A reunion of a kind

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"What the hell do you mean you don't know where we're going!" Amy Pond screeched, clinging on to the console for dear life, her ginger hair flying about her head wildly as the TARDIS shook and shuddered and threw her occupants about like ragdolls.

"Exactly that, Pond! What more can I say to elaborate?" the Doctor snapped, trying to regain control of his ship.

"Alright! Somebody's Mr Grumpy Face again." Amy smirked.

Both of them were thrown to the floor as the TARDIS lurched to a standstill, and then came the sounds of something coming into contact with the TARDIS akin to that of stones hitting a window.

The Doctor jumped up, yanked Amy up by the arm and he looked at the monitor. "Oh come on! They're shooting at us after everything I did for them!" he huffed.

"What the hell are you rambling on about now?" Amy grumbled, rubbing her arm. "And next time don't pull my arm out its socket."

"Shut up whining Pond. If I tell you to wait here, will you?" he started to the door.

"I'll whine all I like thank you!" she huffed. "Nope." She added, smirking and followed him.

"Of course not. But hadn't you get Rory?"

"He'll be sleeping." She gave him a suggestive look. "He probably slept through all that."

"Pond. Defile my ship in private, but just don't tell me." He shuddered.

Amy laughed. "Maybe you'd join us."

"Amelia. Shut up." He spoke and stood outside, pulling the door to and held his hands up in surrender. "It's alright! It's me! The Doctor! Same man different face!" he called out and took out his psychic paper from his pocket, and then Amy heard another voice. Female.

"Lower the weapons!"

"It's safe now, Pond."

They obviously believed him, and Amy peered around the door and eventually stepped out and stood beside him.

"New recruits I'm guessing?" he smirked.

"Yeah." The dark skinned woman said, nodding. "How did you change though? And what in the name of sanity are you wearing?"

"Martha Jones... or is it Smith now? Anyway, ever observant and curious." He grinned.

"I've been telling him since I started with him to lose the bow tie." Amy smirked.

"He never listened to me either when I was travelling with him. He was a different man then." Martha nodded. "There's someone who wants to meet you. Again." She added looking at the Doctor and started to walk off.

"Martha! People always do wanna meet me when I come back to UNIT." He rolled his eyes and pulled Amy with him as he followed Martha.

"So you've been here before then?" Amy asked.

"Yeah. Used to work here... a fair few faces back." He nodded.

"I'll just not and pretend to know what you're talking about." Amy grinned.

"That's usually the best way, i'nit boss."

"Mickey the idiot!" the Doctor grinned. No doubt Martha had briefed him on his new change. "You don't get rid of me that easily."

"Damn." Mickey laughed. "Who's this?" he nodded to Amy.

"Amy Pond." Amy spoke, grinning.

"Right... so that's London, Wales, Chiswick, 51st Century America and now Scotland. You tryin' to get a companion from as many places as possible?"

"He left me for 14 years. He's still making it up to me." She smirked.

"Mickey! Shut up talking and bring him in!" Martha shouted.

"Ooh, don't upset her indoors." Amy smirked again, snatching Mickey's beanie hat as he started in front of them.

"Hey!" he turned to try and grab it back, but she'd already put it on her head and snapped her teeth at him.

"For the safety of your fingers, leave it." The Doctor warned, laughing.

"How do you put up with her...?" Mickey trailed off, shaking his head, smiling, and lead them into a large circular room.

"I don't know." The Doctor said.

"...okay, now you've got it with that, try this." A tall, bronze haired man spoke, handing something large to a slightly shorter blonde girl.

The girl swapped what seemed to be a medium sized blaster for the larger gun she was being handed.

"So what would this one take out?" she asked.

"Daleks, Cybermen... even wound a Slitheen." The man told her.

She nodded, smirking, and she turned toward the new targets that had been placed out, and she took four successive shorts at each one in record time.

The Doctor watched; his jaw dropping to the ground. He couldn't believe what or who he was seeing.

"Doctor?" Amy spoke quietly. The only time she'd seen him speechless was when he'd taken her to see Arcadia. Who was this girl to him? Was this a good thing or a bad thing? She didn't know. If it was good she was happy. If it was bad, she would make sure this girl never got close enough to her Raggedy man to hurt him.