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Epilogue: The Door to the End


There are no words to describe what the Eds are seeing.

The Ed boys are walking on a mysterious surface, unclear if they are floating on space or the floor underneath is obscured by something. In fact, the very space the boys are walking in is lacking in details. There's nothing really there to note other than it is all white. It's a stark contrast during their time out in the plain known as the Realm of Darkness, so seeing some white is very refreshing to the boys, although the amount of it could be tone down a bit. Still, they are happy that they are in this room, but that's not the only thing they are excited about.

Before them is the very thing that is talked about in legends and was previously depicted on a painting. Standing before the Eds is a silver door frame, reaching up tall to the heavens if there is a heaven, and decorated with lavish embroidery and decals. The doors themselves are made as elegantly as their doorframe, made out of a wooden that has shown no signs of aging, and one keyhole on each door. The Eds studied each and every last detail that is before them, taking in the beauty of what is guarding one of the universe's greatest secrets.

They finally made it to the utopia, the haven for all hearts: Kingdom Hearts.

"Well here we are," said the small Ed, a small smile on his face. "We're the first people to ever reach Kingdom Hearts. Whoever thought that it was in Double D's room all this time?"

"I for one never thought that," said Normadomus, awed by his surroundings. "To think that a link to the most powerful source in our universe was inside of your homes…"

"Yes, but I rather not allow people to know that the gateway to Kingdom Hearts is in my room," said Double D, a little distrusted. "Considering all that we been through, I don't want people to come by and coming here to exploit unlimited power."

"And speaking of unnecessary people, Ed… drop Jib," Eddy ordered, giving the tall wizard a stink look.

The tall Ed did what he was told and let the unconscious Unversed drop to the ground, letting him tumble down like a ragdoll. All three Eds got close to the door, wondering how they are going to open the doors. None of them are concern about Jib lying there in his current position, since none of them are interested in him at the moment, and he was only there because Ed has a soft spot for him. For now, the Unversed is lying on the ground, waiting for something to happen with the Eds.

"So Normadomus, what was this X-Blade you were previously talking about," asked Double D. "What does it has in connection to Kingdom Hearts?"

"From what I can remember, the X-Blade is a special Keyblade forged from two different Kingdom Keys, one of Light and one of Darkness," the hat explained. "Thing is, some people believe that any regular Keyblade would open up the doors, but since there are no records to back this up, we have to deal with legends."

"And what if you said to Jib is true and we do need this X-Blade to open the doors," said Eddy, "then what?"

"Look Eddy, I was rambling to the Destroyer of Light. For all we know, the X-Blade could fail and that could lead to the Destroyer to awake. And then we'll be stuck here since our way back is gone and we're stuck in this world."

"Well there are two keyholes here, so using one Keyblade to open both would be rather difficult to do," the smart Ed noted.

The hat gives the boys a shrug as the four of them continue on with their investigation. As they are studying, a small burst of laughter startled them and sent a chilling sensation down their spine. They know none of them laugh like that, so they turn around to find that their unwanted guest is getting up from what otherwise would have been a lethal attack combination. All four of them are surprised that the Unversed is getting up from something like their attack, and they are beginning to regret making the decision on bringing him here.

"See Ed, I told you bringing him here was a bad idea!" Eddy growled at Ed.

"I'm sorry! I didn't want Jib to die out there!" the tall Ed protested.

Jib slowly got up from his spot and he spun around on his heels to face the Eds. His face is dark, almost devoid of emotions, but there is a smile on his face… a smile that is creeping the boys out. Jib looks up at what is behind the boys and that smile of his got bigger upon realizing what it is, and his laughter increase in volume, really startling the boys. The Unversed continued on with his maniacal laughter for a minute, his eyes fixated on the large doors to Kingdom Hearts, and he took a deep breath in to help calm him down.

"Finally… it's all right before me!" the man stated hysterically. "Kingdom Hearts… the legends are true! And it's standing right before me!"

"Hold it Jib!" stated Ed, getting his staff ready while Normadomus has his mouth glowing with a Blizzard spell.

"What makes you think you're going to get into Kingdom Hearts?" stated Eddy, arming himself with his shield while Double D calls his two Keyblades to his side. "We beat you fairly and we were going to let you die in the darkness! Now you're going to die for good!"

The Unversed pans down to focus on the armed boys, letting out a small chuckle at their bravery. "Oh, you let me live?" he asked, with some passive aggression in his voice. "That's so nice of you. It's too bad that you three have to die now…"

A spontaneous burst of energy flared out of the Unversed and he charges right at the Eds, creating some shadows from his being to grab onto them and launching them back. All three boys crash onto the ground hard, recovering quickly and getting ready for a fight when they find Jib is busy at the front of the doors. He is standing there, gleefully muttering to himself, which is creeping the Eds even further with his actions and words that are coming out of his mouth.

"Quick question, but did any of you hit him hard enough to make him delusional?" asked Normadomus.

"I think he's already like that," Eddy commented.

"What's that about me being delusional?" Jib asked, turning his back to face the Eds. "Are you saying that what I'm about to do is impossible."

"It's impossible at the moment," said Double D. "We're not certain on how we're going

"Oh, I know how I'm going to open the doors, and I'm going to take the key of light out of your cold dead hands, Double D. Once I do, it is only a matter of time for me to forge the X-Blade… and then I'm going to take every last heart that's waiting behind these doors for myself."

"But you're the Destroyer of Light, right?" the tall Ed noted. "Isn't Kingdom Hearts Light?

"I don't care Ed! Kingdom Hearts is all mine!"

Jib stretches a hand out at Double D and tries to use whatever shadows he has left on the Ed. The smart Ed flinches, expecting the worst, but after seconds pass he remained put. The boys look at their attacker and wonder why he was just standing, doing absolutely nothing while he is reaching out to the boys. Even Jib is wondering why he wasn't moving at all, only stuck in his current position. He tried taking a step forward, but a strange pain overtook the being and he dropped to the floor almost similar to being dropped by Ed.

The Eds try helping out Jib, but they stop in their tracks when they watch the Unversed continue to struggle with pain. Jib is screaming loudly, sweating coldly and his whole body is shaking violently, while parts of him are steaming with smoke. The boys watch in fear as Jib is doing everything he can to move, but each move that he makes is driving him down into the ground. His screaming is hurting the boys' ears, crying out in agonizing pain as the Unversed feels something boiling inside of him.

"What have you done with yourself?" a deep booming voice called out. "You dare call yourself a Destroyer? You could not take care of these lowlife insects before you and you are now crawling to my desire in a last attempt at redemption?"

"Please… forgive me Creator!" the Unversed screamed. "I… I really don't intend to claim Kingdom Hearts for myself!"

"You are a terrible liar, Unversed! I knew you will claim Kingdom Hearts for yourself the moment I assigned you this task. What makes you think you are worthy of such power?"

Jib is looking more frightened by the second, trying everything he can to please whoever is talking to him. However with each attempts to get up, he is thrown back down by the unknown source, pushing him down to the ground while his whole being continues to shake. "Even if these fools left you to die out there, you will die no matter for your failures. You are worthless to me, Unversed! Die, you failed…"

Jib looks up at the Eds with a horrified look on his face, fearing the worst has finally come for him. The Unversed expected for one of the boys to help him, but not even Ed could make the effort to save him. The Eds stood there, watching everything as Jib begins turn black and rise up from his spot. Jib's body begins to contort and expand rapidly, looking like he is going to explode or something. Well, his body does collapse on him, crushing everything that made up the Unversed to a small ball before popping in a fiery red burst of energy. When the ordeal was over, the boys notice a small column of smoke in the shape of a tall figure, with broad shoulders, four horns and a flaming head before fading away.

"Wha… what was that?" asked Double D.

"That… was the Destroyer," Normadomus said flatly. "That smoke that we saw was the Destroyer himself…"

"Man, we're boned," Eddy commented.

"Eh, that was rather disappointing," Ed noted, appearing less concerned about what just happened.

Once everything settled down, the Eds notice that the doors are cracked open and they rush over to see what is waiting for them. They were wondering how did the doors open in the first place, but they are eager to see what kind of mysteries are lying in Kingdom Hearts. When they got to the doors, all three boys start pulling the doors out more, with Double D and Eddy get one side and Ed the other. They pulled the doors open far enough to allow all three to enter safely, and once they got them to where they wanted, they rush to the opening to see what is waiting inside.

Instead of what they were expecting, waiting for them on the other side of the doors is a world full of darkness. Inside are several pureblood Heartless roaming around, filled with Shadows and their taller brothers, Darksides and Dark Followers, and Darkballs floating around and eating whatever they can get their mouths on. There are some paths leading into this dark world, but the Eds refuse to step forward, fearing what could happen if they venture inside. They stood there in awe, disappointed that their journey led them all this way to end like this.

"So this is Kingdom Hearts?" Double D questioned. "The one everybody kept talking about infinite power? It's infested with Heartless."

"A place known as the haven of hearts, filled with pureblood Heartless," Ed's hat commented darkly. "For all that has been told about this fabled kingdom, it's just part of the same corruption as everything in the universe. At least if we get out of here, maybe this will sway people away from setting foot here again."

A few Neoshadows scurry on pass the doors, and they look out to find the boys standing there, looking on at the beautified mess inside Kingdom Hearts. The Heartless took the opportunity to lunge at the Eds and get a fresh meal, but the Eds arm themselves for the fight. However, the Neoshadows disappear into a flash of light, surprising the boys from the unexpected burst. That attack cause the rest of Kingdom Hearts to turn towards the Eds, even though they had nothing to do with the attack. The Eds turn around behind them to see where the attack came from, noticing two figures approaching them.

Coming up to them are two young men dressed for travel, and the Eds immediately recognize who they are. On the Eds' left is a brunet dressed in a red shirt with a black front, long black pants, a black duster, and a pair of steampunk-style goggles resting above his green eyes. To the brunet's left is a young man a little taller than him and his appearance resembles more of a regular skunk, with the black hair and white streaks, black shirt with white zigzags, brown pants with white trimmings, and a plain black leather jacket to round him out. The two newcomers walk up to the Eds and they gave the boys a friendly smile, even though the Eds are too shock by their sudden appearance.

"What's up, guys?" the brunet asked, raising a hand to wave. "It looks like you three need some help."

The Eds can't believe what they are seeing. Standing before them are the grown kings of the Platinum and United Kingdoms, the very kings that they were looking for and were previously helping the boys out. Now standing right before the Eds with a warm look on their faces, the kings present themselves in a casual way, despite the growing danger behind the Eds. Eddy begins to feel his anger spiking and is ready to latch out at the two kings, but the others intervene to prevent him from harming the young men.

"You… where the hell were you two!?" he shrieked. "We could've used your assistances in the fight against Jib! He was beating the living crap outta of us, and you two were nowhere in sight!"

"We got lost," was the skunk boy's response. "It took us forever to follow you three here, especially with the paths getting destroyed and all."

"Well we're grateful that you two are here and all," said Double D, "but doesn't this seem late to the game?"

The two kings look at each other, wondering how they could answer that question. They shrug it off as they got closer to the Eds and begin making their way up to the opening. "But since we're here, we might as well do you guys one more favor," said the brunet, calling forth his Keyblade.

"We're going to go into Kingdom Hearts and restoring all of the lost worlds, hopefully getting them back to their original conditions before the Destroyer and Father came along and destroyed them."

"That's crazy!" stated all three Eds in unison. "Do you really think that you two could do such a feat?" asked Double D.

"There's a reason why we're known as Creators," the brunet laughed. "Now when we say so, you three are going to close the doors on us and we're going to work our magic inside."

The Eds look at each other, wondering if they should go along with the kings' crazy scheme. To while they want to return home after all they went through, there are the odds of them being stuck in this world while the kings die a painful death by the Heartless. Of course they figured the kings made it this far, and they really want to go home, so the boys gave a firm nod to the older teens to their plan. The kings told them to get to the doors, waiting by them as the two young men make their way into the Heartless infested world waiting for them.

"But how are you going to get out?" the tall Ed asked.

The kings look at each other once again, each knowing what the other was thinking, and they turn around to give the Eds a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about that," said the skunk boy. "If anything works out in the end, we should be back home with our families and friends."

The brunet king shouts out the orders to shut the doors and the Eds start pushing, using all of their strength to push the heavy doors closed. The kings focus back on the Heartless staring at them and they got their Keyblades out and ready, preparing themselves for the fight, while the Eds only watch the two men head on into the darkness. The boys eventually got the doors close, shutting the kings inside and letting deal with the dangers, and they step back away from the doors to allow the kings to do their things.

Now trapped in the room of light, the Eds start wandering about and wait for something to happen. Double D got the previous feeling of a keyhole nearby, and he looks behind at the doors to Kingdom Hearts, getting the urge to do what he has done several times before. With Keyblades in hand, the medium Ed swings both weapons about before aiming them at the two keyholes, getting them perfectly aligned to lock the doors. The others watch as the beams of light enter the holes, hearing the familiar clicking, and now the boys can reflect on what they are going to do next.

"There go the two bravest idiot kings the universe has ever seen," said Normadomus. He tightens himself down on Ed's head, while thinking back on what one of the kings said. "He said Creator… I hadn't heard that title in such a long time…"

"So now what?" asked the small Ed. "This really can't be the end for all of us…?"

"I thought that we are getting another story after this?" Ed asked randomly.

Before any of the others could answer, there was a sudden rocking in the room, knocking all three Eds onto the ground once again. However the rumbling kept on going, this time shaking everything in very short bursts. "Yeesh, what is it with these sudden bursts?"

"This must be the kings' doing," said Normadomus. As the seconds pass, the hat begins to realize what is going on and his face starts to show signs of worry. "Oh… Eds, we better get moving!" he stated hesitantly.

"Why?" asked all three boys at once.

"Because if what those kings are doing is working, then we shouldn't be standing around here for much longer!"

"But isn't that a good thing?" asked Double D. "We're heading back home! If this is something like what happened with our trips to the Land that Was Forgotten, then we'll be sent back to our home through that!"

"How can you explain that?" asked Eddy, pointing towards the doors.

The boys look behind them and notice that the floor between them and the door is giving away, revealing the Realm of Darkness underneath. The Eds start to panic, noticing that the opening gap is getting close to them, and they begin running away from the gap to prevent falling into oblivion. However it feels like they are running in an illusion, running place as the doors to Kingdom Hearts fade into the distance behind them and the gap expands outwards. No matter how far the Eds run, there is nothing for them out in the white world, making them fear they are going to end up dying instead of heading home.

In front of the Eds started to break apart and fall into the darkness as well, cutting them off their paths and leaving them trap on a strinking platform. As the floor continues to slowly disappear, the sound of roaring thrusters begin to fill the air and the Eds took a look around to see where it was coming from. The boys look up and notice a Gummi ship up in the air, heading right towards them. This Gummi ship is different from the ones the Eds saw on their journey and they noticed the royal seal on the hull, making this the kings' means of transportation. But instead of getting right up to the Eds, the ship begins to slow down and stalls mid-flight, preventing it from getting close to the Eds.

All three boys and Normadomus lets out a groan in desperation upon seeing their rescue stalling in the air, but they notice the ship turning around to reveal its back hatch to them. The door opens up and on the inside are the children of the cul-de-sac, but the Eds notice that Mark and Marie are standing out on the hatch and reaching out to the boys. The Eds are confused as to why all of them are here, especially in the kings' Gummi ship. "Hey guys, need a lift?" asked the teen, smiling brightly at the boys.

"What the…? What are you guys doing out here!" shouted the small Ed. "How did you guys get out here?

"There's no time!" stated Marie. "Get into the ship! We'll explain everything!"

The three Eds look at each other and begin to think of something that they can do to get onboard of the Gummi ship. After some discussion, they settle on a plan and they start to get it into motion. Normadomus sets up his Aeroga spell and chains a trail of mini tornados for the boys to use up to the Gummi ship. Double D took the lead and jump into the first funnel, launching him forward and up with ease. Eddy takes the next spot, following his friend in the exact manner, leaving Ed to take the end.

All three Eds leap through the tornadoes with ease, launching to the next one in seconds on their way to the Gummi ship. Double D made his way up to the open hatch, finding Marie waiting for him with an arm stretched out to pull him in. The Ed did so as well, reaching out to grab onto the blue-haired girl and join safety, but their reach is short and Double D begins to fall down into the darkness. Eddy grabbed one of his yo-yos and tossed it down at Double D, wrapping around the Ed and stopping his fall.

"Oh no, I'm not going to let you fall!" Eddy grunted through his teeth, struggling to get the Keyblader up. "We're gonna get on that Gummi ship even if it kills us!"

"Eddy, something is preventing us from getting us on that ship!" stated Double D. "If there's a force preventing the Gummi ship from getting to us, then that same force is not going to let us on no matter what we do!"

"Like destiny's gonna stop us!" the small Ed barked, taking his yo-yo and starts swinging the medium Ed.

Eddy got everything he has in him to toss Double D over onto the Gummi ship, swinging the boy back and forth before giving one good heave forward. The smart Ed launches forward and up to the open door, but once again he fails to get close and head back down into the darkness. Eddy tries to catch him again, but the wind holding the boy up disperses and he starts falling as well. Ed is left floating, with his hat doing everything he can to prevent the boys falling to their deaths, but no avail.

Everyone on the Gummi ship watch as the third Ed begins his descent into the darkness, joining alongside his friends. The ones on the door reach down and cried out to the Eds, in an attempt that they might come back, it was futile. The Eds watch the Gummi ship get farther and farther away as they fall, all three close to each other, and they can feel the wind rushing by them. Eventually the world around them shifted to a world of blackness, removing all sense of color in exchange for one shade of black.

"Like it how it all started, we end falling into the darkness," said the smart Ed, sounding a bit dark. "This is how our journey to Kingdom Hearts come to its conclusion…"

"Well, if we die, at least we have each other!" the small Ed stated, grabbing onto Double D's shoulders. "Just because this will be our final moments here doesn't mean we should end on a sad note."

"Friends until the end!" stated Ed with a wide smile on his face, embracing his friends in a bear hug.

Their urges to break free from Ed's hug is getting to them, but they enjoy the tall boy's embrace as they continue on down into the darkness. This is feeling much like their escape from Jib's personal darkness, but this feels like an eternity to the boys. As they are falling, the boys can feel something light inside of them, and they can feel themselves slowing down as they broke apart and continue on with their descent. Even Normadomus lifted off of Ed's head as the four depart and head deeper into the darkness, with all four of them looking at each other, for the last time, drifting off into unknown territories.

And in the end, there was only blackness.


He felt like he could sleep in all day. All he could think of is how tired he is and he doesn't want to get out of his bed. His blanket has gotten washed recently and feels so good, snuggling him in on the mattress below. His pillow is fluffed to meet his needs, resting his head softly out in the cold air. Everything is perfect for him to sleep the morning away, and there is nothing that is preventing him from getting the Z's he needs for…

Something's not right here.

Double D leapt from his covers and has his eyes wide open to see where he is at. To his surprise, he is back in his own room, completely untouched. Every angle he looks at, he sees every aspect that makes up the boy's room is there in their proper place, including the labels he placed on them. The Ed gave few quick rubs of his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things and one another sweep confirms that he is seeing his room.

The boy crawls out from his covers and takes a step onto the cold floor, feeling it for the first time in such a long time. Feeling the cold surface with his bare feet, Double D takes his first few steps out of bed and explore around his room to get a feel if everything is real and not an illusion. He looks out his window and notices that, instead of a fall landscape, the trees are decorated with fresh green leaves, showing that spring has arrive and months have pass since that day. Double D can't believe that they were gone for so long, but it felt like they did spent that long on their journey.

Getting down in his seat at his desk, the Ed flips on his desk light and takes a look at the items that he left on his desk before everything happened that day. Everything that he has arranged out on his desk is still there, resting in their previous position as if they were completely untouched by the destruction of Peach Creek. It's strange that everything is still the same after so many months of in the darkness, but the Eds is grateful that he is back in his own room and enjoying the peace being given to him.

"Well, we made it home guys," said the Ed quietly. "We are the first to find Kingdom Hearts…"

A spark of pain hit Double D's head, and he looks onto his desk to find a pink gem resting next to some books. The boy recognized the gem and he picks it up to inspect it. Much like everything else in the room, this rock is left untouched by the destruction and he can feel the energy emitting from it was the same when he last touched it. The pain continues to pulse in his head and he spins the rock between his fingers, wondering why such a tiny gen is giving him a headache.

"You… you are annoying," the boy commented. "No matter what I do to look into what you are, I can't find anything! And then I get these headaches when I'm around you…"

Another jolt enters his head, causing Double D to groan in pain. Getting fed up, the smart Ed got up from his seat and heads over to his window to open it. Once open, the boy got the gem ready and he gave one good toss, sending the pink gem flying over his backyard. Surprisingly, he didn't expect it to go sailing across the sky; maybe hoping to land on the other side of his fence, but it is gone now. With the pesky gem out of his grasp, Double D shut his window and went back to his desk, sitting down in his chair and enjoying the quiet once again.

The pink gem sails across the sky, heading away from the cul-de-sac of Peach Creek and venturing out into the unknown. Its flight came to an end after a few seconds, landing softly in some grass on top of a hill. The gem got itself exposed out in the open, waiting there patiently for someone to come along and find it to pick it up. As it was, a man dressed in blue comes walking up on the hill, looking out in the directions of the house, when his eyes trail down to find the pink gem resting in the grass.

"Ah, am I happy to see you again!" stated the man ecstatically. "I was looking all over for you! I'm glad you finally shown up here."

The man took the pink gem and placed it onto a ring, fitting it nicely in place so it wouldn't fall out. With the jewel back in its proper place, the man looks towards the direction of the homes and gives a small smile towards them. He looks towards where the sun is rising, finding the glowing ball of flames slowing crawling its way across the sky. As he is watching, the man takes the hat that is hanging off of his neck and placed it on top of his silver hair, getting the floppy blue hat snug on his head before making his way back.

The man lets out a little laugh as he carries on his merry way, grateful for all of the events that happened to him, and to three very special boys.

… So how many were you expecting that ending?

So at long last, the journey into this sequel to Deadlocked has finally reached its end and now it's time for me to continue on with my other stories that I am long overdue to finish and empty up my plate. I can say that when I was working on this, I had the time of my life creating these situations and coming up with new plots that will, eventually, lead to the Project's epic conclusion.

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