Amy stayed where she was, despite Martha commanding everyone leave the room. Only once had she seen him that scared, that was when they'd faced the Daleks together for the first time. He didn't even look that terrified when she launched herself at him, and he looked more annoyed than anything when they'd met River Song.

The Doctor caught the girl's attention. How would he be able to tell her? He'd changed his face... But she was his only family, as Amy had rightly observed. Why did he have to listen to that insufferable redhead? Why did she have to be right!

"Is something wrong? Jenny had asked.

"Hm? Oh! No... No of course not." He said.

Martha walked back in moments later. "Jenny. We've... um... we've found your dad." She said, seriously that man needed a push so why not do it for him.

Jenny's eyes lit up. "Where is he?" she asked.

There was silence for a moment, and Martha nudged him in the side.

"Oh! Um... Is that my turn?" he looked at her.

Martha rolled her eyes.

"Yeah.. Um... here. It's me." He said, looking at her.

Jenny raised an eyebrow. "You don't look like him. Or sound like him."

"I sort of changed." He said.

Jenny still didn't look convinced.

"Okay. Martha wasn't there. Just me, you and Donna. You was determined that I was some sort of soldier, using my sonic to fight back and I kept telling you I wasn't, and I gave up, trying to get Donna to convince you." He said and watched her reaction.

He watched as her blue, innocent eyes widened, and he could see the memory flickering in them.

Suddenly she threw her arms around his neck, and he put his arms clumsily around her, holding her to him.

Amy watched the scene, smiling softly. Maybe now this would stop him looking at her with a faraway look in his eyes whenever she questioned him about his past.

The pair stepped out of the embrace for a moment, long enough for the Doctor to look over at Amy and jerk his head slightly to gesture for her to come forward.

She walked over to him and he hugged her, a hug she returned.

"Thank you." He muttered.

"We all need someone we love in our lives." She smiled softly.

"Like you and Rory?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Don't push your luck." She smirked.

"What happened to you? To make you change I mean?" Jenny asked, looking at them both.

"I died. I absorbed the radiation that was meant to kill Donna's grandfather and... I regenerated. And it could have been a couple of minutes, could have been half an hour, I don't know, but the TARDIS crash lands in Amy's back garden when she was a child. And I haven't got rid of her since." He shrugged.

"What do you mean regenerate?" Jenny asked.

Amy remained silent, though she was curious. Was this what he meant by "still cooking" and "new mouth, new rules"?

"We Time Lords have a way of cheating death. When we die every cell, every bone changes and we become someone new. We're still the same person on the inside, just the outside that's different." He explained.

"Do you think that's what could happen to me?" Jenny asked. She knew she wasn't fully like him.

"Don't know, and I don't plan on finding out. It's painful enough knowing I've had friends see me go through that but I'm not prepared to see you go through it either." He said.

Amy grinned. "Settling into your new role well aren't you." She spoke.

"He just has a boyfriend to deal with now." Martha said, grinning.

Amy just about heard the Doctor barely suppress a quiet growl, and she looked at Jenny, battling with the girl over her boyfriend wasn't going to help matters and she knew it. "Who's the lucky fella?"

Jenny grinned. "He's called Luke." She answered.

Before the Doctor could say anything to add to the mix, the door opened and Amy's bumbling excuse of a husband walked in, flanked by two armed security. He didn't look happy about being escorted, being made to feel like he'd done something wrong, and most likely the fact of waking up inside an empty TARDIS with no sign of Amy or the Doctor.

"And that." The Doctor said. "Is Amy's lucky one." He smirked and shared a look with Jenny.

"Yeah okay, to you he don't look much. But to me he's everything." She smirked as Rory joined them.

"Each to their own, Pond." The Doctor said. "Anyway, I think we should show Jenny our time machine and we go off to somewhere else... and... if she wants to come with us..."

Rory looked just as clueless as ever not knowing what to say or do, Amy nodded and Jenny looked hopeful.

The four of them walked out of the room and were shown back to the TARDIS by the same armed security that was with Rory.

"It's a box." Jenny said with a raised eyebrow.

"Ever observant aren't you." The Doctor said sarcastically.

Rory and Amy smirked.

The Doctor opened the doors and looked at Jenny, who threw a glare at him before slowly wandered inside.

The others followed her in, and Rory being last in, he shut the door.

Jenny slowly walked around the huge console, taking in her new surroundings with silent awe.

Amy was the one to break the silence. "Doctor can we go to Rio now?"

"Will you shut up about Rio, Pond?" he grinned, setting the co-ordinates on the console.

"No." She smirked and leaned on the railings as the TARDIS was sent into flight.

Once the TARDIS was stable and in flight, the Doctor turned to Jenny. "Now, about this boyfriend."