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Chapter Twenty-Seven – The Eds v. Jib the Destroyer, Part I


The Eds got out of the portal, after walking for a few minutes in a strange tunnel, and they take their first steps into the new world. Upon arriving, the Eds notice that everything is not in place, with just every single detail looking awfully suspicious to them, and they decide to walk farther up ahead. As they walk ahead, the portal close behind them, leaving them stranded on this new world. Double D takes note on the world around him, and he realizes where they are.

"Eddy... it's home!" Double D stuttered. "We're... We're really... home!"

"I don't think so," said Eddy.

Much to Double D's, and the others', disappointment, the home they knew as Peach Creek is in ruins. The cul-de-sac that the Eds live in is in a twisted mess of being gone in the shadows for so long. All of the homes are in ruins and out of place, with everything inside in places they should not be and strange oddities filling up some of the missing space. There are blotches of darkness everywhere, covering up some holes where they should not be, and there are cracks in the earth to when the town was being sucked in.

The once peaceful cul-de-sac of Peach Creek is, if not, one sad place for the Eds to come back to.

"Everything looks like a Dali painting," Double D pointed out.

"Surreal," said Ed, moving his arms like waves.

"Uh, is that supposed to happen?" asked Eddy, pointing up.

Double D looks up to notice a mutated cow floating in the sky. "I sure hope that we are not reliving that one experience we had," he mutters, smacking his head.

"It's been a long time, hasn't it?"

The Eds stiffen upon hearing the voice and they turn around to find a man floating in the air right behind them. He is levitating off the ground several feet off, and it appears as if he is sitting on an invisible box. The man is wearing a dark outfit, with a long dark gray jacket with red trimmings, over a navy blue shirt and dark brown pants. The man is also has his jacket's collar is up, gray gloves on his hands, and there are some zippers on the man's sleeves and belts around his waist. For the man's head, there is a small smile on his face, with a pair of hypnotic purple eyes staring at the Eds, and his short spiky hair is light blue in color.

And the Eds notice the same symbol Blitzer had on his collar and his back, which makes this man an Unversed. The Eds got their weapons ready to fight the man, but he does not bother to move from his spot. Instead, he gives a friendly laugh. "My, my, look how much you three have grown," the man said. "The last time we met you three were scheming up something for treats. I believe it was a prize-grabbing machine, was it?"

"Who are you?" asked Eddy.

"Eddy, you don't know who I am? It's been years since we last met. I think you'll recall setting that one trap for me, only for me to turn the tables on you."

The Eds lower their guard to notice that this man is the very person they are seeking for, only instead of shadows, he is a living person. The man begins to drop towards the ground and he places both of his feet once he touch the ground. The man is still smiling as he starts to head towards the Eds, and they got their guards up now realizing who this man really is.

"It's been years since we last met," the man known as Jib said, "so many years since that faithful day, and I came this close to reaching my goal!"

"Goal? Wait a minute..." Double D begins to say. "You mean...?"

"That's right, I know the exact location as to where Kingdom Hearts' been hiding all this time," Jib said, "and it is here! The lost word of Peach Creek holds the final lock that I need to pick in order to gain access to the ultimate power that is Kingdom Hearts!"

"And why exactly do you want with Kingdom Hearts?" Eddy asked.

"Ain't it obvious to you yet? All throughout time, there is one thing that fuels mankind and that is power! What lies behind the doors of Kingdom Hearts will give me the kind of power man has dreamed of for eons, and it's all within my reach. Before I can get to the door, I just need to get rid of you pieces of trash, and then the final door waits for me."

"You're not going anywhere!" snapped Ed. "We're not making you!"

Jib lets out a devilish laugh. "Come on! You three can't beat me!" he snorted. "You may have taken down Blitzer, but the last two fights were caused by you using summoning charms to take down Prankster and Zip-fly. Just to let you know, I am not like those three, meaning that I am much tougher, even with all three combine."

"And I'm the King of Peru," said Eddy. "We taken down thugs tougher than you and we're going to make sure we take you down as well."

The Unversed lets out a wicked laugh. "All right then, it's your funeral," he said. "Just to let you know these two things. One: Once I get my hands on Kingdom Hearts, my power is going to excel beyond my creator, and two: I'm not going to go easy unlike before."

"Bring it!" the Eds and Normadomus shouted at once.

The evil imaginary friend flashes a wide wicked smile as he begins to hover in the air, with arms out as he begins to extract the surrounding darkness and add it to his. Once the Eds begin to make their move towards Jib, he shoots back and claps his hands together, allowing the darkness to form onto his hands. As the Eds got closer, Jib pulls his hands apart, and he flashes his hands to make his pointer and pinky fingers extend out and he raises one hand for an attack.

"Shadow Wave!"

The shadows begin to drop towards the ground and culminate into a large puddle before growing up and making a wall. The boys stop in their tracks but the wall collapses on them and wash them away from Jib, as the man is laughing over the fall of the Eds. They boys recover from their fall, struggling to get up from the immense amount of energy that was in that blow.

"What was that? Did Ed do that?" asked Eddy.

"No. I'm afraid we're dealing with something much stronger here," answered Double D.

"You got that right Double D," said Jib. "You should know that if you want to win a fight, you got to do it in your natural element, and you guys aren't even close to where I am!"

"And what makes you say that?" asked Eddy.

"Don't you see the shadows around you? They give me the source of my magic and with enough here to get me through thousands of spells, possibly millions! You on the other hand aren't in the best of spots, since I know one of you wield Light magic, and I'm known as the Destroyer of Light!"

Double D takes his Keyblade and allows light to accumulate on the shaft and shooting it at Jib. The man takes a hand and negates the attack, cancelling it as a smile appears on his face and leaving the Eds looking glum. "You see? Not even Light is going to help you in this dimension!"

"Then eat shadows!" shouted Ed, blasting a powerful Shadara at Jib and causing the others to protest. The Unversed sticks his arms out and catches the incoming wave, grabbing onto the edges of the attack before crumbling the attack like paper. Once the shadow is in a ball, Jib takes this attack and forms a fireball in his palm, all while creating another shadow fireball in his free hand as the man takes Ed's attack and tosses the first flames at his former friend.

"Shadow Flare!" shouted Jib, calling his attack as he flings the next fireball at the other Eds.

The Unversed continues to produce his attacks in rapid succession, throwing all of the dark flames he can throw at the three Eds, as the trio uses their weapons to block the attacks. Double D notices that the staff is absorbing the fireballs and causing the Keyblade to turn black, meaning that the Ed is learning to use Shade, but he casts Light to break the darkness away from his weapon.

The small Ed is also collecting the darkness on his shield, increasing the strength of his shield and giving him the chance to use this against Jib. However, a part of his mind is warning him that Jib will absorb the darkness and use it against the Ed, but Eddy wants to test this theory. Getting his shield ready, Eddy charges through the barrage of fireballs and uses his shield to deflect and absorb the attacks to increase the darkness already on the shield.

As Jib notices the small Ed closing in on him, he stops his attack and flashes a smile as an idea pops into his head. The Unversed reaches out and latches his hand onto Eddy's face, and somehow extracts the shadows accumulated on the shield, all while lifting the small Ed off of the ground. Once the darkness has been lifted from the shield, Jib swings his arm and thrusts Eddy into the ground, creating a crater in the ground as sparks of dark electricity form on the Unversed's hand. "Shadow Snare!" the man stated.

The electricity intensifies as the Ed's body begins to squirm from the voltage running through him. Once the boy settles down, Jib removes his hand and looks up to notice both Ed and Double D heading right towards him. The Unversed prepares a hand sign and starts collecting shadows as Ed charges up a Thundara and Double D prepares to use his Fire spell. Once the shadows gathered, Jib flashes his hand at the Eds and the shadows burst a cannonball right at the duo, knocking them off of their feet. Both Double D and Ed quickly recover from their fall and they try again at attacking Jib, but the Unversed throws up a shadow wall to block the two.

Ed takes his staff and uses his charged Thundara to bring down the shadow wall, but waiting for them on the other side are several dark icicles aiming right at the Eds. Jib thrusts his arms forward, pushing the ice forward at the boys to induce harm. Double D uses his Keyblade to knock some of the ice away, but Ed fails to knock a few away and is pin down to the ground. Normadomus jumps off of Ed's head and starts knocking off the ice, leaving Double D to fend for himself against the imaginary friend.

The smart Ed tries once again at using Light on Jib, but the Unversed catches the shaft when Double D swung the weapon at him. However, Double D uses Distraction and throws Jib into a small loop, leaving the Ed some room to land a counterstrike. This turns sour when Jib snaps his hands together and creates a puddle right below Double D, then launching a column of shadows right into the medium Ed's stomach. Double D begins to cough for air as the column continues to travel up and the Ed slides down off of the column, as the Unversed appears right behind the Ed and punches the boy through the shadow column.

The body of the smart Ed tumbles right pass Ed, who is now back on his feet and his eyes are burning with determination. Taking his staff, he tries to create the very Limit Break he used to defeat Blitzer some time ago, but he can only get a Thundara going. Using this, the Ed flings his spell at his former friend, who only returns the favor by casting his own lightning spell at the Ed. The two lightning bolts collide, creating a bright ball of light at the point of contact, as the two magic wielders collide in a test of power to see whose lightning is stronger. With Jib using one hand to cast his magic, the Unversed gathers some shadows to create a fireball and he flings it at the Ed, causing him to lose his concentration and break the test. Ed skids all of the way towards a recovering, leaving Jib to pinch his face and let out a heavy sigh.

"Oh come on, this is nothing but a curb stomp here," the Unversed commented. "Surely you boys picked up something that will at least put a scratch on me."

"Ed, can you try to use one of your Limit Breaks?" whispered Double D.

"Hat, can you use Libra to see what Jib's weakness is?" whispered the tall Ed.

The wizard hat is baffled by Ed making a request to him instead of answering his friend, but he is surprised by how the tall boy knows about that one spell. "Well, there is a chance that I can use it, but it's been a while since I last used it," the hat answered.

"What is this Libra?" asked the smart Ed.

"Libra is an old White Magic spell that enables the user to read the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents," explained Normadomus. "It became very rare to see a wizard like me using the spell, mainly since all of that data has been recorded and really became second hand to all of us. Plus, performing the spell requires total concentration and no interruption, so there may be a chance that I might…"

Before the wizard can finish, a spiral of darkness hits the wizard hat off of the tall Ed's head and the Eds look to notice a bored look on Jib's face. "Are we done talking here?" he asked. "I want to get back to the fight so that I can get that Keyblade and open the final door!"

Ed grabs his fallen hat and places it back on his head before taking off towards Jib, leaving Double D to go check on the still fallen Eddy. "Eddy, are you all right?" he asked. "Are you able to get up?"

"What does it look like to you?" the small Ed replied sharply, his body shaking and small sparks of electricity arching over his body. "I've been trying to get up, but I can't move my body! Jib must've done something to me when he attacked me back there…"

"That's called the Shadow Snare, Eddy," replied Jib. "It binds whoever comes into contact with my hand, disabling all body movements for a short amount of time. For how long will remain under lock and key."

The small Ed begins to feel some of his limbs regaining feeling and he starts to lift himself off of the ground, but only slightly since a part of him is still under the effects of the shadow move. Eddy evilly glares at the Unversed and prepares his shield, as the Ed tosses his weapon at the Destroyer to see if he can cause some damage. Jib catches the shield with his hand and he tosses it right back at Eddy, knocking right into the small Ed and dropping him back to the ground. The greedy boy got right back onto his feet, his face red with rage, and he charges right at the Unversed with no weapons to protect him.

Jib cracks his knuckles, watching the small Ed heading right towards him, as shadows begin to form on one of his fists. Once he has enough, Jib pulls his fist back and swings it towards Eddy, causing the shadows to leave his hand and jump out at Eddy to punch him in the face. Calling his attack, Jib sends the small Ed flying across the street as Double D rushes over to help his fallen friend. Ed watches his friends fly off into the distance before focusing his sight onto Jib and he charges up to use his staff on the Unversed.

Ed bats his way at the man, swinging his staff as Jib blocks the staff with his hands. At one point, Ed brought his staff and Jib catches it with some struggle, causing him to dig his feet into the ground, but the Unversed pushes the Ed back and starts gathering shadows. Ed's hat unzips his mouth and blasts Aeroga, Gravitaga and Blizzaga at the Unversed to see which spell will do any effect. The only one that seemed to work is Gravitaga, as Jib begins to feel a little uneasy and is blown back from the spell.

Now experiencing minor pain, Jib continues to gather shadows as he flies towards the tall Ed. Using his feet, the Unversed unleashes his blinding fury down on the Ed. The wizard boy struggles to keep up with Jib's kicking by defending with his stone staff, but the Unversed is moving too fast for the boy. Double D and Eddy intervene with their weapons in tow, and Jib casts a shadow wave down on the Eds but the defender and key bearer block the attack and beat Jib with his attack. As the man stumbles back from a double blow, Ed quickly uses his Terra spell and catches Jib in the ground, preventing him from escaping.

"All right tell us Jib, what have you been doing all of these years? Why have you chosen to strike now and go after the untouchable?" asked Double D.

"Well, to begin I wanted to say that when I first conceived, my master told me to go after Kingdom Hearts because he was trapped in some tree on an unknown world. I spent my life roaming the universe looking for answers before I discovered my powers and then creating the havoc you know as the Seeing Real Epidemic. Now with the title as the Destroyer of Light and creator of the Unversed, I continued to search for a way to Kingdom Hearts until I met that fool Father…

"He went on how he was going to be the first to get Kingdom Hearts, making the claim that he wants to create an army of well-behaved children using the hearts of the fallen in order to do so. From there, he began to create his army of men that will go to other worlds to collect the Purest Six, but he was having trouble with that. So I sent those two beings that came into this universe, Prankster and Zip-fly, with Blitzer in a plot to be under Father's guidance to help him get the path to the Realm of Darkness open, allowing me the chance to go through for my next step."

"Pretty much you want Father to do all the work for you, much like what your creator made you for," said Eddy. "Man, that's low, even for me."

"That's really something coming from your mouth Eddy," Jib replied. "Perhaps I got some of that when I was visiting your world that one time."

"And I have to ask you something about what we saw on the other worlds when we're arriving here," added Double D. "All of the worlds we visited had some sort of disaster going on, and we came to the conclusion that what we saw were visions of the future. It was also believed that you were the one that caused the mayhem and destruction."

"So you saw mayhem and destruction on the other worlds?" questioned the Unversed. "Well, certainly what you saw was nothing more of a vision to the events of what's to come. It's clear that no one knows the events are going to happen, but if I were to take a guess that these events were the cause of me taking infinite power, then it's no likely that those events will become true! Then that means that all I have to do is get the Keyblade from you and I will unlock the door to infinite power!"

"Then why haven't you taken Double D's Keyblade when you had the chance?" asked Eddy. "You could've stolen it when you were back at Hollow Bastion!"

"True, but acquiring a Keyblade is a rather interesting, though difficult and frustrating, task. I could have killed Double D or that other boy for their Keyblades and walk through the portal, but what good will that be if I found out if I was carrying another Keyblade of Darkness on me?"

All three of the Eds and Normadomus are confused by that statement as Jib continues on with his explanation. "You see, it is said that in order to unlock the final lock, you need a Keyblade of Light and a Keyblade of Darkness. If one were to wield both Keyblades at once, he is said to possess the true key within him and has access to what lies behind that scared door. I, on the one hand, possess a key that unlocks the darkness half, meaning that I need only the light key to unlock the other half. Double D, if that Keyblade is the other half, then you should know that I need to kill you for that final key."

"So… are you saying that I possess this Keyblade of Light?" asked the smart Ed, a bit confused on the situation.

"Well I don't know if that's true or not, but from what I'm sensing you do hold in your possession the very key I'm searching for. That very Keyblade you hold in your hands is my other half and what I need for the final lock. With that Keyblade of Light, I will then create the key that will unlock the door and I will achieve what you saw in those visions of yours."

"So then, what you're trying to get at is that you want to create the legendary X-Blade and use its two Keyblades of Light and Darkness to unlock the door to Kingdom Hearts?" summarized Ed's hat. "… You sir are a lunatic! There has been no way of creating the X-Blade out of just two random Keyblades that possess the two halves it needs for the weapon to exist, and yet you want to create that weapon so that you can obtain infinite power that expands beyond your creator and possibly destroy the universe with your infantile Heartless-Unversed creations! Plus you have the gall to go about destroying worlds that don't have the answers you seek and are too lazy to lift a finger into searching for a mythical kingdom that just so happens to exist thanks to you! I don't know what possessed your creator to make a being like you, but you sir shouldn't be possessing the kind of powers you have if you want to achieve some simple fantasy!"

There is some silence coming from all of the Eds and the Unversed, as the boys look up at Normadomus in utter shock and Jib is staring at the group with a blank expression on his face. After some minutes, Jib regains some emotions and decides on speaking up. "Well… I never thought that you'll take it that badly," he said. "And what else can I do anyway? The X-Blade needs the Keyblade in their true form, Kingdom Key, and obtaining that is not that hard unless Double D here continues to put up a fight."

The wizard lets out a growl in response as his eyes begin to twitch. In his vision, he starts to see in a digitized space as his eyesight locks onto Jib and starts showing off all of the information about the Unversed. "All right, I've locked onto him and I'm now gathering all that is available about the Destroyer," he noted.

"All right!" stated all three Eds at once. "So what are you seeing?" asked Eddy.

"From what I'm getting, the Destroyer has his strengths in Fire, Lightning and Ice while he's weak in Holy, Water and oddly he doesn't have Gravity immunity like many other people," explained the hat. "On the side note he does have immunity to all known status effects, so even if we know how to poison, silence, paralyze, berserk, slow, petrify, sleep, confuse, blind, or even instant death, it wouldn't make a difference on him."

"Wait… Jib is afraid of getting wet?" asked Eddy. "Aren't your and Double D's Blizzard spells water?"

"Yeah, but don't ask me on how that works," the wizard answered. "It kind of works like rock-paper-scissors, though I don't understand on how that theory applies with Fire, Lightning and Ice. Plus Water has no real ties to Ice other than being a pure version of it, but it was disclosed as a weak and useless spell and hardly a lot of wizards used the spell, so it was abandoned in practice."

"Well, that's good to hear that Jib has some weaknesses," answered the smart Ed. "What else did you gathered about Jib?"

The hat nods to this and gives one final look at the Unversed before noticing a new fact. "Uh boys, you should really see what is emitting off of the Destroyer," the hat muttered.

In the Eds' fear-struck eyes, emitting from the Unversed is large devilish shadow outlined in fiery red. The shadow is wrapping around Jib as the rest towers over the group, staring down at the Eds with soulless eyes. The entire body of the shadow is jumping around, giving the appearance that the shadow is made out of flames, while the head of the shadow remains stationary. As the Eds continue to stare up at the shadow, they begin to feel their energy being drain from their bodies.

"… Wh-Wha… What is t-that?" Double D blurted in fear.

"This… shows my connection to my creator," answered Jib. "It may sound strange to you, but this is the thing that is allowing me to use the key inside of me. I remember hearing in my creator's words that if I were to stray the path of self-indulgence and greed, I would lose the key inside of me and I won't have access to Kingdom Hearts. However, I decided on walking the thin line of staying loyal to my creator and betraying him for my own greed, all for when I finally unlock the final door."

"Man, that makes things a lot easier for us," said Eddy. "So all we need to do is make sure you fall away from your creator and you won't destroy the universe!"

"Ha, please! You boys still couldn't land a scratch on me," the Unversed snorted. "Even if you did, there's that part of me that's still loyal to my creator and that won't change until Kingdom Hearts becomes mine!"

"Like you said, you are walking a thin line there," said Normadomus. "If that shadow attached to you serves as a surveillance over your action, then just thinking about betraying him will only cause you to slip further away from your goal."

"Oh, I'm certain that I will get to Kingdom Hearts without that happening," Jib replied darkly, his hands gathering the shadows around him.

The Unversed forces his feet from the ground, freeing him from the Eds' trap, and he takes his shadows to create three claw marks in the air. The Eds defend themselves against the swipes as Double D heads in to see if he can use his Keyblade's Limit Break on Jib. Waiting for the moment of a powerful strike, Eddy and Ed use all of their tricks to entice Jib in using one of his strongest moves. After gathering some shadows, Jib gets himself ready to perform his Shadow Wave attack, giving Double D his opportunity to use his move. As the Unversed pushes his attack forward, Joker's Wild cuts through the shadows like butter and the shaft slams onto Jib's chest hard, knocking both the Ed and the Unversed away from each other.

Once Double D begins to realize what is happening around him, he takes a look to the ground and notices a broken Unversed symbol at his feet. It only takes him seconds to realize that he broke Jib's necklace, meaning that he triggers the transformation Zip-fly and Prankster warned about. The Unversed feels his chest to see if his symbol is there, only to feel it missing, and he puts on a devilish smile as the broken symbol burns into blue flames and the man slips away into the darkness.

"Hey, get back here Jib!" shouted Eddy. "We aren't done with ya yet!"

"Eddy, we need to go after Jib!" stated Double D in a panic. "Do you recall that monster we saw back in Traverse Town?"

"Yeah, it was only a few minutes ago. Why?"

"If what Normadomus is saying is true, then Jib is transforming into the form that we saw back in Traverse Town! If we don't do something soon, Jib is going to stay like that and the future isn't going to change! We need to go after him and try to stop him from getting to Kingdom Hearts!"

"Hold on," started Ed's hat. "What if this was all set up by the Destroyer? If we fit all of the pieces together to this point, he must have a plan to lure the Keyblade deep into the Realm of Darkness to where Kingdom Hearts lies and kill Double D for the final piece. He must have known about all that has been happening before we entered and he must have come up with this plan to make sure he does get his hands on the Keyblade."

"But he said that he needs a Keyblade of Light if he wants to open the door," said Eddy. "How do we know Double D is wielding a dark Keyblade? Besides, it's better off if we go find Jib and put a stop to him."

"I agree with Eddy on this one," added Double D. "While Jib may be on to us, one way or another we need to put a stop to his plans before he plays his coup de grâce on us."

"… What is that?" asked Ed.

"Let's get moving gentlemen," said Double D, looking in the direction that Jib fade into.


After running around the dissembled Peach Creek for any signs of the Unversed, the Eds find themselves running down a street leading into the darkness. As the boys got closer to the darkness, they soon realize that they are running out of room and come to an abrupt halt at the edge of a cliff. Standing at the edge, the boys can see that there is nothing out beyond the limits other than the same darkness that is apparently the Realm of Darkness. The Eds check behind them to see the rest of what used to be Peach Creek and to look around the border before everything comes together.

"So is this really what happened to Peach Creek?" asked Double D. "Did only the town became a floating island in the darkness while the rest of the world was destroyed?"

"This was the road leading to the Jawbreaker factory," Eddy muttered mournfully. "Why could the Heartless spare us just one Jawbreaker?"

"Why are you thinking about Jawbreakers now?" the smart Ed pitched.

"Think about this, we hadn't had a single Jawbreaker other than my shield in all of the stuff we've been through so far," the greedy Ed commented, "and I've beginning to lose what a Jawbreaker tasted like. I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to taste another Jawbreaker if we're stuck in this void!"

"Well if it concerns you that badly, once we get out of here," said Double D, "I'll talk to Kevin and see if he can give us a few Jawbreakers for all of our hard work."

"But what if we don't get out of this place? What if we're stuck here like those other people and we're forced to stare not knowing that we can't save the universe from some crazed madman?"

"You mean like in that one movie I saw?" questioned the tall Ed.

"No Ed," replied both Eddy and Double D.

In the shadows of some trees, the dark figure watches the three Eds with a wide, sadistic smile. Moving through the foliage, the boys focus their attention towards the rustling trees and they head over to the trees to see if Jib is hiding there. The rustling slows down as the Eds got closer to the trees all before stopping once they approach the nearest tree. The three boys check up in the trees to see if their enemy is still hiding up in the leaves, but there is no movement or any signs of a body resting up on the limbs.

Just as they turn their backs on one tree, the figure silently launches up through the foliage and prepares to perform an attack. With shadows latching onto the figure's fists, the being locks its sight on the Eds as the being cocks back one arm. Waiting for just the right moment, the being swings his arm towards the Eds, launching the shadows to create a large shadowy fist. "Shadow Dynamic Punch!" the being shouted, calling his attack.

Once the Eds heard that call, they look behind them to notice the fist coming straight at them and they jump out of the way to allow the fists to crash into the ground. The shadows rip through the trees and destroy the surrounding areas, as the Eds escape the impact and look up to notice their attacker. Flying up in the air is the Unversed himself, Jib the Destroyer, but his appearance has changed dramatically. Along his shoulders are some spikes, the coattails are torn, his collar is widely open, his hands have become claws, and he does not have any feet.

The Eds also notice that Jib has changed his coat by going with a blue outline instead of red and he has lost some of his patterns on the coat. The Unversed has an altered face with full dark blue eyes, some blue triangles right underneath his eyes, a sadistic smile showing off razor-sharp teeth, and his light purple hair has exploded in messiness. And the most noticeable feature is the two wings on the man's back, with each wing being one half of the Unversed symbol, and strangely these wings are keeping the man up. Beyond the changes, the rest of Jib remained the same but the Eds can feel that this is a new Unversed.

"So Ed boys, what do you think of my new look?" Jib questioned, his voice little deeper. "You think this is a good look for taking over the universe once I defeat you boys here?"

"So is this the same Jib that you saw back in Traverse Town?" asked Double D in a hushed voice.

"It appears to be," answered Normadomus. "If this is the form that he took when he was conquering Traverse Town, then this is really bad."

"Yes, because this means that the future may not change if we don't do something soon," the smart Ed continued. "Since my Limit Break was the only thing to do any real harm to Jib, you proposed that I continue to use that to defeat Jib?"

"I don't know about that," said the hat. "If we can find a way to get around the loophole of his weakness to Holy, then we might have the upper hand in this fight."

"… What loophole is that?" the tall Ed asked.

"As I said, the Destroyer of Light has a weakness towards Holy, but he cancels out Light for an unknown reason. I'm willing to guess that has to do with some sort of barrier that protects him from any sort of harmful Black Magic spells. But Light is not much a Black Magic spell as it is White Magic, so he must have something protecting him against that particular spell. If we can figure out a way to expose the barrier and destroy that, then Double D here will use all that he has to put an end to this madness."

"So why can't we just bash away at Jib until that barrier breaks?" asked Eddy, deciding to get in on the conversation.

"It might work, but if this barrier behaves much like Reflect, we're in for a tough fight ahead."

"You got that right grandpa," commented the Unversed, with shadows ready to attack.

The Eds are surprised upon finding Jib right before them and they quickly raise their weapons to block an incoming attack, but from the Unversed's hands the shadows leap at the Eds with a strong force. Using a powerful version of his Shadow Wave, Jib knocks all three Eds away from the man as he continues to use the surrounding shadows to power the attack. The boys struggle to get up from the attack until all three shove their weapons into the ground and pull themselves up to touch the ground, as their legs struggle to keep them up with the strong current pushing against the Eds.

Jib watches the trio from afar with a smile on his face, and he cancels his attack to show some mercy to the Eds. Once the shadows seep into the ground, the Eds charge up to the Unversed in hope of landing a hit on him, but Jib vanishes into thin air. The boys stop in their tracks and search all around them to see where the Unversed is going to strike next, only to get the feeling of someone floating right behind them. All three spin around, swinging their weapons at once, and all three weapons hit the Unversed at the same time but Jib did not even flinch as the weapons hit him. Instead, he has a wide smile on his face and sparks of electricity jumping off of the shoulder spikes, frightening the Eds.

"Shadow Force Lightning!" cried Jib with a slight demonic tone.

The electricity intensifies as the Unversed is enveloped with the dark mass and the bolts leap out to strike the Eds. All three boys are pinned down by the lightning, leaving them no room to move their limbs, as Jib floats up higher to prepare his next attack. With shadows gathering in the space below open palms, Jib prepares himself to use his shadow fire spell when he notices Ed's hat jumping off of the boy's head. Jib speeds his charging up as Normadomus fires out a few Gravitaga rounds to bring the Unversed down to the ground. Once the fireballs are set, Jib takes these balls of fire and shoots a stream down at the ground to burn the hat, only for Normadomus to switch moves and blasts Blizzaga to cancel the shadowy fire stream.

As the two magic-wielders enter the test of strength, the Eds continue to struggle with the shadow lightning before they notice the bolts fading away. Using this opportunity to strike, the boys break free of their binds and got back up on their feet so they can help Ed's hat. However, they did not notice Jib has a free hand and the Unversed casts the second fireball down on the Eds in hopes of burning them. Eddy steps up and blocks the incoming attack with his shield, taking the strong heat of the flames, as Double D and Ed prepare to use their magic on the Unversed.

The smart Ed takes his Keyblade and aims it at the stream of fire aiming at Normadomus, and he prepares to use his Blizzard on the stream. Forming a crystal of ice in the flames, the medium Ed waits for the pressure to build as the heat slowly melts the protective shell. Jib growls at this tactic and he increases the flow of the fire, pushing the crystal and Normadomus' stream of Blizzaga back. Once the crystal is at its breaking point, the ice cracks open and the burst disrupts the stream of fire and slightly knocks all of the fighters back a few feet.

Jib shakes off this explosion as he watches the Eds come up with their next move and a bright light heading straight towards him. The Unversed catches the lightning with his hands and he knocks the lightning to the ground as he charges up his next attack. Normadomus hops back onto Ed's head and he launches a few Gravity rounds to try to bring Jib to the ground, but Jib swiftly dodges the blasts and continues to charge up his attack before unleashing it on the Eds. The attack is the same claw marks from earlier, but these swipes of shadows appear to be stronger and sharper, and the Eds got out of the way to allow the claw marks to eat away at the ground.

Once the attack dispersed, the Eds move in and they try to bring the Unversed closer to the ground. Using all of their magic moves, all three Eds and Normadomus fill the air with mana to bring Jib down. The Unversed takes the surrounding shadows and creates a helix spiral to protect him from the Gravity shots and allow the weak Fire, Thundara, Blizzard and shield attacks to do their little damage. As the dwindling damage piles up, Jib gathers some shadows and starts forming a Blizzard attack, in Double D's style, right in front of the Eds. The boys come to a stop and try to escape the attack, but the ice breaks and all three Eds are sent back flying from the shockwave.

"Like I said, this is a curb stomp here," the Unversed commented. "You three really don't have anything that can stop me, do you? The only things that I overheard are this Limit Break Double D possesses and the Gravity spell the hat owns. Come on boys, can't you use those noodles inside of you and try combining those attacks in possibly damaging me?"

Getting up from the fall, Double D and Ed's hat look at each other in the eyes and they nod simultaneously in agreement. Taking up on Jib's idea, Double D prepares his Keyblade for the magic as Normadomus charges up his Gravitaga. The Unversed soon realizes what the boys are up to and prepares his counterattack, as the hat releases his spell onto the smart Ed's Keyblade and the shaft begins to radiate a dark energy. Jib is a bit confused on why the Keyblade is glowing darkly, but his mind begins to fill up with an idea as he continues to charge up his next attack.

Once the Keyblade is set, Double D takes his weapon and starts heading right for Jib. Ed jumps in and helps launch the smart Ed up by grabbing onto the boy's jacket and tossing him up into the air. With Keyblade in hand, Double D aligns himself for the strike as the Unversed gathers enough shadows for another Shadow Punch. As Jib begins to throw his punch, Double D takes his weapon and cuts through the shadows before hitting Jib again, knocking him down all the way to the ground. The man hits the pavement hard, his back resting evenly along the ground, and he looks up to notice Eddy jumping right at him.

"All right Jib, it's time for you to go down!" shouted the greedy Ed.

"Shadow Blazing Flare!" the Unversed blared.

From the darkness of Jib's feetless pants, dark purple flames rocket out of pants legs and bellow right at the small Ed. Eddy quickly pulls his shield in front of him to block the attack, only to be knocked back by the force and absorbing some of the flames onto his shield. Jib makes his recover by rolling back and getting on all fours before his wings lift him up off the ground. Once Jib is back in the air, he takes notice of the Eds charging right towards him and he throws up a giant shadow column, cutting them as the Unversed flees from the scene to make a recovery.

In the corner of the Unversed's eye, he notices Eddy's shield coming right at him from his right side and he catches it as the weapon nears him. The man absorbs the darkness that is on the shield and adds it to his own as he takes the shield and throws it back at the approaching Eds, only this time Eddy catches his shield instead of getting hit. With all three Eds chasing after the escaping Unversed, all while the man is planning on what move he is going to use next. Gathering shadows, the Unversed dodges the lightning of Ed's Thundara and the fires of Double D's Fire.

Flying up into the skies and then facing the Eds, Jib takes the shadows and forms a triple-barrel cannon. Aiming the cannon at the approaching Eds, Jib quickly unloads the shadow weapon in rapid succession, turning the cannon into a machine gun-like weapon. The Eds look up to notice a barrage of shadow cannonballs hailing down right onto them, and all three knock the shadows away from them as Double D and Eddy gather some of the shadows onto their weapons. As Jib continues to rain his barrage on the Eds, Double D cuts through the shadows with one good swipe, using the darkness that has gathered on his blade and sends the darkness right back at the Unversed.

Jib cancels his current attack and reaches his arms to grab onto the incoming wave of darkness to then use this darkness as another Shadow Wave attack. All three Eds brace themselves as the attack hits them, dragging them only a few inches as the current presses against them. Normadomus tries once again at bringing Jib down with Gravity, only now getting a successful hit in after failures, and the Unversed cancels his attack as soon he got hit with the attack. As the shadows pass by them, the Eds remove their weapons from the ground and rushes up to Jib so they can continue beating him until they can find a way through his protective shells.

The Unversed struggles to get back up, getting the feeling that he is losing his steam and is also taken some heavy damage from Double D's last attack. As the man flies away from the Eds, he takes the surrounding shadows and adds them to his power, increasing his strength, but he knows that the Eds will break through his shells and will use their Light spell to bring him down. Just as Jib is about to add more darkness to his being, Double D charges up with his Rush Arcane and starts beating away at Jib before knocking the Unversed into the air and sending him back down to the ground.

Once on the ground, Jib got back up using the lift from his wings and he blocks the incoming attacks from Eddy and Ed. Double D drops down and throws his Keyblade into the mix, adding on to the difficulty of Jib trying to defend. Casting another helix spiral of shadows around the Unversed, Jib protects himself from the Eds' weapons, until Ed's hat unleashes another Gravitaga at the Unversed. The spell passes through the shadows and hits the man, sending him back with an invisible pull and the Eds unleash their powerful spells onto the Unversed to help get rid of the shells.

With damage piling up, Jib gathers what darkness he has on him and the surrounding shadows to create a bubble to disperse the magic hitting the Unversed. Now floating back in the air, Jib starts gathering the shadows faster now, increasing his power as his body sparks with electricity. The Eds know that he is going to use Shadow Force Lightning on the boys and they quickly formulate a plan to attract the lightning elsewhere while Jib is using his shadow attack. Once the Unversed unleashed the lightning, Ed raises his staff up to catch the shadows and then slams the staff into the ground, forcing the weapon as a lightning rod, leaving Double D and Eddy to head for Jib.

The Unversed lets out a roar as he takes more shadows to start his next attack. The air begins to chill around the Eds, meaning Jib is going for his ice attack. Eddy decides to stay behind and take the damage for the attack, leaving Double D to deal the final damage. Once the ice forms, the medium Ed raises his Keyblade and starts to gather some light onto the shaft, hoping to use that to bring an end to this fight despite Jib having a protective shell covering him. The Unversed growls at the approaching Ed boy and he uses the shadows around him to throw up several columns to block Double D, but the Keyblader slices clean through the columns to get right at Jib.

… And the Keyblade makes contact. The Eds and Jib can hear the sound of something breaking and the Unversed is sent flying across the street, tumbling on top of the hard pavement as the Eds let out a cheer in getting through the barrier. Jib comes to a stop, bruised from rolling across asphalt, and he struggles to get back up, coughing harshly as he notices the Eds approaching him. Feeling his strength failing him, the Unversed collapses to the ground as he watches Double D place the Keyblade right under his neck.

"OK Jib, it's time that you give up," said Double D. "We would like to put this all behind us, and that you will give up on your plan on getting Kingdom Hearts. So I am going to use my Keyblade and slay you so we can end all of this right here."

Flashing the Eds a wicked smile, the Unversed takes the moment to slip into the ground and lets out an evil laugh echoing all around the boys. The Eds check around to see where Jib is hiding, feeling the air tensing up around, and they press their backs against each other to get a full circle of sight. "Great, now where did he go?" the small Ed grunted.

"Let's hope that Jib doesn't surprise us," answered the smart Ed. "As long as we stick together like this, there's no way that Jib is going to take us by sur—"

"Shadow Mind Snare!" shouted Jib.

The Eds break away from their formation and start looking around to see where Jib is going to land his move, not knowing where he is going to strike. Double D takes a few steps back and he begins to feel a surge of electricity entering his head and flowing throughout his body. The others notice Double D in this trap and they rush to aid him, but Jib cast up a shadow wall to prevent them from interfering with the spell. The Unversed release his grip on the Ed, allowing Double D to get on his knees and collapse on the ground.

"Double D!" shouted Ed, rushing up to his fallen friend. "Hat, can you do your Cure thing?"

"I don't think that I can heal this," Normadomus said. "It appears that his mind is sent to another place, so there's nothing I can do to save him."

"Well, there's got to be something we can…"

"Shadow Mind Snare!" echoed Jib, appearing right behind Eddy and canceling his sentence short. The Unversed evenly spaces his hands from Eddy's head and he sends out bolts of electricity throughout the small Ed's head. The boy lets out a shriek in pain as Jib continues to pump electricity into the Ed's mind, all before canceling the attack and the body plops to the ground. With a sadistic smile on his face, Jib fades back into the background, leaving only the tall Ed to fend for himself.

"Eddy… Double D… Hat, what's going on!" stated Ed.

"How should I know!" the wizard hat harshly responded. "As far as I know, the Destroyer of Light has taken out your friends without any warning! Their conditions are unknown and the Unversed is surfing around in negative space. You really think that I can come up with a reasonable idea when we should be concern for ourselves at the moment?"

"But what about the others?" asked the tall Ed in a worrisome tone.

"Look, I will try to help them out, but right now we need to prepare ourselves for when the Destroyer is going to strike. Keep your eyes open boy; we need to be alert for as long as we…"

"Shadow Mind Snare!" shouted Jib once again, this time appearing in front of Ed and using both hands to shock Ed and Normadomus.

With electricity pumping out of the Unversed's hands, Ed and Normadomus falls victim to the same attack as Eddy and Double D. With nothing to help them out of this situation, their bodies begin to fail as Jib finishes his attack and watches the wizard pair drop to the ground limp. Now with the Ed boys down, the Unversed snickers evilly before letting out a hysterical laugh as he reaches down to grab the Keyblade from Double D's hand and watches it turn back into Kingdom Key.

"Well it's far from killing him, but putting him in an unconscious state sure does help in my mission into unlocking Kingdom…"

Before Jib can finish his sentence, he begins to feel what kind of Keyblade Double D's weapon is and he tosses the weapon down in disgust. All this time he has been seeking out is another key of darkness while guessing that the smart Ed had a key of light on him all this time. The Unversed checked around his surroundings to find Peach Creek is breaking apart from the man absorbing a large amount of darkness for his attacks, and with only a wide smile on his face, Jib glances down on the Eds as their bodies begin to sink down into a growing puddle of shadows.

"All right Ed boys, the time has come for all four of us to take a ride deeper into the Realm of Darkness," the Unversed sadistically stated. "Next stop: Kingdom Hearts!"

… Two words can be said right now: Mind Rape!

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