father?" asked Eddy.

"Because Buck here can't keep his finger off of the trigger and that'll be a bad thing when it comes to peeping in on a conversation," Larry responded.

"It's true," answered Truddrussel. "This trigger finger of mine needs a good itching now and then."

"But then, we aren't the exact kind of people that is good at stealth missions," the smart Ed pointed out. "Eddy here can be loud at times and Ed... well, he is what he is."

"Cookie anyone?" the tall Ed asked, holding out one of the cookies he saved from earlier.

Everyone denies the offer and Ed stuffs the cookie into his mouth as the others got back to their conversation. "But still, this'll give us the chance to kill two birds with one stone, right?" said Otto. "We can handle getting what TOM needs while you guys cover Father."

"I guess, but that means we..."

"Well will you look at the time," Truddrussel said. "We need to get cracking here! Let's meet up somewhere near the docking stations, all right?"

The Eds agree with this and they watch Time Squad split off to go find whatever they need to retrieve. Now the Eds are standing there wondering what to do next, since they have no clue as to where to go next due to that they have no knowledge of the ship's layout. They are basically wandering through a maze inside of a large ship, all in the name of finding a being that is capable of defeating them with fire and his traveling companions. This is not what the Eds have in mind of going out.

Eddy notices something from behind the blown-out door and the Eds walk up to lift the door up. What lies underneath is an unconscious Ice Cream soldier, dazed from getting hit from the door, and the boys decide to check his armor for any sort of help that can get them through this ship. Luckily the man has a map on him in case he got lost and Double D offers to take the map so that the boys do not lose it.

"All right, we should be in this hallway right next to this supply closet," the Ed said, placing his finger on the map. "If we want to find Father, I suggest that we search the bridge and perhaps Father's personal quarters."

"Since when does a ship have a bridge?" asked Ed.

"A bridge is usually a place where the main control of the ship is," Double D explained. "It will make sense if Father is there, since he is the one that controls the ship."

"But what about his living area?" asked Eddy, walking up to take a look at the map.

"Well, it shouldn't be far from here. All we need is to head down this hallway to get up to the intersection, take a left and just keep walking until we find it."

Double D rolls up the map and places it inside of his jacket, and the boys begin their journey to find out Father's plan. Just as Eddy and Ed take their first steps, Double D spins around and is holding up two fingers. "Oh and there's something that I like to point out," he said. "Since we are in the past, I would like to state one little detail before we continue on...

"You should know that if we do anything that can result in any minor changes in this reality, it will cause the time-space continuum to warp and will bring the present that we came from to no longer exist!" the smart Ed stated, emphasizing the last line a bit. "We can't do anything so much as take a step that will result in some sort of paradox setting off in this time period that will cause the future to be totally different than when we came from! So you better be careful on what you do or else we may as well not exist at all!"

Ed and Eddy both shoot a look at each other, getting all that Double D is trying to say before giving the smart Ed the same look. With those words stuck in their heads, Double D turns around and leads the Eds off to get to the end of the hallway. Eddy leans up to Ed's ear and he begins to whisper to the tall boy.

"I wonder how long it is going to be before we make a Back to the Future reference," he asked.

"I think Double D already made one," the tall Ed replied.

"No kid, that's the same principle in all time science experiments, real or fake," said Normadomus. "If we do cause some sort of change here in the past, it can result in a ripple to the time stream and will change the present to something entirely different."

"And how bad can that be?" asked the greedy Ed.

"Well it all depends on the word 'bad.' It could be a turn for good, or it may be to where things will somehow end up like a certain station that I occasionally watch."

The two Eds are left in silence for a moment to think over which television station Normadomus watches, which is strange to them for a wizard like him to watch television. "Nickelodeon?" pitched Eddy.

The hat looks up in puzzlement before looking back down on Eddy. "No, I don't believe so," he answered. "I think it was with mostly young adults and a lame excuse for music..."

"Oh, I know what you're talking about." There is another moment of silence. "At least we can show better quality stuff than what those guys can produce," said the small Ed.

Double D lets out a shush and orders the boys to hide, as a group of Ice Cream soldiers march down the hallway with ice cream guns in arms. The boys watch from their niche as the soldiers pass right by them without even noticing them. Once the men are gone, the Eds can hear the sound of a door opening and they look out to notice Father strolling out of the room, along with Prankster, Blitzer and Zip-fly. They can hear a conversation between the four, making out bits and pieces, and the boys decide to tag along to listen in on their conversation to see what they can get out of it.

"So we still don't have a location for a Keyblade?" asked Father.

"Well sir, it's impossible to say where one can be," said Blitzer. "For all we know, the Keyblade wielders are still asleep and that they can be dying, not even know that they can wield the Keyblade."

"Still, it means that they can wield a Keyblade, which is needed to do the final lock!" the shadow man stated. "If we don't have a key, then we can't unlock the lock!"

The three beings recoil in fright from Father's flames before warming back up to the man. "Father, we may not have the Keyblade in our possession, we do possess two of the Pure Hearted," said Zip-fly. "We still need to locate the other five before we should head back to Hollow Bastion."

"Yes, but why should we head back there when we have a whole universe to explore?" stated Prankster. "There are some sectors we have yet to explore and could hold the answers to our questions!"

"Exactly Prankster!" replied Father. "If a Keyblade exists in the other sectors of the universe, we should be able

"Wait, Hollow Bastion?" whispered Eddy. "Where did we hear that from?"

Ed slowly raises his hand before dropping as his hat begins to speak. "Hollow Bastion? The old cathedral and town of once former glory?" he asked. "I thought that world was inhabitable after the war."

"It was?" asked Ed.

"If there's one thing that I know, it's this," said Double D. "War. War never changes."

"True," answered Ed's hat. "Now I want to know about Hollow Bastion."

The boys continue on to tail right behind the enemy all before coming up to a pair of sliding doors and entering the bridge of the ship. The bridge itself is very large and comprise of several seats with Ice Cream soldiers manning each computer. The Eds take this opportunity to duck behind one computer and use this as a personal hiding spot for the time being, and they can

"So we know that the rest of the Pure Hearted are here in the main sector," said Father, "but what we don't know is the location for each one of them."

"Correct," answered Zip-fly. "According to our previous master, he knows where each Pure Hearted lies, but he didn't remember where these worlds were located."

"And that's where I come in," Blitzer said, stepping in. "Using my acute sense of smell, I can track down those Pure Hearted and have the exact location of each one of them in no time."

"But we do have an entire universe to explore," said Father. "That will take us forever to find each and every one of those..."

"Sir, a world is coming up," an Ice Cream soldier stated, looking up from the radar he is stationed at.

"Bring it up," ordered Father.

The soldier did what he is told and got the image on screen, showing a world for everyone to see. The world itself is a large town, comprising of several different houses, but one is standing out against the rest. Blitzer is letting a loud snarl, Prankster is gripping onto his staff, and Zip-fly takes a hand and morphs it into a katana.

"I don't understand, but there's something about that world that makes me... angry," said Zip-fly.

"Same here," snarls Blitzer. "I just want to go there and tear everything up."

"Now, now my children, there are better ways in dealing with this sort of thing," said Father. "Now Blitzer, can you sense any signs of a Pure Hearted or a Keyblade on this world?"

The said wolf begins to sniff the air, trying to get any readings about the world before them before lowering his head. "There's nothing that I am getting, only except anger," he said. "I detect no signs of a Keyblade or a Pure Hearted anywhere. All I can sense is stupidity... and hatred."

"What is with this hatred?" asked Father.

"I guess it's has to do with the fact that many people in this universe hates this world so much that they want to destroy it," explained Zip-fly. "But from I know, there tends to be some sort of magic that is protecting this world, leaving them safe from the crushing pressure that is hatred."

"Aw man and I want to take all of that hatred and use it to crush this world!" stated Prankster. "Please Father, can I blow up this world? Please, please, please?"

Father props his head onto a fist, twisting away from the Heartless so that he can not focus on the being. But Prankster continues to beg to blow up the world, even going as far as getting up into the man's face and begging right in front of him. Father reacts to this in shock and spinning around in his chair, only to have Prankster back up in his face and continuing to beg, as if he is only running on the single breath of air. Father can not take anymore of this as he removes his head from his fist and slams that fist down onto the arm of the chair.

"All right, enough already!" he boomed. "You can blow up this world for your guilty pleasure!"

Prankster lets out a cheer in excitement, follow by his usual laughter. "Oh don't worry Father; I'll make sure to give you the best explosion I can come up with!"

The shadow man waves off the ghost, telling him to do his business, and the Heartless leaves chuckling. The Eds duck behind where they are hiding to make sure not to get notice by the Heartless and they emerge once the ghost is gone. The boys look over the wall to notice Father facing out into space at the world before them, getting data on the screen and an image of a woman appearing before them. The woman herself is a very attractive woman with a more futuristic design, and she has a bluish tone to her appearance, and there is nothing else to describe from where the Eds are hiding.

"Father Sir, are you certain about destroying this world?" she asked. "I know that this world is hated but this doesn't give you the right to destroy it."

"I know but this is not my problem," the man replied. "If you want to prevent this world from being destroyed, you need to talk to Prankster about that, and you know how he can be sometimes."

"Yes, but you do realize that I have full control over this ship and can disable you from allowing Prankster to use his spell to destroy this world?"

"True, but I do have control over your actions," Father retorted, "so if you dare interfere with this, I swear I will get someone to rewire you and make you more obedient to every last one of my orders."

The woman retracts back in fear, as she knows what Father is capable of doing. She knows that this ship was run differently in the hands of TOM when he was in control, and that is how she likes it. But with Father in control, she is restricted from doing any sort of thing, as the Ice Cream Men can control anything on the ship without her help and Father can dictate what to do with a single gesture and a stern voice. Even if she tries to rebel against them, it will only result in a hardware crash and part of her memory deleted.

That means... no memories of TOM...

"I understand," the woman replied, submitting into Father's will. "I will allow Prankster to do his deed and destroy this world." With that, she disappears from view and Father got himself comfortable in his chair.

"Excellent," he coos. "Now all that is missing is some popcorn and we got ourselves a show!"

"It'll only be a few more minutes before the ticking time bomb known as Prankster's Surprise destroys that world," said Blitzer. "I'm worry about that move of his destroying this ship."

"You worry too much," said Zip-fly. "Why can't you be more relaxed and mellow?"

"Don't you think that trusting your life in the hands of Heartless that can potentially turn this entire ship belly side up in the matter of seconds worries you even for a bit?" the wolf asked. "Knowing you, you shouldn't trust that maniac whatsoever."

"So? I know about the feud between the Heartless and us Nobodies," the Nobody replied, "but that doesn't excuse me from not allowing Prankster to do whatever he pleases."

"Except of course taking over the ship and blowing it up," Father chimed in. "SARA here will prevent that sort of thing from happening, is that right?"

"Indeed," the woman responding, identifying herself to be SARA. "I will make sure that Prankster does not cause any sort of damage to this ship. And speaking of which, the Heartless is beginning his attack now."

"I hope you guys are ready for this," the voice of Prankster said over the intercom. "I wanted to let out a big version of this spell for a while now, and now I am getting the chance to let it rip!"

Everyone in the room begin to talk up a storm over the excitement that is about to happen. The Eds look over from their cover to watch as the action unfolds, as SARA appears once again and a countdown appears on the monitors. "Countdown until firing in T-minus 15 seconds," the woman said, as the seconds behind her tick away.

Everyone watches the monitor with excitement burning in their eyes as the seconds pass away, counting down to the initial launch of the ghost's ultimate special. As zero draws near, the Ice Cream Men pitch in on the countdown, repeating the numbers on screen as the final digit draws near. Once the two, one disappears, the magic number flashes on the screen and a loud chuckle cracks through the intercom.

"Fire away!" shouted Prankster.

Nothing is going on at the moment, as everybody is waiting in anticipation for something to happen. Seconds went by as they did in the countdown, with nothing happening during this time. And then, the world before them slowly begins to give away and reveal a massive black sphere. There are signs of a purple glow circling the sphere, as pieces of the world startle to crumble and suck into the sphere, only to be never seen from again.

The Ice Cream Men are shouting in joy over the latest success of the Prankster's Surprise, with even Father grinning under his shadowy suit. As for the Eds, they are shock over such sheer power it took to destroy one world, and that same sort of magic caused their world to fall in the same matter.

"He... He blew up the world?" Double D stated. "But why?"

"Sir, it appears that there are some survivors leaving in an escape pod," a soldier said. "Should we shoot?"

Father looks at the soldier that questioned him before shifting over to Zip-fly. The Nobody understands what Father wants and he turns to the exit and heads out of the cockpit. The Eds got into their hiding spot, making sure that Zip-fly does not notice them, and the Nobody passes right by and out the door. Only to check the coast is clear, the Eds slip back out to hear about the situation.

"Incoming transmission," one solder stated. "It's coming from the escape pod. Should we respond?"

"No, leave it," Father replied. "It is for the best that we don't hear their cries of help."

"I understand."

"But... but they destroyed a world," jabbered Double D. "Why on earth are they so cruel?"

"It is human nature," replied Normadomus. "We humans tend to be cruel to others. It is just a simple fact of life. Plus I remember something along the lines of that world not being so liked in the first place."

"Is it the one with the brother acting like a guinea pig for his mad scientist sisters, who are trying to win over an idiotic neighbor, all while living under a house with a father who can't cook anything else than a meatloaf and a mother who works out of town, along with a rip-off of Area 51 which is home to a really dumb military and two Secret Service agents that are terrible at their jobs, with the addition of some really bad villains of a very chubby child with some affection to one of the mad scientists, a talking cat with a butler, a mad freezing scientists, and a toymaker that crossed the lines too many times, and a dog that can also talk and drinks coffee and everyone in the world is completely stupid into believing that the dog is a kid with a rare hair disorder when in reality is just a dog?"

Everyone stares at Ed, surprised that he summarized a world that he strangely knows about all in one breath. "Uh... that sounds about right," said Normadomus.

Ed's smile turns into a frown. "Yeah, I never liked that world either," he said before switching back to a smile.

"That was all one sentence Ed, right?" asked Double D.


"Go figures," said Eddy. "He forgets everything while explaining that in one-go."

"I'm amazed by how well he knows of that world," said the hat.

"Well Ed does have a thing for science fiction so maybe he spends his free time exploring the universe for possible alien life," explained the smart Ed.

"And this is probably one of the times when I felt sad in my life," the tall Ed said, hanging his head low. "But now I feel better."

They can feel the faint rumbling of an explosion, which might have come from either Prankster or Zip-fly and in which the target this time is the escape pod. After a few minutes, both the Heartless ghost and the Nobody got back on the deck, walking and floating up to where Father is before turning to the screen.

"So everything went according to plan?" he asked.

"Yes it did," replied Zip-fly. "We made sure that no survivors are left. Prankster took their hearts and ate them, and I made sure that there is nothing left for any Heartless or Nobody to form."

"And allow me to say that those hearts were downright revolting!" said Prankster in a disgusted tone. "I had a few bad hearts during my time, but those hearts were just... blech!"

"I can understand," Father replied. "I was once a child and I never liked the taste of my veggies. So are you certain that there are no signs of any unwanted Heartless or Nobodies?"

"Positive. If there were to be Heartless, they will be growing inside of Prankster, and I don't think that they'll survive in there for a long period," said Zip-fly. "As for the Nobodies... I made sure that if there are any signs of them, I won't be seeing them whenever I return home."

"Then that is good to hear," said Father. He spins around in his chair to focus on his Ice Cream Soldiers. "Men, is there another world that holds the keys we need to find our goal?"

"Father, there is somewhere that I wanted to go for a while," said Prankster. "It is somewhere far off and it doesn't have either a Pure Hearted or a Keyblade."

"Then what good will traveling to this world will do?"

"It has to do with the fact of that world housing a Tainted," the Heartless said. "A being that is corrupted by the darkness and has only shadows lying within the heart."

"A Tainted?" echoed everyone, including the Eds.

"It is exactly the opposite of a Pure Hearted, who is born out of pure light," Prankster explained. "Tainted are people who are born out of pure darkness, which is much rarer than those of Pure Hearted. If there are seven Pure Hearted in this universe, then there is one Tainted that exists in this universe."

"So what you are saying there is this one person on this world that can help us?" asked Father, now getting interested.

"Probably. The true nature of the Tainted is still unknown, but if we can get this person to join us, we shall be an unstoppable force!" stated Prankster. "We will be all powerful, and with our combination, there is nothing that can stop us!"

"Prankster, are you going insane again?" asked Blitzer. "It appears that you are and you know where that leads to."

"I know, but where's the fun in that?"

"Still, Prankster does put up a good point Blitzer," said Father. "If we have this Tainted join us, then it will make it possible to achieve Kingdom Hearts faster than collecting the Purest Seven!"

Every soldier that is in the cockpit begin to cheer very loudly, shouting their enthusiasm

"Tainted... Purest Seven... Kingdom Hearts?" mumbles Double D. "What does all that mean?"

A soft crackling noise begins to emit from where the Eds are at and they all look to notice that Double D's watch is making the noise. "Hey guys, are you done yet?" asked the voice of Otto, keeping his tone low knowing that the Eds are hiding. "Our time is up here and we need to get going."

"Don't worry, we'll be on our way," Double D replied, also keeping his voice low.

"Well you better do it quick or else we're going to leave you behind!" boomed Tuddrussel.

With the loud voice of Truddrussel echoing off of the walls of the bridge, the Eds look in horror as they notice Ice Cream Men, Father and the three beings staring where they are hiding. The boys look at each other and they scramble for the exit, stumbling on the way out of the bridge as the soldiers got out of the seats and grab their weapons. Father jumps up from his seat, flames surrounding his body and his anger boiling mad.

"AFTER THEM!" he bellowed, ordering for all of his soldiers to chase down the Ed boys.

With sirens blaring, the Eds are hurrying down the hallway with each struggling to keep on running as they can hear the sound of stomping right behind them. Normadomus throws up a Reflectara to block the hallway, stopping one group of soldiers dead in their tracks as the boys turn at an intersection to get away from said group. As they enter this hallway, they take notice of a new group of Ice Cream Men and Ed's hat throws up another Reflectara to block the new wave as the Eds backtrack to get away.

With the hallway they are in now getting full with soldiers, the Eds take another turn to get away from all of them. Now the ship is rocking from outbursts of Father, and they can feel a warm breeze filling up the hallway. With this new air filling in their lungs, the boys are slowing down and breathing heavily, and large drops of sweat drip down the side of their hot faces.

"It's no use," pants Double D. "We'll never make it to the docking station if we keep this up."

"Is there something that we can use to get there quickly?" whines Eddy.

Ed's hat begins to think this over, wondering what they can use to help them get out of this situation. Once it hits him, he unhinges his jaw and jumps up from Ed's head in excitement. "Use Haste, one of you!" he shouted. "It's the only way to get us away from these men!"

Ed got out his staff and he tries real hard to pull of the spell, thinking of what to do to get the spell to work. As he is thinking, a white light begins to glow on the tip of Ed's staff and the boys can feel a surge of energy flowing through them. With this new energy, the Ed boys take off from where they are and rocket down the hallways all the way to the docking station, zipping right pass guards and knocking them down. The boys did not stop to take a look at where they are going. All they care about is getting to the rendezvous point and get off of this ship.

The Time Squad of Larry 3000, Buck Truddrussel and Otto are waiting by the door going into the docking station, waiting patiently for the Eds to arrive. As they are waiting, they notice a blur heading right towards them and the large man prepares his gun in defense, only to notice the blur slowing down and revealing itself to be the Eds. The boys come to a stop, sliding to a halt as they came close to knocking into the Time Squad and knocking them over. Once the Eds realize where they are, they look at the squad and flash some smiles.

"What the heck is going on?" stated Truddrussel. "The second we left the room we were in, sirens are going off!"

"There's no time to explain," rushed Double D. "All that matters is

"Well, I guess it's time to head back to the future," Larry said, setting in the destination time and location.

"Hey, he made a reference!" stated Eddy.

"Eddy, I'm sure that saying the title of a movie doesn't count as a reference," the smart Ed said.

"But they say it all the time in the movies, so why not?" the greedy Ed questioned. "It's called a title drop."

"That may be true, but I believe that should be disqualified for use as a reference."

"I don't know. Say, didn't we get into trouble with saying stuff about this sort of thing?"

"Yes I believe we did. I think it was another project we tried during the summer, but it turned out to be a big bust thanks to some annoying person." There is silence for a moment. "No offense Eddy."

"I know," Eddy replied. "The only thing that I can say about that is... the Truth sucks."

Everyone nods in agreement over this statement, as the ship rocks again with another violent burst of anger from Father. Without thinking, everyone huddles together and Larry punches in on their destination, causing a bright light to consume them and sending them all back into the future. Once the light dims, an army of Ice Cream soldiers storm into the intersection and Father bursts through the crowd to note nothing in the meeting point of the hallway.

"Sir, SARA is missing from her containment," one soldier stated. "Should we go after the intruders?"

The shadow man takes a look at the location where the Eds and Time Squad once stood and turns to face the Ice Cream Man. "No," he answered. "We need to focus our attention on finding the rest of the Pure Hearted. Once we got them, we'll focus on finding the Keyblade and then those intruders..."


A bright flash of light appears inside of the Time Squad building, filling up the room with the light before dimming down and revealing the group of six. The six look around frantically, making sure that there are no signs of any Ice Cream soldiers that managed to hitch a ride with them. Luckily no one stray into the time stream with them, and the Eds hurry to the window to notice no subtle change to their present.

Truddrussel unveils what the item they have been assigned to seek, revealing a disk that is shining brightly under the lights in the room. The squad explains that the disk holds the information that is needed to revive SARA and upload her here in Traverse Town. With that said, the large man hands the disk over to Otto and the boy rushes out of the building to go deliver the disk to TOM.

"So all of this time it was after some program?" asked Eddy.

"Not so much a program but more an artificial intelligence program," said Larry. "You should understand this if you know your computers."

"Well now, at least TOM should be happy now," said Double D. "We should be on our way now. We do need to find the other children and find these Pure Hearted now."

The boys make their way to the door, all before the smart Ed stops in his tracks and turns to face the remaining members of Time Squad. "I have to ask… where exactly is Hollow Bastion?" he asked.

"That place? If you're looking for it, you're going to need a heavy-duty Transporting block if you want to go to that world," said Truddrussel. "Otherwise, it's not worth the trip by Gummi ship."

"All right, thanks for the info." With that, the Eds made their way out of the building and back to their ship to continue on with their journey.

"I don't know about this," said Eddy. "The one second we come back here and we got more questions that needs answers."

"Yes. As to what exactly is the Purest Seven and what is Kingdom Hearts?" the smart Ed ponders.

"Kingdom Hearts… that name rings a bell," said Normadomus.

"Oh, and I have to ask. Why are you watching TV when you look like the kind that don't?" asked the small Ed.

"Well if you must know, it's all in the name of research," the hat answered. "As a man who loves to study, I want to know how today's society is by learning a bit on what they watch. Apparently all I can find is nothing but useless programming that seems more like deteriorating the minds of the young, and only a few shows that are well entertaining."

"And whose said that TV will rot your mind?" said Double D. "A little research can get you far in life, correct?"

"And that's why I watch all of those movies," Ed pitched.

"They certainly do come in handy for all of our adventures. Now gentleman, let us continue on with our journey through this majestic universe of ours and keep our search progressing, shall we?"

With a nod from the others, the Eds board the Midnight Hummer and close the door behind them. After a few moments, the ship roars to life and sails away from Traverse Town to go off into the vastness of space. With a flick of the switch, the flames from the thrusters change colors and the Gummi ship zips pass by the worlds of older years to travel on to some newer worlds.

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